so *cough cough* i just noticed something in morse code that made me … wow

so you know the


i noticed the “dots” and “dashes” changed on each side, and what really stuck out to me was that the “—” “-.” on each side clearly spell out “no.” there isnt any “…” so idk, it was just something that i noticed.

technically you could make anything out of these lines but i just thought it was interesting that the dots and dashes changed and that they were exact in their size, which could indicate some sort of code. and well.. undertale is no stranger to code

i think the the asexual community like budded and grew because of the sex positivity movement. Like as a young tumblr user during this sexual revolution, I noticed one very very crucial thing being omitted from these declarations of sexual freedom. Which was that sexual interest and sex drive are all different for people and that these things can change. No one talked about how it is okay to not want to have sex, how it’s normal for pre-teens/teenagers to be kinda or completely off put by sex, how some people might never want sex or not want sex very often, how you sexual tastes and drives will change and wax and wane over time due to many different reasons. And after hoe culture popped up, the aces started getting louder. idk it is just something i noticed…

Hey so I was rewatching Accepting Anxiety and this is after Logic threw the laptop at Thomas, which hurt (obviously lol) so Thomas is rubbing his head where it hit him.

And then immediately after that, Logic starts talking again, but he’s also rubbing his head in the exact same place. So like that could mean a few things maybe? idk but it could mean that when Thomas gets hurt they all feel it (which is p plausible considering they are thomas lol) or could mean that if one of the sides hurts Thomas then that side also feels the pain? Because none of the others seemed hurt, they were just shocked.

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Why is every one in this fandom a bitch? Like I've noticed every one (not you and a few others) is sorta just rude and kinda stuck up. Like new fans coming in wont feel too welcomed. Idk it's just something I've noticed. I mean for the most part the tumblr side of the fandom is pretty nice but on Twitter and instagram they're just so rude.

It’s sort of always been that way unfortunately.. people at shows in the pit are viscous. The fandom has been really divided into the pop Lana fans & the artistic Lana fans and there are a lot of assholes who have no problem talking shit & tagging Lana on Twitter/ Insta where she actually reads it. :Including dissing her weight, calling her boring, and more. :(

I mean Lana’s had 2 fans break into her house, filed a restraining order against 2 others, has had fans camp outside her ex’s apartment.. unfortunately we are known as super intense/ passionate, obsessive and stuck up. For 3 years fans have referring to new fans / half ass fans as “Rays.” I’ve even been treated like shit by fans at a show & people on here. There is a big difference between having an opinion/ open discussion and just being an ass. A lot of the fandom crosses the line in many ways. 


Did anyone else notice this when watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

When Frollo goes to confront Quasimodo about letting Esmeralda, the little wooden statue that Quasi made of his is standing upright by the candle. But when Frollo goes into his tirade, he throws Esmeralda’s figurine down and it knocks his over and out of the shot. 

Frollo considers himself to be morally superior to the people of Paris and will basically fight anyone who says otherwise. We all know that he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal but all bets are off when he meets Esmeralda. He goes batshit insane and practically goes on a killing spree just to find her. This beautiful woman shows up and shows him that he’s no better, if not worse, than “the common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd.” Esmeralda shook his foundation. Esmeralda threw him off his moral high horse.

Esmeralda knocked him down.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into this, but I’m guessing that little gesture in this scene was no accident.

Things That Nobody Pointed Out in ‘Fun Dead’

Normally I don’t make posts like this but this was on my mind the entire time I was rewatching Fun Dead

In each frame transitions when Edd is making remarks on ASDFLand, the portraits in the background seem to change, referencing the artstyles that Edd went through when he started Eddsworld, and notice the broken picture frame?

Another cool thing is in this scene where them bois are looking at the ASDF Map:

I won’t elaborate cause it speaks for itself

And not to mention that Toms 2nd player gun was green, and it wasn’t lying on the floor? This probably doesn’t mean anything, but y'all know where I’m getting at

Also another fun thing:

The slight color difference in Tom and Edd’s hands in this frame, idk, it was just something I noticed lol

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lowkey just realized that i don't think we've ever seen alec cry? and i wonder if that's just because he's such a "keep it in" character, or if it was something the show may be working towards. i just wanted to know what your opinion on this is, bc we've seen almost every other main character cry so far and idk. just something i noticed. (also i really appreciate all of your well thought out opinions and love your tags lol)

he actually has! he cried in 2x05 at the end where they had the funeral. i think a lot of people didn’t notice that bc the focus wasn’t entirely on him, but there were indeed tears. alec isn’t too far off from the other characters who have more or less cried about once or twice each; only jace and clary have cried noticeably more often than anyone else.

