I recently reached the 500 follower milestone!!! so to celebrate, here are my favorite blogs (honestly if u love urself follow all of them theyre all beautiful and so nice and smart ok). ((I’m keeping the header as my usual URL instead of my festive one))

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So about a week ago i made a post saying i was thinking of creating a new blog and kind of just.. leaving this one..  and so i have actually made a new blog since this one has just become too much for me now.
I’m not going to delete, i think it’ll just stay as a sort of archive. (unless i actually do decide to come back to this blog; but idk right now i really like the idea of starting new lmao) I’m going to keep this blog active until my queue runs out which should be at least a few days to a week depending on how long i feel like filling it.

If you would like to follow me on my new blog, just send me a message, i turned my askbox back on!

((Thanks so much guys for the 2500 followers! And counting! A drawing of the Marsh family because the new ep reminded me of how much I loved them for some reason. I hope I can keep on pleasing you. Thanks again!))

theconstellationsinyourskin  asked:

I keep seeing your posts and it reminds me of when I lost my life-long best friend, my golden retriever a couple of years ago. It took me months to move on...I hope your grief is short-lived and you find joy in life, magic, and bunnies again soon

Also–didn’t you just get another bunny? I’m not following your bunny blog so idk if you’re posting updates about them, are they doing okay? Also x2, that rude anon can go fuck themselves, it’s your blog lmao, you can say whatever you want

awh… thank you for messaging me. i did get another bunny, about 2 weeks before binky passed. he is doing okay. i don’t think he really “bonded” with binky but i can tell he knows he is gone. i am trying to spend as much time with him as i can and give him all the love i can offer. 

bellathereal  asked:

honestly I think i've followed you since the beginning of my tumblr and our interests dont really align anymore but i've always followed you bc you're honestly!!! such a nice person to follow and i like knowing that you're doing okay and good and I just wanted you to know you're a huge inspiration for what life can be when you live your best life.. so !! thank you i guess? idk I just saw your six selfies and got really emotional haha. Have a great 2017 :)

I hope it’s okay that I publish this message, I just want to keep it around. Thank you for following me for so long and sending me this message, you’re wonderful. You have a great 2017!!

anonymous asked:

I haven't follow for long so idk, but you just said you have first and second hand info about H&L? Can I ask what is it? Or do you have a post to link me? I'd love to see. You seem to be a lovely person:)

Hi! :)

I’m sorry, there’s not much I have publicly shared and it’s not well organised in posts or tags, but I think you can find something under my personal or stories tag. It’s difficult to stay lovely in this fandom, most of the time, but we all try our best, so thank you very much!! x

Rules: Tag 10 of your followers you want to get to know better

Tagged by: @wheremarymeetseve

Name: Ray

Nickname: It’s hard to shorten Ray anymore lmao

Gender:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ nonbinary I guess?? But idk I keep finding reasons to invalidate myself and I would never have the courage to correct people on my pronouns especially not in texas lol. So basically I’m okay with people interpreting me as a woman???? gender is weird idk this is a long answer

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′2″

Sexual Orientation: Pan

Hogwarts House: 3 of 4 quizzes said Hufflepuff

Favourite Colour: Purple, though I’ve been really into gold lately… can change with beads lmao

Favourite Animal: Dogs, though I love cats too (they just don’t love me back) 

Average Hours of Sleep: 8-10

Time Right Now: 11:29pm

Cat or Dog Person:Dog

Favourite Fictional Character: Miss Martian probably… but I feel like this changes with whatever I’m watching

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: A big comforter (plus one fuzzy blanket in the winter)

Favourite Singer/Band: Blue October used to be my default answer but I haven’t kept up with them. I like the Misterwives and Two Door Cinema Club a lot too. Also been listening to Hayley Kyoko’s EP Citrine a looot lately. Favorite song/lyrics is In My Mind by Amanda Palmer tho

Dream Trip: Traveling stresses me the fuck out to be honest… I’m going to California next week which is cool and I’m maybe going to Portland later in the spring??? Idk about anywhere farther than that… Canada would be cool to visit though 

Dream Job: Maybe the Etsy store I have yet to make lmao. Really I just want to enjoy my job and hopefully simultaneously benefit the queer community. I guess nonprofit work sounds good too!

When Was This Blog Created: So my first blog was made in 2012 but I’ve remade since then. This one is probably 2 years old???

Current Number of Followers: 294

When Did Your Account Peak: now I guess

What Made You Decide to Make A Tumblr: I first made a tumblr for the Cardfight!! Vanguard community. Then I kind of moved on to League of Legends and somehow that led to learning about social justice. 

Why Did You Pick Your URL: I considered changing my url just to avoid this question lmao. (side note: I have mxmartian and sapphic-mei hoarded at the moment and I can’t pick). Basically it’s a play on heavy rain, but I like that it implies that I’m a monarch of something :P

Last thing I googled: “shrug emoji” followed by “pisces” (for the spelling) and then “hogwarts house quiz” lol

Fictional character you’d like as a sibling: Honestly any character capable of beating the shit out of my abuser when I was a kid

How many blogs do I follow: 726 LOL

What do I post about: Feminism, humor, sapphic stuff, animals, and video games mostly :)

Do you get asks on a regular basis: Nope. I haven’t reblogged any prompt thingies in a long ass time though. 

Aesthetics: girls kissing girls, mermaids, flowers, beadwork, and dyed hair

I tag no one bc tagging people stresses me out ;; But if any mutual wants to do this u can totally say I tagged you <3

pls like if u read this

so you’ve probably noticed I hate how shitty this site makes me feel (if you’ve been paying attention to me)
– pretty much none of my friends on here care anymore as far as I know and there’s no point coming on here.

idk how long I’ll be gone, I’ll still run my queue but I’m not really ever going to add to it because I’ve been keeping myself off of here.
if you still want to contact me, I’m on Twitter @tomagatchi so it’d be great to have those of you who still care follow me there. bye.

hiiii everyone! i’ve never done a follow forever before and i’ve had this blog for about 3 or 4 years now idk i can’t remember BUT i’ve wanted to make one for so long and i keep seeing them all over my dash so i decided to finally stop being lazy and recognize some awesome people (also pretend my graphic doesn’t suck they are not my forte okAY)

first of all i want to shout out to all my mutuals y’all are so great thank you for putting up with me and my posts that are all over the place :))) even though most of us don’t talk i still appreciate that a lot of you have stuck around since basically the beginning so just know i see u all and love you always


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ALSO i want to proclaim my love from afar to these amazing non-mutuals. your blogs give me life thanks for being you

adoreliam ayyliam blamemisha giggleshrug hipthrustshoran jawllines jensencockles lirrymalik literallyrad louisasf lourrye manlyliam mochalou neonlarry nudejade oneinagillian playboyliam shinebrightlikeperrie theperksofshippinglarry thirlwaell

thank you all so much for keeping me up to date with what 1d is doing every second of every day and always being there to make me laugh when life gets hard but most of all thank you for letting me feel like i’m a part of something bigger than myself, part of a community that never fails to make me feel like i’m home and something that has been a constant in my life when everything else feels like it’s changing and falling apart

this is more sappy than i wanted it to be and a lot of you are probably like “who tf is that” but just know that i appreciate every one of you and hope you all had a happy, safe holiday and have a fantastic new year ♥