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hi! this isnt a request. im just curious how you find the brand and specific name of their clothes? like srsly im so amaze on how you do that. idk if this has been asked before /im just taking my chance/ btw i love your blog!

hello! hmm to be honest i dont think there’s one specific answer to this. firstly you need to know where to look and have some basic knowledge on how to navigate korean sites. also pay attention to details, logos, etc etc. whats most important is that you have patience…..LOTS OF IT lol but its all worth it at the end. nothing beats that feeling of satisfaction when you finally find something youve beeen looking so hard for.

what i find really cool about the dance pics is that you can really tell who the characters are by their dancing? like, yurio dances with a lot of anger and without a lot of finesse - he does a lot of cool stuff, sure, his body can do all sorts of things - but he doesn’t have any beat or flow. he’s just making his body do impressive things to impress, he’s not giving a good overrall experience. that’s something he’s struggled with in his skating, where he did amazing technically but had no feeling behind the routine. chris, of course, uses a pole. he’s a very strong man, proud of his body, and very sexual. pole dancing really highlights his skating, and his interactions with the other skaters so far. he’s got nothing to hide. then viktor - viktor is clearly moving his body with a lot of finesse and style, but he looks like he’s still on the ice, not really dancing. he throws his legs out like one would during a routine, poses his hands in the same way, doesnt use his hips. its got class, sure, but its not super dance-y. at the same time, it’s not nearly as serious as his skating can be - he’s there to have fun. viktor wants to have a good time, and dancing with yuri, he is. and speaking of yuri: he, of course, dances like his body is the music itself. just like how viktor described his skating. on top of that, interestingly enough, he seems to go along with the styles everyone else is doing. he breakdances with yurio, pole dances with chris, dances like he’s doing couples skating with viktor. going along with the flow - that’s something that yuri has admitted to struggling with, particularly in regards to choosing his own music for his routines. even though he started the dance-off, he still went along with the styles that everyone else chose. it’s really cool to see all of that reflected in the pics

Two Things on Fantastic Beasts

1. I need someone to make a gifset paralleling the scene where Newt tells Tina she has a smudge on her face with the scene between Hermione and Ron on the train in The Sorcerer’s Stone.

2. Johnny Depp felt so out of place in that movie. That is my one and only issue I had with the film. It was amazing, but I just wasn’t prepared to see Johnny Depp pop up idk.

hey americans

do not vote bernie sanders




to literally everyone that ends up voting for Bernie Sanders in this election:

I will personally find you, slap you, and tell you how much I will never forgive you for the rest of my lifetime. Your super amazing protest vote will affect the lives of me, my friends, my family, everyone. everyone. did you read that correctly? 

e v e r y o n e

I am in a constant panic that this election will end with Donald Trump winning. For a while I was calm and felt like Hillary Clinton was going to win so I could finally calm down and just wait. n o p e. just kidding. I keep seeing posts on various social media of people saying they’re gonna write him in. I keep hearing some of my friends who are 18 say they are going to write him in. do not do it. no one could love bernie more than I do (other than his wife ya know) but I accepted the fate of the universe when hillary got the nomination at the DNC and slowly put my support towards her. 

I am no super fan. I don’t support her 100%. but I support her enough to be okay with her being our next president. 

Please read the consequences of what will happen if she doesn’t win. Please realize that whatever pride you have will be destroyed through the next 4 years and your supersized ego can suck my ass for the rest of our natural lives. 

This is one of the most terrifying elections that I know of. I thought that 2012 was scary, but thats just because as a half black girl I loved seeing Obama in office, and the race was always so close. This election is close, and has no reason to be. 

Do not vote Bernie Sanders

Do not vote third party

Do not refuse to vote

the fate of our country lies in the hands of your vote on November 8th. please do not let me and the other people who are too young to vote down. do not ruin our futures because your pride and ego are too huge for you to see what the outcome will be of your decision. Please make a choice between a woman who has been involved in politics since she was in college, and a business man who has had to file for bankruptcy multiple times for his “highly successful” companies.

Do not let me and millions of other people down on November 8th


female awesome meme: relatable females [3/5]→ brooke davis 

i am who i am. no excuses.


OK, I had to sketch this because I just thought of a silly AU in which Keith is a lifeguard and Lance is the problematic guy that is always doing some dangerous stuff around the beach. 

