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what was your last…

drink- water

phone call- my mom or dad

text message- yeah shore to nbplant

song you listened to- tonari no totoro main theme

time you cried- its been a while probably when i watchd tekkonkinkreet a month or two ago

have you ever…

dated someone twice- ive never dated :-( 

been cheated on- no

lost someone special- not yet

been depressed- no

gotten drunk and thrown up- no

in the last year have you…

made a new friend- yeah :’)

fallen out of love- kinda? 

laughed until you cried- i do this evry day

met someone who changed you- idk what this means rlly

found out who your true friends are- yea kinda

kissed someone on your facebook list- nope


how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life- almost all 

do you have any pets- no

do you want to change your name- nope ive finally grown to lov it :~)

what did you do for you last birthday- i dont remember… watched a movie or smth

what time did you wake up- 9:58 am

what were you doing at midnight last night- idk i read manga and went on tumblr till 4 am 

name something you cannot wait for- band trip to hawaii … its next yr but idc

when was the last time you saw your mother- 30 min ago

what are you listening to right now- ponyo theme done on the erzu… im listening to a studio ghibli playlist 

have you ever met a person named tom- no

something that’s getting on your nerves- the prospect of school in like 4 weeks shoot me

blood type - i dnt know : (

nickname- yuna is my nickname… also yunk + tuna frm irl friends 

relationship status- singel

zodiac sign- scorpio/sagittarius cusp im cooler than wonky tho js

pronouns- she/her

fav tv show- if anime counts, ppta

tattoos - no thx im so scared of needles

right or left handed - right


surgery- none other than like 10 cavities lmao

piercing- i got my ears done when i was 9 but it was so fucked up omg.. 

best friend- some asian girl from massachusetts

sport- dance if tht counts… if not, soccer or gymnastics

vacation- s korea

pair of trainers- wtf r trainers

right now…

eating- nothing im so full frm dinner

drinking- wator 

i’m about to- not finish this europes capital cities quiz :)

listening to- howls moving castle theme

waiting for- band camp i hate it but love it also

want kids- ew

get married- yea

career- languages / social relations stuff maybe? i suck at languages tho : /

which is better…

hugs or kisses- ive never received one (1) single kiss so hugs i guess

lips or eyes - eyes catch my attention a lot more

shorter or taller- taller ? 

older or younger- at this time i wouldnt date anyone in a grade below or above me lol

romantic or spontaneous- spontaneous

nice arms or nice stomach- uhh idc

sensitive or loud- both

hook up or relationship - relationship 

trouble maker or hesitant- hesitant 

have you ever…

kissed a stranger- no

drank hard liquor- no i havent even had the rice wine frm new years  

sex on the first date- im a vurgin

broke someones heart- nah

had your own heart broken- nah

been arrested - no

cried when someone died- [hxh spoilers] komugi :(

fallen for a friend- yeth

do you believe in…

yourself- idk

miracles- sure 

love at first sight- whoc ares

santa claus- no

kiss on the first date- whatever u want

angels- me

OK time to think of 25 mutuals sorry if u’ve already done this i hav no friends

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anonymous asked:

33, 56, 78-90

33. Do you believe in a New World Order?
cant say ive ever rly given it that much thought 
56. Have you been raised by a solo parent?
lol i will be soon b/c my parents are in the middle of a nasty divorce 
78. Do you like your laugh?
79. Are you preparing for an apocalypse? And what kind?
not rly ??? idk if i would rly last that long in an apocalypse in the first place soooo 
80. Do you have any funny family stories?
my mom once parked her mini van on my brothers friends foot while he was high 
81. Are you religious?
nah i tried it but i just cant wrap my head around the concept 
82. Do you like to watch true crime shows or movies?
movies?? i cant say i watch much tv 
83. Are you interested in cults?
not rly 
84. Would you like to raise a family in your country?
eh not rly 
85. List some things you wanted in your childhood but never got?
i cant rly remember to be totally honest
probably a very vast assortment of cat plushies tho 
86. Is there a large age gap between you and a sibling?
about 10 or so years 
87. Are you from a blended family?
not rly no 
88. Do you believe in marriage? Why/Why not?
i dont see anything wrong w/ it but idk if i would get married ??? its kinda just a piece of paper in my mind like
i dont think that you /have/ to get married to be in a happy healthy relationship w/ someone 
89. What is the nicest thing anyone has said to you?
i cant say im rly sure tbh