• What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why was Klavier Gavin's backstory and character never explored in-game? He had so much room to be developed as a character. His relationship with Kristoph was only touched upon for a few moments, through actions and not words. If Klavier had spoken about Kristoph and his home life with him at least ONCE; the ending would have been much more powerful. Although it is not likely that Klavier would come right out and say this, seeing as his emotional walls are built up higher than Mount Everest and he uses humor and dazzling smiles to brush away serious topics (not as though capcom made that 100% clear through actual development, it was left up to fans to analyze his character as I am doing right now); they could have easily have Apollo become concerned for him and percieve the truth. Seriously, they had a lawyer who's whole schtick was being a human lie detector and a rival prosecutor who is constantly fake to hide his emotions, and they didn't go that route even once? It would have done wonders for their relationship and later interactions. Like, idk, one theory why they didn't do this is because they realized how fucking gay they made miles and phoenix in the trilogy and they didn't want to do the same thing with klavier and apollo but that clearly isn't the case seeing as they introduced him with klavier saying that he's "never felt this way with a man" + his constant not-subtle flirting throughout the game afterwards. Back to the point, literally every other prosecutor and their relationship with the main defense attorney (for the sake of not spoiling some of the lesser-played games, I will only cover the trilogy) was by far superiorly developed. Miles and phoenix do not need an explanation, Franziska (although, she is a character who I personally believe needs more attention and development unrelated to her father. I recognize the impact manfred had on her is incredibly large, im just pissed b/c wow shocking a female character who's development is largely revolving around a man what a surprise. However, that is a topic for another day) had a clear desire to take revenge on phoenix for her father (though later we would find out that that wasn't completely the case) and the events of jfa were the start of her realization that perfection is not everything (though she has still not gotten there yet). In addition, she was further developed in both of the investigations games. Godot (ugh) was given a very personal backstory, and despite the fact that he was a sexist character (Klavier falls in this category too, due to his 'fraulein' comments but honestly??? this germanyaboo probably doesn't even know what he's actually saying) who LITERALLY murdered someone, we are constantly thrown lines such as "a lawyer doesn't cry until it's all over" because capcom wants us to feel sorry for him. However, the tear-fuel for klavier we get is one short conversation between him and kristoph (which, I will admit, made me cry... but that's probably due to my immense love for this character). Which is okay in itself I suppose, however, it is a relationship we know??? barely anything about??????? Yes, we know it was clearly not a good one, thanks capcom for the immense detail. When I first played apollo justice i thought "Okay, I guess this is fine, I mean they surely develop him more in the sequel, right?"; but I was sadly disappointed because 1. apollo justice never got a sequel (what the FUCK) and 2. klavier's appearence in dual destinies CLEARLY was simply to get us to "shut up" about him not ever getting any attention, and he didnt really do anything of strong importance. Klavier gavin had so much potential as a character and capcom fucking blew it. Now, though I love these jokes as much as the next person, I get to see klavier being summed up as "the gay fake german piano guy lol"; occasionally finding one or two fanfictions of him being an actual person. There are so many things capcom could have done with him and i am thoroughly disappointed. And another thing, what the FUCK is up with his dd voice acto

As we’re getting really close to The Hanging Tree, I’ve had some thoughts about how we (meaning mostly “the active Tumblr fandom” and “me, specifically”) talk about RoL and representation, which I’m gonna cut for length, but I want to get out before we get a whole lot of new canon. 

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i was tagged by the lovely @poddleoddle sorry i took so long

nickname: julle (only works with a danish accent)

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what did your last relationship teach you: cheaters are horrible and not people you should keep in your life

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how many blankets do you sleep with: 2

i tag @teabaglester @littleoddles @cutedodie and @goblindodie

This was gonna be something but I never got around to finishing it lmao 

so here have a rough draft I guess

maybe i’ll finish it if i can think of other characters 

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I'm seeing a lot of antis talk about how swan queen will win out or emma will just be dreaming at the end of this. and that's why the person under the hood will be her because its the last dream like thing to come into play before she wakes up. and I'm nervous. d u think captain swan will b end game?

Okay first let me say something without including spoilers. 

Anti’s ALWAYS come out of the wood works after big happy CS news makes its way onto the grape vine. Which it has. Big gushy, head twirling magic spinning madness in the best possible sense has been released into the universe for CS fans, and people who want Emma with someone else other than the lovely Killian Jones. Are. Not. Going. To. Be. Happy. About. It. 