And Keith is so done that one day he just asks him “Why do you keep throwing yourself off rocks?? Thats dangerous and you can hurt yourself pretty badly??”

and Lance is just like

“Well, yeah, but it feels amazing. It’s like you’re flying in those few seconds you’re on air”

And he tells him how he wants to be a pilot and how he just loves the feeling that everything is possible and invites Keith to try it too. 

At first Keith is like “Nah” but then he does it and he finds it amazing and finally understands what Lance means.

And idk about all those bandaids Keith has, but I imagine he has gotten himself into some trouble before being assigned as a lifeguard to do “something useful with his summer instead of getting himself in trouble” and he had to take a course and all that.

(And when Lance discovers what he did he just kind of laughs because Keith was worried about him jumping off rocks, but he isn’t a saint either lol)

aah this is so silly sorry for the long post 

I’m all about a library plot where muse a works long hours and it’s a small town so there’s not a lot of people so they just read and put up books most of the time and BAM ENTER muse b the smirky asshat who doesn’t even like to read but had to do a project or something once so they went to get a book and they were like wow muse a is amazing and so beautiful i just need to get close to them so muse b starts going there every day and tries to strike up conversation with muse a but they comes off all wrong and nervous and slightly asshatty so muse b reads books for the first time in their life to try to have something to talk about with muse a and idk i just find it adorable bc this dumbass muse b likes someone for the first time but doesn’t know how to deal with it and this totally clueless muse a just thinks muse b is a bit weird but likes books and they’re totally unaware of anything brewing between them and ofc this could be m/f m/m f/f it rly doesnt matter this is my first plot idea BYE

 You know what I love about being a female fighter? Other female fighters.

Seriously you are all amazing and I love that you exist. Female fighters get it. They get that finding gear is annoying and they get that there are always guys around who like to try to explain our own body mechanics to us. And when you just start out and you meet other new female fighters it’s like YES HELLO I TOO AM FIGHTING IN THIS NOVICE TOURNEY LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS??? THAT WAS A GREAT FIGHT THANK YOU HERE LET ME ADD YOU ON FACEBOOK. And then there’s older female fighters who give you female-fighter-specific advice and are like “come on over! I have an old cuirass that’s yours if you want it! Which reminds me, there was this one battle at Lilies in 1995, let me tell you…”

So it just dawned on me why Jay steals, and why Jafar makes him steal. Jafar was trying to turn Jay into another Aladdin. Because only Aladdin could get into the cave of wonders to get the lamp. If Jay could become just like Aladdin, he’d be able to find something just as amazing as the lamp, and he wouldn’t be denied entrance to somewhere for not being a diamond in the rough.

Idk why it took me this long to realize why he’d just be a thief. Though I’m still bitter he shows no sign of being able to use magic, considering Jafar was sorcerer.

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Could u do the zombie apocalypse au with 17 vocal unit??? Cause that would be great, like amazing Thx mom^^


  • at first he’s sorta like everyone else, just scrambling to find a hiding place and like stock up on rations but then he witnesses something that changes him,,, something tragic
  • and then it’s goodbye sleepyhead jeonghan hello zombie hunter jeonghan like i really just enjoy the idea of jeonghan unleashing a much wilder side of himself in an au like this in like complete chaos
  • wears like a tattered bandana around his head and has on like heavy military boots and a belt of bullets that hangs from his hips and like idk his hair is up in a ponytail but some strands fall into his face,,, 
  • he doesn’t really have a hideout,, he just roams through the city looking for food and like openly engages with zombies with his machine gun no big deal
  • you meet him because you’re also like a wondering survivor and you’re tough as nails too but somehow you get cornered by this hoard of zombies outside an old gas station and you’re like running low on ammo and you’re like oh no
  • but then???? jeonghan comes out of nowhere, like guns ablazing and you’re like ???? who is this person??? 
  • after all the zombies are defeated like you’re kind of just staring at him in awe because a) like he’s handsome but b) he just saved your life instead of like letting u die and take your rations also he’s the only person you’ve ever seen confidently mow down like dozens of zombies
  • even though jeonghan has no problem fighting zombies,, like he even gets a thrill out of it sort of like a vengeance,, he’s still actually super sweet as a person
  • he’s like are you ok?? do you need ammo?? 
  • you’re kinda like ??? how can you be so badass in a fight and then be an actual angel also??
  • you and jeonghan end up teaming up because like you also are just traveling alone and you’re also pissed off about zombies and ready 2 fight if necessary and jeonghan respects that 
  • you two are like cool zombie hunter heros saving other survivors from the undead but also living off of like scrapes you find 
  • once jeonghan got hurt and you like ripped a part of your shirt off to bandage his injured knee and he couldn’t like look at you for the rest of the day because fRICK ur so cute but also half your shirt is missing r i p
  • you two once saw this little girl get seperated from her mom while people were escaping from the zombies and you got so scared and protective of her like you literally run right over and scooped her up and like punCHED the zombie who was coming closer and jeonghan just…..heart eyes …. literal heart eyes
  • you two helped her find her mom and the little guys before you left was like!!! are you two married?? and you two were liKE OM G NO and the mom was like “you two are so cute, thank you for being human in this time of chaos” and you and jeonghan just …. just blushing even tho jeonghan still thanked her and like pulled you along with him
  • yall are just a cute zombie fighting heroic couple 


