TBH it’s kind of sad the thing that’s bugging me most would be ,,, difficult to post? It’s nothing problematic but a lot of ppl don’t like it nd I don’t wanna start drama for expressing my feelings here,, Id be vague but there’s literally no way around it so I think I’ll just keep these private…

This made me think…no matter how safe I feel on this blog this site makes me feel anything but safe bc of the nature of the site??? … yet I’m still on it

-mod f

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The song Heathens by Twenty One Pilots was leaked on June 15, 2016. It may be a sign that the band is in the process of making a new album. It may have also just been written for the new movie Suicide Squad. It's presumably a warning call to people who may encounter the Clique and how they should be slow with them because of their varied mental states. Tyler Joseph has referred to his phone as a 'heathen machine'. He has captioned a blurry photo of himself ':.:.Heathenboyson:..:'. Some sources claim a music video will be released on June 16, 2016.

I’m always writing because that’s not something I can turn off. The intent is to make it good. That’s a goal of mine right now ‘don’t finish a song unless it’s great.’ I don’t write 30 songs a month. I write something when it’s great. Right now quality is the only thing I have to focus on. Make something great.