i do feel like there should be more openness for like. some political leniency

as in, it’s okay that a lot of us have differing viewpoints!! obv i’m not talkin “homophobia is ok” being a valid viewpoint but like. idk my political stance on certain subjects and the nuances thereof fluctuate almost CONSTANTLY. i cant expect everyone, even just all my friends to be 100% on the same page as me

 it’s good to talk about these things and see if one viewpoint is more morally right than the other, of course; we should always strive for improvement. but acting as if every unrefined political standpoint is the same as being a Huge Bigot isn’t the way to encourage that open discussion and improvement

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ok so I like this guy and we have been friends for years now and sometimes we are flirty sometimes not and I've liked him on and off and I think he's liked me on and off too but idk, then it hit me and I realized I loved him a lot more and if been pushing my feelings aside but he got a girlfriend that he's on and off with and really likes and idk if I should tell him I like him or leave him be be I just want him to be happy even if I'm not

If his relationship is on and off with another girl, you should tell him 

ok so this is NOT a follow forever i just wanted to say thanks to some awesome blogs and people who make my day :/) don’t feel bad if i left u out im mutuals with a lot of yall and i can’t remember urls for shit. here weeeee go (these aren’t in order who do you think I am)

narrytitty estefani you have helped me with so many things this week alone idk what id do without u… i seriously love you man and i enjoy when you drag me and id like to thank you for everything you’ve done even though you deserve everything good in this world. ily my nasty hoe of a wife. 💖💖💖💖

gayforzendaya honestly Tammy you have one of the best blogs on this website and i think i only kept my blog because of people like you.. keep doing you yo :-)

prettypinkperrie OK LIZZY!!!! we just started texting n stuff but i really really really hope we become really good friends and we can have more inside jokes. keep eating that kale broski :’)

maurypovichofficial shae…… you are so funny and cute honestly fuck me up…. please keep being you and keep loving yourself because you’re worth it!!!!!! ily!!!!

tvventies ok pa we aren’t mutuals but i wanted to add you in this because the confidence you give off really makes me feel good and honestly.. you are a fashion icon. keep doing those look books you are BEAUTIFUL 💕💕💕

vansau kaelyn :-) my sweet beautiful kaelyn……ilysm you are so nice and it honestly KILLS me. you are so nice never let them meanies get ya my child

coffeeshopfic ASHLEY……you are so nice and beautiful i did whenever i see ur selfies… u are a true villain .. please come to my funeral

tllthesundies violet….. my spouse… i have really missed talking to you and i really hope we can catch back up!!!! happy birthday again my sweet lil bug

shadybicth honestly… brittany where are the words to describe u…. ilysm u shady bitch

harryfuckmeup kris…..u are beautiful and deserve want you wish for :-) i love your blog so much and you are just too awesome not to mention in this

ok i love yall ☺️

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I made the mistake to fall in love with my best friend, I was okay, for a few months we didn't really talk and I thought the feelings went away but now that she's back with all these new stories about new people I can't help but think. What about me?

Ok I read a lot of stories like yours. I think that we usually fall in love with our friend is because we don’t have any other friend with that type of relationship. You should make a new friend and try to make a solid relationship with her/him. Then you’ll think, I really had feelings for her/him or she/he was just a close friend? Idk if you can understand I’m not really good at English 😅

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ok ok you are my favorite at homestuck analysis what are your feelings about "we don't have arcs, rose, we're just human beings"



well on the first layer of Junk its a Humor because we know they do have arcs, because they’re characters in a story, who have growth and junk.

on the second layer of Junk its interesting because rose and dave are both characters that struggle with the concept of heroism, with the idea that they’re heroes or meant to be heroic. because they don’t think of themselves like that. 

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ok but not to be rude to any anons on the dreamtag but idk i feel like a lot of you guys are making these dreams up cause everyone else is doing one and "oh why not i jump on the bandwagon and annoy the admin with a dream i just made up just to see she'll say or if she'll even post it" ://

Even if they are I have no qualms about them. They’re fun. I personally don’t mind them, but when the quantity reaches immense numbers that’s when I do worry about followers that aren’t into seeing that, and I do try to accommodate.

Just don’t send anymore, please. I have most of them organized now so I can flush them all out in brief posts. Once we’re done with that everything will go back to usual except for a brief group of people saying hello from their respective states/countries.

