How I see Oumami
  • Rantaro: why did u take my wax statue and hang it in ur room
  • Ouma: wtf r u talking about amami-chan
  • Rantaro: it's hanging upside down. right there. *points*
  • Ouma: idk what ur talking about *pictures of amami falls out of his pocket*
  • Rantaro:
  • Ouma:
  • Rantaro:
  • Ouma: I can explain-

A little idea for the Pidgance tangled au.

So in the movie, Flynn would see posters with a picture of him and would claim they “never got his nose right.” So I was thinking in this au, instead of Lance complaining about that, he complains about them “never spelling his name right.” on the posters.

Not only is it a bit more in character, we could also have him say his famous line “the names Lance” over and over again.


Taylor, meet my cats (I promise they aren’t as mad as they look). 
This is Daisy (top) and Chester (bottom). Daisy is allergic to joy, just like Meredith, and she likes to sleep (in really weird places) all. the. time. She also rejects all forms of human affection unless it comes from a middle aged woman (IDK SHES REALLY WEIRD I CANT HELP IT????). Then we have Chester. He looks like a toasted marshmallow. He also sneezes a lot (the vet said it was seasonal allergies). Oh and when he purrs it literally sounds like a broken lawnmower, so it’s really hard to sleep with him even though he’s pretty chubby & makes a great pillow. 
Anyways, I know you love cats.. like.. a lot (same).. so I thought it would only be right to introduce you to mine:)
PS- It’s literally so hard to get a picture with a cat omg you get like a 5 second window before they try and claw your eyes out 

Stranger Things ot3

So I scrolled past a post someone wrote about picture perfect couple Steve and Nancy courting sweet outcast Jonathan after everything, and I have some Thoughts about that and how perfect it would be

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anonymous asked:

((Oh right.. Uh, 25 asks and Idk why it was just a random thought...))

((Okay now I’m picturing it and I like it.))
*logic looks up from his book* what was that

Ok let’s face it, the Tallest needed an upgrade from my last attempt at portraying their majesty and grandeur. Now they look cool and intimidating and not like two doofy, irresponsible teenagers in charge of the whole universe. Don’t let the picture fool you, I don’t think they’ve matured much since last we saw them.

So I’ve always kinda seen the Tallest as biological twins. I mean, what are the chances that TWO Tallest are chosen and they happen to look exactly alike? They probably didn’t grow up together, but when it was determined that they both were the tallest Irkens, they discovered they were brothers? Idk, just a thought that might explain that situation.

Such dignity, magnificence, and grace. Yeah right.

You likey? pls pls I put so much effort into this im going crosseyed

isuspecthenargoles  asked:

hi, i’m sorry, i’m kinda late to tell you what i thought about your prologue.. but right before i start, just let me apologize for my bad english, is that alright? And also!! i want you to know that i love both of your stories, the way you write, you’re both doing amazing at writing, please, never stop… (i need to send my message in two parts, idk why...) elisa x

Now, let’s talk about the prologue of beyond the sunrise! I enjoy the way you pictured the beginning of the story, the atmosphere. The idea of story is really cute, and i’m look forward to read more about it! Moreover, I enjoy the way you imagined the reader, let me explain, you made the reader funny, and all fluffy, and also stressed by her thesis but you allow the real reader (like myself) to imagine and dive in the story, and i think this what is the more difficult when you’re writing a story

Elisa, my goodness, Sab and I freaked out reading your asks, this is so so sweet and your feedback is really heartwarming and inspiring to us! We’re really glad we’re managing to make the reader tridimensional and the dynamic between her and Lin fluffy yet real! Hoopefully we’ll manage to keep it that way. Also please don’t apologize for your English, it’s so so good <3 - Ren

Overwatch Tarot

hey so idk if ill ever draw this but here is how I picture an overwatch tarot deck playing out

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indigoire  asked:

I just had a thought. Bilbo brought his pictures of Bungo and Belladonna with him to Erebor in S&D, right? Imagine Thorin finding them one day when Bilbo's just started unpacking and being all "who are these hobbits? Ancestors of yours?" to Bilbo and Bilbo's all "Oh, er, they're my parents, yes." And Thorin just looks at him expectantly so Bilbo starts talking about them and somehow starts talking about Belladonna's adventures before marrying Bungo and Thorin just listening with a sappy smile.

