• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:Vriska Serket really did take responsibility for her shitty actions by bringing back Tavros and Equius as sprites but she still refused to fix any other problems caused by others implying that she only tried to redeem her actions to make herself look better and has no interest in doing good things for other people and it also seems like she's still manipulative by the way she spoke to terezi and then she tried to say davesprite is dead which is quite possibly the worst thing any homestuck character has ever done

im so torn between going to bangor or liverpool…the course @ liverpool is totally amazing and everything i wanted from my course..but i live in quite a rural area which would make living in liverpool really hard and i dont think it would b good for me….bangor is amazing and i’d like it 1000x better but i don’t think i’ll like the course which is a problem bc i’m only really going to uni to learn more abt psychology so idk im so torn

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17, guy, 6'0, dark brown eyes, dark dark dark brown hair, i love piano photography and theater, and idk ive never rly been on a date before but part of the date would probably be sth like going outside to look at the stars bc stars are fucking awesome

pass probably, im not really into piano/photography/theatre i dont have the patience for it lmao. the stars thing sounds nice thooo

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i dont like the acnl soundtrack, its really shitty compared to older games :/ it doesnt have that kind of magical feeling u know?? n im not talking about nostalgia, cuz i remember when i was younger n just started to play the wild world i really loved the music!!! i just feel like they made new leaf too.. "modern"? idk how to describe it

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I'm confused af with my sexuality..I'm a 15 y o girl that loves guys..but like I'm starting to idk like girls too? Any tips or edwise?

just let it be, the feeling might grow stronger (that means you’re bi) or that might be biromantic, or bicurious. ok either way, let it be. dont let it bother you too much, follow your heart, if you like that feeling, go on, its fine. so after a while you will know what you really want.

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So I haven't seen aou yet but I'm seeing hints of how Joss handled it and I just... hmmgh. I'm still going to see aou the day it comes out (Marvel owns my soul) but I wanted your opinion on Whedon I guess? I've always thought he was pretty good, but tbh looking back at his movies vs. the Russos, they treat characters better. Idk I'm just really appreciating Russo bros more and more lately. I think they're the reason catws is my favorite. So anyways I really wanted your thoughts on all this pls?

I just dont like the way that Whedon seems to ignore all the progress that the other movies have made and the character development that has occured…. He just sees it and goes, “yeah I see what you did there but my head is stuck so far up my ass that Im going to ignore that and write whatever the hell I want as a way to metaphorically suck my own dick” (plus he said Bucky should have died, so I want him gone)

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Quick question. How did you get your hair like that? Not the color but the texture and how soft it looks

i have a hair faq here but i really dont do anything and some days its just flat so idk ? i guess one thing is that i never shower in the morning i always do the night before like an hour before i go to sleep and i sleep on a towel (which is also good for ur skin) if i shower in the morning my hair just turns into a frizzy mess during the day

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somethings weird about the AR part of equius thats gotta be it, like, thats not the equius we know and love and like... a whole bunch of messed up shit. something had to have happened that we dont know about that made these people so different

maybe it depends on who is put into the sprite first???? idk??? but equius obviously cares more about the highbloods than nepeta… i rly loved arquius’ monologue when he apologized to nepeta and shit like that was a really good way to improve his arc and his character like wtf

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Hi, im a 17 year old girl and i really love yr blog. I need advice. Idk like i dont wanna sound stupid. Okay im in love he loves me we are gonna get married when im 18. Hes 20 but on the inside hes like 18 i swear. But i love him. And im gonna lose my v-card to him. Im just really scared about losing him if i do it. Like i was the one who had to mention it first cause he said he wants to be respectful of me. God i dont even know what im asking. Im sorry lol. I hope you have a great day.

It’s fairly common for young girls to get with older guys and vice versa. Females mature faster than males on average both mentally and physically. So the age thing isn’t really a big deal to me. However I would say that it’s not a good idea to get married so soon. Marriage is not only a ceremony to express love and commitment to one another, but it is also a binding legal contract with lots of baggage if you really look at it. It’s not something to be taken lightly. I feel like people should be in a relationship together for about five years before deciding to get married. Most couples will break up before four years hits (if they do) so if you last longer than that I’d say there’s a good chance that he’s the one and it would probably be a decent idea to get married. But nowadays so many people over romanticize the idea of marriage and so many people think that’s what they want, and do it without really thinking about it. So my only recommendation to you is to wait to get married rather than jumping into it. As for the losing your virginity thing, I personally don’t think much of losing your virginity, sex is just sex in my opinion. But you say that you’re concerned the sex will cause you to lose him which I’m confused about. All I can say is that if you guys have sex and for whatever reason that causes him to leave, then he clearly wasn’t the right guy and you should be glad you didn’t marry him. Sex is an important part of a relationship, so if you really think that he is the one and things are working out then the sex should be no problem. All in all I wish you good luck and I hope that you don’t rush into things too fast only to be disappointed. Just try to enjoy your time with him and make things work and take things slowly.