  • one hundred percent paranoid about everything thanks to the zombie virus like he’s so scared he like literally wears one of those exterminator suits because he just…. he can’t
  • built a hideout in the basement of his house and like literally has not come out since this whole thing started
  • probably already had a lifetime of food stocked up because he just seems like the type to do that
  • has never even actually seen a zombie, like he heard it on the news and just holed himself up like nope never again
  • you two meet because he surfaces to like get something from upstairs and like you were passing by his house and u thought it was abandoned so you went inside to find some food and like at the same time joshua was going up to get something and like you two just…..see each other like wait….
  • joshua grabs a vase and you grab the toaster and you’re both like DONT COME NEAR ME
  • but then like…’s awkward and you kinda laugh…..but then joshua’s serious like ‘why are you here??? are you infected??’ and you’re like ‘no oh my god i just want some food…..’
  • he hesitates but like he can see that you’re not bitten or anything so he’s like….ok come with me…..and you’re like ok….and you go to his basement and it’s like stockpiled with food and you’re like this is HEAVEN 
  • he lets you get some cans but then you’re like “hey, why are you wearing like plastic??” and he’s like JUST IN CASE and you’re like “how will the zombies get you down here??” and he’s like LISTEn and you’re like ok ok
  • you leave after that but like three days later you can’t stop feeling bad for that kid just locked down there and so you comeback and knock on the basement door and joshua opens it holding like a bamboo stick and you’re like omf it’s just me
  • he’s like oh!!!! a little embarrassed and flustered by your sudden appearance and he’s like do you need more food??? but you’re like no no there’s something else
  • he’s like ??? and you’re like “when’s the last time you saw the sunrise?” and he like shrugs like idk like months ago and you’re like come with me
  • as you’re pulling him up the stairs and onto the first floor of the house joshua’s getting tense like what….are you doing…
  • and you’re like “the zombies don’t even come around this area anymore, let’s go up on the roof to see the sunrise”
  • and at first he’s like NO but with some persuasion and probably because joshua also thinks you’re cute you two get up there onto the roof and joshua can’t believe it but like it’s good to breathe fresh air and you sit beside him and you’re like pinching the suit he’s wearing like srsly this needs to go and then like idk
  • you two watch the sunrise and somehow hold hands and after that joshua agrees to like come out more often although he always makes u promise there’s no zombies around or smthing


