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about manga -- tsukiyma said something about being on a date with hinami <comparing them to nishiki and touka> and that kind of squicked me a little, what do you think

you’re talking about this page right? 

personally i see this more as tsukiyama just trying to piss off nishiki by bringing kimi into the conversation any way he can because he’s a jackass like that. and while he may be a jackass he’s definitely not a jackass with any interest in hinami. i remember when i saw this scene i thought the wording was a little funny, but the word “date” isn’t really implicitly romantic. it could easily be substituted with the word “outing” or something and retain virtually the same meaning. (unless the original japanese was more specific with wording or smth?) 

to summarize i think it’s more of a jab at nishiki than anything actually relevant to hinami and i mean. i see literally no reason at all to read that as having romantic implications at all because he literally got up ten minutes before this page happened to huff a handkerchief in a public bathroom. i think it’s pretty safe to assume that he’s not interested in hinami in that kind of context whatsoever.

i’ve seen a few people talking about this lately but i mean honestly. how many times does tsukiyama have to jizz in his pants in a public bathroom while huffing eau de kaneki before it’s clear that kaneki’s the only one he’s interested in like that?

like, as a white person, i seriously don’t get whiteout like. this was a day the black community got together and planned specifically to spread love. to be proud of themselves and to bond and to love themselves and each other and i think that’s wonderful. there’s so much negativity in the world and on this site and people got together with the sole intent of spreading some happiness and i love seeing that. i love seeing these people get together as a community and love themselves bcus there’s too many people in the world that hate themselves and are ashamed. especially non-white races that are constantly being demonized.

and white people were for some reason?? intimidated??? like you can love yourself any other day. you can post a selfie and think you’re pretty just fine. but why do you gotta do it as an opposition to other people loving themselves? why aren’t other people allowed to love themselves without you feeling the need to one up them? it’s just confusing cause. why wouldn’t you be happy about people not hating themselves??


Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.


Hey, no one could. It’s a tough ask, not without more data.”