A warm summer breeze drifted past her, tousling around her hair as she reclined in her seat, gently smiling up at the sky that painted itself into a beautiful spotting of diamonds. Slowly she took in a nice, deep breath, exhaled, and brought her burning cigarette to her mouth. It had been a while since she was able to relax, and tonight she was going to relax to her fullest extent.

“The world really is beautiful…”

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Do you like the French existentialists?

Yes, for the biggest part, yes. Some of them were awfully dull in their writing but French existentialism especially as far as lit is concerned happened and it was glorious and to say the least revolutionary; the feel of that whole era is…Idk…there’s just something about it…it wasn’t only about the movement itself: The people who wrote back then had soul and wanted to make a difference but what’s more fascinating is the fact that they truly found a way to incorporate their need to their writing and thus recreate their reality. They succeeded, I think, because the wrting was innovative and yet it was relatable, very human & deeply alive. Sure some of them were just empty philosophizing or I don’t know what and they went ahead and wrote complicated sentences and sat in cafes and acted as big air-headed lousy intellectuals with no blood in their veins…but certain ones were remarkable in what they did with words. Truly, absolutely remarkable. 

is it wrong to believe that i can refer to myself as gay even though i am bi??? because i’ve always believed i could but i’m seeing a lot of people saying its homophobic and causes bi erasure?? can someone please weigh in

Tag 10 people you’d like to know better, I was tagged by emilyisthenamenothingisthegame & im bored so ya les do dis

Name: mallory
Date: 7/7/15
Average Hours of Sleep: like 8 or 9
Last Thing You Googled: pineapple tree lmao
Birthday: feb 21
Gender: girl
Sexual Orientation: bi
Favorite Color: baby pink
One Place That Makes Me Happy: my bed
What I’m Wearing Right Now: a grey tshirt & boxer shorts
Last Book I Read: idek its been so long lol
Most Used Phrase: oh my god
Last Thing I Said to A Family Member: goodnight probably
Favorite Beverage: vodka
Favorite Food: cake
Last Movie I Watched: the sixth sense
Dream Vacation: idk the beach
Dream Wedding: marrying luke
Dream Pets: a kitten :~)
Dream Job: lukes wife

i tag whoever wants 2 do this tbh

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LMAO fucking chill?? Like She is allowed to want attention. Every one wants attention, so stop acting high and mighty by trying to make her feel bad for wanting it. Obviously you wanted attention by sending it. other anon, jeez, is she is pathetic, than you're deplorable for sending a rude message to her. She was minding her own business not attacking you and you got all up and arms going "wow I have no life, so I might as well make some one hate themselves while I hate myself". Debi u perf k?

thank you so much im tearing up a little bit idk why but thank u

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I'm a bisexual girl but I honestly just don't get it. Hetero couples are blasted for throwing their sexuality in peoples faces by gays or when a man makes a lighthearted sexual comment about an attractive woman, he is deemed vulgar and crass. When lesbians and gays tell others not to fetishize yet do it to themselves with countless "eat pussy" memes and a general case of overt promiscuity. Idk I guess I'm not meant to get it. They want to be seen as an average couple yet are flamboyant 24/7.

Let’s all talk about the update for a sec. Vriska is just getting worse and worse, I’m getting sick and tired of her. So tired, you have no idea. I want to punch that Spiderbitch in the nubs like right now. SHE BROUGHT TAVROS BACK JUST TO DO THIS. Now he is allergic to himself, and when he wakes up will probably be miserable as fuck, maybe even die of being allergic to himself? (Idk I’ve never heard of someone being allergic to themselves)

She is fucking everyones shit up, let’s make a list of who’s shit she has fucked up so far:

1. She fucked with Jakes already sorta low self-esteem (did you notice how in the update he didn’t try to correct her calling him Joke? It’s because he accepted it, and that’s fucking wrong on so may levels)

2. She fucked shit up for a version of herself that was actually feeling happy. (Look I know that Meenah was thinking about breaking things off with (Vriska), but that did not mean that Vriska should have goaded her to leave like that. Meenah should have broken things off in a different way that would have involved much less pain for the both of them, because it’s obvious by the way that Meenah left in tears that she wasn’t ver y proud of what she did)

3. She brought back Tavros just to USE him, if there was any sympathy for what she did to him before it was small as fuck. She had to have had that PLANNED, everything else she’s done to this point was precisely planned.

(feel free to add to this list)

Right now the only two things that she has done that are remotely kind of her, were protect Terezi from a bad relationship with Gamzee and get Rose to not become a drunk. And honestly with the way all of the other ‘nice’ things she had claimed to do just for being nice, I’m sure these were just obstacles she had to maneuver through to get what she wanted in the end.

It’s all about HER, HER ideas, HER plans, and they have to go HER way. 

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Lately I've been really lonely and I get really bad cravings for ass grabs and shit. When I'm horny, I'm horny all day. I get really wet and it's so annoying sometimes. Even when I'm at someone else's house, I'm horny. Idk what to do and I tried fingering but I don't feel anything. Am I doing it wrong? I also tried porn and talking dirty with my boyfriend but that just makes me even more horny. I'm a virgin but I honestly just want him to fuck me already. I want to ride him soo bad. tmi ik 😂

lol me. rub ya clit girl it does wonders

DIVINITY;; HYPERVENTILATES. there’s so many of you… you were all hiding… what is this… h eaves. i want… i want to make a warrior cat blog… i don’t think i could ever stop being Yato. so i’d have to diligently juggle two blogs. but before i would, i want to re-read the series, at LEAST the first series. but what would be more fun than to start blogs together…. i mean, if you want to bring back a dose of your childhood or join us?! please like this post… LOL. LIKE ALL MY POSTS. ok sorry, i keep making ‘like my post’ things. but this is the last one tonight i swear. it’s just so that i can either talk to you on tumblr or skype!! BOOK CLUB TIME. -c ri es - OR JUST ROLEPLAY WARRIOR CAT BLOGS PAHLOOZA. obv with a human verse?! or like mix the two together, idk… there’s already some amazing blogs out there that i met today! but before i get ahead myself and start rambling about their magnificence…


              (make warrior cat/human rp blogs w/ me)

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omg I kinda agree with the anon! Ever since season 4 I have always had a tiny suspicion that there might be a little bit of nogitsune left in Stiles! Idk but I think there is something still going on with Stiles that has something to do with the nogitsune.

I could totally see that! Man, I could dig that.

But what I really want is for 5B to be them having pizza parties and painting Derek’s nails pink and trying to straighten Isaac’s hair to see what it would look like and Scott and Kira making homemade pizza to see if it’s better than Dominos and so basically what I’m saying is that ANY NOGITSUNE LEFT IN STILES BETTER BE OUT BY THE PIZZA PARTY.

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Hi, I have a confession to make.. I've found Dan's brother Facebook and now I want to kill myself BUT I DIDNT SAVE THE PICTURES OR TALK TO HIM. I need to delete myself. :((

i mean there’s this thing called privacy idk if you’ve heard of it ???¿¿?

nyloa replied to your photo“idk if I can get this actually working but lmao”

this looks great! not sure if your making these default but i edited madlens fiola foot mesh, set it to default foot but then socks had toes lmao 😩

Omg I actually did that same thing! LOL I for sure want a default replacement. I remember for sims 3, people usually kept a default foot mesh for socks. I’ll probably do that for this one too. 

+did kinda get the polys down! B) just, the way I subdivided was kinda weird so i wasn’t sure if decimate would want to cooperate >_>;

bisousims replied to your photo“idk if I can get this actually working but lmao”

It looks great!!

Thank you!! ;_; as long as uv map decides to love meeee.