Actually my problem with Tristan’s writing which is actually worse then Zig’s is they rarely have had Tristan have the light bulb go off and be like oh yeah slut shaming is wrong, oh I am being biophobic ,oh I shouldn’t pressure Zoe to come out during this really difficult time. Like that just never happens. Its okay imo for characters to do and say problematic stuff, its not okay for the writers to never have them lean from it. BUT the reason Tristan is never given the opportunity to learn from some of his actions is he is mostly doing this stuff in other people’s POV plots. So similar to Zig calling Hunter a psycho in Hunter’s POV moment, we never see Zig go oh that guy had a gun I shouldn’t have done that. Instead you get Hunter as a victim going oh my brother does really love me what was I about to do? POV is so important and changes the way we see the character at times. I talked about this before how Zig and Maya in their own POV plots are so likable to me, outside their POV they’re kinda obnoxious and come off as jerks at times. So Its actually interesting that in our own stories we’re the heroes but in other peoples ( or in this case characters ) POV we maybe aren’t as likable. A good example is Hunter/Maya, from Hunters POV he was the victim, he felt attacked by Maya and the feminist and was clearly mentally ill. From Maya’s she was being threatened by Hunter who just didn’t care and thought she deserved it, he’s not sympathetic but then in his POV plot he becomes sympathetic when you see him struggle with his mental illness. But anyway my point is Tristan does a bulk of problematic stuff he never learns from in Zoe, Maya, or Miles plots, there for he doesn’t get that this is my lesson moment and I learned from it. And that is because he’s a neglected character.

my sd card just up and died on me rip in peace

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got7 through the week: tuesday

jaebum likes tuesdays. he likes getting up and instantly shedding the weight of monday. he likes looking forward to the rest of the week in a much more positive light. monday may have kicked his ass, but tuesday will nurture him back to health. in jaebum’s mind, tuesday is the perfect day. he feels like he’s got a little more luck on a tuesday, a little more pep in his step. if tuesday goes well, the the rest of the week will follow in a similar manner. jaebum likes tuesdays because they give him hope.