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If you were a writer on the show, what plot points or things would you 'fix'?

oooh, good question! There are a good few things so I’ll try to keep it to the big ones:

The entire Outlaw Queen arc starting in 3B - no Marian, no Zelena, no baby, no death. Instead I’d have Regina develop feelings for Robin, him not really trusting her at first but being attracted to her and intrigued by her, and them slowly finding common ground and coming to trust each other like Emma and Hook did. Actually working on their relationship in a way that helps Regina as a character, taking responsibility, learning to let things go, etc.

The Emma’s-darkness-is-in-Lily plot - either expand on it more and actually resolve it, or leave it out altogether

I’d change things so Snowing didn’t kidnap Lily because to me, that was way OOC and I just didn’t like it

Will Scarlet. Why was he there? Where did he go? Give him a plot. Explain how he got back to Storybrooke and why. I realise they had to cut it for whatever reason, but yeah, if I could, I’d fix that.

I’d have the Dark Swan arc play out very differently, I think. Less with the plot twists and more with the psychological aspect. Have Emma struggle with the darkness, since she never had any in her before. Maybe bring Lily into it. Have Emma actually confront her past and the issues, get a little selfish, struggle to choose her family over the Dark One before eventually succeeding. Maybe have her and/or Killian con the Darkness the way we thought, pretending to give into it only to defeat it for good in the end. (Or at least appear to; Rumple taking it back was awesome.)

Killian’s backstory with confronting his father. It was silly. The sleeping curse TLK thing was silly. Just have it be an illusion from Regina, and voila, fixed.

I’d have done the Underworld arc VERY differently. More characters confronting their pasts and people from their pasts, less Hades and Zelena and back-and-forth. “Last Rites” was amazing in terms of pacing and development after basically half a season of much ado about nothing, so more with the action and less with the empty threats and posturing. And some other solution than the deus ex machina moment after half a season of effort that amounted to nothing. (I would have LOVED an Orpheus-and-Eurydice type of test where Killian had to follow behind Emma and she had to trust him to because let’s face it, that is THEM. Emma leads and Killian follows. No questions, no doubts. That would’ve been so fitting and an amazing way to cement their relationship and just. Yes. Want.)

In general, more Snow and David supporting Emma, especially more Snow/Emma bonding and talking like they had in season 1. I miss that dynamic. I know it’s different now but it seems that instead of trying to fix it, they’re just forgetting about it.

Regina and Emma’s friendship. It comes across as very one-sided to me; Regina will speak up in Emma’s defence and show her support when Emma isn’t around, but when they have scenes together, it’s usually Emma trying to reach out to Regina. I’d just like to see more moments like Regina reassuring Emma that she’s plenty good enough for Killian. When I compare it to Emma/Elsa or Emma/Snow in season 1, it falls short, so when the creators/actors tell me it’s supposed to be that kind of friendship I just feel like, if that’s what they want me to see, they should try to actually show it? I know they can because they’ve done it with other characters, so.

Milah’s second death. Get her out of that river, man. Or never throw her in there in the first place. It was horrible. Do not want. Hook and Swan action rescue team go.

And, this is a purely personal thing, I’d get rid of Zelena. She annoys me. I LOVE her as the Wicked Witch and I love Bex, but please, let her be a villain or get rid of her. The whininess annoys me. Again, that’s a personal thing which comes from my personal experiences, so not a criticism of the writing or the character. Just personal preference.

I think those are the big ones!


yup! you heard right! this post will cover an essential tool that would save any role player when it comes on editing icons. now this is my first attempt to make an actual posts about this since i guess i tutored two people over IM about this and the other was about making theme backgrounds but i will cover that next time. now it’s time to help everyone and ease their pain on editing icons to make it more faster and not to deal with say 1k+ of them which i went through back in the days when i didn’t know about this. 

now let’s get this tutorial started shall we?



make sure you got a whole folder with clean icons because you don’t wanna go through on making them again if you plan on changing your icon’s psd and also make sure nothing besides your icons are in the folder.



open PHOTOSHOP and when done click on FILE, when done go all the way down on SCRIPTS then you will see more options go ahead and click on LOAD MULTIPLE DICOM FILES. a small window will appear.

as shown from the pic above that would be the small window that will appear so go ahead and locate the folder that contains your clean icons.


after locating your icon folder open it and wait for a few seconds until it loads all the pics that contains the folder.


