1. babylonianbarbz said: well said
  2. gallivantt said: I agree with this!

Glad there are some people who agree. Because a lot of the behaviors and attitudes I’m witnessing is…disturbing. I don’t agree with the way folks handle things or speak with such authority on experiences they’ll never be apart of. Or demonizing people who may not understand an issue that effects you in particular. Idk it’s just a lot of demanding going on then actual learning. At least that’s how I see it. The lines seem to blur between reason and extremism on this website. At times I feel as if I’m in the Twilight zone cause certain posts are just far fucking out. - K

I’m slightly scared of myself because things are waaay too similar to how they once were, only i know how i handle myself slightly better now..(keepin’ this vague) idk tho. i still feel very nervous. the fact that I’m even touching certain things again is………………………………………………… :|

i think i’ve made some bad choices for the long run recently but they feel good now

man ive been taking a bunch of meds for a long time but like i have no idea how to tell if any difference is made like i know that it may take a while to find something right but i literally have not felt any difference at all this entire year that i’ve been on varying meds and i just im scared to think like maybe they are working maybe i just need to wait longer for the current ones which to be fair i only started 2 weeks ago but like,
idk i’m almost certain that along with my depression/anxiety i have adhd like thats what led us to the psychiatrist in the first place but like ugh i just feel like nothing works and i know thing sjust take time and will get better but like?????? i can barely handle waking up how the fuck am i supposed to function normally.
 not to mention ive been like super dysphoric lately like i can barely wear clothes without just feeling super uncomf and i just really hate existing right now? like i dont want to die but i just want to stop existing for a bit because that’s a bit too much for me and uuuuuuuugh im just tired of all of this.
 i’m just afraid of myself because one day my fear of death may not be enough and i may try and thats terrifying to me because its totally a possibility. i wish i could be in a different body because this current one is just making me miserable