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Wait is there any details to the baseball political thing I've heard nothing from media like what happened???sorry im a little confused.

I saw it on the news yesterday. Some dude was disgruntled and shot up the gop annual baseball game or something. Idk i just saw the dems and gop coming together in the house or Congress cuz seriously. The dude shot up a baseball game??

Waking up and reading the comments on my post that a lot of people haven’t even seen or heard of it just kinda makes me wonder. I’m not gop member or anything, but you gotta admit it’s strange that no one’s talking much about it I guess? Either way idk. Just something I noticed on tumblr yesterday. Tumblr loves to talk but I didn’t even see one post about it. I just found that interesting I guess..

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why do you think some characters are only called by their first names like daichi, asahi, lev, kenma, etc. but others are only called by their last names, like noya, suga, tanaka, etc.? like i think in japan, you usually don't call someone by their first name unless you know them really well, but idk it was just something i notice when watching the show

It definitely just depends on the person’s preference I think. Or how close they are with certain people like you said! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Grell and William are two sides of the same emotional extreme: the refusal to feel grief and regret. Grell jokes and over expresses in order put as far a gap as possible between her and her sadness, William just suppresses all emotions in order to prevent them from taking over.

So after i made a list of differences between movie jd and musical jd here, some people asked me to do one for veronica too so here it is! :)

-One difference that she shares with JD is, again, their relationship. I’ve written a ton about the differences in their relationship in the musical vs the movie, the primary one being that they were in love in the musical. I’ve already pointed out some of the ways musical JD expresses his love, but Veronica does too!

-Seventeen basically speaks for itself. The whole song is literally Veronica telling JD how much she loves him and wants to be with him. The way she reaches her hand out to him fuckin KILLS me 😭

-Where movie Veronica basically gave up on him pretty quick (understandably, bc movie JD was a creepo) musical Veronica tried several times to save him (theres actually a gifset here if you wanna check it out lmao) she wanted to save him because she loved him!

-Her personality in general is just extremely different, she’s honestly the polar opposite of movie Veronica. Where movie Veronica is cool, sarcastic, and apathetic, musical Veronica is an adorable, socially awkward dork who is so kind and strong and just aaaahh. I love her so much omg

-not a huge difference but movie Veronica is really rich and musical Veronica seems to be more middle class? (Heather saying her house looked poor and the fact that her parents had liverwurst instead of pate) idk just something I noticed

-in the musical she cried and was so sad when Kurt and Ram spread the three way rumor about her, in the movie she was just pissed

-DEAD GIRL WALKING. Even though she’s more innocent in the musical, that doesn’t stop her from literally BREAKING JD’S WINDOW LOCK and telling him she’s gonna ride him til she breaks him?? And then in the middle she sings him this mini love ballad before pushing him down and slapping him and just being very very intense in general ?? damn Veronica get it girl

-when she pretended to hang herself in the movie and her mom found her she literally just hung there for a minute and let her mom think she was dead, and then when she got herself down was just like “lol why so tense” but in the musical the second her mom walked in she was like “IM SORRY IM SORRY DONT FREAK OUT IM ALIVE” because she’s a much more compassionate person!

-also the fact that she brought a croquet mallet instead of a gun to stop JD is something that goes unnoticed but I think it’s huge. It shows that A. She didn’t have/didn’t want to use a gun bc they’re violent as fuck and B. She wasn’t planning on really hurting JD.

-speaking of shooting JD in the movie she intentionally shoots him SEVERAL times and every time she’s like “take that haha” but in the musical she accidentally shoots him once and then freaks out, and tries to wake him up and when she can’t you can see how much pain or causes her, like she just slumps over with her hand over her mouth trying to to stop herself from crying.

-another biiiig difference is that she tries to really kill herself with the bomb in the musical. In the movie she’s like “whatever glad that’s over lmao!” and just leaves casually, but in the musical she’s so broken and guilty over everything that’s happened and JD’s death was like the final straw that made her feel like she didn’t deserve to live. :(

-the fact that she tried to stop JD from killing himself is also super important! In the movie she was legit smirking while he blew up, in the musical she was like “no stop not like this wait!” And it broke my goddamn heart!

-when she went after JD in the musical she basically expected one of two things to happen: they both live or they both die. She clearly wanted him to live because when she confronted him she told him how she wished they met before he started hating the world, and she begged him to come with her. And in DGW reprise she sang “cheek to cheek in hell with a dead girl walking!” Implying that they were both “bad” people who would die together, and when he died, she felt like she had to die to pay for the things she did as well. The only thing stopping her was JD telling her to stay and live and make the world a better place.