Hashtag, the last three years of their lives. 

So as a result of this unhappiness they start spiraling and come up with left field reasons that fit the narrative they still want to tell themselves instead of the one that is canon and on screen.

It doesn’t matter that Adam has explicitly stated that THIS IS NOT A DREAM, or that the characters of Emma and Killian will not be breaking up but instead will be facing obstacles that they will over come together this season. It doesn’t matter that the character of Emma has both implicitly and explicitly stated and shown her love for her pirate boyfriend. 

All that matters is that the anti’s want what they want and they are not getting it. And because of this anger and crack theories will slip out like crazy.

SPOILERS AHEAD. All who read on be damned.

So lets talk about something. Let’s talk about the possibility of CS endgame, since you seem to be so worried about it. Now there’s WAY WAY WAY more (pre-warning) that I could add to what I’m about to say in regards to reasons captain swan is most def. endgame, but I’m going to include the things that mostly come to my mind when thinking or talking about the topic with others. PLEASE FRIENDS OF THE INTERWEB FEEL FREE TO ADD. I’ll bold the points so as to make it easier.

Parallels - One of the biggest things that stick out to me in regards to CS endgame talk is just how frequent that couple is paralleled with the MOST SAFE couple on the show, SNOWING. Not to mention that these are her parents so that makes it INCREDIBLY SIGNIFICANT that her relationship on the show holds so many similarities to Charming and Snow’s relationship. And this isn’t anything new. They planned on having Hook on from day one. They started the parallels in his very first episode between him&Emma and Charming&Snow AND have yet to stop. I mean the initial animosity being the same. Her hitting him in the face. Snow hitting Charming with a rock. Not to mention Emma literally used her parents mantra of finding each other FOR HOOK when she walked into the lake to go to the Underworld. I mean this isn’t a post about parallels but holy shit are there are a lot between those two ships. All you have to do is search parallels on my page or in the tags (though beware of antis) and you’ll see three years worth of them. Idk about you but paralleling Emma and Hook from day one till’ now with her parents seems pretty indicative of their importance and their endgame.  

The talk of true love - I’ll keep it simple and short. They had nearly one of their first solo conversations (while climbing the bean stock) on the first day of them meeting ABOUT BEING IN LOVE. Like you just dont have some character come in and have him start spitting things out about love the way he did unless it means something. This show isn’t subtle. Just remember that. I mean this brings up another good point, nearly all the serious conversation Hook had with Emma before they started dating include lines that were SO ABSOLUTELY telling of their future together. I mean just watch the whole Neverland Arc and you have everything you’ll ever need. I mean there’s literally like 5000 quotes just from those 8 episodes alone that could stand as reason enough to believe in their endgame-ness. 

Hook finding her - Even before Emma used her parents mantra while walking into the Underworld it was proven to be true. I mean he is the one that found her in season 3. Him. This stuff is done for a reason. Not to mention again that whole 3B arc was a huge parallel to Snow and Charming (when Snow took something to wipe away her memory and Charming came to find her. I mean even down to the quick desperate kiss and the the subsequent push from both the ladies we can see the parallels.) 

WALLS - Okay I don’t need to give examples for this, anyone who watches the show knows that the writers have made a point to have him be the one that really gets through to her and helps her break down those pesky walls. (Much like spouses do in real life). i mean but hey if you want just one example look at the end of Season 3. He was key in her finding her way back and acknowledging that Storybrooke was her home and that she needed to be with her parents. 

He gave away his home - Killian literally gave away his only symbol of home and stability and probably a large part of what felt like his connection to his brother in order save her and her family. Also can we talk about the fact that now they are in a home he PICKED OUT for her, TOGETHER! I mean this brings me into another point milestones!

This show drags out the milestones, sure, but they are there. Amidst the magic all the typical leading up to marriage milestones are there. The nervousness of new feelings. The dates. The falling in love and getting comfortable. The admitting of their importance to one another (emma was a little slower in this regard). The I LOVE YOU. Shit even a promise ring. The picking out and talk of a place together. The second I love you without worry. The bonding with Henry. AND NOW THE MOVING IN TOGETHER (thanks spoilers). AND SHIT DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON the scene with Killian and the toddler. YOU DONT PUT THAT IN THERE UNLESS IT HAS MEANING. (Add all THIS to the loads of marriage and kid symbolism and you got yourself a fucking clear as day endgame sign hoisted high and waving). 

