I wish Doyle was a good foil so I could ship him with Kimball. That was a weird sentence and probably not what I meant to say.
I just, I see what they were trying to do. Look: This one’s a coward and this one is recklessly brave! Ooh interesting!
And I like that they didn’t go with the obvious characterizations: this one’s a power-hungry tyrant and this one’s a rebellious rule breaker. They even kind of winked at the audience about that via Kimball.
But. Idk. It isn’t being executed well, I don’t think? So far it’s just: Kimball gets angry with Doyle’s cowardice and gets attacked. Which is such a weird lopsided way to go about it.
I think the reason they’re doing it this way is so that Doyle can martyr himself and Kimball can feel bad and change her opinion about the Feds etc. Everyone comes together, everyone compromises, Wash finally stops stressing out so hard he feels like he’s about to burst a blood vessel.
So we’ll see how that goes. Sounds cheesy in theory but I think it’ll be executed well.
BUT HONESTLY I like what they were doing initially more. Both Generals giving fair points and both generals getting frustrated with one another. It gave a less uneven impression of two reasonable people with different ways of going about things. There wasn’t any sort of moral value assigned to either of them.
They could have played Kimball’s intensity against reasonable caution, against someone who was making a solid and believable argument against action. But Doyle’s EGREGIOUS COWARDICE as a character makes his caution as a leader seem less… Justifiable?

forever emotional about the rave

you know the drill: mutuals can like this for random starters at any point in time, in any verse, and will also be given PRIORITY for plotting, shipping, and pizza giveaways if i do any more of those in the future.  please - only like if you are a mutual rp blog.  i’m probably forgetting something but. yeah.  here’s a permanent starter call.

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hey babes, i am in mother fucking love with your account. ok i was meaning to ask, i have never have & never will have anything against homosexuality, believe me, i'm not straight. i just really dislike when people force the boys to like each other in a way that they probably don't, shipping is fine, i love shipping, but sometimes people take it way too far, like larry for example, people have forced that onto so many people & ridicule them for not shipping it or believing it's real. idk man.

Bromance shipping is fine. Acknowledging the cute lil things they do is fine. I don’t support people when they insist they’re gay for each other and make assumptions that theyre actually dating or actually have feelings for eachother and use girls as cover ups. Fan fiction, making them a couple is fine as well as long as you aren’t claiming it to be true or probably true. Because fan fiction is completely fake. An alternate universe, and no one has intentions of them reading it. Fan fiction is for fans. And isn’t reality. I think its fuckind disrespectful to claim someone has a certain sexuality just because they want it to be true.

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Idk if you are 'wren is charles' theorist but who do you ship Charles with?

I’m not exactly a theorist but I am a strong believer that he is… 

I’d probably go ahead and say that I ship him with tippi the bird, pepe the dog, sara or nicole (emily’s friend) because nobody really likes them 

he deserves none of our wonderful ladies 

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do u like tom/hermione or ginny/tom better??

ahhh i probably like tom/hermione better because tom/ginny is like really weird because of everything with the diary in cos? but the ship name is rly cute and the graphics kill me so like i’m dead 

also if you’re looking for tomione you should read nightmare by envy bc i’m reading it for the 11th time rn and it’s like the plot thickens every time

two theories:

• now that theo practically saved lydia’s life the pack trusts him a bit more and so since Malia is part of the pack they were doing maybe pack related things (idk)

• since they practically treated her like shit when she mentioned the dread doctors theo probably was the only one that believed her and now they’re on their way to where ever.

I really like thinking the hetalia characters are bi. Like, I’ve thought of it since I joined, which was like 3 years ago, because I shipped England with Belgium, and then I shipped him with France, so he was like my first character to like experiment with and switch around. And I thought it would be fun to do that with the other characters because at some point, they’d probably have a relationship with a girl or a guy and vice versa. Like Hungary with Prussia and Austria, but also with Belgium and Ukraine, or America with Belarus, but also with Rusaia. Idk, it’s a headcanon I’ve had for a really long time.

ship fic one - ZaTr

Practicing writing by doing ships I normally wouldn’t write, unprompted.. though this is more the start of the ship, than them actually being together.  Maybe some other time I’ll write a more shippy fic for them to make up for it.  

