My Name is Christina but I prefer Chris or by my last name Martinez. I’m adopted, looking for an awesome pen pal who is social and sweet, doesn’t matter what gender. Someone who doesn’t judge others based on their opinions and likes movies, music, art, idk something fun. I’m 16 years old turning 17 in 2 months. Netflix is a huge part of me lol and sleep as well. I don’t know what else to say other than I’m also interested in going into the Navy after high school and that I’m looking for a long time pen pal. Email, Snail Mail. I’m looking forward to meeting some people. See you later :*

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Got a blizzard? No problem! Put those two feet of snow to good use and make your favorite droid!!

Violence doesn’t discriminate. It hits all of us… the rich, the poor, the healthy, the sick. It comes as cold and bracing as a winter breeze off the Hudson. Until it sinks into your bones… leaving you with a chill you can’t shake. They say there’s not rest for the wicked. But what about the good? The battle of Good vs. Evil is never-ending… because evil always survives… with the help of evil men. As for Daredevil, well… soon the world will know the truth. That this is a city born of heroes, that one man can make a difference. -Daredevil (2003)


It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing.

Such a little thing.


Not a request: Imagine knowing Sherlock and John and being good friends with the two. Then one day you wake up and not recognizing your surroundings only to discover you had been brought back to Victorian England. You later the two meet two men who found you and when you find out their names you almost faint out of shock.

Not my gifs: If gif(s) are yours, please let me know so I can give you credit.

A/N: Okay I love Victorian era stuff and couldn’t resist writing this (plus i love RDJ and Sherlock Holmes in general tbh) Also this turned out way longer than I thought it would, but I had fun writing it so yeah. Might write part 2? idk yet.


One minute you were lying in your bed in your flat sound asleep, the next you were looking up at a ceiling that definitely was not yours. You sat up and looked at your surroundings. You were in a bedroom, that you knew for sure, who’s room you were currently in, you did not know. You stood up, but immediately sat down when a wave of nausea hit you and after you felt better, you exited the room and found yourself in a hallway, taking notice of the vintage looking wallpaper. You cautiously walked down the hallway and made your way quietly down the stairs and onto the main floor of the house.

 “Ah, I see you’re up,” a British accent said from behind you. You turned around to see a tall man in a grey suit, minus the jacket, walking down the stairs towards you. Who was this man? What did he want with you? Fear took over you and you began to run towards the nearest exit, which wasn’t too far away. “Wait I just want to help you!” he exclaimed, making you stop in your tracks.

You kept your back to the man. “How?”

Hr hesitated before saying, “What do you want to know?”

You faced him fully and took a few steps forward. “What do I want to know? I want to know who the hell you are, why I’m here and where I’m at,” you replied a little too harshly. He seemed taken back by your answer.

Before he could give you the information, the door behind you opened and a man entered, this one looking much different  than the one in front of you, you noticed. The only thing the two had in common, it seemed, was their style in clothing, and even that was a long shot. “Watson, I’ve just made a great discovery - oh, hello, my dear, I’ve seen you have woken up,” the shorter of the two exclaimed as he walked through the door, his voice growing quieter when he saw you.

“You are you two? And where am I?” you asked, getting slightly more annoyed, scared, and confused by the minute.

“You’re at 221B Baker Street, and I am Doctor John Watson and this Sherlock Holmes,” he informed you, gesturing to the man near the front door.

You laughed, earning an odd look from the two men and when you noticed that, your laughter ceased. “You’re joking, right?” 

“No, why?” ‘John’ asked, looking confused with his brown brows furrowed together.

You started to panic, fearing of the worst. “Do either you have today’s newspaper?”

‘John’ went over to the living room area and fetch the paper. “Here you are. This is yesterdays, mind you, but I’m sure it’ll be fine,” ‘John said as he handed it to you. You looked at the date, only to discover you had been brought back in time to Victorian England, judging by the accents of the two men you had just met. 

“This is impossible,” you breathed as you let the paper fall out of your hands, letting it fall to the floor.

“What is?” you heard ‘Sherlock’ ask.

“You two really are Sherlock and John,” you whispered looking up at the two with wide eyes.

“Yes, we are. Why do you look so afraid?” John asked but you didn’t get to answer because you suddenly got light headed and your legs gave out from underneath you, but before you could hit the floor, you felt a pair of arms catch you.


It’s too bad that Laurel never got a chance to get out of this place since she clearly meant shit to all of you people. And you know, it's really too bad that I was the only one who ever saw anything special in her or believed in her. And now that she’s gone, you assholes can’t hurt her anymore!


Shut up.

Inaccurate human Hal death I guess? I wonder a lot what that would be like, the ‘deactivation’ of human Hal (since a real lobotomy is out of the question). Slow, laborious, and involving brain damage. There’s not a lot of options.

having a day where i’m watching hella disney movies with the brother-in-law and we’re on lilo & stitch now and i’m having so many feelings. 

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What song was playing in the stream about being happy and about a person's mother?? Idk what it was but I really liked it

that was “Blue” from the movie “raggedy ann and andy a musical adventure” I’m glad you like the song!!!  the guy who wrote the songs was joe raposo…he wrote kermit the frog’s song about being green, i think. the movie was burdened by it’s own budget but the songs remain very true.

here’s my favorite song from the movie!