aaaa i finally was brought up to a chance to take these pics!

//it took a loot of time for me to finish a now post it here, so thank you for your patience! and support!( they know whom i thank hopefully x3 )

i really enjoyed drawing this! such a delightful piece, hehehee~

link to some more in full-size: x

also progress??: y

PJ - @7goodangel

Monochrome - @skoopskoop

Omni - @cereusblue

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Hi. I'm a 14 year old trans guy and I'm really confused if I am attracted to men or if I just want to be them?

Charlie says:

unfortunately, a lot of LGBT people have this struggle one way or another. Even cis lesbians I know thought they were attracted to men (or were men) when really they just envied the fact that our society lets men be with women more so than other men.

I really think the only way to get to the bottom of this is time, and critical analysis.  It might become clearer as you get older, change your presentation/ transition, or get into relationships.  I might think about the thoughts that go through your head when you think about men, such as envy or jealousy (simply indicating dysphoria) or wanting to be given attention by one or two specific men.  Who knows, it could be both!  

It’s important to realize that while Brie Larson showed somewhat signs of displeasure with Casey Affleck, she did not made any official statement against him of his award. 

But you know who did? Constance Wu did. 

Way to applaud to white women for doing less than bare minimum, but ignoring woman of color who spoke bravely against awarding Casey Affleck and acknowledged connection between Hollywood’s silence and his brother’s influence. Let’s also admit that Brie Larson is way more secure in her career than Constance. The same goes for a lot of other white women in Hollywood. 

you only ever heard her side. so you assumed i was a terrible human being that pushed her to anxiety attacks. you were supposed to be my friend, but no, she was your girlfriend, wasnt she. you were supposed to be neutral party, but you always took her fucking side, didnt you? when you moved in you saw the fights we got in, how she treated me, but you didnt do a fucking thing and now look at me. i still dont know why she keld the fact that i USED to like you over my head, like it invalidated everything. like i was scum of the earth for at one point liking you. i never would have taken you from her. im glad i didnt. youre scum just like her. she used her mental illness to fucking negate everything she did to me. i was always the toxic one. the one cowering in the corner, wanting to slit his wrists, trying so hard to keep a straight face. the one who was judged, invalidated. i have eating disorders again from her. i have nightmares and ptsd over ste stupidest things because of her. all i asked of you was to just listen to me and let me vent. the one time i did, i begged you not to let her know. and then she gaslighted me into saying i lied. that it was never as bad as i made it out to be. that i was worse. i hope you two fucking rot in hell. and i hope i get to be there stoking the flames under your asses.

Hawaii You?
  • Baekhyun x You 
  • Romance / Fluff
  • Two shot 

Part 1 - Part 2 

Description: Working as a pizza deliverer had its perks - especially if one of them was delivering to the handsome guy ordering a Hawaiian with extra pepperoni almost every day. 

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