sweet sapphic moodboard

headcanon that the edges and hoods of god tier jammies get all glowy and nonsubstantial the faster the wearer is moving and they leave light trails and stuff idk

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mcr vibes
  • bullets:bruised knuckles, dingy alleyways, pocketknife in their back pocket, shabby clothes, the sounds of someone inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke and stubbing it against their shoe, unwelcome vibes
  • revenge:greasy hair, lives in basements, bloodstained clothing, split lip from getting in fights, the sounds of angry screaming, vengeful vampire vibes
  • black parade:dark bags around eyes, lay white roses at graves, always dress smartly, the sound of footsteps walking further and further away on cobble stones, sad and mournful vibes
  • danger days:scraped knees, paints political murals, wears an array of badges, quirky clothing, the sound of electric guitars being blasted through cheap speakers, reformist vibes