I mean like I said the list goes on and on. 

  1. The going to hell and back.
  2. The sacrifices.
  3. Him dying literally 4 times and then being sent back to “where he belongs” by a powerful god. 
  4. the wedding dress in the window (no one can convince me someone somewhere didn’t have that as an intentional plan)
  5. All the damn child symbolism and Hook bonding with kids recently.

 I mean the list goes on and on and on and I know this whole post was a bit long and a bit everywhere, but it’s hard to write a cohesive and flowing answer to an endgame question because there’s literally 3 season (and a whole new season probably) of proof as to why they are endgame. It’s hard to put into an answer. Also logically speaking it would just be AWFUL WRITING and NEAR RIDICULOUS for them to write THREE YEARS of CS, do THREE YEARS of CS promotion, and continue to do so just to have them move in together, come to an end (in what is probably their last or second to last season) just for her to end up with a women she’s shown no romantic feelings for. It’s just not going to happen. 

Anyways, I hope this eased your worries a bit. Probably the last time i’m going to go all out on a question like this though. I get the worry. I still get a shade of nervousness on this lovely angst ride we’ve been on a lot, but you just got to stay logical, stick to the canon facts, and stay away from the hotspots for anti talk (tags, twitter comments, public commenting feeds,etc) and you’ll see the question of CS endgame isn’t even one to have, because the answer is clear as day.

as promised: the fetishism callout post!

let me just begin by saying there's nothing wrong with finding any of the cast members attractive. this is an EXTREMELY attractive cast. everyone is so FINE I bet even the folks backstage who we don't see are gorgeous. Its okay to be sexually attracted to them too! We've all made posts professing our love to the cast, which is perfectly fine!! Right now you're looking at Leslie Odom Jr's fiancé! we good!!

but ya see there's a big difference between "anthony ramos is my sweet freckled child <333" and "I want anthony to shove his #thicc cock inside of me and ten other cast members at the same time but also freckles uwu"

You see the difference right?? Right??????

I don't have anything against writing smut about the characters (who, yes, are technically real people but they've been dead for literal centuries ok. Let it go) but it just gets weird REEAAAAL fast when u say the same thing about musical!John Laurens and the real live human being Anthony Ramos. It gets even weirder when u talk about the cast members in this way in relations to each other??? Shipping real people in a serious, unironic way is just a lil :/// to me (I say "serious, unironic way" bc I do write rpf with my friend but its a Huge Joke™ and nonsexual and come on I don't actually ship sandra bullock and steve harvey together ok). I mean Anthony is quite frankly dating Jasmine Cephas's a legitimate fact. There are pictures. It's on Wikipedia. They're in LOVE and its PRECIOUS and they're gonna get MARRIED eventually so why tf r yall writing about him bottoming for Lin????????

And Lin!!! He has a beautiful WIFE AND SON. You can speculate about his sexuality, NOT PUBLICLY BC HE SEES THINGS, but that's fine if u honestly must??? (although he tweeted that he was straight once during his "grease live" livetweeting U can talk about how cute he and jonathan groff are! But y'all don't stop there do u? Bc one second ur talkin about them being cute and then a sentence later it's all "and then he SUCKED his BIG FAT DICK clean off!!!!!! He was dickless!!!! While wearing their costumes!!!!!!!!!! He choked on the full decapitated dick!!!!!"

That shit ain't cute.

So, now that u finally realize that (hopefully), we can get to the real nitty mcfreaking gritty. this part is primarily for white fans but it technically applies to anyone who is not specifically latinx and/or black jsyk:

So even before the whole "baby girl" thing started, I saw quite a few of y'all calling Anthony and Lin "papi" which like.....why should I even have to tell you why this is wrong. If you're not latinx, DON'T USE THE WORD "PAPI", especially since most of y'all are using it in a sexual context. You went ahead and took an innocent word, and turned it into a way to sexualize your faves who just so happen to be latinx. It just ain't right, and its also?? weird??? Let me put it this way, I'm black but not jewish so thatd be like me calling daveed "bubbe". Or something. Either way see how that'd be gross and offensive? You're taking a part of them, a huge part of them, their culture, and turning it into something exotic and sexual. That, my friends, is fetishism.

