The Cuddly Hair Salon (Lafayette X Reader)

(@oakdragon253) Would you please do a Lafayette X reader where the reader braids Laf’s hair?
(Anon) Hey! I really love your writing and I was wondering is you could do an Alexander or A Lafayette one where the reader always wears her hair in a bun and he takes it out and it’s super fluffy??? Please and thank you!
Reader Gender: Female
Notes: time ;) ;) to ;) ;) combine ;) ;) requests ;) bc ;) ;) ;) im ;) ;) extra ;) ;) ;) but thank you anon!! and i got to learn about braiding bc i suck at it ^^” also i tried writing an accent. idk i dont really like it but tell me if its good :) this is possibly my first official fluff btw
Warnings: taking the Lord’s name in vain

Modern Day

You finally tied up your bun, and you put in the last bobby pin that kept down a rogue piece of baby hairs from sticking up. You smiled giddily as you tilted your head in different angles, admiring the slick handiwork in the mirror. You lightly nudged the bun around to make sure that it was secure on the corner of your head, because it would be a disaster if a group of stray hairs puffed out.



Spoke too soon.

You groaned out loud and finally walked away from the mirror, not caring that your once extremely slick and perfect updo was now cursed with a flaw. It would only be soon until more pieces started joining the first group into a revolution.

“‘Ello, bien-aimé, I’m home!” A familiar voice chirped up from down the hall. You felt your heart give a small jump as your boyfriend’s voice briefly rang throughout the one-story house. You had the bliss of having a day off from work, whilst your boyfriend got called in to substitute a high school class.

You padded towards the couch where your boyfriend threw himself upon, a pillow on top of his handsome face. You sat down on the other side by his long legs and leaned against the couch, looking out the window that was facing the living room.

“How were the kids? Were they annoying?” you asked, turning slightly towards Lafayette. You could slightly see his face under the pillow, and he groaned.

“They vouldn’t shut up. Literally, only one class did zier work and didn’t mess around.” Lafayette sat up, only to move himself closer to you, lean his head down on top of yours, and to hug your torso close to himself. You involuntarily smiled at how cute your boyfriend was, and leaned your own head on his shoulder.

“Is it the first time you subbed for that class?” you quietly spoke up, talking soothingly for Laf. He loved your voice either way.

“Yes, and hopefully the last time I vill ever go in that classroom. It was my first time at the school too, and the faculty was mean to me during lunch break.” Lafayette pouted. You giggled softly and turned your head, so that your face was covered by his shoulder.

“I’m so tired, (Nickname). Don’t make fun of me.” Lafayette lifted his head from yours, and you looked up. He then proceeded to kiss your forehead, and you closed one eye in protest, sticking your tongue out cutely. Lafayette had to keep in his squeals as he watched your reaction. You were so small and cute compared to him, it sometimes made him feel like a giant.

“I can massage your back if you want or something. I owe you anyways.” Laf nodded and turned around, giving your fingers access to his shoulders.

“Does this mean I have to make dinner, though?” You giggled once more and dug your thumbs hear your boyfriend’s neck.

“Yes, it does.” Concentrating on a particular knot around his shoulder blades, you gave a small kiss behind Laf’s ear.

“But for now, you can just relax and leave it to me.” Lafayette gave a warm smile and leaned into your fingers, your whisper giving him tingles. You gave the best back massages, which made you famous in your friend group.

You worked out the near-top of his shoulders, slowly going up to massage his scalp. You loosened and uncurled the hair tie that kept your boyfriend’s curls in his regular but cute bun, using your fingers to straighten his hair out. Testing out a few strands, you gained a brilliant idea.

“Babe, I’m gonna make you look beautiful.” you spoke up, reaching behind you for the drawer that held your sacred bag of hair things. Lafayette hummed in confusion, mainly because he wasn’t paying attention until your touch left him. You met eyes with Lafayette and shook your magical bag in excitement, the many hair clips and barrettes clinking together. Laf simply gave a tired and amused smile that fit his whole face and turned around, straightening his back.

