mr. universe and rose quartz are literally relationship goals i’m crying so fucking much oh my god 

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honestly just a reminder that you are so important okay?? i know you haven't been having the best of days recently and it makes me sad because, even though we aren't mutuals, i care a hella lot about you (as do MANY others). you put out so much content for those who are seeking inspiration, and even those who just want to be entertained. i've been following you for almost a year now, and thus, i've gotten to know you from the sidelines - i think you're WONDERFUL, and i want you to know that too.

i– idk what to say.. this is really sweet of you and omg i just ;;; thank you so much ♡ this means a lot to me… /gross sobbing

OKAY there needs to be a show about a young teenage alien that tries to live on earth. Her family lives in a spaceship but the family is like a normal American family. The embarrassing dad, the sweet mother, and the annoying young brother. She goes to school and makes new friends, without thinking she invites them over for a sleepover. So she goes back to her spaceship and tells her family about her day and the sleepover. They are like “bruh we live in a spaceship” so she has to find an abandoned house to have the sleepover in, and she needs her family’s help. But the rest of the show just follows this line of “omg we can’t let them find out we are aliens”


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27 9 10

9:  A song that makes you happy

   That would have to be American Psycho by Fall Out Boy

10:  A song that makes you sad

    Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots has made me burst into tears on the bus, I think that’s the only that has really given me a emotional response at all, so that has to do I guess.

27: A song that breaks your heart

   With that, it’s hard to say. Johnny Boy by twenty one pilots maybe?