I got a couple of those, too haha. But! Once those are done I can post the contest.

I bet you all forgot about that, but I didn’t.

the thing with me is simple, i know life sucks, but i refuse to give up on it, i know i have to pull a lot of weight as the oldest helping my mom, but i refuse to let that bring me down, i know i didn’t get to have moments with my family that a lot of people get that i wanted but i just focus on how one day i’m going to have my own family and it’ll be ok, sometimes people suck, but i refuse to give up on loving them, i know sometimes i suck, but i refuse to give up loving myself??? lots of things suck lots of things feel shitty but i won’t quit, i have to keep going, maybe i’m naive maybe i haven’t been broken enough yet maybe i have maybe idk i just know that i am really full of hope, and not even for a specific thing, it’s just hope in general,i have hope that everything is going to fall in to place and i want to be here when it does and i will be there when it does!!!

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im an ashton girl but i feel like i have less of a chance with him cos of the type of girls that he prefers and im not a blonde bimbo and that ash has dated jasmine, biannca and bryana even tho hes said repeatedly that he doesnt have a type

:/ ok ya in the past ashton has said that he likes to date “real” and “unique” people but tbh all of his past girlfriends have looked a lot alike lmao. idk maybe he just likes hot blondes that are models. but then again he had that thing with gemma styles so idk. tbh i feel like he wouldn’t be into me physically bc i’m brunette and a bit bigger and kind of more exotic looking (as exposed to commercially pretty). also i’m a potato. but all i have to say is that ash seems like a really great guy and i’m positive he would love you exactly for who you are, even if he wouldn’t be attracted to you in the way he’d want to date you. and if he doesn’t want to than fuck him honestly. i’m sure you’re gorgeous and fucking great and you’ll find someone better than him to appreciate you :)

my review went REALLY WELL (つ∇⊂* ) the reviewers rEALLY LIKED MY FILMS!!!!! and i was all (⁄ ⁄⁰⁄꒨⁄⁰⁄ ⁄)!!!!! But they really did and the prof reviewing me saw stuff i put in there that like no one else had noticed and it jUST MADE ME REALLY HAPPY THAT SOMEONE ACTUALLY NOTICED THE THING I DID THAT CREATED A SUBTLE NARRATIVE/CONFLICT IN AN ABSTRACT PIECE and like i had been feeling really insecure about my films because like idk im one of those people that talks a lot during critiques like i always want to give people input and not just leave them hanging, and then when it comes to my turn to be critiqued i am often…left hanging (o´д`)o… so i’ve been feeling like “wow ok i guess my films are shit? and no one likes them or hates them they just don’t care about them at all?” so having this prof be like THIS IS COOL AND YOU SHOULD DO MORE STUFF LIKE THIS BECAUSE IT’S REALLY STRONG AND U ARE STRONG like that just blew me away i really needed that??? and also had not previously considered that my films could be a thing people actually liked??? so that was yeah that was good that made me feel just so flustered and proud of myself and just happy in my art and my animations (ꈍॢ ⁻̫ ꈍॢ)

But of course once i feel good about one thing i start to feel shit about something else, so now that my confidence in my films is restored, I feel ENDLESS FRUSTRATION about my illustrative art, and plan to devote the summer to sucking less at that ( ˃̶͈ ̯ ̜ ˂̶͈ˊ ) ︠³

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Re: that post about PR blogs. I don't want to sound like skeptic, because i'm not, but honestly: you personally have never wondered why are there suddenly blogs about Sophie, when an year ago, no one on tumblr knew about her existence? Idk, maybe they are just overinvested fans, but i have never seen a blog dedicated to wives of Misha Collins, David Tennant, Eddie Redmayne or any other actor. But Ben's wife has like 4 or 5? Idk, it just feels very odd.

You’ve heard about underdog syndrome? OK fair enough Sophie is no underdog but right now she’s gaining sympathy because of the haters. If anything the haters have achieved exactly what they DIDN’T want. They have made her more likeable because they have thrown hate at her for no reason.

This sort of thing happens a lot and it isn’t anything to do with PR, it’s more to do with human nature. When people are unfairly treated we tend to sympathise with them more and to like them more.

 n O BUT LOOKING AT NAT’S (is it ok if i call you by ur name bc friendship basics im????) LITTLE THING ABOUT DYLAN I JUST.

