I had my counseling appointment and I felt better, but now I’m rather drained of energy. My mind is clearer I guess, and I think I know how I want to handle a specific situation… but idk. Certain things still seem up. Found out that The reason I keep having depressive episodes and will just randomly start crying is because I ignore like 75% of my emotions until they spill out and become unbearable, which is why I get so overwhelmed. It’s probably why I’m numb to everything as well. WHICH… Now that I look at it, duh. But I didn’t realize I bottled so much up because I’d be like “what do you mean I should be feeling at least 139 emotions a day, I felt 1 two days ago, that’s enough thank you.”  

I finished my exam. I’m not sure how well I did, and to be honest I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I should have been better and tried more.

Two pages of an essay are due on Friday so I’m not outta the woods yet. But innnnnn… 15 minutes my roommate and I are going to go see Moonlight. I’m excited but I’ll probably cry easily lol