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Thanks to pandaliciouschihuahua for tagging me. Here goes nothing!

1) What’s your favorite color? Do you have a reason why?

Uuummm… I guess purple or blue… idk why I’ve just always found purple such a comforting color and it’s so rich, and blue because to me blue represents solidity and consistency, and I like it, plus I think it’s a beautiful color.

2) Who is your favorite artist? (from all the arts, music, acting, drawing, ect.)

This may take a while. Well, for music I could make a list a mile long, but I have to say Taylor Swift. She’s the bæ. For acting, again, alot but I have to say Misha Collins because he’s such a fucking fantastic person. And drawing, I gotta say Claude Monet. Idek why.

3) What’s your zodiac sign?

Gemini. My birthday’s June 16th.

4) Your favorite film?

AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH. I don’t really watch movies. So I have to say the Emperor’s New Groove, because I’m actually five years old.

5) Comfort food?

Um, hell yes. All of it. Depending on if I’m at my mom’s house or my dad’s house, its either goldfish and fruitrollups, or milkshakes and mini oreos. Don’t judge me.

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anonymous asked:

<33 whooa i didn't know eyes could lose their pigment that's so weird but also like really cool? idk i've always found it awesome when people have different colored eyes or more than one color in their eyes

Yup! like… I always been that way so to me it’s normal. I like that it makes me unique tho…but I saw another girl with the same thing and she said to me that she got some mmm abrasive cream? like something pretty strong into her eye and that’s why she lost color in it. what’s funny is that some people see it in the first 15 minutes they’re talking to me and for others it takes years. but it’s more obvious when i’m wearing my contacts. glasses hides it a bit :)