Another good example of this is the whole "baby girl/boy" n "papa" thing. Y'all rly went ahead and took an cute nickname and rolled RIGHT with it lmao. @alexandralexander explained it beautifully in this post, but basically "papa" (and "mama") is a cute lil way of older folks to regard ppl who are younger than them. It's a caribbean thing, aka something yall just won't get. Idk what the whiter equivalent would be, idk like ur grandad calling u "big guy" or something??? Who knows. Just kno that its NOT SEXUAL IN ANYWAY LIKE WTF WHY DID Y'ALL MAKE THAT A DADDY KINK THING. WHY CAN NOTHING BE SACRED WITH YOU GUYS. Best believe when my grandparents call my brother "papa" they mean it in an endearing way. And that's how Lin meant it? I don't see how it could have been construed any other way??

As for the baby girl/boy thing, in all the times I've been called/heard someone else call someone baby girl, it was NOT sexual. It can be used that way, but it was n o t in this context. Again, its a cultural thing i guess. And with "baby boy", yall do remember that anthony plays lin's son in this show right. okay, just checking.

But forreal. what is wrong wit u guys. I told myself I wasn't gonna kinkshame nobody but its Time, it rly and truly is Time.

One last point I want to make (as if this isn't long enough already) is the language with which u talk about the cast too. This was said rly well in several posts especially this one that uses that tags ppl tend to use, but i’m gonna elaborate on it a little. I just want to know right now why Anthony (or our lighter skinned and SURE AS HELL THE WHITE cast members) is "sweet precious sunflower child cinnamon biscuit roll wheatgrass turkish delight with sprinkles or some other corny shit <333" while daveed is AUTOMATICALLY "raw me zaddy" THE FUCK??? Why we gotta go STRAAIGGHTT to zaddy-basis with daveed??? Why do I see y'all talking about his dick size???? Y'all dont do that from the get-go for the lighter skinned members (which is sad bc daveed is already a certified Lightskint™ so that's rly saying something)?? Why can't black actors (and characters) ever be seen as "sweet turnip bumblebees (???)" instead of either being put on an inhuman pedestal where it's "STEP ON ME BAD BITCH QUEEN" or sexualized with some "CHOKE ME YOU COCKSLUT" ???? Ask yourselves why y'all do that. I'll wait. 
And y'all don't even TALK about oak (as a quick sidenote okieriete is not that hard of a name to pronounce y'all just don't care to try. It sounds exactly like its spelled) but tbh I don't rly want u to bc you'd just sexualize him as well. Plus that means more for me cause I'm engaged to him too :) remember to save the date!!
This was all over the place and idk if I even said what I was trying to say but whatever. I guess what I'm trying to say is (and this is to white fans) you're stanning a thing full of people of color. im assuming that this is probably the first thing that youve been rly into that has included exclusively people of color. Please just be mindful of the way you talk about them. There's a history of you exotifying and sexualizing poc to the point that historically, people have been killed for??? There's a history behind y'all calling latinx folks "papi" and automatically assuming black folks got a big dick ok lmao. At the end of the day, the way you talk about them shows that you don't rly respect them as much as you claim to do??? Idk I wish I had made notes about this bc it sounded waaaaaaayyy better in my head but! Whatever it's still lit. s/o to @aaronsburrr for assistance! 

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hi love!!! just wanted to drop in and say how much i love your book recs tag - i've rediscovered my passion for reading bc of your suggestions and it's rly something i'm grateful for so thank you <3 on another note, do you have any recs for ya lit novels w/ south asian protagonists?

im so happy for you!! as for book recs (im relying on wikipedias definition of which countries are part of south asia, if thats ok. i’ll make a note of where theyre all set/where the characters are from too though so you can pick and choose):

some i have marked as to read are:

allisunargents has a list here too of books by poc authors/with poc characters that will probably have a few more on. i hope this helps!

p.s. you might want to be wary of the books written by white authors on this list (ive marked two that im thinking might be a problem) if in doubt go for the ones written by an author from the country the book is set in

edit (here are some more)

there are also a couple of lists on goodreads: south asian fiction, pakistani authors, set in india & fiction by women (i just searched south asia in the lists)


i went thru my sketchbook and found a metric ass load of hs stuff so here’s some of it

Opinions on Joy from Inside Out.

So, I’ve been going through the inside out tag more since I no longer need to avoid spoilers, and I’ve been reading how people don’t like how Joy was a bit too selfish.

And I thought i would put in my two cents.


