Going back tomorrow and the next time I’m gonna be at home is on the 11th. It’s gonna be a loooooooooong ‘week.’ But at least the good thing is that the next time I’m home, I’ll have less than 100 days left! #SilverLinings

107 days left. I CAN DO THIS. But every single day is a struggle, lol. I have 16 weeks left and half of them I’m gonna be spending on camps. Fun times ahead and at the end of November, at the beginning of December, I’ll be camping straight for four weeks, only having ~four days off. Yikes. I was gonna write more detailed post to share my experiences and what’s still to come for me but I don’t have motivation, lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe I’ll write a long post at some point so people who are interested, if there’s any lol, will get to know all the fun stuff. Anyways, I honestly miss the people here on Tumblr SO MUCH and I miss talking to so many of you!!! But also I apologize that I’m so bad at responding back to some of you… sorry!

i understand that having september 1st as a start date is handy and neat for the purposes of the harry potter world, and it sounds nice when reading, but like.

what about when it’s on a weekend. like if september 1st is a saturday, do all the kids just bum around hogwarts for a day? do they start classes midweek if september 1st is a tuesday?

this would actually be really frustrating from a calendar planning standpoint. why not just have classes start the first monday of september or whatever