Anyways,  Tak realizes she’s probably going to be stuck either on Earth or Dirt, not living up to the potential she believes she has.  Zim, reluctantly, tries to help.

I hope you enjoy!  ♥  

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I’m thinking of maybe doing a giveaway for the Diggy Diggy Book? Perhaps with runner-up prizes (probably the patches from the store) if there are a lot of people taking part? It would probably have to be UK-only, just because shipping to other countries is really expensive. Idk, I’ll see how generous I’m feeling…

As before, both likes & reblogs would count as entries, and you wouldn’t have to be following me to enter. Because this isn’t supposed to be a promo for my blog in any way; it’s just to give someone a chance to get the book when they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

Other things to consider: I think Amazon has a feature where, if someone puts the item on their Wishlist, I can buy it for them without seeing their full address? That would be really helpful for privacy reasons. Wouldn’t work with the patches though, so… maybe I could give an MP3 version of Yogscast songs as runner-up prizes instead?

So, questions are:

  • Giveaway, yes/no?
  • D’you think I should make it international?
  • Runner up prizes, yes/no & how many?
  • Should the runner-up prizes be patches (would need an address), MP3s (only need an email address), or a choice or either?

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how do you feel about lashton accounts supporting brashton, i mean i'm not gonna hate on them or her or drag her for stuff in her past and she honestly could've changed, but like idk i don' t like how they're so quick to jump ship like there's a high probability it could be pr and ppl say she makes ash happy but i have yet to see him look at her the way he looks at luke

That last point, fucking well done👏👏👏👏 I couldn’t have said it better myself but yeah its funny how they hated her to start off with and now all of a sudden ‘love’ her. I think people are just sucking up to Ashton’s ass. I honestly don’t think she’s changed, she may act nice now but I think her true colours will come out soon

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Hulkwidowanon, fellow. 1) Weird question. Duality is vital for both characters (NatWidow, BruceHulk), their relation is almost between 4 personalities, what are your thoughts about that? Their dynamics, how they come to each other. Idk, your reflection about it. 2) Curiosity question. Outsiders reactions. What opinions about them can you find around you (friends, family, people you know)? What was the audience reaction in your cinema session? How do you face others opinions toward our ship? <3

The Dynamics and Dualities of BruceNat

Wow, this is a complex question! There is a lot of duality in these characters, but I think what I love best about the two of them together is that in their relationship they emerge from that duality to some extent. 

Natasha’s role as Hulk tamer probably started as a professional one, all for the good of the team etc., but we see that she goes deeper than that and forms a real emotional connection with the Big Guy and with Bruce. If we can glean anything from Natasha’s developing arc in the movies, it’s that trust and real emotional connection are rare things for her. In her relationship with Bruce/Hulk, I would argue that she’s at her least divided between the super spy/assassin and the woman who wants to have some kind of real life with real connections because both sides of her are involved in the lullaby and in the relationship. Professional and personal all blended into the healthy outlet of helping someone and truly connecting with them — an integration of all the disparate parts of Natasha.

Bruce, too, is far more integrated on both the intrapersonal and interpersonal levels in AoU, and it’s a direct result of his partnership with Natasha. Their teamwork to manage the Hulk allows Bruce to be a functioning part of the team when he hasn’t been able to fully function in society for years. He’s much more at peace with the Hulk situation at the beginning of AoU than we’ve ever seen him, because for the first time, he feels a measure of safety. Yes, he has doubts (“It’s not you I don’t trust.”), but he has a support system that mainly consists of Natasha. Tony is very supportive, too, but I think his acceptance of the Hulk stems more from a blatant disregard for danger than a well-founded belief that there is none. His practical contribution to solving the Hulk problem was to help create a means of violent suppression for the Hulk with Bruce’s help. The Hulkbuster is a court of last resort; the lullaby is much more like a solution. In the lullaby, Natasha works with the Hulk instead of against him and smooths the transition between Bruce and Hulk — an integration of the disparate parts of Bruce.