Personally, I don’t think that Joy was being selfish. Maybe a bit sometimes but ultimately I don’t think selfishness was too much of a problem.

I mean, yes she was obsessed with the fact that she only wanted Riley to feel her emotion, And I can see how people could have interpreted it as her being greedy and selfish. (heck maybe that’s what Pixar was going for. Idk.)

But for me, I felt like she was just doing what she said she was doing. Making Riley happy.

“I just wanted Riley to be happy.”

All those obsessions wasn’t because she hated the other emotions, it was because she felt like the other emotions didn’t make Riley happy. That having a mix of emotions meant she didn’t have a “good day”.

And let’s be honest: we all are obsessed with being happy. Only happy.

We don’t realize that other emotions are needed as well.

You don’t like to be scared. But it keeps you safe.

You don’t like to be angry. But it gets things done.

You don’t like to be disgusted. But it gives you standards.

You don’t like being sad. But it makes you feel alive.

I don’t know, I only saw Joy as super caring for Riley and she was just frustrated with sadness because she was different, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t see things sadness’s way.

Up until the end that is.

And as soon as she figured out that Sadness was needed she automatically, without hesitation, told Sadness to take over.

She didn’t hate sadness. She just loved Riley so much she hated to see her anything but happy.

Did she do unkind things? Yes.

Did she mess up? Absolutely.

I’m not trying to say she was justified in some of the decisions she made.

But I don’t think she was that much of a selfish character. She cared about Riley a lot and she just didn’t understand how every emotion needs to work together, and happiness can’t always be an everyday thing.

She had flaws, but I don’t think they took away from her being a likeable character. At least for me they didn’t. I think her flaws and way of thinking made a lot of sense.