2: Idk just the thought of Bilbo telling Thorin about his parents or life in the Shire or whatever (and it’s late, and they’re in their room by the fire, and Bilbo’s in his armchair, and Thorin’s maybe sitting on some cushions on the floor, leaning his head against Bilbo’s knee), and Thorin being so into it because Bilbo’s an awesome storyteller, and he just has the dumbest lovesick look on his face the whole time THESE FUCKING NERDS AUGH.

Aahhhh yes that’s adorable! What a perfect scene like idk why but Bilbo sitting in his armchair with Thorin sitting at the floor by him and leaning against his legs has always been about my favorite mental image for these two and Bilbo being prodded into talking about his parents is yesssss. And it’s been so long since he’s been able to tell these stories that once he gets started he just can’t stop.

Hope spun around with the delicate white hat in hand, already wearing his. Lightning just stared, completely unamused.


“We don’t have to buy them,” he said with a ridiculous grin on his face. “Let’s just get someone to take a picture. Please?”

She frowned, flicking one of the big, round ears on Hope’s head. “Your hat…is wearing a hat. You do know how silly that looks, right?”

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I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on my dash lately about the lack of H/L interaction on stage and I wanted to share my thoughts. 

Leading up to the OTRA Santa Clara concert I posted some pictures of the stage being set up, amongst other things (x).  

One of the pictures I posted was of the setlist from the San Diego concert (the same setlist was used for the Santa Clara show).

On the right side of the setlist, you can see the plan for when to use the lasers/streamers. The left side shows the plan for when it’s 1D’s turn to talk. 

The plan is for Harry to address the crowd a total of five times (four of which are solo), and for Liam to talk five times (only two of which are solo). Louis talks four times either with Niall or Liam, and Niall only talks three times; once with Louis, once with Liam, and once by himself.

Just by looking at the setlist you can see the very obvious ot3 vs. harry separation. There really isn’t any planned time for Harry to interact with his bandmates. Most of the interaction between ot3 happens in between songs, often only between the two people who are supposed to be talking. The concerts don’t allow for much interaction outside of that. 

So, really, until the setlist is changed for Harry and Louis to introduce a song together, I don’t expect to see much more than what we’re already seeing now (small exchanges and glances). The song list has been changed since the Santa Clara show, but from what I’ve seen, the plan for introducing songs has not. If that plan does change this tour, it will probably be after one of the breaks they have. 


V!nyl syndicate vol.30 (aka Sexpot Revenge’s free paper)

I don’t have a scanner so I tried to fix the pictures I took with my phone. The last 2 were really small in the magazine (hence the color dots)

More modeling! =D


So…last nigh I was scrolling on my fb feed when this post showed up. I was confused at first bc c'mon that honestly is the last thing I thought would ever happen but something in my brain clicked and right in that second I tried to share it but I couldn’t bc of course the post was gone. Unfortunately my phone is such a piece of shit and I can’t make ss with it so I had to take a picture of it with my iPad and there is the proof that I tried to share but I couldn’t. I have to say that I’m the type of person who would never but NEVER lie about this. And idk who runs ryan’s fb acc the thing is that that shit was posted and yeaah!

Hi, I’m pretty new to the art side of the phandom, but
I thought a lot about this and I’ve decided to open up some
commissions slots! I’m the artist of the pictures used above (duh). This month is gonna be pretty tough for me with bills (my job isn’t paying enough since I can’t put enough hours right now because of school) and as an art student since I’m constantly needing supplies. And also for other things like food and gas, adult life is tough. :

I’m opening 3-5 slots depending on how many people actually want to do this.