  • kills zombies with a chainsaw
  • nothing else, just a chainsaw 
  • is kind of reckless and keeps engaging in close combat battle and like everyone is always like woozi please chill you might get yourself bitten and he just laughs it off like this isn’t a big deal like jiHOON this is an APOCALYPSE
  • his hideouts in the local mall, he sleeps in the security tower where all the TVs are to keep on eye on everything 
  • he doesn’t share his rations with anyone. like it’s a rule he made. it’s live or die for him now and if anyone tries to steal from him he comes at them full strength, zombie or not 
  • keeps other weapons on hand just in case like a swiss army knife, a frying pan from the cooking dept of the mall, the office chair he sits in could also be a weapon……
  • anything’s a weapon for him
  • you meet when you stumble into the mall and woozi sees you on camera and he like assumes you’re there to get something of his so he goes off to fight you
  • but he finds you like sobbing in the abandoned smoothie hut of the mall and this like isn’t the first time he’s seen someone crying during this whole thing but he’s just shocked???? usually people go looking for food or something but you’re just……yeah……
  • he freezes and you only notice like twenty minutes later when you’re just sniffling and you’re like “WHO ARE YOU”
  • and woozi jumps because you scream and he’s like THIS IS MY HIDEOUT WHO ARE YOU and youre like IM JUST HERE FOR THE NIGHT OK SORRY DID U SEE ME CRY and he’s like UM 
  • you’re embarrassed because oh god this cute guy saw me sob my eyes out and you’re about to just melt because everything sucks and woozi feels bad for the first time because he can see you’re conflicted and he’s like “…..if you want to spend the night come upstairs with me…” and you’re like EXCUSE ME and he’s like nOT LIKE THAT I MEAN SO IF ZOMBIES WANDER IN HERE YOURE NOT IN TROUBLE
  • you like make a little spot for yourself on the floor away from woozi and woozi’s like mumbling to himself like why did he think this was a good idea to bring you up here what if you try to attack him in his sleep what if u take his food 
  • but you just squeak out a ‘thank you for…..being nice’ before you sleep and it changes his mind,,, like somehow he just trusts you and instead of even sleeping he spends half the night on watch over you because like ….. you’re the first person to never try to backstab him from the getgo and idk he’s just like……people like this still exist in this shitty time huh
  • in the morning woozi’s like…..if you have no where to go you can stay here
  • and you’re like really!!! and he’s like yEAH i GUES s WHATEVER just dont get yourself bitten
  • you promise you won’t and like the next day these zombies come in and youre like ok do u have weapons??? and woozi grins as he throws you the frying pan and you’re like WHATS THIS and he gets his chainsaw and he’s like lets go
  • you never thought you could knock a zombie out with a frying pan but woozi teaches you that that is VERY possible 


  • he’s so soft and sweet that even when the zombie virus breaks out he can’t even kill anyone,, even if they’re undead
  • you’re basically the one who saves him from dying lmao
  • originally you didn’t plan to stick with him, but DK is literally incapable of hurting anyone so you end up dragging him along with you when you escape the infected city 
  • you with your AK strapped to your back holding DK by the wrist who refuses to even hold a gun because!! they’re dangerous
  • you still hand him like a rake and you’re like “DK, if something comes for you just close your eyes and swing” “what if i hurt it?” “…..that’s the point.”
  • he’s really curious about trying to establish like non violent ways of communicating with zombies, but you know that that isn’t possible so you’re always like pulling him away and pushing him so he’s behind you so you can protect him honestly sometimes he reminds you of a little kid whose fearless of anything but like…..zombies need to be feared otherwise he could get hurt
  • dk doesn’t kill any zombies, instead he just carries your duffle bag of clothes and stuff around. he won’t carry ammo though because again - it’s dangerous
  • you move around a lot, but your hideouts are usually in like schools or hospitals, places that are big and that might have materials you need
  • even though zombies threaten your life every minute, being with dk is so much better than being alone
  • he takes like chalk and draws silly cartoons for you on an abandoned school board or like he’ll find a bunch of hospital gowns and like insist on making a blanket for you out of them like no matter where you settle down it’s just so positive being with him
  • you didn’t think he knew this, but he knows that you don’t just enjoy killing zombies too - that it’s hard for you to protect him and yourself and he actually like comforts you so well
  • pulls you into his lap even though you two havent had a decent shower in like two weeks and he’s just like “a lot is happening, but you’re really my guardian angel through it all”
  • you don’t know how he did it but once he got another group of survivors to give you like clean extra clothes and some water and you’re like ??? did you steal this ??? and he’s like ‘no they gave it to me because they said i was nice!!!’ and you’re like oh my god
  • you tried to teach him how to use a gun, but he’s literally like too scared to even hold the thing 
  • you once thought you had been bitten after a fight with a zombie and you were like listen dk if something happens to me please protect yourself like you need too and he just said that he’d rather die than be without you and you were like don’t say that!!! 
  • but like dk’s committed to you, like not only is he in love with you for protecting him but he’s also loyal to you until this is all over - like he told you this and ofc u got flustered and you were like dk!!! go like!!! find some rations stop being,,, so ,,, silly,,,  


