Tronnor January Timeline

Dec 29 - Beach day, jumping pic, Sage’s kitchen snapchat

Jan 1 - Connor dancing in Steele’s snapchat, Connor’s ig post , Blessing fangirled over a store called Connor 

Jan 2 - Connor’s i found a starfish ig post, clubbing

Jan 3 - 7:36 snapchat, roadtrip with Troye

Jan 4 - Connor’s I dont always look away ig pic, fan sightings where Connor is wearing the maroon sweatshirt, another one where Troye is wearing the same sweatshirt

Jan 5 - Fan sightings in a coffee shop, Connor’s hello it’s me tweet

Jan 6 - Sage posted a photo with Connor, Connor liking Troye’s Rolling Stone tweet

Jan 7 - Con won the PCA, Troye’s very concerned/interested tweet, Connor wearing Troye’s hat, Connor’s just a boy trying to decide whether he likes his new hat or not tweet, Ryan’s hoverboard snapchat

Jan 10 - Sage and Shaun photo ft. Connor

Jan 11 - Arriving at the venue together, excited tweets

Jan 12 - Hands of Troye in Connor’s ig photo, fan greeting on the plane

Jan 13 (LA) - Connor arrived in LA and bought flowers for Troye and his apartment but mostly Troye

Jan 14/14 (sydney/LA) - Troye said in a magazine that they listened to for him a lot of times

Jan 15 - Troye’s im on a radio in america snapchat wearing a CC beanie

Jan 16 - Troye’s sappy tweet, sappy tweet 2, Troye’s g'morn snapchat, Connor’s wearing a lot of stuff i dont normally wear today tweet, Connor wearing Troye’s LA -> NYC cap 

Jan 17 - Connor in YouTube Democratic Debate, Connor and Troye at Chipotle, Shaun and Laurelle liking Connor-related tweets

Jan 18 - Troye’s brunch w u ig post, Troye wearing Connor’s leather jacket, Connor’s #ootd ig post

Jan 19 - Troye wearing Connor’s fucking shoes and Common Culture beanie, Connor’s cc crewnecks ig post, Troye announced that he was gonna perform on Ellen, Nicola tweeting about Troye on Ellen, Tronler reunion

Jan 20 - Troye promotes Common Culture on *angrily eats flower* ig post, Peter Franta followed Troye on ig

Jan 21 - Connor and Troye having a great day, Relationship and dating questions from spill or strip game

Jan 22 - More Common Culture pictures

Jan 24 - Fan sightings at the flea market, Troye’s ootd ig post 

Jan 25 - Connor’s Not tonight, just reminiscing ig post

Jan 26 - netflix and chill

Jan 27 - Connor’s x | ig post, Troye’s deleted falling in love w u snapchat, Connor’s 5:12 pm snapchat, Troye’s LIFE ROX snapchat, Laurelle supporting Troye and Connor

Jan 28 - Troye’s I wonder what today is tweet

Jan 29 - Troye went to San Diego for interviews and Connor’s night time snaps came alive again

Jan 30 - They had brunch again and Connor posted a ig photo of the same artist that Troye also posted before

Jan 31 - Troye casually laying on Connor’s bed

1D as things my mom has said/done:

Harry: [while dancing and holding a container of salsa] “Salsa! Salsa, salsa, salsa.”

Liam: “What is this song called? Anaconda? Yes, I know what this song is about. An anaconda is a snake.”

Louis: [points out a random house] “You were made in there.”

Niall: [enforces group hugs under mistletoe]

Zayn: “If there’s no need for me to get up then why would I?”


I don’t know if anyone has noticed but when Rey picks Luke’s lightsaber and she has her visions, one of the knight of ren was going to kill Rey but Kylo actually kill him so he wouldn’t harm her?? and in the next part, she just looks confused and Kylo (plus the knight of ren are just staring at her and aren’t even bothering to try to go near her???) I just felt like pointing this out 

also idk if anyone has pointed this out but its been a month since this movie came out and truth is, I never noticed it

also this are not my gif, this were made by setfiretoyourfavs (original post is here x)

I just need to take a second to cry, because I saw four Joshifer one-shots on my dash today (including my own). I haven’t experienced that in ages, so I’m just…

Hullo everyone! I put this up for my patrons last night but am sharing it here now. One of the milestone goals for my Patreon is to redraw chapter 1–we’ve gotten really close a couple times now but haven’t stuck–and I was thinking on how redrawing it would allow me to show some things I didn’t have the skill or style consistency to show on the first go-round (which is the entire point of redraws if you ask me.)

One of them is that Hawk gains some muscle and fat from the time he meets Teige to the time we’re at in the comic right now. It’s kind of a subtle change, but I thought it was interesting all the same.

idk why they’re shirtless but why not
(lowkey runway model au ok)
for @brigadierbanana

// so bc i’m curious when my one year anniversary is i went through my archive back to the beginning of my blog (may 14th if you’re wondering)

and holy. good. god. wow. i. hm.

to say my grasp on Ekko as a muse has improved would be an understatement

i am legitimately tempted to go back and delete my first three months of posts my god

i lost 7 followers today :) haha

you know what sucks? is when your friend says something and you dont know if they’re joking or not. 

me: …
me: ah ha ha ha ha so funny 
me: *dies internally*

why am i so emotional all of a sudden ?? what am i upset abt ??? 

21 april 2015

st. paul’s cathedral, london

she tastes like a cool fall day when the sun is drifting further and further from the earth
crisp red leaves get stuck between your teeth as you chew the day away
yeah, she tastes like an autumn i never want to forget

so falling for her is always going to taste like pancakes at midnight on halloween
when it’s so cold your fingers feel like icicles as you press them up against her and grin away the cold chill

the heater is on full full blast
so when i walk into the room the air feels almost as warm as my thumping heart

yeah, she tastes like saturday mornings in november
when there’s nothing to do but drive around and try to remember what brought you here

missing her will always taste like a long distance phone call from a train station terminal
in a city you ended up in because your friends wanted something new
your bag stuffed with maps and pocket change

yeah, her smile tastes like caramel popcorn in front of the tv on a tuesday night after class
she’s waiting for only me

               ❛ was that your only idea, commander or shall i start looking for another way to get us out of this mess ?