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shout out to all the ace/aro people who have to put up with everyone asking when they’re gonna get a date. shout out to the ace/aro people who have people speculating about their sexuality and joking that they’re gay because they don’t have a partner. shout out to all the ace/aro people who are sex/romance repulsed but have to deal with not only the sexualisation and push on romance in the media, but with sex jokes from their friends and family. shout out to all the people on the ace/aro spectrum who feel like they’re not brave or important if they come out because everyone makes it seem like they’re ‘basically straight’, so it doesn’t matter. shout out to the ace/aro people who don’t understand who they are or deny it because they don’t have the correct representation. shout out to the ace/aro people who feel lonely because even if they are comfortable with who they are, it does mean they are missing out on type of companion which they would love to have, but just can’t. shout out to the ace/aro people who hate being ace/aro because of all the erasure, allosexism and prejudice towards their identity. you’re all fab and i love you. you’re not broken.

Forehead Jungkook


                                                                                 someone they will fight 

                                                                                                      and die for

I love you.

I’ll love your hands, no matter if they’re stained with red or black. I’ll still love you when you wake trembling, screaming as you are now with your hands around my throat. I’ll love the way your fingers are around my neck and the way you are the one reminding me how dear every breath is. Call me mad, but I’ll love the way you make me choke, and I’ll love you even more as you breathe into me when the shadows pass you the moment our eyes meet again.

I loved you before as a shattered piece not belonging to the rest of the puzzle. I will love you even more now, because there is beauty in your scars and there are stories I still have yet to hear from your lips embedded between the lines of your palms.

I will love you sane or insane, because I am neither sane or insane.

I will love you on the ledge, and I will love you as you lose balance in your feet. And I will definitely love you as you fall into my arms after the fall, and I’ll love you as I murmur by your ear, “that fall wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I will love you when I open the door and find you by the sink, the water running and wasting away as you try to cleanse something I cannot see with my eyes but view only through my heart and in the way your hands jitter helplessly in my own palms. I will love you all over again as I kiss each of your fingers, and dare not dip my hands into the running water besides us. I will love you as I touch all over your hands with the desire to share the red with you, because what’s yours is mine and what is mine is yours.

I will love you surely and slowly, especially when I see the way you were never whole to begin with the moment their hands had way with you. I will love you and remind you that is okay to not be whole, because I will complete you in the hollow spaces of your body which you cannot fill as a single, breathing soul.

I have loved you because it was you all along. I love you because it is still you, all along. I will love you because it will always be you, all along.

—  I have loved, I love and I will love  |  j.k.