Now for the fun!!
  • So over the ships pretty sure Rucas is happening now on to the "game changing" news that's going to happen in sweet sixteen! So I'm going to try my hand at predictions! Mind you I'm bad at this stuff so bear with me lol
  • So first what we know
  • ~Everything relies on a decision (so the game changer may not happen)
  • ~Topanga has some say in the decision
  • ~Depending on the decision Cory could potentially not be their teacher anymore
  • ~It has nothing to do with money
  • ~it has nothing to do with school
  • ~there is no threat of them moving back to philly
  • ~ Cory was not offered a better job
  • ~ an opportunity did not present itself to Riley
  • ~Farkle dos not get an early acceptance to college
  • ~the game changer makes Riley Auggie and Maya sad and cry but it in itself isn't necessarily's actually good
  • ~if it happened it will affect EVERYONE including even Shawn
  • ~ Farkle does not know and his reaction should be particularly interesting
  • ~ someone if not everyone is finally going to "explode"
  • ~no one came out as gay bi etc
  • ~ may seem to the "bird watchers" (wtf is that) that it is good for rucas but in fact it isn't
  • ~ no one dies and we already said the game changer was actually good news so this is like common sense
  • ~no one is pregnant (although that honestly would be like the BIGGEST game changer of all time in my book especially if Riley was pregnant but that's like OVER pushing the envelope lol)
  • ~this game changer could potentially affect Rilaya and it seems not in a good way
  • ~Maya is not moving in with her dad
  • ~If they film the show where the game changer does happen,again, everyone will be affected and they could potentially end the show on this ( if need be i.e. Get canceled)
  • ~if no cancellation again everything will change
  • ~there is the potential to lose someone
  • ~in this episode no one is moving
  • okay so with all of this information to me the most obvious predication is that Cory, Topanga, Riley, and Auggie are potentially moving. Really the only thing that will affect everyone and the very premise of the show itself with these perimeters is them moving. Because really nothing would affect Shawn other than Maya and Katy and let's be honest most of all Cory lol. We know Maya isn't moving to her fathers but still if Maya was the one moving why would Auggie be crying and Topanga have a choice in the matter?
  • -So we know Cory didn't get a new job offer and Riley didn't get a new opportunity. I thought about maybe one of their parents got really sickly and they had to move back to be with them but nahh because of the hint the news is good and they are not moving back to philly. So this kind of only leaves either Auggie getting a new opportunity and them moving for him or Topanga once again getting a new opportunity (and I say once again because there's always something going on with Topanga esp if you watched BMW). Also as far as tying into Topangas say in the matter the girl meets world writers already said sometime in this season Riley and Topanga were going to have a huge fight and this might be the catalyst. Also there was a hint at possibly someone realizing they like another person while being in a relationship because reality has a way of making things clear with the potential of losing someone. Let's all be honest and say we now this has to do with Riley and Farkle. and also it was stated the show if canceled could easily end this way (also hinted that it's common. What's a more common way to end a series than the main character moving away). Now there was mention that no one was moving (In this episode). It was real suspicious how "in this episode" was added to meaning probably the decision hasn't been made yet about the move.
  • Well those are some of my thoughts where and why they are moving is a mystery but it might become clear soon.
  • I got all of these hints from a tumblr user who was at the live taping of the episode. I honestly forgot their username so if anyone knows it please link or something 😁 oh found its "girlmeetsherworld" I don't know how to tag people lol but there is probably more hints on that blog
  • Feel free to let me know yalls ideas
  • UPDATE: it's recommended to watch these BMW episodes "A long walk to Pittsburg 1&2" , "Graduation", Angela's Ashes, "Brave New World 1&2" now I JUST finished binge watching all of BMW so I don't even need to go rewatch but if you haven't watched these episodes then wow it's almost completely obvious lol
  • "A long Walk To Pittsburg 1&2": episode where Topanga MOVES AWAY to Pittsburg because one of her parents got transferred!!!!
  • "Graduation": episode where they graduated high school and everyone was MOVING AWAY to college and on to the next chapter of their lives. Topanga had to make the decision to go to Yale or stay with Cory (she stays with Cory lol)
  • "Angela's Ashes": Angela MOVES AWAY with her father to Europe
  • "Brave New World 1&2": last episodes of BMW everyone is preparing to MOVE AWAY and again on to the next chapter of their lives. Again, Topanga gets a job offer from a law firm in New York (hello gmw lol) and Cory and Shawn MOVE with her there
  • I mean idk how much more blatant could this get and multiple people have said watch these episodes. And can we please talk about how basically ALL of these episodes have some shit to do with Topanga? Perhaps a hint? Even though Angela was the one leaving in Angela's ashes Topanga was the one zooming around and interviewing for the New York job so The episode was about Angela but HIGH KEY Topanga.
  • Lol I'm going to stick with this moving away thing but knowing my luck it's not going to be this because it would have been "too obvious" haha
  • Another Update:
  • So after an interesting message today I'm now like 87% sure that this is happening 🙊
  • So I watched True Maya and Jexica again because those are the recommended GMW episodes to watch and let's just say in this theory I'm missing exactly who is moving (I think Riley and fam but I'm not exactly sure), why they are moving, and where they are moving
  • Let's just say that after watching those episodes I see that at least one of those answers is defiantly hinted at 👀👀
  • A hint: something pertaining to one of those three questions will be mentioned 3 times over both episodes. All of the mentions are different but they all have one thing in common. Another hint, after you watch the episodes and think about it, look back over the recaps of my BMW episodes. It's literally written right there.
  • Okay actually...after some things I realized that basically everything you need is in this theory lol just put it all together. like I said isn't there a common theme in the BMW episodes? And watch the two GMW episodes and think about what I said. All of this should answer who, why, and where (:

wiz-witch replied to your post: if i ever had a large amount of disposable income…

I believe there was one done at one point…

we don’t talk about that one

okay but in all seriousness it was a p terrible show with a tiny budget (if you want to laugh check out the andalite puppets they used, good god). there were some cool ideas that would’ve been interesting to see more of (yeerk resistence organisation) and it was nice in a lighthearted, goofy way. its fun. it was nice to see all my favs happy UNLIKE CANON but it wasn’t… Animorphs? it wasn’t the story & characters I fell in love with. the actors were too old (they were THIRTEEN. THAT’S PART OF THE TRAGEDY. THAT’S THE POINT) & ax’s human form was whitewashed. it never got into the gritty violence and themes the books did. i mean, the books are brutal (in a ‘this is for kids so obviously we don’t go outright and say it but kids can handle heavy stuff & kids aren’t stupid. they don’t need to be babied’ kind of way), my god, thirteen year olds kill people on a regular basis because they have to. its child soldiers in an impossible, unwinnable guerilla war. the show never got that, the tragedy and brutality and awful underbelly because it was on a kids channel. once you cut out all the subtext it becomes goofy and silly and not what Animorphs is.

