I’ve been very stressed and I’ve been doing very stupid things and I fear having to deal with people who insult me because I don’t know if ignoring it means I’m letting people walk on me or if it’s because I’m not witty enough or because I know it’s not true and I’m just really overanalyzing certain things and it’s all really annoying :/ I just want to chill out and not talk a lot for a while and ignore people when they harass me and I hope that’s the right thing
My confidence has been kind of low and I don’t know what I should be doing to fix it
Or how I should handle negative people around me
It seems like it could be a simple answer but I never believe anything I do will bring positive feelings and thoughts to me

I’m such a hard person to love and no one can even really do it or get it right and it’s not even their fault it’s mine, I’m assuming it has to do with things that I’ve gone through and how I naturally react to certain situations and I can’t even control it and I don’t even notice what I’m doing. People are probably better off not loving me tbh cause I suck at handling it.

rivainicharm Me and my one true bae

Aww. Horses are lovely. We have some down the road from where I live and in the past, the mother (who isn’t with us anymore) used to sort of cuddle me. She’d put her head against my body. I’m told that’s a trust thing? idk.

// Horses tend to gravitate to people they perceive as sensitive and open, someone who would be receptive to herd instincts and social behavior. Mares, in particular, have protective and mothering instincts that often lead them to show affection to someone who isn’t overtly aggressive in aura (I know that sounds hippy-dippy, but horses live their lives through nonverbal cues, and how a person holds themselves, the energy they exude, it always matters). So if you never actually handled her, let her come to you, I’m certain her gesture was an act of affection, something like a pat on the head, as if to say “you are a good little human, I do like you indeed.”  :)