Headcanon that Eijun and the paparazzi are best buddies.

When pro baseball players Miyuki and Eijun are finally publicly dating (same verse as this lol), needless to say that the paparazzi buzzing around them doubles in number. Eijun, being the clueless country boy + ball of sunshine that he is, instead of shying away from paparazzi or getting pissed off of the lack of privacy, welcomes them with open arms lmao. Like literally, brohugs when he sees them and he knows them by name now haha

It becomes some sort of game for him. Find-the-Hidden-Paparazzi. LOL. When he spots a paparazzi stalking him and Miyuki around, he immediately walks up to them or calls after them. So whenever articles of Eijun and Miyuki come out, they always have these fab photos, some candid, and some very very not candid.

Eijun totally loves doing a lot of dumb poses (*`◇´*)


Miyuki: oH MY GOD EIJUN NO (  ’-’ )ノ)`-’ )

He still goes with Eijun’s shenanigans though.ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

As Eijun says: “Aren’t you happy? They’re taking awesome photos of us and sending it to us for free! Actual photographers are taking photos of us for free! We should be thanking them instead!!"  (*`◇´*) (*`◇´*) (*`◇´*)

Yeah, Eijun doesn’t really get the whole paparazzi thing, but paparazzi people love Eijun. He makes their job easier after all LOL (ノ゚▽゚)ノ


team not verified/better friends alive and well in this sunday’s podcast 



Speed of Sound SONIC 540x960px wallpapers! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

listening to old Taylor Swift songs always makes me want to go back and protect the young, wide-eyed, impressionable teenage me and let her know there are such better days ahead, so much bigger and more exciting than she dreamed

and then I realize one day I’m going to be looking back at my 20s and be thinking the same thing, wishing I could tell myself that the stuff I’m going through right now isn’t forever and the dreams I have for myself are much smaller than the ones God is going to realize in my life

And I can’t go back and protect 15 year old me, I can’t go back and encourage her, but I can keep 27 year old me hopeful.  I can help her be confident so that she walks into the future in expectation instead of fear.

several-wasps asked:

Listen for a month I forgot which one was Xenon and which was Bulgarath and like I've only recently re-figured out who's who. I'm... Sorry. I'm ashamed.

How dare you forget your own stepchildren…..for shame…jk
Also if its hard to remember their names or say them I just say “Xexor is the big one” and “Bulgy is anime hair” 
Make fun of their names as ways to remember them.

So I finally went on to insta just to have a sneak peak at my personal account to go look at my main fanaccount. My main fanaccount (following count) went down when I last saw it (around a moth ago) AND NOW IT’S GONE BACK UP!! I’m soooo soooo close to 3k followers I could cry. Reason being I’ve had so much and still do to sort out life’s problems, myself and college. Being that I haven’t been on it now going on it over 5 weeks so a month legit. But to know my following count went back up instead of down I’m happy af. Now I need to put a post soon of me saying why I’ve been off lately followers deserve that at least smh also on my other fanaccount (side one). Idk how I feel !! My goal is to reach 3k on my main account and 1k here on tumblr I’m so close on insta idk just by looking at my account made me think. Today I’ve got a small amount of motivation fuck let me use this while it’s here. (Work first then accounts later)