In conclusion, I think they move in the direction of wholeness when they function as a unit, and I think that’s beautiful.

Reactions and Responses to BruceNat

Ah, the reactions of the public. I actually did an in-depth and highly scientific study of the layman’s reaction to BruceNat. And by “highly scientific study” I mean that I dragged my mom with me when I went to see AoU the third time, and questioned her afterwards. SCIENCE.

My mom disappointed me terribly, I have to say. She likes Mark Ruffalo (I inherited my taste from somewhere ehehe) but called Bruce a “wimp.” It was kind of hilarious because she complained about him always being so non-confrontational and then complained about the Hulk causing too much violence and mayhem. (“Mom, these things are related issues,” I insisted.) And although she “wasn’t feeling” the BruceNat relationship, she got upset with him for leaving her in the end. After talking about BruceNat for a few minutes, though, she did finally admit that she could see that they might connect over the fact that they both feel broken. Thankfully I didn’t have to disown her in a family feud/ship war. Which would have been totally called for if she hadn’t recanted. ;)

(I’m kidding, I love my mom, and she doesn’t give a single solitary crap about Marvel, so she was coming into the entire situation blind lol.)

Other than that, most people just don’t care, in my experience. Most times the reaction I encounter is that people are not passionately for or against BruceNat. My best friend doesn’t care for Marvel movies and only went because her husband likes them, and she was lukewarm over the whole thing. She has a bizarre dislike for Mark Ruffalo, though. The number of people in my life that I love too much to disown for unforgivable offenses is staggering.

As for fellow cinema-goers, I don’t remember there being much of a reaction when I went to see the movie on opening night. But I was also dead tired after a full day of work, so I don’t remember a lot about that screening. I had to go back and see it a second time in order to properly understand some aspects of the plot, because I had been so brain dead. So, um, people could have been totally into it and I might not have noticed. :0 In later viewings, I remember at least one person in the audience audibly saying “yay” when Bruce and Natasha kissed. So there’s that. :D

On the internet, as we all know, everyone lost their minds over BruceNat. If was such an ugly ideological melee that I aggressively wrote fanfic because the relationship just made so much sense to me, despite the valid points about the lack of buildup/development and criticisms of how the relationship was handled and written. But whatever, THIS SHIP IS SO MUCH FUN. As for the haters, I just try to avoid them, because fighting over fictional relationships is ridiculous. So often, our personal preferences in these issues are colored by our own experiences, so there isn’t necessarily a correct answer to the question “What is the best ship?” in the first place. I’m sure there are lots of beautifully written fics and meta for Clintasha, Romanogers, et al. out there, but I prefer BruceNat for many reasons. I think it had beautiful canon moments, and that the potential for the relationship to become an extremely healthy, positive one for two broken people is boundless. But ship and let ship! I’m just glad that the BruceNat corner of Tumblr is a happy place. I love you all, fellow BruceNat shippers. Including you, HulkWidowAnon. <3

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I'm v mad that tananoya and yakunoya are considered rare pairs. But that's beside the point-- Noya would probably confess to Yaku by running up to him out of nowhere, yelling "I'm gay for you(or something idk)" and then running away into oblivion.



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Sexuality Headcanon: he’s bi but doesn’t rlly know it. like he’s all ‘i am STRAIG ht’ but he can be attracted to dudes too. hes rlly oblivious tho. probably doesn’t even know that being bi is possible until he hears about it and is like ‘ thATS A TH IN G?? ? ? ???’
rolfe pls
Gender Headcanon:  male
A ship I have with said character: i can’t rlly ship him with anybody tbh idk why its WEIR D. he has to work out some problems of his own he can’t even handl friendships. rol fe needs to have some chill b4 he can hav ship. plus idk theres no one to ship him with exactly, hes better with brotps tbh.
A BROTP I have with said character: a brotp?? mitzi and rolfe being bros is cool. rolfe is like the immature adult figure friend. like mitzi will want to do a stupid teenager thing and rolfe will be all like ‘no!!!! …………  …   no t withou t me >8]’ and they’ll go and throw eggs at chucks house at like 4 in the morning. 
rolfe is a bad influence but him and mitzi are cool bros
A NOTP I have with said character: beach and rolfe. no.
A random headcanon: rolfe is probably like 20% gay for all disco music. 
thats not rlly headcanon
its pretty fuckn canon
but idc 
General Opinion over said character: rolfe is trash and is a douchebag but like . … a cool douchebag….  … a douchebag with heart of gold… but like… dollarstore gold…. like that fake gold shit thats metal with yellow metallic paint… he tries to b nice (kind of not really) so thats all that matters,,, <3