“Make me as pretty as your French girls, mon amie. I want everyone in the room to be jealous when I walk through zhe doors.” Laf lazily flicked his hair with his hand for dramatic flair, earning an adorable snicker from you. You loved this side of your boyfriend. Usually, he was the loud, passionate man you knew, but sometimes, and only sometimes, he let his soft side come out. He can basically switch from excited and ambitious puppy to lazy and cuddly bear in a matter of minutes.

“Everyone is already jealous of you, especially if I’m in the room.” you playfully bantered back. Handing Lafayette your bag of hair clips, you began to start your masterpiece. You parted several sides of your boyfriend’s hair to mess around with, switching from several different types of braids in each section. Lafayette passed you different colored clips and ties, not going with any general color scheme. You noticed that some of his favorites were the little plastic butterfly and flower barrettes, which you then made a small garden of in the three-strand braid section. You occasionally gave kisses to the back of Lafayette’s neck in rewards for keeping still or to comfort him if you accidentally pulled his hair until it hurt. It might’ve been your imagination, but kissing a particular side of his neck made him quietly whimper. Nice to keep that in mind if you wanted revenge on him for messing around with you.

It took a while, but once you were done, you took a few seconds to take everything in before cracking up into a ball of laughter.

“Is it tat bad?” Laf said, a few chuckles coming out of him as well as he felt around the top of his head. You leaned back a little, forgetting that the edge of the couch existed. You held onto the pillows for your dear life, and laughing more due to your boyfriend’s reaction.

“nO BABE IT’S BEAUTIFUL DON’T WORRY.” you breathed out. Lafayette pulled you up and onto his lap, saving you from your near fall. You caught his lips into a sweet and breathless kiss, breaking it with smile. Lafayette had a dreamy look in his eyes, and you couldn’t help but to hug him tighter around the waist.

“How about I do your hair, then we can both see each other’s masterpieces in the mirror?” Lafayette suggested quietly. You nodded in agreement, and Laf placed more kisses on the bridge of your nose. You giggled, turning and shifting around a little, so that your back was facing your boyfriend, and your legs criss-crossed.

“Lafayette, do you know how to braid?” you meekly asked. Laf began to pull out the hairpins that were the most visible on your head and hummed.

“Well, not exactly, but I’m sure it will all come together in zhe end.” Lafayette replied. You decided to help him out on the many pins, since you nearly used a whole pack to keep everything down.

“Jesus, (Name), how many bobby pins do you have?” Lafayette muttered to himself. You snickered and wiggled a little restlessly in his lap.

“You know that pack of 100 bobby pins that you bought?” you asked. All was quiet and still until Lafayette whispered a soft “Jesus Christ.” You laughed and continued to help your poor boyfriend with your hair. It was a burden that both of you had very voluptuous hair.

It took a while, but soon you deemed your hair bobby pin-free. All of your short hairs were sticking up, and you could tell Lafayette was leaning back a little so the baby hairs wouldn’t get into his mouth.

“Finally.” Lafayette groaned in a joking manner. He began to pull the three hair ties that held what was left of your bun, releasing your massive hair and letting your scalp breathe. The feeling of freedom for the back of your head was amazing, since you tied it very tight. Lafayette was once again silent, and you worried, until you heard a series of kept in giggles which failed to stay inside.

“What’s so funny?” you asked, fixing the hair in front of your face so it didn’t annoy you. You were met with no verbal response, but a cuddly one. Lafayette dug his face into your hair, and you felt his chest heave up in down in laughter.

“Your hair…” Laf said in between gasps. “It’s so… Big. It just… heh.. Poofed up and I just…” You closed your eyes in a playful “mmm boi” expression as Lafayette cuddled you closely, before quickly going back up for air.

“Oh my God, I love you so much (Name).” Lafayette said in a soft, tired voice as he nuzzled into your neck. You felt a random rush of giddiness from the descending crackle from your boyfriend’s remark. You crossed your arms and looked over your shoulder.

