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That sword post I promised

So my husband is a MASSIVE nerd especially about swords and other weaponry. Like he wants to be a blacksmith and sell swords mostly. Point being, he knows more than your average person

He pointed out that because this was taking place roughly 600 BC, they were in the iron age. The iron age!!! This means that steel wasn’t a surefire thing and, more often than not, was more of a fluke of forging than anything else. It was rare for a blacksmith to reliably produce steel and, because of that, it tended to be very expensive and only attainable by the very rich and powerful ie high ranking generals and kings. Steel wasn’t readily available until the steel age which happened after 500 BC and this is a full century before the end of the Iron Age in that area

This means, that for Laban to have had a steel sword he was Very Important™ which makes sense, considering he was coming back from meeting with the leaders of the church in Jerusalem. To complicate this is the solid gold hilt

I always thought oh silly Nephi. Solid gold is soft. It’s probably gold plated. Nope. My husband said that during the iron age, the only way to gold plate things was to hammer it straight onto the lower surface. (Gold platong wasnt made easier until the steel age either.) This tended to be used for jewelry mostly and if it was on a sword, it would make it extremely expensive. So expensive, in fact, that Laban wouldn’t have been carrying it around in the city. (Which, by the way, it was illegal to carry swords in the city at that time unless they were Very Important and-slash-or a ceremonial sword)

Solid gold then? That seems silly because it’s a soft metal. Well if it got damaged or fell off, it was easy to just hammer back in place. I’d mentioned that would be impractical because how would you battle with it?

Because it was CEREMONIAL not an actual battle sword. Laban had come back from something that required a ceremonial sword thus why he had a sword in the city and was drunk. This sword wasn’t meant for combat, a sign of Laban’s status

This means that, likely, if Laban wasn’t THE ruler of Jerusalem, he was Extremely Important™ to the city. Which means he was likely wearing some kind of beautiful, ceremonial armor that signalled Hey! I’m Laban!

On top of this, Nephi and Laban are cousins. That means they look a decent amount alike and, remember, this was night during the iron age so could be easily mistaken for Laban. He was also wearing the ceremonial Hey! I’m Laban! clothes and Look! I’m important! sword. They also would sound relatively similar because, again, related

This, in turn, shows us how important Lehi, Nephi, et al were since they were related to Laban. We already knew they were rich because Nephi mentions gold, silver, and precious things but! By being related to Laban who was So Important™ to the city, this made them, more or less, nobles

Nobles! Which, in turn, tells us that the whole family was very well fed and had idle time to practice with swords. They wouldn’t necessarily be Absolutely Ripped or anything but they would’ve been healthy, strong, well fed, and familiar with weaponry. This is how Nephi knew to take Laban by the hair and lop off his head

This also explains how Nephi knew what he was looking at! He would’ve seen a steel sword before if not used one even! He would’ve considered it really cool (and we have a verse that basically says wow! sword! instead of yknow… drunken possibly dead body) and paid attention to it due to its rarity

So! If Laban had such a nice sword, and really great clothes, and it was all ceremonial then what does his death an for Jerusalem? Well, remember why they were fleeing in the first place? Jerusalem was going to fall. They’d been warned

What Nephi wouldn’t have known, couldn’t have known, was that Laban’s death is likely either the event that plunged Jerusalem into its fall or pushed it along. (I think it pushed it along since they went back for Ishmael and his family but that’s just me.) So, Laban’s death got them the plates which we read today as the Book of Mormon AND helped cause Jerusalem to fall

All of this because of one verse where Nephi geeks out about Laban’s sword! It actually tells us so lot! Nephi wouldn’t have known that at all! He was just mesmerized by a cool ceremonial sword! But, by including that, it’s both proof that yep this definitely happened when the Book of Mormon says it is as well as tells us both about Laban’s importance and the importance of Nephi’s family

Isn’t that cool??? I didn’t know any of this until he took some time to explain it to me!! But now I know so much!! Because of one verse!!

Dylan isn’t a member and he taught me so much??? Like it’s not that I’m surprised I learned something. He teaches me all the time. I’m surprised he taught me something about the doctrine I’d grown up with