update #130416

so i’m writing s: 100 ways, number 096 and i’m here like damn we have come a long way like i remember yesterday just opening requests for this but look at where we at now, guys.


but for those who might feel sad, please don’t worry! :DDD

it’s not going to be the end of everything! IF ANYTHING here’s the list below of what i’ll be doing next after this series!

  • lana del rey insp. drabbles
  • fluff sentence starters (about 70 drabbles)
  • the first time when’s - idk, whenever i feel like it bc that shit is abandoned as of now LMAO
  • bartender!bts(????????)
  • 50 kisses

and shortly after i post up all of s: 100 ways, i will open up the requests for another drabble list i found, which is 101 prompts of fluff and that is just my spirit animal screaming at me so keep a lookout! <3 bc s: 100 ways is gonna end real soon and my request box will (finally lmAO) be opened again to accept the drabble order for the next list i’m looking out for (even though i really should finish all my other shit first but shit, i just want to get the list up first okAY)


welcome 2 the communications series network thingo :3c

rules !!!!

must be following me

rb this post

fill out this form

have a skype

fun stuff tht we can do

chat abt stuff regarding the series

talk abt memories

just have a good ol time


we wont be accepting doubles of ids ! just incase tht makes ppl uncomfy

this is for the whole series and not jst case 1 !!!

i might consider adding other ppl who arent kin/id w these charas but we will see

if this doesnt get notes ill die nd ill jst cancel this lol

Malachite Layout

I did it! I drew Malachite!! Random inspirational doodle that might become a speedpaint depending on music. I’ve been really wanting to do some SU art since it came back after UT, but fear of hoomins…y'know? Been really wanting to get in some water practice also…None of the characters in UT have water powers! Undyne doesn’t count even though she lives in Waterfall cuz she attacks you from a mountain top…but whatevs. I kinda cheated a little cuz Malachite is half monster, but hey I drew lapis and the angry cheeto so there! Who knows…this just might become a series idk! Who knows when I’ll get to it cuz I’ll probly be stocked up with commissions when I open ‘em up so, fun future project maybe? :p

lunarsilverfox  asked:

Hey air two series down and FT is next. Any ideas on how it's going to end and how ship wars will end? Lol

Well, FT doesn’t really have much ship wars TBH - at least, not from what I’ve seen, everyone kinda just ships EVERYTHING when it comes to FT. Gajeel x Levy is DEFINITELY canon, and mmm I’d put my money on Natsu x Lucy, and Gray x Juvia. And also Erza x Gerard, but IDK, I’m not gonna be upset if they don’t happen.

I think Mashima might do them a LITTLE less low key than Kubo did, but I don’t expect him to make a huge thing out of it XD OR MAYBE HE WILL. WHO KNOWS. MAYBE WE’LL SEE WEDDINGS INSTEAD OF CHILDREN.

My only gripe with Metal Gear survive is that Zombie-esque games and media are just so oversaturated right now. But at the same time, it seems kinda neat.

I just sorta wished they made it new IP instead, but I can see why it might be more beneficial to rustle some feathers and attract fans of the series by means of getting everyone all riled up and annoyed enough to try it. And it’s easier to hide behind an established title rather than launch something unique.

But, I dunno, the premise doesn’t seem too out of line for a Metal Gear game anyway. Weird shit happens. Idk. Zombie alien lookin stuff. Why not?

I’m disappointed that Konami is doing stuff to the series without Kojima. I wish they wouldn’t. But who knows? Could be a fun game.

I can fianlly say that I am so proud to have made this ADORBS :’D
IT’S SHOOO CUTEEEE (let me syok sendiri okay) I might be keeping this one for mahself ugh ugh ugh

Jacktus-es are my series of character-designed pots dedicated for succulents. 
More adorbs here:

IDK, my life has been so much more meaningful when I finally got myself into creating more illustrated character for them succulents. Yeah it’s a business, but most of the time, I am doing them for fun. Even if I didn’t earn much, it would still be worth it because I have been so much happier after creating them. That’s what’s important isnt it.

I might cry

The final chapter of the Carmilla series….. I honestly don’t know how to handle it when it ends before it even comes out…. Carmilla series have made a huge impact in my life an i just wouldn’t know how to live life. Aside of the actresses i love nat, elise deeply but i do love the others as well. And I really can’t believe it.. Idk why I’m talking about it right now oh god im such a sap