-and the very end, when she goes back to school and basically tells everyone “listen we’re all going to be good people now even though we’re scared and damaged we’re gonna be okay because we’re all beautiful” and in the movie she’s just super casual about it like “alright i guess im the head bitch now hah”

Long story short Musical Veronica Sawyer is the love of my life and I would die for her also she is the polar opposite of Movie Veronica Sawyer! Thanks for your time this was so long I’m sorry omg

i wish more girls would comment/like my dumb facebook posts :///////

So if

Vale = valley area?? = dark = needs light = Signal & Beacon (big signal)

Mistral = probably has been through a lot of disasters?? = needs safety = Sanctum & Haven (big sanctum)

Vacuo = desert area?? = hot = needs shelter = ????? + Shade (big… what?? what’s a smaller version of shade???)

Soooo I’m guessing Atlas has a warmth-themed academy name, cuz it’s cold up there…??

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Idk if this hate it's just something I've noticed. On Jojo's boomerang video I've noticed there is a lot of bots(automatic) comments. Do you think she buys her views? At first I thought it was just kids but one of my fave youtubers was talking about how a lot of youtubers buy their views and that's one of the signs especially ones that say "I love ___" or " i am a fan" and she has a lot of those.

My best guess would be that it’s just a lot of younger fans commenting. Especially because he target audience is on the younger side. -Kelly

Ive been reading the HTTYD comics, (I’ve only read 2 of them so far) but the art is…uh, different. My main bone to pick is that Toothless has one expression. Glaring. idk. It’s just something I noticed, not sure I like it.

Kastle and Eye Contact

I was just looking at a gif set (I would link but I’m on mobile) of the scene where Frank says he’s not guilty and yells at the DA. And not only did I notice his face go real soft afterwards (d'aaw), but the poor man just can’t seem to look at Karen for very long.

(Though to be fair the line-of-sight continuity on this show is horrendously difficult to keep track of so I could be wrong).

And then I realized that this is something totally consistent with Frank’s character. I mean, the poor guy just seems to have so much trouble keeping eye contact with Karen, it’s almost overwhelming.

In fact, the times when it DOES happen are times when he’s trying his damned hardest to get his point across. Like the ‘what is love’ diner scene, the ptsd defence debacle, convincing her not to shoot him…and maybe the ‘I’m already dead’ conversation? Idk I tend to skip that scene b/c of feels so I don’t remember it clearly.

But in most other scenes with Karen (aside from a few key moments) Frank is…not fidgety, exactly, but he IS a little nervous. And he just. Keeps. Glancing. Away. Seriously, he spends so much time talking to the wall when Karen’s in the room. Just, so much.

I only noticed this because I’ve been rewatching S2 over the holidays and he doesn’t have this issue with literally any other character. Maybe during his monologue about his family with Matt (again, line-of-sight is damn difficult to track in this show) but even then, his glances over in Matt’s direction were intentional and sustained, not really fidgety. Plus, he stops looking over at Matt entirely when he gets too caught up in his memories.

But literally, this is really the only example that comes close to his ‘glance, look away, glance again’ game that he does with Karen. I mean, with everyone else he’s up in their face and trying to intimidate the hell out of them. Or he’s just plum charming (see the elderly vet and the waitress at the diner).

Like, idk if he’s just like this lost puppy man exclusively when he’s talking about his family b/c he never zones out with Karen when they talk about them. Plus he keeps up his fidgety nervousness around her even when they’re talking about something else. Like, he’s literally like this all the time. Poor man really does have to push himself to make eye contact with her even when they’re talking about other things (eg. when he asked if the trial upset her).

Idk, idk. It’s just something I noticed and thought was super sweet. Especially since Karen reeaally doesn’t have this problem.

Why does it seem like “The Shadow/Umbra Queen” and “Morganthe” are like, two completely different people…

Like with that whole obelisk in Grizzleheim, it says “The Shadow Queen has returned! It is the work of Mor…” like… from that sentence alone, one could easily infer that this Shadow Queen and this “Mor” person aren’t the same person. 

Idk just something I noticed

I think it is pretty cool they got the ball/evil version of Randy accurate to his characterization. Most of the time the sure fire way to show an eviler version is how they r willing to kill and thats that, but Randy was already willing to kill already so it stands to reason they needed to take that further, so they made evil randy sadistic. when evil julian was begging no more, randy pulled him up simply to tell his victims to his face “yes more” he could have ended it there without pulling him up to taunt evil julian, but he didn’t, proves how bad he is cuz mostly randy is pretty quick and painless to kill(he just threw mcfist over the edge ensuring a quick death from the height) but evil randy wanted to play with evil julian first. IDK just something i noticed