things that are making me happy right now:

- I finished my second custom doll today!!!
- yesterday i made a successful bath bomb for the first time
- music by anamanaguchi is real good dude
- i found an Etsy shop that sells a bunch of really cute Sanrio stuff!! like gashapons and plushies!!
- my friends are really great!!
- i have this rillakumma plushie and idk man i just love it a lot dude
- there’s gonna b a snowstorm later this week which is cool bc i love being snowed in!!! it feels so cozy ahh
- ive been watching car boys and oh man I lov griffin and nick dude. car boys always makes me laugh so much and it is really really nice to laugh man. especially when you haven’t really laughed for a while
- I’m in Maine for the week so that’s cool!!!!