I’d point out something CUTE I noticed on this part of ep 10. Idk if it’s just me tho, but when Viktor starts talking about Phichit, there’s a hint of jealousy in his tone when he says “Yuri says he’s the only foreign skater he considers a friend.”

Viktor, ma boi, you’re his future husband.

Ok so I was watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire (again)...

And I noticed something…

so this is the first time we see the king of Atlantis, right? 

Then he says this while his wife is drawn into the heart of Atlantis:

Notice how he’s not looking away. The next time we see the king, he is blind.


so *cough cough* i just noticed something in morse code that made me … wow

so you know the


i noticed the “dots” and “dashes” changed on each side, and what really stuck out to me was that the “—” “-.” on each side clearly spell out “no.” there isnt any “…” so idk, it was just something that i noticed.

technically you could make anything out of these lines but i just thought it was interesting that the dots and dashes changed and that they were exact in their size, which could indicate some sort of code. and well.. undertale is no stranger to code


“Fortunate Son” from Ao3 by @anna-droid
didn’t draw this from the actual fic but i enjoyed reading it

  • Someone: you cant let your feelings dictate your productivity!
  • Me: watch me


Wait… This may be me being stupid and not seeing things that are obvious or the opposite, me being stupid and seeing things that aren’t there.

Do my eyes deceive me?


Like look at his irises going up, down, then up again.



Can we talk about Chris and his coach though?

Because they actually seem to be on really good terms. Like, his coach obviously knows Chris and how he is during his performances, but he doesn’t judge him and doesn’t tell him how to skate, he’s just sort of there saying “I trust you and your abilities and I believe that you know what you’re doing so just relax and do it your way.”

And they hug. I think we all know how important hugs are in this show. (Not to mention that cute little haaai from Chris).

They really stand out if you compare them to Georgi and Yakov, where Yakov very much dictates Georgi’s every step and supports him through being cold and distant.

Idk, it’s just something I noticed and found pretty endearing.

what i find really cool about the dance pics is that you can really tell who the characters are by their dancing? like, yurio dances with a lot of anger and without a lot of finesse - he does a lot of cool stuff, sure, his body can do all sorts of things - but he doesn’t have any beat or flow. he’s just making his body do impressive things to impress, he’s not giving a good overrall experience. that’s something he’s struggled with in his skating, where he did amazing technically but had no feeling behind the routine. chris, of course, uses a pole. he’s a very strong man, proud of his body, and very sexual. pole dancing really highlights his skating, and his interactions with the other skaters so far. he’s got nothing to hide. then viktor - viktor is clearly moving his body with a lot of finesse and style, but he looks like he’s still on the ice, not really dancing. he throws his legs out like one would during a routine, poses his hands in the same way, doesnt use his hips. its got class, sure, but its not super dance-y. at the same time, it’s not nearly as serious as his skating can be - he’s there to have fun. viktor wants to have a good time, and dancing with yuri, he is. and speaking of yuri: he, of course, dances like his body is the music itself. just like how viktor described his skating. on top of that, interestingly enough, he seems to go along with the styles everyone else is doing. he breakdances with yurio, pole dances with chris, dances like he’s doing couples skating with viktor. going along with the flow - that’s something that yuri has admitted to struggling with, particularly in regards to choosing his own music for his routines. even though he started the dance-off, he still went along with the styles that everyone else chose. it’s really cool to see all of that reflected in the pics

just some random pjo headcannons i felt like sharing

  • percy always sleeps with a stuffed animal (annabeth thinks it’s adorable)
  • luke has a fuckton of freckles that are super light and are only noticeable if you’re like 0.2 inches away from his face
  • jason cuts his hair all the time
  • he also can never decide on a style so every time he returns with a new hair cut piper & leo are just dramatically sighing in the background bc damn jason you’re had this fuckboy haircut before
  • annabeth. loves. strawberries.
  • travis stoll once lost a bet and had to shave his entire head and connor lost the next bet and had to shave off one entire eyebrow (to this day, they can’t decide who looked worse)
  • silena and charlie were caught making out behind the aphrodite cabin one time
  • not too long after piper and jason were caught doing the same thing
  • it then kind of became a running joke through camp that all whenever a child of aphordite got into a romantic relationship they had to make out behind the cabin at least once
  • some of the younger campers thought ethan’s eye patch was cool so they all started wearing them whenever he was around 
  • ethan cried really hard when he saw them
  • hazel has officially been kicked out of capture the flag games bc her skill with the mist gave her team an unfair advantage
  • they also kicked frank out because he turned into a bear and accidentally ate the flag one time