AU where Alan and Heroine are childhood friends.

“Promise me you won’t forget the time we spent together. Promise me you’ll come back for me. Promise me that I will always be your best person. Promise me that I’ll always be in your heart. Promise me that you won’t forget me. Promise me that we’ll see each other again in the future. Promise me.”

As she held out her hand for a pinky promise, tears started to form at the corner of her eyes; her eyes moist with tears. My heart ached at the sight. I didn’t want to leave her. Our time was up. It felt like a fleeting dream, but I knew it was real. Her warmth convinced me. My status was ripping us apart, and I hated it. I didn’t want to leave her. I wanted to grow up with her, to see her bloom beautifully throughout the years, to be the one who knows everything about her and everything about her life.

I smiled the brightest I could muster, my eyes also glistening with tears. Reaching out with my pinky, I whispered,

I promise.”

okay but lukes just after coming home from tour and he’s exhausted there’s bags under his eyes and he tries to hide them by wearing his sunglasses but as soon as he’s home with you, they’re gone and you truly see how tired he is. his mouth is slightly ajar, his beanie loose on his head. he’s laying on the couch with his head on your thighs and your hand in his hair and all he can muster is to mumble a soft “love you,” before he drifts off to sleep


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The Mahōtokoro School of Magic is an academy nestled on an island off of Japan’s coast. The entrance to the school grounds is marked by a red and orange torii that appears to stand alone on the mountain in the eyes of Muggles and other non-magical creatures. To students and faculty the grounds open up to reveal expansive gardens and traditional structures that date back to the early eleventh century.

Students are granted acceptance to the academy between the ages of eight and nine and attend the school for 8 years, signifying prosperity and luck for their swiftly approaching futures. Instead of receiving letters as the British do, students from Mahōtokoro are presented with their acceptance in person alongside a test from an instructor. The results of the test determine which of the five houses a student can be sorted into, each one taking inspiration from one of the elements of the physical world:

Tsuchi (土) represents strength and responsibility; Students in this house can have a tendency to be stubborn though particularly grounded in their beliefs and practices. They are rational and logical and have a sense of strength, whether it’s physical or mental, not easily pushed around. Tsuchi students make for good leaders and strong class representatives.

Kaze (風) represents free-spirited lenience; Students in kaze are usually artistic and go with the flow and prove to be more gentle-natured and easy-going. These students are often intelligent in unconventional ways and see things from perspectives others don’t often consider. Students in this house are often peacemakers and mediators.

Umi (海) represents patience and determination; Students that are sorted into umi can often be unpredictable leaving this house with the widest variety of students. Some students can be patient and determined, biding their time and maintaining their course until they reach the desired goal while others are fiercer and stronger, rocking the boat to create change.

Kasai (火災) represents passion and ambition; Kasai students are often seen as the most aggressive of all of the five houses, though they would argue that their aggression is simply passion and intensity misinterpreted. These students will reach their goals no matter what obstacles stand in their way though they are less inclined to feel badly if they step on a few toes to do so. students in this house are often seen as troublemakers because they are also the biggest risk takers and challengers to rules and various social constructs.

Sora (空) represents the abstract; Students in Sora are often very aware of things that are much bigger than they are and see themselves as a small cog in a giant machine. They refer to themselves as Existentialists, focusing on what is not represented in every day life living less in the moment and more for some greater good. Most students in Sora tend to have a strong Shinto background while some others understand a great deal more about Muggle science and the universe.

Staff members strive to teach students how to focus on a spiritual balance and respect and nature and connections to their surroundings in relation to their magic. Classes are separated by gender as well as year, students only congregating together during mealtime, compulsory morning exercise, and a designated hour of freetime. House dormitories are also separated by gender and year with each housing unit spread out across the campus.

          “Hey !!” Lennon’s shrill voice seemed to echo in the silence of the surrounding area and gave her this familiar sinking in her stomach she appeared to always have nowadays. In all honesty, she had grown accustomed to the constant chill running down her spine  –– but she wasn’t used to getting crept up on and she definitely did not like it. “What in the hell are you doing creeping up on someone like that? Jesus Christ.” Shaking her head, she kept her distance from the individual and eyed them up and down suspiciously. “ –– Are you hurt?”