“If you were working at a hair salon, then I would immediately send in a complaint about you not doing your job.” you lightheartedly pouted. Laf took this as a chance to lightly turn your chin towards his face, looking into your eyes for a heartbeat before stealing another kiss from you. This one was longer than the others, and you followed his lips as he retracted, letting your back fall into his chest. Lafayette didn’t mind your hair all in your face as he laid his chin on top of your head, and he let the smell of your conditioner to wash away his bad day.

You didn’t actually mind all of the kisses he stole throughout the process of styling your hair, but you did mind him snapping a quick picture of both of your final hairstyles in the mirror.

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can you do 29 with ashton?(:

29. “You can’t protect me.” 

Any other day, you’d be willing to put up with his shit. Any other day, you’d happily welcome a conversation with him. Any other day, you wouldn’t have told him to leave you alone.

But this wasn’t any other day.

Ashton Irwin was the school’s resident bad boy – a real troublemaker by all standards – and somehow – somehow – you were the girl he’d chosen to pine after.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like him in a romantic way – you really did think he was attractive and underneath that tough exterior, you were sure he was a sweet guy. But you…

You were as shy as they came. You were the least confrontational person the school had ever seen and people certainly took that to their advantage.

You were constantly picked on, ridiculed for the stupidest things like your hair or your clothes or even the most minuscule things like the doodles on your notebook covers. You didn’t understand it at all, honestly – you were sure they had much better things to do than make fun of you – but you bore it; You dealt with every comment and remark, every glare and scoff.

But what you couldn’t deal with – what was too much to handle, even for you – was Ashton Irwin.

Ashton had never made a rude comment or sent a disgusted glance your way, never even noticed you as far as you were concerned. That wasn’t even close to the truth, of course, but you had no idea.

The boy was constantly telling people to lay off of you, and they did – when he wasn’t around. But the comments would only become more cruel because of it.

I don’t know what Ashton sees in you.

You’re such a nobody. Why would Ashton want to help you?

You’ve had to have put out, right? There’s no way someone like Ashton would want you if you didn’t.

It was hilarious, honestly – the wisecracks they would make. Then again, maybe they were just upset because Ashton didn’t want them.


One day, after school, you were putting your things into your locker and putting your homework into your backpack, when you heard someone walking up to you. And you could tell those were Ashton’s boots from a mile away.

“Hey, Y/N,” Ashton said, stopping right beside your locker, leaning on the wall beside it. You nodded in acknowledgement, but didn’t actually look at him, simply continuing about your business. His eyebrows furrowed a bit in confusion, but he just shrugged it off. “So,” he went on, “You’re pretty good at pre-calc, right?” You nodded. “Well, I was wondering if it would be okay if I could possibly get your number,” he said, rocking back and forth on his feet, “I’m pretty terrible at it – failing, actually – so my mum wants me to start seeing a tutor and I thought since you have an A in the class and everything… You might be able to help me…” You finally looked up at him, finding a nervous smile on his face. You knew Ashton was never really the type of person to ask for help, so of course you were going to accept.

“Yeah,” you said softly, “Yeah, I can tutor you.”

“Thank you,” he sighed in relief, pulling out his phone, “Here. I’ll text you or call you tonight when I end up getting stuck on our homework.” You couldn’t help but giggle softly, not even realizing Ashton had blushed at knowing he’d caused it. You created a new contact for yourself and saved it before giving him his phone back. His hand brushed yours and you swore your heart nearly stopped beating. “Well, I, uh… I guess I’ll talk to you later,” he cleared his throat. You nodded and watched him walk away for a moment before turning back to your locker.

But, of course, as with everything else in your life, your good mood didn’t last for long. Because as soon as Ashton was out of hearing range, someone else came up to you.

“Did I hear that right, nerd?” the guy asked, “Did you really just give Ashton Irwin your number?”

“He asked for it,” you mumbled, putting your last book into your backpack.

“Why? He decide you’re such a good fuck, he wanted to do it again?” he snickered.

You didn’t respond, you simply grabbed your backpack and closed your locker door. You started to walk away, but that clearly wasn’t good enough for the guy picking on you.