  • As it says above, I will charge 25$ for portrait, 30$ for half-body, 40$ for full-body.
  • Coloring style similar to the one above, simplistic for now because of time constraints.
  • Please give me a 1-2 weeks for each of them since I do full-time school and have a part-time job.
  • Paypal only! I will need full or half payment to start on it. If you do half payment I will need the last part of the payment before I submit the art to you
  • You will receive the art digitally.
  • Yes I will draw phan, no hardcore smut/bdsm/kinky stuff though. A little nsfw is fine. 
  • If you just want dan or phil separately, that’s okay too.
  • You can see my other art through the tag ‘my art’ on my blog.

Message me your requests through the tumblr IM/my askbox!

Some rules:
Please DO NOT repost my art, I will likely post it to my blog crediting your request(unless you really don’t want me to.)
DO NOT resale or print or anything like that, I will find you and report you.

Thanks in advance!


Hey guys this is my Summer Giveaway! These are just some cute things I thought people would enjoy. Idk what else to say so I’m just gonna get right to it.


- Must live in the United States.

- Must be following my shop and me (will be checking).

- Must reblog this post (likes don’t count).

- Your inbox must be open.


- One shirt of your choosing from my shop.

- One brown pocket Moleskine.

- Mead Composition notebook (wide ruled).

- Set of 12 Brush Markers.

- 3 Candies of your choice (not pictured).

- My favorite hand cream (Gold Bond Ultimate).

- My favorite lip butter (Nivea Raspberry Rose Kiss)

- Framed handmade collage of band/artist of your choice.

- One playlist with songs handpicked by me.

- Handwritten note from me.

And I will also be paying for the shipping!

When it ends:

It ends on August 20th, 2015 at 11:59 pm. I will be picking a winner by using a random generator and I will message them in their inbox. They must respond within 24 hours, or else I will pick a new winner.

Good luck!

hi hello it is time for my Jared photo op story!! Okay so basically it’s me on the left and my bff @superhoe99 on the right and we walked up to him and I was like “hey” and he said “hey” and I asked if we could do “like…moose antlers???” and I put my hands up to show him what I meant then he SMILED AT ME and was like “yeah!!” So we stood next to him and took our picture and he TOUCHED BOTH OF OUR HEADS!!! She says he like pet her head but he put his GIANT MOOSE PAW ON MY HAIR then he moved his monstrous hand down AND GRABBED MY ARM AND SQUEEZED IT AS I WAS WALKING AWAY and man I thought I was gonna pass out right then and there. Something about him was so comfortable and warm and cuddly idk how to describe it but talking to him just feels so casual and it seems like he’s just a big happy teddy bear it’s honestly amazing.

Cooking/Judging own cooking/Drinking/Snacking FAST AND FRESH WITH DEAN!
  • Dean: Hi everyone! My name is Dean Winchester and I'm bisexual.
  • Today, I'm going to make an egg white omelette, a vegetable smoothie, and also try out some other "fast and fresh snacks". Judging the omelette and smoothie will be me and my brother Sammy,but he isn't here right now because he KEEPS TALKING TO CAS ON THE PHONE ABOUT CHUCK KNOWS WHAT BC EVERYTIME I WALK INTO THE ROOM WHILE THEYRE ON THE PHONE SAM EITHER STARTS WHISPERING OR HANGS UP AND ITS GETTING REAL ANNOYING because erm... Idk... No I'm not jealous ok all cas does is send me emoticons and pictures of guinea pigs which is really unfair but I am not jealous. Cas I thought we had a profound bond man and you know what? since you hate talking to me so much you don't get any of my omelette. Why the hell am I even doing this anyway? Who the fuck is misha collins and why am I getting paid by him to do this shit? And dude, I'm not taking my shirt off. Fuck this. I'm out.