  • made a hideout for himself on the roof of some tall building, has a sniper rifle ready, and a grenade launcher in his hands at all times. basically, he’s not playing games
  • does his best to avoid zombies, but if he sees one down below he kills it just for good measure 
  • when he needs food he takes his grenade launcher and goes down to the han river to catch some fish with his hands or something like being from jeju helps him a lot
  • since he’s high up and no one can hear him,, plus zombies don’t hear all that well anyway,,, he sings to make the time go by quicker
  • that’s how you find him like you’re searching through the building for food and you hear this angelic voice and you’re like wtf……
  • you go up and open the door to the roof and you just see this tent set up surrounded by cans and wrappers from food and like a sniper gun and then just some boy sitting on the floor, singing 
  • you startle him when you make a noise and you have to duck because he gets his grenade launcher ready and you’re like sorry!!!!! im not a zombie!!!!
  • he’s like ? what are you doing here?? and you’re like i heard your voice and got kinda enchanted im sorry 
  • seungkwan likes the compliment so he asks you to come over and like tell him what’s going on down in the streets since he hasn’t really left in some time
  • you fill him in and seungkwan’s kinda like “do you like have a group of other survivors?” and you’re like not really and seungkwan’s kinda like “if you want you can stay here it’s pretty safe and id feel bad letting you go out there by yourself”
  • and you wanna snort and be like thanks for the pity,,, but at the sametime his offer is great and like he’s so nice and cute and ok you didn’t just say cute
  • you and seungkwan live on the roof together and seungkwan teaches you how to shoot a sniper gun
  • when you two have to venture into the streets to stock up, seungkwan is especially protective of you and when a zombie tried to even get close he literally loses it and overkills the thing
  • you’ve never seen such a side of him,, but like you learn that the things he cherishes - seungkwan protects with his life
  • seungkwan has like funny nickname for different kids of zombies and they all make you giggle 
  • he’ll reenact stuff for you to keep you two entertained up on that roof 
  • somehow through all of this seungkwan still manages to find happiness in singing and now…. in you too
  • although he’s protective and very concerned, sometime he’ll pretend to not be interested in you like that at all but literally if you ever meet other survivors they’re always like “wow your boyfriend really takes care of you well, im glad love lasted even through this!!!”
  • and you’re like omf and seungkwan’s like lmao we uh GTG

Sidney Crosby is invited to attend Prince Evgeni of Russia’s “Ball for a Boy,” an event specifically designed to find Prince Evgeni a suitable partner. It’s not that Sidney doesn’t want to go, it’s just, he doesn’t want to go, so he finds a small table in the back, sits down and makes some friends, hoping to stay out of sight. Prince Evgeni has eyes like a hawk, however, and as soon as he catches sight of Sidney, he knows he’s the one. It’s too bad, really, that Prince Evgeni is so charming and lovable, because Sidney can’t help but fall for him. They plan their wedding for the following Spring.

i haven’t even read over half the adventure time comics and already:

-pb digs halfway to the earth’s core just to find a gem so that she and marcy can have MATCHING FRIENDSHIP AMULETS
-marceline finds a lone scantily-clad pb on a beach and waggles her fingers/tongue suggestively and turns into a “tentacle monster”

don’t tell me the comics aren’t canon let me live my life



could you do a newt scamander imagine, something the reader and him are best friends and he takes her back to New York to visit everyone and he’s just very protective over her, maybe because he likes her and wants her by his side all the time. idk just very fluffy and cute! I love your work babe! you’re an amazing writer(:


can you maybe write a newt x reader in which the reader has a sleepless night because of nightmares or because something’s bothering the reader and newt gives her comfort? Something like that would be nice! I love your blog!

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“It’s so nice to meet! I feel like I known you all my life already since of Newt’s never ending thoughts of you!” Queenie pulled the British woman into a hug, Y/N giving Tina and Newt a nervous look. “Oh honey, I’m a Legilimens! I can read your mind without even intending to, I’ll stop if you want!”

“That would be good, thank you.” She smiled, but the thought of Newt thinking about her while he was away did bring butterflies to her stomach. Queenie seemed not to follow her own offer as she grinned at Y/N widely, whom only looked down with rosy cheeks. Newt has taken Y/N back to New York to meet Queenie and Tina. It was actually more of a bet, Y/N wouldn’t believe that Newt made some friends. Not that Newt was unlikable, ha, she was head over heals for the man. He was just awkward and shy. They met all the way back at their third year at Hogwarts and if it wasn’t for Y/N’s slytherin hotheadedness she would’ve never know what’s it like having someone as caring as the hufflepuff by your side. Newt, the pushover he was, was getting picked on so of course Y/N stepped in. But that’s not when their true friendship was born, sure, they became acquainted and stared hanging out as much Newt’s shy demeanor allowed it. It was only when they were paired up in charms, Y/N staying too long at the hufflepuff common rooms than she was allowed. Newt was going on about what he read in some old book, all nervousness away as he explained the complicated magic in deep though, not noticing that Y/N has completely fallen asleep on his shoulder. You see, Y/N has been a victim of night terrors all her life and this particular week she has been dreading sleep so much she didn’t sleep at all. So really, what else could’ve happened, the boy’s voice  was just so lulling, and the foreign feeling of having someone next to you to keep you safe was just so nice, she couldn’t help falling asleep. So that became their thing, on really bad nights Y/N would sneak into Newt’s room, crawling into his bed to cuddle as his cheeks burned bright red. But that was until he got expelled. During the time she was finishing school they never saw each other, she was a mess, not sleeping at all. Only a few years ago has their paths crossed again, mind you, a very kleptomaniac creature has brought them together, as they both were trying to obtain it, they have been together even since. Not close enough to sleep together though, that was before, they were kids, didn’t know how intimate is sleeping with one other actually was.