“Did I say you could leave?” he growled, grabbing your upper arm and yanking you back, causing your back to slam into the wall behind you.

He threw you against it with such force that the back of your head hit the metal lockers – luckily not enough to seriously injure you, but you definitely already felt the bruise. You let out a loud yelp, your hand flying to where your head had hit the wall. Everyone standing around was in shock, speechless at how someone had actually gotten physical with you.

Unbeknownst to you, Ashton had heard your short scream, spinning around on his heels. He saw you holding your head, watched as you shoved the guy away from you, and quickly walked toward the back doors to go to the parking lot. Ashton ran back down the hallway, past the guy still at your locker – but making a mental note on who it was so he could deal with him later – and made it outside. He quickly looked around for you, sighing in relief that you were only in the middle of the parking lot.

“Y/N!” Ashton called out as he hurried after you, “Y/N, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” you grumbled, not looking back at him, as you finally reached your car.

“Y/N, come on. Please look at me,” he practically begged, taking your hand just before you grabbed the door handle. He turned you around, finding you were desperately trying to hold back tears. “You’re not fine,” he stated softly, wiping the tears that had already managed to fall down your cheek with his thumb.

“Yes, I am,” you murmured again, just wanting to leave before your headache got too bad.

“No one has ever physically hurt you before, Y/N,” he reminded you firmly, “So don’t you dare try to tell me you’re fine.”

“It was nothing. It was one time. It won’t happen again.”

“You don’t know that, Y/N,” Ashton shook his head, “I just want you to be safe.”

“Well, unless you plan on following me everywhere, you can’t protect me from everything, Ashton!” you exclaimed.

“But I can certainly try,” he murmured, leaning down and letting his lips collide with yours.

You heard you were supposed to hear fireworks or something when you kissed someone, but none of that happened. What you did feel was weak in the knees and butterflies in your stomach and dizziness in your head… So you grabbed Ashton’s arms as they were wrapped around your waist, holding yourself up as stably as you could. When you realized you weren’t breathing, you pulled away just enough so that you could suck in a sharp breath, your chest visibly rising and falling as Ashton’s eyes fluttered back open.

“Will you go on a date with me?” he asked, not even hesitating.

“A-A date?” you swallowed nervously.

“Yeah, a date. This weekend. Maybe we could go to the fair or something…” he trailed off when he noticed you seemed a little stand-offish. “But you don’t have to say yes if you don’t want,” he shook his head, “It’s okay, I won’t be-”

“Yeah,” you murmured, cutting him off, “I’ll go on a date with you.” Ashton’s eyes widened slightly, having completely expected you to reject him.

“I… Okay…” he smiled shyly, “I, uh… I’ll see you in pre-calc tomorrow… Have a good night, Y/N…”

“You too, Ashton,” you whispered. He bravely pecked your lips again, smiling widely at you and backing away before spinning around so he could go to his own car. You let out a deep breath, leaning back on your car door, and finally allowing yourself to smile as well.

i honest to god do not mean to burst anyones bubble if anyone genuinely believes something is canon but the only way i see canon gay characters is
-they say theyre in and/or have been in m/m and f/f and make an indication that they are not okay with being in a m/f relationship
-they say theyre gay
same with bi characters:
-they say they have been and are okay being in relationships with people who arent a certain gender
-they say their bi
so idk i just dont really like saying something thats really really flimsy is ~canon/representation~ because it gives bethesda way too much credit then they actually deserve. thats all there is to it when i say “it isnt really canon per se”. its not me trying to bring anyone down, but try and bring up the fact that bethesda has been purposefully excluding concrete lgbt content to save face with straight gamers for years, and still keeps doing it.

an outfit I suppose! It’s really hard to find anything in my wardrobe that matches these tights since they’re colors I don’t normally use lol

Next Door Neighbor Pt. 7- Calum Hood

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hey hey hey!!! thanks a bunch for all the notes and all that jazz! I think this will probably be about nine parts, more or less, after I may do a new michael imagine or just continue spiderman!michael IDK tell me what you think xx

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