dodomuss  asked:

can we just talk about tmnt 2k3 raph and donnie's relationship? bc the way i saw it was that raph literally adored donnie, many times praising him and thinking how donnie would love [insert a piece of tech] he'd just seen and never fighting each other even though they weren't that similar? like it must've been special to raph to have a brother he didn't constantly argue with? plus raph really looked after donnie and teased him in a cute brotherly manner and just aaahh man 2k3 was the best

ahhh don’t talk to me about 2003 Raph and Donnie because I seriously love their relationship so much. I always felt that Raph was particularly protective of Donnie, always coming to his aid when Donnie gets knocked down. Let’s be honest, that happened a lot. 

I don’t know, I always thought they were pretty similar - it’s just that Don keeps his emotions inside whereas Raph vents and lets everything out. The fact that those two never really clashed against each other is one of my favourite things. Like I can see Raph going to Donnie late at night to vent about something, and Don just listening - I read a fic once actually, where when Raph was angry, Don would spar (sort of) with him, and let himself get hit but only when it wouldn’t damage him as a way to calm Raph down - idk i just thought it was really sweet and maybe something that could happen.

In the show, their relationship is perhaps focused on the least? I’ll forever be upset about the Garbageman episode that got scrapped because I bet it would have had some really nice moments between them. We do get little moments though and they’re really profound and wonderful - Don built Raph a motorcycle, well two because the first got destroyed; RAPHIE; any time Don gets knocked out Raph is right there; on the rare occasions that Don is upset or stressed over something, Raph usually reaches out to try and comfort Don; and lets not forget the SAINW hug.

i just really really adore their relationship and gosh darn i miss this series so much.