NOTE: if you got more than 1k icons inside it is advised that you divide them because depending on the RAM on your laptop or PC photoshop will tell you he is unable to save them all or do an important step that i will cover next.


after it loads all the icons this will appear alright but don’t panic next thing you gonna do is select ALL the layers and when done you all gonna do is click where it says CREATE FRAME ANIMATION.

now when you selected every layer you will see that thing with the multiple bars on it right? click that thing and you will see more options go ahead and click the option MAKE FRAMES FROM LAYERS. depending on the quantity of the icons it will load faster or sometimes a bit slow but that depends like i said on the amount of icons you loaded.

after it’s done you will see this as a result!


now that you got everything settled there’s one thing you have to do and it’s a simple one. open your icon psd file and when done all you gotta do is select every layer of it hit right click on the layers and you will see the option DUPLICATE LAYERS, when done there’s a tiny window that makes you pick where do you want to duplicate them and well you only have to select the window where are the icon stack which will be named as DICOM files.

make sure everything looks like this. your icon psd layers should be ALWAYS above or they won’t work for the rest of the pics. now if there’s something you wanna adjust you can do it.


now that everything is settled all you gotta do is save them. now you will be wondering how to do that, well it’s simple. you all gotta do is click on FILE again and go all the way down over at EXPORT then more options will appear. click on RENDER VIDEO and a window will appear.

make sure everything looks like this and you won’t have any trouble. you can name the icons as you seem fit. if you wanna save them on a separate folder make sure to click CREATE NEW SUBFOLDER and then name the folder. size can be whatever too depending on what size of icon pics you work on. now that you got everything like you want hit RENDER and photoshop will start saving every icon in the folder with the psd placed on them one by one until it’s done.

for those who had to divide your icons you can do the steps again and all you gotta do is save them on the icon folder where you first save them but make sure that you gotta change something and that’s the STARTING # section. you all gotta do is just change 1 to the number of the icon that goes next. let’s say the last icon made is named as 100.png. then you just gotta put 101 as a starting number so it won’t replace any of the icons already saved.

and this is the result!



any questions you can go send me an ask or send me an IM message for any doubts. hope i explained correctly on each step so now go and be happy without stressing on editing a lot of icons one by one!

NOTE: this tool only works with square icons! if you’re planning on using a circle psd then it won’t work! i’m sorry i don’t know much about using photoshop so this is most all i can do. gif pics also won’t work since there’s not an option to save them as .gif.

carrying on from the tags I posted --

Solas makes mistakes, just like any other person in this world. He is victim to his own desires and sadness and prejudices and opinions. And it is his opinion that this world will never be able to be as t was, because all he HAS seen since he woke and watched from Uthenara is that the world is CONSTANTLY trying to destroy itself. He doesn’t hate the Dalish. It’s just that his pride was wounded deeply, along with his trust, because he helped free his people, put his trust and faith in them, and was disappointed to learn they curse his name and worship the gods who once enslaved them. AGAIN, this is not the Dalish’s fault, please don’t get that wrong. I’m not trying to defend Solas’s actions, but at least help enlighten why?

There was once a balance between magic and the world. Magic was everything. Magic was once as natural as breathing. Now it’s just a fizzling flame, dying out. Spirits once had such a deep connection with the elves, and now the elves fear them, just as bad if not worse than humans. Take Merrill’s clan for example: they shunned her when they learned of her blood magic and her connection with a demon. Spirits they often connect with Fen'Harel, the traitor. They’re VERY superstitious.

Basically, I’m saying Solas does care. A lot. About too many things and he doesn’t always process that well. He makes mistakes, and yes, that doesn’t excuse him from what he’s done, but I feel like some people make it out like he IS a God and he should know better. No. Lol. He specifically says he is just as mortal as the slaves he freed.

He even tells the Inquisitor that they have shown him value in this world, and Solas DOES see it. He even saw it in Templar Barris, because Barris is a good man, and Solas could see that. Barris knew his job as a Templar was not to abuse mages, but to protect them from outside hate and even from themselves if need be. But one small value does not save a world from what it once lost, you get me? Again. Solas cares deeply. He LOVES deeply. He’s just very good at compartmentalizing what he feels comes first, and loves has very many different forms, and his love for magic, freedom, balance, and the past will override most things. I do see him possibly changing with some strong opposition from those he cares about, but I also don’t see him giving up easily, hence why I think any ending will result in his death.

A silly lil AU? me and @aurotoiras came up with for Undertale

Basically what if another person fell down the whole while babysitting Frisk but was wearing like a toothless hoodie?

And Toriel was like, “Yo, lemme enchant that shit to help you survive and find Frisk.”

So they can Fly, the claws are like real claws along with the hoodie acting like scales, breath fire, and use the tail and ears.