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I have this hc that as dysfunctional and fucked up the Thénardier’s are, they’re still strangely very supportive in the sense that they understand each other and why they do things. examples

ponine has night terrors and no one gets angry they just silently comfort  her

thenardier does a lot of weird things ok but no one ever says anything it’s just normal to them. (just like unable to keep legs still/wandering around at night/etc)

the madame just cleaning compulsively and no one saying anything

azelma just not speaking much at all and tries to avoid social situations as much as possible but doesn’t argue or object ever when told to go somewhere

just all the things they do that make them, them, (aside from the obvious, big and awful ones) they just are so used to it it’s just part of what little function they have 

oikawa tooru:

but no you’re right, he almost hit kageyama that one time which clearly makes him evil!!11! he obviously felt no remorse whatsoever, and kageyama was clearly traumatized. oh wait. 


"I’m always saying he’s crazy, cause the song is already a hyper song, you know - and he comes in and he’s like, in this section (Mass Media), i want the drums to go CRAZY!

and then we do it and he’s like, ‘YEAH!!!’ “