“So I totally lost the bet, you do have friends besides myself.” Y/N stated climbing down the ladder into the magizoologist’s brief case, him throwing her a small smile before he got back to prepping for the creatures’ dinner. Y/N sat on the last step of the ladder, admiring the man in front of her. It hurt, not too bad, but it did, looking at him so close, so grown up and strong. Don’t get her wrong, she’s thankful that they’re back together, but her feelings are getting the best of her. “I saw a tea shop down the street, I’m gonna go check it out.”

“Don’t.” The wizard’s attention now retracted to the woman standing up who only gave him a questioning look. “I mean, go tomorrow. It’s late and it’s not safe here, they hate witches.”

“Witches they forgot about, you told me yourself. And it’s not like I’m gonna whip my wand out in plain sight.” She mused, Newt sighing because went it came to Y/N he was protective, possessive even. He showed it rarely directly, that’s why the witch was so bemused at him, but he’s always been like that. The fact that he can’t help her with her night terrors anymore break his heart more than anything. 

“Y/N, please.” He said, the woman still standing her ground, arms crossed over his chest. She knew that he was going to give in, he’s never the one to fight, but nevertheless she pressed on.

“I don’t understand what’s your problem right now, I’m just gonna get some tea. You’re being ridiculous, Newton.”

“Okay, okay, go.”

So naturally she didn’t.

She laid in bed, too afraid of sleep. It was nearly four hours later, she was supposed to be sharing the bedroom in the Goldstein apartment together with Newt, but he didn’t seem like he was gonna come out of his case any time soon. She pursed her lips, having the wizard in the same room would be enough for her to fall asleep, but she couldn’t even have that anymore. Their argument, if you can even call it — so stupid. But she still didn’t see his side, hell, she just wanted some tea - actually to get out and not have to be with him because she can’t be with him in the way she want - but tea. Why’d he care?

“Y/N?” She jolted up, hand going at her chest as she breathed in startled. Newt was stood in front of her, an apologetic look in his eyes. “I didn’t mean to wake you-”

“Wasn’t sleeping.”

“About that, I’m sorry about earlier. I’m just really protective of you, okay?” He looked down, Y/N’s heart swelling because she hasn’t seen him this shy with her in years. “And I see the bags under your eyes, I know that you haven’t been sleeping. And knowing you, plus the sleep deprivation, I’m worried that something might happen while you’re on your own.” He explained, eyes tracing everything but he in the dim room. “C-could I, might I — might I sleep with you? Like we used to, not— not like sex! No, just ugh, actual sleep? To help you?” Y/N smiled now, Newt rambling on as he finally raised his head to look at her. She scooted over, patting the sheets next to her as he only nodded, coming over to lay next to her. After a few moments of just resting next to each other he put his arm around her, Y/N turning to put her head on his chest as she smiled widely, thanking that he couldn’t see that in the dark.

One thing I find amazing and profound is how a season in which Dean lost all hope and faith in everything opened with him expressing a great amount of faith. Faith not in God, but in Castiel. He went to the hospital chapel to pray to him, after being told by the doctor Sam’s fate was in God’s hands. When Dean thinks of faith he doesn’t think of God, he thinks only of Cas.

I also find it interesting that toward the end of the season Tessa expressed this same sort of faith, even if it was misdirected and the product of manipulation by Metatron. She said there was no God, only Castiel. The first blade brought about the end of Tessa’s life, while it brought about a new dark beginning for Dean, but their fates were both tied together by very similar motivations. A desire to be free from all the pain and suffering. But while Tessa’s faith in Cas was something she was willing to die for, perhaps down the road Dean’s faith in Cas will be something he finds he wants to live for instead…