IDK IF MAYBE DYLAN WOULD HAVE LIKE SOME KINDA TRAUMA FROM THE WAR LIKE………………………….,, maybe ????? b UT HOW THO LIKE GAEA WAS LITERALLY ASLEEP AND I MEAN YEAH SHE COULD DO A LOT BUT,,,, idk i feel like absolutely no one, villians or heroes, came out of the war without a little trauma i just cant quite ??? figure out what his would be. bc i mean its war for peter pans sake 

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dude this is just an idea not too sure what you would think of it but since you play piano(?) maybe you sing? would you like to be in a band? i mean it could be like a gorillaz tribute band or play punk songs

this is gonna be a rly long winded response coz this brought up a lot of nostalgia and thoughts for me so im just gonna dump it all here if thats ok!

when i was a kid i used to be really way more involved with music, i played in a couple dif (not very good) bands, did a bunch of shows, went on tour a few times, idk. music is/was something that was really fun for me for a really long time but i just feel like i dont have the passion for it to make it mean something for me anymore if that makes sense.

the most fun things ive done tho were my best friend and i had a thing for a while where she played a variety of dif string instruments and wrote the lyrics and i played keyboard/did vox for it + a few years after that me and like 6 other ppl took weird instruments and tuned them oddly to just play a bunch of eerie haunted sounding folk punk esque nonsense. thats a terrible description but it was a lot of fun. i was actually talking to one of my friends recently abt how i’d love to play music again but its just not a good time in my life for it coz i dont really have the time or space or resources for all the stuff that goes into that sort of thing? u know what i mean? another thing w music for me is like a similar roadblock i have w drawing is that im a terrible fucking writer. like i can not write lyrics whatsoever just the same way i cant write my own comics as any of my friends whove had the misfortune of seeing my old stuff or hearing my old solo recordings can attest to. its real bad. if i was ever gonna play music w someone else again it’d have to be w someone who was mostly passionate about writing the lyrics and leaving the instrumentation to me or something which is why its been hard over the years for me to find ppl to play music with. idk. im not really. a musician at all

specifically to answer ur question though i’ve never been in like a real loud fast punk band before and i’d really love to do it someday but yknow like i said. i’d probably much sooner draw a comic about than do it. as far as like gorillaz tributes go i couldnt even imagine something that i think would be suitable. they just have so many dif minds and influences going into that on a musical level i dont even think i could possibly pull out something that remotely would do a gorillaz tribute justice?????? alright im really losing my train of thought here so i guess im concluding this with no i dont think i’d like to be in a band again any time soon but if anyone ever wants me to make them show flyers or lyric zines or anything that requires me drawing a thing i’m so here for that

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Send me a “۞” to see the pros and cons of our muses being in a relationship together


  • they’d look really good together wow look at all that red & pink beauty  – speaking of that this was one of those ships where I started out like “ok i don’t ship it or anything but like they’d look great together tbh” but everyone knows that kind of thinking is just the beginning a downward spiral in to ship hell
  • also pink can’t exist without red wOW YEAH I SAW THAT SHIP TAG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU
  • they’d have the most beautiful children honestly what a magnificent pink & red gene pool
  • they’re both geniuses man can you imagine them teaming up w/ all that brain power they could take over the world
  • oh man look at all this interaction
  • as you can see that last bullet point was sarcastic & what i mean is them being in a relationship would make up for all the lack of visible interaction 
  • speaking of visible interaction as the manager & captain i’m p sure there were a lot of instances of them being alone together for extended periods of time as they organized things for the team imagine all the bonding that must’ve taken place guh i can’t take how much canon leaves up to the imagination 
  • Murasakibara: “Lately, Aka-chin’s been relying on Sat-chin for a lot of stuff like getting data…” Momoi: “Seems I was more suited for this stuff than I thought!” he sees all the potential & talent & intelligence under that ditsy exterior and like sure that’s true of him w/ everyone but still lord help me


