His eyes narrowed. “I grow weary of this game, Alina.

I was surprised at the anger that surged to life in me. “Weary? You’ve toyed with me at every turn. You haven’t tired of the game. You’re just sorry I’m not so easily played.

    ( * how to easily make gif icons in just a few minutes !! )

i was messing around in photoshop one day and i found a way to make over 100 gif icons in less than 10 minutes using actions, so i thought i’d share because i know how tedious making gif icons can be !! this is so simple tbh even if you’ve never used photoshop before, you’d probably be able to do this. if this is helpful, please like/reblog !!

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* An Avengers Christmas  *

featuring Bucky, Clint’s amazing bowtie, and some very enthusiastic Asgardian gods and super soldiers

(the top picture you should be able to click and expand - it’s huge and possibly wallpaper worthy - if you want me to change the dimensions of it to fit your computer I can just message me!)

ps. it’s a little ghetto in places but it’s my first this season so prepare for better ones in le future 

note* the top photo has words and the bottom one is the same pic without words hooray