i mean. thats why i kinda think it would be best as a netflix one, with the first or second season ending on #22 depending on how many eps in a season because that triology is THE DEFINING MOMENT of the characters reaching the Point of No Return. they’re unquestionably, unarguably irreversibly changed by what they’ve done and what they’re they’re doing. its such a What The Hell, Hero moment. and then it gets worse. 

i want a show where marco’s selflessness and ruthlessness is explored with cassie’s selfishness and belief in people and how goddamned complex both of them are. sarcastic, loyal to the bone, bitter marco who can make the hard decisions and was willing to kill a kid to protect everyone. willing to do terrible things to save people. cassie’s hope and idealism and kindness that both keeps them grounded, she’s the heart of the team- but these same traits nearly destroy everything they’re fighting for because she didn’t want to fight anymore and blindly trusting in a gambit that could’ve ended everything. i want a series where cassie’s character is explored and defined b/c she’s the only one of the original six who never got a breaking crisis moment. i want her fear of taking responsibility explored. her asking jake to kill someone so she didn’t have to do it. i want all of her. her passion for animals and life. her hatred for killing but her ability to manipulate people unmatched, and most importantly, her FEAR of her talent and her unwillingness to use it. the killer with a conscience. i want rachel in all her bloody, brutal glory. i want bi marco w/ a crush on jake. i want chubby jake bearing all the burdens of leading the group and becoming older and tireder and so cold inside and i want to SEE his light dim more and more. he’s kinda bland in the opening of the series b/c its ‘everyday guy’ but man, that is the tragedy of jake. but tbh by 21 its like. WHOA. OKAY. WE’RE OFF. he takes a lot longer to build up than the others & his relationship with his cousin rachel is THE defining jake relationship tbh??? it really shows his ability and willingness to be callous. to use people with no regard for anything but winning.

i want tobias as an abuse survivor and the push and pull of predator and prey, and the way he holds onto his morals despite the fact he is trapped as a hawk and nobody noticed he was gone. i want him and rachel and everything they could’ve been. the way tobias doesn’t always make kind decisions, but he’s honestly the only animorph who keeps in line with his morals and weathers the storm. his bravery and honesty and struggling to find where he fits in the world. play that off ax’s struggle of loyalty. build their friendship more rather than just out of the blue. i want ax’s recklessness and honour and privilege and pride. and i’d like a fair deal of ax more deeply explored b/c he had the least amount of books and i feel like he stays static for far too long throughout the series and goes through too many of the same conflicts over and over again. and marco. my fav. my god, marco would be beautiful. but rachel and cassie. holy shit. they would be SOMETHING. i gotta say. rachel is a blood knight and descended into fury and hate and loved every minute of the fighting and violence. and its like??? so few female characters are coded as super feminine and pretty and girly and then have this dark, twisted, violent side that ends up engulfing almost everything that was good. (”scared?” i said, almost laughing. “you should be” THIS MOMENT IS EVERYTHING TO ME TBH)

tbh i’d want to show to rewrite a lot of the 30′s and 40′s since i feel like they are the definition of filler minus a couple (30 & 31 spring immediately to mind. Those books are KILLER. Both are in my top 5 of the series along w/ 19, 22 and 53). idk i feel like there’s a lot of things that could be expanded on in that universe. keeping with the original concepts ofc just. bringing more depth into them?? idk idk idk. like 32 has potential but its written so poorly and 41 is probs my least fav book of the entire series. and the last rachel book is just. bad. i love this idea on how to rewrite it tbh. i feel like the book just slows it down way too much. like we were leading up to the end. it needed to be hectic and violent and frantic & instead it was poorly written with jerky pacing while trying to be ~groundbreaking~. the ending was something special tho.

GOD…. i’m sorry… this was long but like… animorphs has so much potential & i’m obviously passionate just thinking abt how great it could be.

Okay, between Jennifer Morrison’s comments about Emma having her best future with Killian and this wonderful post about the pattern of the women on the show believing so much in true love, it’s made me think about some comments I made in my tags not too long ago. That I really wanna expand on now…

What future would Emma have without Killian Jones?

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mya-stone  asked:

i'm new here so idk if you've already answer this. i'm seeing a lot of people complaining about Fee this season. And in my head all I can think is: why? why people don't accept the feelings he has?? Why can't he search for his past, do something for him and not for the clone club?? I know Sarah has to deal with a lot of things and, of course Felix should treat her a little nice but does her treats him? He has always been here, being supportive to everyone. What are your thoughts?

