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Did something happen with taylor and a fan or something? Idk what's going on

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Did you see that Taylor is growing out both her hair and her booty?

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Im sorry i dont mean to be rude Or maybe i do, only because of the fact that baekhyun did the most horrifying thing to get his abs, but do you even know? Like he looks like death. I dont praise bad behavior, just to get abs omfg

fIrst of all, i respect byun baekhun for all the things he did. he promised something and he didn`t stop til he made his fans` wishes come true. he didn`t give up and he worked sO hard. hands down 

second, i think his diet was made by someone who actually knows how things work. that does not mean he didn`t eat anything. you have to have something on your body to form muscles. do i even know?? believe me, i DO know more than you think. i know a lot about eating disorder since i was kind of through it. idk if you know how serious and deep that is and ppl talking about baekhyun has it. baekhyun already said he will be ‘squishy’ again and i believe he will because he does feel better this way. i think he`s smart enough to be healthy and go back to his normal weight and eat all the things he wants, as i said i like him because of many other reasons, not his abs. + i HOPE he didn`t and i think he didn`t starve himself and didn`t do the most horrifying things to get his abs, as i said he worked with professional body trainers etc so i don`t believe anyone let him starve himself

third, i`m happy he finally got confident about his body, i hope he stops the diet since he wants to and i hope he feels happy about himself in any way- with or without abs 

fourth, byun baekhyun is honestly amazing and deserves all of our respect~

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do you know of the periscope where someone in the chat is like 'hey where's Sarah' and b's like 'she's working out unlike me' it was something like that, I've looked through your YouTube but there are so many I was just wondering if you knew the one, I think it was around June time, thank youuuu, ily

ik what ur talking about, i remember that but idk which scope specifically! sorry bb 

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Tyler Posey came out as gay on snapchat I hope that makes u feel better because I know u like teen wolf and gay things hooray!!!!!! 🎈

i hate teen wolf idk what the fuck you’re talking about as a matter of fact i dont even KNOW WHAT TEEN WOLF IS IT SOUNDS HORRIBLE i do like gay things though you have successfully nailed that part of my personality down, also i just did a quick lil google bc tyler posey being gay would literally an d i do mean literally make me dramatically fling myself off a building with my arms spread out and peace in my heart, but  he meant gay as in happy apparently because he’s an absolute fucko. i love you for sending this to me though because my brain is actually a three circled venn diagram consisting of a Gay category, a Hating Teen Wolf With Virulence Heretofore Never Seen In Any Other Individual Living or Dead category, and an Angst category. anyway i want to die

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Goodness I love you and all but why won't you tag your stuff! SOBZ

in all honesty though.

i do tag my stuff? with my art. There’s a link on my navigation but you might not be able to see it on mobile. if that’s what you’re talking about? if not then i apologize because idk what you’re talking about Lol

again, i’m a little new to tumblr and dont know how the tagging system and stuff works. do you think you could explain to me what you mean? .__.

i feel like an asshole because i literally do not care about anything else right now except that I’m starting T soon and idk dude i can’t talk about anything else i don’t want to talk about other ppl i want to talk about me because HOLY FUCK!!!! IVE BEEN THROUGH TOO MUCH SHIT TO NOT BE THIS EXCITED ABBOUT THIS!!!! 

So my dad told me that there was going to be a heat wave in my area tomorrow and possibly the next day and the first damn thing I think is “Well of course, you gotta celebrate the hottest person’s birthday with the hottest day” and then I just imagined Oikawa saying that and Iwaizumi just throwing a chair or some shit at him like gdi why are you like this

My sister was watching the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy and she said she saw a comment of a theory about the videos that make a lot of sense
The funeral is Troye’s, not the father’s.
That’s why nobody responds to Troye’s presence except his former boyfriend. That’s why it’s implied he commits suicide at the end, to be with Troye. That’s why the new girlfriend gives him such a weird look when she finds the two of them.
And this would make sense. It flashes back to memories with the two as kids, as lovers, memories with the father… Because he blames himself and his father for Troye’s death.