“I’m haunted. We all are, I guess. We’re parentless, friendless, unloved, abandoned. The spirits of our deceased emotional anchors and proofs of existence will follow and demean us until we too roam a quiet lifeless world alongside them — unable to speak — our histories written in beach sand.”
Jason S. Hornsby


I want to do something, right here, right now, to shame them, to make them accountable, to show the Capitol that whatever they do or force us to do that there is a part of every tribute they can’t own. That Rue was more than a piece in their Games. And so am I.

“Mm girl, leg so hot…”

“Stop staring at strangers’ legs, Alvin.”

“…Hot, hot leg…”

“Ogling at the legs of young women is indeed quite unbecoming, Alvin.”

“…legs so hot u fry an egg.”

Okay we get it Alvin! Shut up already!!

Me and a friend have a dumb Xillia headcanon where Alvin is a leg man. Some guys like boobs, some guys like butts but Alvin likes legs.

(Skit faces from talesofanswers)


so i saw mad max fury road today… and i remembered jade when i saw the dedicated guitarist 

so naturally after watching the movie i imagined a mad max au where the beta kids, alpha kids, carapricians, and trolls, are all fighting against crockercore to reclaim the cities Derse and Prospit; all the while trying not to die by the hands of crocker’s men, the midnight crew, led by “lord english” (caliborn) and maybe he gets pissed at them for taking his sister calliope or something. idk. and there’s a neat mix of really new tech and really old junk and fun combinations of the two.  

also “kiss me luck” is a popular phrase and action to the beta/alpha groups; usualy being said before doing something dangerous or self sacrificing and based on the idea that if someone likes you enough to kiss you, they’ll like you enough to miss you if you dont com back

dave’s vehicle is called “updog” and rose’s is named something long and ungodly and everyone calls it “leviathan” cause it fucking huge. bro drives a horse headed car, because he can. 

zinfandelli asked:

hm hm, how about a trope or au you've previously passed over? Or something obscure? Catering au, dressing room attendant, vending machine refill guy, infomercials? Or uhm, zombies? or its all underwater? idk idk trying to find something new or unexplored that might interest you (if that's what you'd like? if not i'll peace)

Underwater vending machine worker in a zombie apocalypse! I’d read about that. Seriously though, magic realism could be interesting. I haven’t had a purely human no magical powers involved fandom like Kingsman since Sherlock and magic realism isn’t much fun in a verse that’s already magical…

Okay, imagine Clary and Simon sitting and watching Jace and Alec fighting during training, so Simon starts singing Kung Fu Fighting from Kung Fu Panda and Clary joins in while the Shadowhunters look confused.

anonymous asked:

Im sorry if you found my gift art offensive or didnt like it. Your new trolls look cute though. The gems fit with each of them perfectly

hhh I’m not sure if I saw it! I usually try to reblog/post gifts people draw for me but it’s also possible that I missed it or I saved it to my drafts and haven’t posted it yet idk

in case I don’t reply to something you’ve drawn for me please don’t take it personally! chances are that I haven’t seen it or it’s too far back in my messages and I can’t find it anymore;; also sometimes there are a lot of pics and I just can’t post every single one of them

and thank you!

I bought some new shelves and here’s a wip of something that im trying to do…
Idk I don’t really like the top since noiao isn’t really my otp (pls pray for mink figure bless)

I can decide if I want to hang my dmmd posters behind it or make my sticker poster-board and hang that up. But then again when the rest of my figures get here everything is gonna have to move again.

I either want a dmmd shrine or when the rest of my figures get here it might turn into a figure-only shrine

“New Girl” AU Fic Idea

Hey, guys! So, I have recently gotten into the show “New Girl” and just like any Supernatural obsessed fangirl that cannot stop thinking about the boys, I suddenly got the idea of putting the reader in an AU where she moves in with three bachelors into their loft. It’ll be filled with shenanigans and so much cuteness. I can make Dean the playboy, Sam the lawyer, and Cas the gamer who spends his days trying out new games for a living, idk. It’s still sort of rough on the edges and I would love to hear from you about this! You can even give me ideas on what to write about. Like, each chapter could be one episode or something. I think it’d be fun and I wanted to know what you all thought about this?

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