always & paint fights

author: mayahartt
rating: t
genre: fluff? idk lowkey angsty rilaya i guess
prompt: maya goes to the art room at school to blow off steam after a fight with riley and lucas finds her and they share a cute moment
author’s note: i’m saying it’s T because i say like one bad word, but there is reference of bisexuality and if ur not down with that then just skip the first few paragraphs i guess \_(^.^)_/

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me and david were going over the hypothetical of me getting my own car bc we passed one on the road that was for sale and it was cute, and i brought up that if i ever need to take it to a shop that he needs to go, bc they charge women more and like, i had to explain that to him and he just kinda went silent for a moment. didnt try to debate me or nothin just accepted it like “hmm, i guess so” and idk it was weird