And I kissed him, I fucking kissed him like his neck was a river, and I’ve been so thirsty. I kissed him like our lips were two lost souls who just found each other. I kissed him hard, cause we both knew I’ve been wanting to do that for a very long time. x

re: weirdrestaccord

I’m not excusing them.  I’m trying to discourage people from sending them hatemail or shitty anons over this.  

Idk how old they are, maybe they’re just some kid trying to impress the wrong crowd.  They sound like it anyway. Tumblr gets real vicious over this stuff..  They don’t need anons telling them to kill themself, etc.

Something like this, it’s better to use the new block system.  Take away their fun with a single click.  

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I got this tarot deck at a garage sale. Never had one I wanted as money is tight and I wanted to practice with it. but with this one I don't feel anything I've tried but get no connection. Is it possible connection will come over some more time?

It could, or it could not.  This is a really individual thing.  I’d say keep practicing with it.  And if you really feel like it’s the deck, hit up ebay often and try to find something cheap.  I got my Enchanted Tarot brand new for like $11, and my Rider deck was used in great condition for.. idk $7?  And check out mini-decks too, because they tend to be cheaper

If you were tagged you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, I was just tagging because I’m trying to show people I’m not a loser even though I really am…

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Name: Kennedy

Nickname: Kenenenenenedy/Ken Ken/Kenny-ku/wife

Where I’m From: ‘Murica

Fav Anime: Fairy Tale

Fav Show: Modern Family

Zodiac: Leo

Fav Drink: Lemonade

Fav Quote: “I know that I am nothing new, there’s so much more than me and you. But brother, how we must atone before we turn to stone.” -Turn to Stone by Ingrid Michaelson.

Fav Band: Hands Like Houses

Fav Season: Winter

Movies I’m Waiting For: ???idk


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when I use a pendulum to try to talk to spirits, will they stay around me? Like my little brother I'm scared that something's going to happen :/ I've tried shielding but idk if it's strong enough or good I'm just a new witch

Tell the spirit they are dismissed and to go home when you are done with the pendulum.

If you do not think you could perform a banishing use your pendulum outside your home while you try things out :)


“What are you on about?” I asked. This phone call was a complete mix of confusion and frustration; I’d gone in wanting answers, ended up accusing Harry for taking advantage of an important moment of my life, and somehow things had resulted in me apparently being in the wrong. Nothing made any sense to me.

“I’ve been quiet about this for long enough, Suzy, and I just can’t do it anymore,” Harry said, then let out a shaky breath. “Look, there’s something you really need to know, but it’s not my place to tell.” Before I could question what he meant, Harry quickly added, “You need to ask Jasper for the truth.”

preview of oxford comma chapter 18! the update shall (hopefully) be up tomorrow!

“Mm girl, leg so hot…”

“Stop staring at strangers’ legs, Alvin.”

“…Hot, hot leg…”

“Ogling at the legs of young women is indeed quite unbecoming, Alvin.”

“…legs so hot u fry an egg.”

Okay we get it Alvin! Shut up already!!

Me and a friend have a dumb Xillia headcanon where Alvin is a leg man. Some guys like boobs, some guys like butts but Alvin likes legs.

(Skit faces from talesofanswers)

Speedy Murder Prompts

Okay guys since my current WIPS are all long, slow, and painful, I need to write something new, quick and painless (for me). 

Send me this:

Fandom, character, prompt word

And I will kill him/her/it in 300 words or less.

These are gonna be quick and dumb. No editing. Well, maybe a leetle editing. First come, first serve, closed whenever I get tired or wanna go to bed.

Phil’s Plug

Words: 1084
Genre: Smut
Warnings: (THE WORST TITLE YET. Omg I’m so sorry it was like 12 am when I wrote this, I couldn’t think of anything) Smut obvi, like one swear word, butt plugs idk.
Summary: Dan wants to try something new with a buttplug he ordered online with Phil and they use some bondages maybe? Or just some Dan alpha smut would be awesome to read. Not a lot of it ;). Thanks!
Author’s note: I’m so sorry this took 5ever. I’ve been v busy and I didn’t get around to writing. Also, sorry I didn’t do any bondage, maybe next time. Oops

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