this is super awful and catty but i dont like most other kg fictionkin theyre really…. uwuish? is that a description ppl understand
plus i am the real tamama. i can have friends that are doubles (ik two kururus and two dororos) buf not with tamama. Thats Me Name
it comes down to q gut feeling idk like some mutuals of my mutuals i dont think are The Real (whatever) qnd thats probably awful its just the only thing close to a soul bond or whatever i get. i just Know

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Omg im so sorry you have to deal with all of these people trying to control your writing :// u should write whatever u want and if they dont like it then they shouldnt read it. Its that simple. Get a life people

It really takes the fun and freedom out of it tbh. thank you. idk what’s with everyone these past couple of days telling me what I should write like ???

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loving your ex when they dont love or want you makes you pathetic and needy

I feel like you’re probably the same anon who has asked me about Liz before. I know in perfect clarity how I feel about her and how much I care about how shes doing. Yes I love her. No Idk what her feelings are for me in really any capacity, anymore. But I dont think that automatically means I can’t care about her or want good things or want to still be in contact in some way. Liz knows more about me than really anyone and Ive always been proud to call her a friend. Maybe its just me, but its hard for me to just walk away from someone to whom I gave/shared so much and Im more comfortable with myself for having known and spent time with her. She was there at times when I felt most alone and I could never have asked for anything more. Im proud of the choices shes making and the person shes becoming; Liz is a wonderful person w/ a good heart. Im here if she ever, ever needed anything, I will forever be in her court, and yea, I love her beyond measure. None of that is done in an attempt to get anything back. I love Liz because of my choices and my feelings. Not hers. Love/care is not exclusive to dating. If that makes me pathetic, so be it.

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There's nothing wrong with being kin of something and being the real iteration of that something and believing the others to be fakes. Personally doubles of my primary kintypes make me really uncomfortable so I block them. It sort of helps but it still irks me that these people are faking and trying to be me i guess? Does that make sense? It sounds a lot more awful now that I put it into words. :(

it does sound mean but i really dont intend to be
i dont now bcs im mostly a mobile blog but i used to have every single tamama on here blocked. like for me its not a past life thing and its not a spiritual thing its not a coping mechanism. i am Just tamama and its that simple
i mean theres probably a nicer way other than saying fake but yeah im glad someone gets my feeling. when i see people claim to be me, tamama, i legitimately feel like someones wearing my face as a mask. idk im probably just being a prick what do i know

im probably going to make an etsy and start selling bath bombs and spell kits and stuff soon, like a bath bomb with fumitory and lavender petals for cleansing purposes sold with like a small white candle or two and a card with how to do it or whatever. like bath magic. probs for around 10 dollars if i worked out the prices right. even for people that dont “believe in it” or whatever its still a fun candle lit bath that smells good so really it appeals to everyone. idk thoughts?

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What does it mean to you to be aro? How did you know? I think I am but I want firsthand info. What relationship do you desire with a person you like? Idek I'm sorry I'm learning

to me it basically just means no romo- so like idk when i see someone i may feel sexual attraction towards them (e.g. i think, wow that person is attractive and id like to maybe kiss them or like… you know)

but romantic stuff just doesn’t really appeal to me and i dont get romantically attracted to people like i hate the idea of going on dates, cuddling, or holding hands (although that just might be me, it can differ from person to person) and i dont really know how to explain it bc i dont want to explain it wrong y’know?

anyways bottom line is aromantics dont feel romantic attraction!

personally, i identify as grey-romantic/aroflux, although usually when people ask i say im just plain aro because people usually barely know anything about aromanticism, and also because if i feel romantic attraction towards someone its extremely rare and rly short-lived. as for the reltionships i deisre,,, well, lets just say that the term “friends with benefits” is pretty damn appealing to me :p

here are some good resources:

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Ehm idk what to say but i want to lose weight, and rn, after i realized that i have eaten too much i induced vomiting, and that was pretty easy, but i have a little bit fear, idk what to do, really

Dont lose weight by creating an eating disorder. For one its super unhealthy. Secondly it causes a ton of problems physically and mentally. 

I currently am trying to lose weight too and I have lost a good amount in just a week.

What I do is have something light for breakfast like yogurt or fruit. then around 10 i have a granola bar. For lunch I have some lean meat or protein packed meals. and then for dinner a light, lean meal (try some veggies and fish or chicken)