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tysm for ur latest vid. talking about being a "private" person, even w ppl u r close w irl, rly resonated w me. idk why but ive always been like physically & mentally unable to talk openly abt my life; i think i feel like ill bother ppl if i do. i always thought i was the only one bc everyone else is so open. but ive realized that its fucked up for me to be ok w listening to everyone else talk abt their lives while i just nod along and be quiet. sry 4 unloading on u lmao have fun @ the strokes x

you’re welcome! I think becoming self-aware of the issue helps a lot. it’s amazing how many people have said they’ve related to my video, I got over 5x the amount of comments I usually do! I’m glad I could both make you guys feel less alone & make myself feel less alone in the process

OK DISCUSS W ME GUYS: is it just me or is amethyst portrayed so differently by each board team???

like in this ep, amethyst was p much just saying one liners, save for the last bit. she, to me felt quite hollow. she also almost seems too cool and suave like that’s to save for the almost lack of personality she had in this ep (and a few others). she didn’t have 0 personality either it just felt..idk less than peridot ?

this is probably why raven and paul are my fave boarders bc, i find myself really REALLY liking amethyst when it’s them boarding eps for her or eps featuring her. amethyst shows vulnerability and goofyness, it’s hard to explain but she seems so much more promising in their eps. (also when rebeccaa boards her eps, goodness i love rebecca’s amethyST)

but yeah idk if it’s just me but i’ve noticed this after the last episode :’0

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OMG ME TOO I ship them a lot and I just think they're so cute together!! Do you have any headcanons for them? I just feel like hunk and lance are so shy but v affectionate with each other?? Like they're always holding hands and hunk loves cuddling a lot and idk I just think they're really cute and shy and just a lil awkward around each other

oh my gosh im rly bad at headcanons cos i just go with what everyone else is thinking! but OK lets see..

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okay this is going to get pretty lengthy and idk how coherent it will be so i apologize but like ? i dont even understand needing asexual as a label because like? ok so someone comes out as asexual and someone might respond “ok so u dont have sex” which is like ya ok why should anyone care? but then they might reply “ok well actually lots of asexuals do experience sexual attraction and they do have sex, some asexuals can even be hypersexual, etc etc” so like? what is the point? then ? like i dont really get it. and 90% of the time my sexuality has come up in conversation, i just like? explain how i feel about it instead of saying “demi/graysexual” either because of the nature of the conversation, like we were discussing in detail how we experience those kinds of things or just because who ever im talking to wouldnt know what those mean and i would have to explain them anyway. like all these labels has caused me so much stress and confusion like fuck my dudes… whats the point whats the point……..

KNK slap me in the face

 first: sorry for my poor english *ashamed*
second: a lot of my personal feelings, good luck with reading it, k

>>> Okay, so.. I didn’t have wifi for 5 days and it was such a great holidays without internet but I come back and first thing I do was opening my laptop and go to KNK’s twitter. Then other social medias, tumblr, photos, videos.. AND THEY JUST SLAP ME IN THE FACE. Idk, I’m just so proud because of them. For the first time in my life I’m so much into a group. For the first time my heart is exploding just because of one tweet “goodnight”. And I don’t really care if they notice me in mention party or sth. My biggest dream is just to watch KNK rising. Wish they will get more and more popular, becuase they deserve it. And that our fandom won’t do stupid things that they might be ashamed of. That I’ll never see an article with bad thing about them or about fandom. 

>>> So I just want to tell that I love KNK so much and same I love Tinkerbells.

Let’s bring to ourselves even more happines and love.

Don’t hate other groups, don’t be jealous and react if you see bad behavior.

There are people who like to destroy others joy and success. And sadly we can’t stop it. But we can fight for fandom name without stoop to haters level. I believe in it and in us.


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Ok so I'm slightly (very very) freaked out/insecure/nervous that I'm turning 21 soon n still havent had my first kiss. Like everyone is hooking up or at least kissed someone & im here like a potato. Makes me shy away from boys even more n idk help???

babE go at ur own pace ok u dont need to have kissed or hooked up with anyone by any certain age, just wait until the right person comes along so that u will have a great and memorable first kiss. don’t feel bad abt it, im sure a lot of people haven’t kissed anyone by 21 so ur not alone. dont shy away from boys!!! talk to the ones who seem nice and if u connect w one of them then maybe you’ll get ur first kiss soon who knows but try not 2 worry abt it too much ok you’ll find someone at some point

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Basically I want to... stop having to rationalise things to myself and "well maybe they meant it THIS particular way" in order to feel ok... I feel like I'm being made to jump through hoops in a sense? Idk everything is upsetting me and I should go to bed because 5 am and hope things look up

I’m sry and yeah I basically feel the same lmao like even a lot of best case scenarios I think up makes me just still feel sad in the end about the whole situation and loathe the meta comments.

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24 & 27

24. Who’s your celebrity crush?

Definitely not Justin Bieber, clearly lol. I’m also so in love with Elvis Presley, but not in a ‘lay me down and make me call you daddy kind of way’, more him and his music just make me feel differently to any other artist. Eric Bana because hOly fuck, he’s old enough to be my dad bUt he’s beautiful and I would marry him. Halsey can just jump on me and I would be 100% fine with that, she’s fucking beautiful. This question is hard, people are too beautiful and I have trouble having just one celebrity crush ok

27. most used social media besides tumblr?

I used to use twitter a lot but idk people on there annoy me so much so I stopped using it, probably Instagram or Facebook, maybe snapchat because I enjoy spamming my friends with videos of me lipsyncing songs dramatically. I wish I was joking.


I think once this vacation is over I’m gonna end this hiatus n’ return to roleplaying, I just have an awful lot of inspiration for both Tsumuri and little meme and I don’t wanna waste it, also feel like the rp is pretty ok atm and I see tons of new blogs I wanna interact with

Idk tho we’ll see

i know a lot of people on tumblr hate children and babies so if thats you dont respond to this post ok?

do any other young women (like around 18) have really strong desire to have children? is this a hormone thing? like i know i dont want to actually have kids until im a lot older but i want a kid does this make any sense? 

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I'm struggling. I recently came out to a bunch of my friends as a trans male. But idk what I feel. I mean I'm scared of the whole change. I'm scared of having to get used to everyone else knowing that that's who I am and I don't know how to cope

hey friend!! itll be ok dont worry, most people are a lot more accepting than you think. & while they may struggle at first eventually youll get to a point where everyone just knows u as a boy!! just try and go with the flow and dont stress too much abt it. & you can talk to me if u want im always here!! <3