Tonight's Emmerdale

Oh Robert where do I even begin? I love you but you’ve dun fucked up big time. I get you’re terrified of everything but seriously?

I’m glad Aaron stood up for himself, got the truth and managed to make Robert pay somewhat for all the bad stuff he’s done.

This ship is probably gonna be over for a while but I hope they can forgive each other further down the line. Though I’d totally understand if they didn’t. Maybe the August disaster will start a Robert redemption storyline? Idk

Finally I can’t wait for Chrissie to go berserk. She’s amazing when she’s angry.

alright ive been thinking about this a lot lately

so in mother 3, leder talks about how the citizens of tazmily were aboard a white ship. he doesnt say if it’s actually a ship with sails and stuff, however. leder just calls it a ship. where else do we see a ship in the mom series?? thats right, m1, with giegue’s ship and ggf’s diary. this could easily be a coincidence. it probably IS. but it definitely makes me wonder. was giegue’s species originally friends with humans and they noticed that the humans were struggling and helped them?? i doubt that the people would have enough time to build a ship if the world was ending at that exact moment. i also wonder how they erased their memories. they wouldve needed some REALLY advanced technology, which i doubt they wouldve brought on the ship. plus, i feel like maybe the dragon wouldve helped {because, if i remember correctly, leder said something the people having to put in the needles or something. i cant remember completely.}. it’s probably all a crazy coincidence.

oh yeah, i also wonder if mom 3 happened before mom 1. this one is more like a guess than anything ahaha. youre the one controlling lucas throughout the game. so at the end, essentially, the new world that he creates is the world that you would want to create, which would most likely be something that you, the player, are familiar with… our world. mom 1 and earthbound both take place in america {earthbound takes place in eagleland, which is based off of america}, and we’re all familiar with america and know about it. what if lucas created the world that m1 takes place in??

was tagged by ninjacupcake-x to do this. so fucking late omfg I’M SORRY TUNA.

1. Top 3 OTPs of all time?

Well, the first is w/o a doubt Draco/Hermione from Harry Potter. Don’t even ask me why. The second, hmm, I’m not sure tbh. Probably Scott/Lydia from Teen Wolf but again, idk. The third, I’m gonna say Natsu/Lucy from Fairy Tail, because even though I ship Gray/Lucy just as much, Natsu/Lucy was my first Fairy Tail ship, and Fairy Tail was introduced to me by a very special friend. :D love you, Atún.

2. How did you meet your best friend?

Well, I have several! Five of them through school, but two of them through Shake It Up Wiki. I’m sure you know the rest. :P

3. What’s the award you’re most proud of?

I came first place in a Mathematical Challenge that was being competed for throughout the UK, so that was a nice feeling lol. I have hockey/swim competitions coming up, so, hopefully something then!

4. What celebrity/fictional character would you love to switch bodies with for a day?

Fictional character, I would probably choose Spencer Hastings from PLL, because I love her character in general and I would like to see how she composes herself while being stalked by a psycho. Also, probably Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail. I’m not gonna say why.

5. If you could have any baby animal following you around, what animal would that be?

Bunnies! :D

6. Why did you join tumblr?

I was forced to.

7. What’s your best physical feature?

I’m gonna say my hair.

8. Career goals?

No clue yet.

9. Favorite food?

Nachos, Nutella, Nando’s, lasagne, macaroni cheese, tacos.

10. Who’s closet would you raid? (Any person, fictional or real)

Serena van der Woodsen/Vanessa Hudgens. Heheheehee.

11. Would you like to get to know me better? :)

ew why tf would I. JK TE QUIERO MIJA.