Excellent questions! I’m gonna attempt to give you two answers: the in-universe one and the meta-narrative one.

In-universe: Absolutely. Felix deserves the same kind of unreserved support in his own life and endeavors that he has been giving to Sarah and Leda for the past three seasons. And if he chooses to dig into his past, that’s entirely his right. He doesn’t exist just to run backup for clone club; he’s a person in his own right. It’s high time he and Sarah had a blow-up like this. Sarah definitely does have a longstanding tendency to prioritize her own drama over his. Which, on one hand, is understandable! She’s in the middle of clone war hell. But on the other, that doesn’t make it okay to treat your family like they and their problems aren’t important, too. I’m glad Felix is finally standing up for himself in that sense, though I really really hope they can get back on good terms with each other, soon. They need each other’s support.

On a meta level, it’s a little more complicated and slippery. Over the past few seasons in particular, OB has really fallen into a pattern of giving more weight, attention, and priority to biological relationships over those formed voluntarily by other means. More and more, the biological connections between characters has become more important than their personal connections. Or rather: their personal connections only matter because of the underlying biological connections.

Look at the entire Kendall/S/Sarah storyline. Look at the way the Kira-Sarah relationship is developed as much more deep and important than Alison’s relationship with Gemma and Oscar, largely because of Kira’s biological potential, even though Sarah and Alison were set up in S1 as parallels of motherhood (let’s not even dig into the race aspect of it rn because I don’t have the energy, let’s just acknowledge that it is another factor at play). Look at the way that, despite us being told that Gracie was important for reasons outside her biology and reproductive potential, she has been shown to be largely irrelevant/turned traitor since she miscarried and lost her biological link to Leda. There are probably many other better examples, but these are the ones I have off the top of my head that rankle me the most.

See, the way I personally see it, from the beginning Orphan Black and Clone Club were far more a story about found family than about biological family, despite the fact that they are genetically identical clones. I’ve loved seeing Sarah thrown into this mess and suddenly finding that she actually cares very deeply about these people she never even knew existed before. Trust and shared history and choosing to being there for each other: you need these things to be a family even when you’re biologically related. Shared DNA does not a bond automatically create. You need to create those bonds yourself. A lot of people just tend to form them with their biological relatives, because that’s often who they’re around growing up.

But not always! Adopted families and important non-biological relationships (like Sarah’s and Felix’s) exist, and are too often treated as less real, valid, and important in media and society which prioritize the (in my opinion) narrow-minded ideal of the nuclear normative biological family at the cost of all other kinds of relationships and families. Against this background noise, things like Felix saying things like ‘I want to find my ~real~ family’ has unprecedented weight. It’s like the narrative is saying all those other important things don’t matter, because the biology is the real thing. Which, biology is important! But people are so much more than just that. Biology isn’t the thing that makes people important to each other. And I really hope this story develops in a way which reaffirms that. In that case I’ll happily eat my words.

Anyway. tl;dr Yes, Felix deserves whatever answers he wants and his own story arc independent of Sarah. However, from a narrative point of view, doing it in precisely this way in this context is dangerously close to doing a disservice to both his real and valid relationship with Sarah and S, and to the theme of the importance of found/chosen family that OB was founded on.

It’s impossible, I’m sure, to explore these kinds of themes and issues without it getting messy. It’s just what happens. However, to answer your question, this is to my understanding why people are justifiably less than enthusiastic about Felix’s story arc so far this season. I’m sure there are others who can elaborate on this better and further than I, so feel free to add on/discuss on this post.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm currently trying to find an art style that's best for me as I am unhappy with my art style now. While I want to try different styles and coloring techniques I'm afraid people will think I'm trying to copy someone else and all I want is to improve my artworks :'(

Hey anon! Alright, so I’m pretty sure everyone takes influence from other artists when developing their style. It’s impossible not to, it’s how the brain works. We consciously and unconsciously include things we like and exclude things we don’t like. I certainly take influence from other artists, but I think it all comes down to the way you take influence. It’s easy to look at a beautiful piece of art and think wistfully how you’d love to draw exactly like that. Well, that’s the thing, you don’t want to draw exactly like that, right? You want to develop your own style, right? (Unless you’re doing something professional like tweening/animation with a bunch of other people, then of course you have to draw exactly like everyone else, but I digress.)

This got really long so I’ll keep it under the cut :)

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