The Signs As Mystic Messenger Things

Aries: Jaehees wine.
Taurus: Jumins grape garden.
Gemini: Zens shitty brother.
Cancer: PhD pepper.
Leo: Yoosungs nerdy flip phone.
Virgo: 707s Arabic password test.
Libra: Jaehees CD collection of Zen.
Scorpio: Honey Buddha crisps.
Sagittarius: Yoosungs omelette.
Capricorn: Elizabeth 3rds loose strands of fur.
Aquarius: Jumins gym guy photo.
Pisces: Yoosungs left eye.

im sorry if i ever seem like i don’t care….the truth is i care so so much but i just don’t know how to show it and don’t know how to deal with feelings and am also scared of showing them and being vulnerable and getting hurt and sometimes it just seems easier to just detach from my messy emotional state before it gets too much,, i care i care i really really do care