  • if Aomine and Momoi are meant to be inseparable does that mean Aomine is going to tag along on their dates 
  • ok but can you imagine Momoi being all “i’m going on a date !! ~ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ” and Aomine inwardly being like “what who is this asshole i need to go w/ her inspect him and maybe beat him up if needed” and then he goes along w/ her to find that it’s akashi just imagine his reaction this whole bullet point belongs under pros tbh
  • akashi is not actually allowed anywhere near momoi bc she’s mine 

ok but about their actual runaways:

  • ginger’s actual outfit is not that ugly but that hair. god. that hair. it’s so terrible. she should have been in the bottom just because of it
  • i like pearl’s a lot but i also feel like it’s a bit too simple. her make up looks gorgeous though
  • kennedy has just too much going on
  • katya’s look is… boring. i mean like, idk, it’s just too basic. it’s not horrible but it’s not good either
  • violet looks AMAZING. all the details are just so good. it’s actually one of my favourite looks of hers

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I hope this is okay to ask, but why do you hate being skinny?

ye its ok but i dont ahte being skinny, i hate being underweight??? b/c i use to have an eating disorder and i lost a lot of weight right,,, bc i wanted to. and now im recovering and i cant gain weight or anything, so o irl i look pretty bad bc u can see a lot of my bones and thats really not cool imo.. …i just feel gross, the way i am idk

disco-vader replied to your post:i wish i had someone to go to the video game store…

God, right? It doesn’t matter how many people are there or who’s behind the counter it feels like you’re ALWAYS being silently judged. (Tbh the same goes for comic book stores for me : / )

oh my GOD, i can’t even go to the comic stores by me, i already have two strikes against me:  female and i’m an adult female

the last time i was in one I was idk 13 or 15 and the guys there made me so uncomfortable i never set foot in a comic book store again..

i’m usually ok with the game store, there’s a lot of girl and women workers who work there so it’s a good mix and i don’t feel like a freak for being female and buying video games, but it’s just makes me feel better if i can go with someone so i don’t feel like such a loser.

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hakyona or syaroan/sakura? killua or gon? kyou or ryou (clannad)? yona or asuna? shinoa hiiragi or shouyo hinata? durarara or fmab? red or blue? crests or digieggs? i went a little bit crazy but have fun hueheu

Make me choose:

Whew ok.

Hakyona or Syaoran/Sakura:

Hmm… I think I’m actually gonna go with Syaoran/Sakura for this. They are just adorable. And for some reason I’m getting less and less into Hakyona… I love Yona, and I like Hak, and I know they’ll end up together and I’m fine with that, but… I secretly think Yona don’t need no man. Or if she does, I kinda like Jae-ha more for her? Idk. I have mixed feelings about Hakyona.

Killua or Gon:

Killua! Gon is adorable, but Killua had a lot more character development, imo.

Kyou or Ryou:

KYOU. Hands down!!

Yona or Asuna:

Gonna go with Yona. Asuna is great, but Yona is just… one of the best developed female characters I’ve seen in a while.

Shinoa or Hinata?


Durarara or FMAB?

Wut. Ugh. I love Durarara so much… but… FMAB will always take the cake always. Forever. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood all the way!

Red or Blue?

Pokemon games? Red. Colors in general? Blue. I really dislike the color red for some reason.

Crests or Digieggs?

Crests. I don’t even know why but. Crests.

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i just am so upset bc i coach a gymnastics class and a three year old girl called me fat today and like it shouldn't bother me because she's three but i'm recovering from an eating disorder and it made me really upset and i spoke to her mother about it and she was really rude and told me her kid would never say anything like that and cursed me out and i'm just v upset and i don't know what to do???? i am feeling so rough idk i just needed a vent i'm sorry

I’m so sorry you’re feeling down. I just want you to know how strong and beautiful you are for recovering from a disorder, that takes a lot of strength. You have absolutely every right to be upset at the parent/child. Being around a lot of small children myself some things they say can actually hurt. My brothers are very little compared to me and their words hurt. Being called ‘fat’ isn’t ever ok even if it’s a child. You did the right thing by talking to the parent even if she disrespected you. I’m sorry that had to happen, parents can even be worse than their children. Apples don’t far fall from the tree;) you’ll just have to accept there was nothing you can do about the situation and don’t let it get to you. You are beautiful and strong and a gymnast?! Amazing I wish I was :DD

I love you, Xx

(If anyone ever wants to talk, please know MY ASK box is always OPEN. I love you all!!)