I really thought I’d never ship anyone with Meredith after Der died but I’m totally seeing this adorably natural relationship blossoming between alex and mer and it used to be brotp for me but now I’m kinda seeing them together. Best friends who’ve been through complete hell together. I don’t completely hate Jo but she’s so not on the same level as Alex is. He’s grown so much as a character and matured so much and she’s just immature and she’s young! She needs to develop on her own and not be a supporting character for Alex. Like Edwards is getting her own development and Jo is getting left in the freaking dust as a background character. Idk I just don’t like them together. I really hate that she doesn’t support Alex and Mer’s friendship. She’s so jealous and Alex has never given her a reason to be. At all. I hate this show. It makes me love and hate these people all at the same time.