Wow, aside from the collab I just did I haven’t done anything Mogeko-related in awhile. Again. SIGH…

Oh well. Trying out a new eyestyle and of course, I had to draw Wadanohara. IDK I KNOW the second normal end is sad but I just LOVE her outfit in it… I’m trash…


Watgbs © Funamusea/Mogeko
Art © Me

A moment of peace by elyhumanoid
An illustration I made for my fanfiction “A moment of peace”.  You can read it in English here on tumblr/ AO3 or in Italian language on AO3 or EFP. Special thanks to @eravalefantasy who corrected the English translation and to my super supportive and lovely best friend @lehira-rutherford

I sat down to draw the nico fairy au but i have no idea what outfit to put him in bc i dont like the first one i drew so if someone wants to help me out I’d love some suggestions for outfits that would work?? idk i just dont want to draw him in ‘normal’ clothing but i also dont want to draw him in something insanely gaudy either so if yall have any suggestions plz hmu 

anonymous asked:

riven and starter mi'qote are my votes !! the anime character is a bit plain and itll be easier to recognize if u go riven or the starter outfit from ffxiv. plus idk i love cute things and youll look adorable in them~

aaaaaa thank u and true!!!! im definitely wanting to do the starter miqo'te!! yui yuigahama is one of my fav characters though and it wouldnt cost me much to cosplay her so id probably end up cosplaying her anyways (only for a smaller con tho on like a sunday)