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i think..I am going to stop drawing bandoms for a while

my stomach doesn’t feel so good today bluhh

i ran out of my colitis pills a little while ago so idk if its because of that or if i ate something bad, either way i just want to take it easy but i have work to do

Aladdin Zayn and Prince Charming Liam -

Just your typical Disney face characters in their down time. Inspired by dickmedownlarry‘s anecdote. (if someone actually wrote a Disney Ziam fic let me know, haha…I’d love to read it).

Hello my dears followers! I just reached 10k and in order to thank you all for sticking with me i decided to share this little pack of 7 psd and 4 icons! It’s just a little something to thank you all! Thank you again for following me and  supporting me,  and don’t forget to click like or reblog if you use/download my pack,thank you!  download link : {x}

  • jupiter ascending:bees are genetically engineered to recognize royalty
  • me:i no longer have any reason to fear bees
Little Red Au!

m-arci-a’s Little Red AU is too cute to resist writing. Besides I may have sent this headcanon to Marcia anyway ((which was illustrated AMAZINGLY may I say)) so i wanted to write something for it. c: Anyway, I love this au so much wow it’s adorable.
((ps this is a just incase kinda post because. I’ve tried to send this twice now and it doesn’t wanna work.))



Cas and Dean spent the most part of the day wandering around the forest, Dean showing Cas really pretty and fairy-tale like areas he’d never seen before. Cas was amazed by the beauty of the forest, while Dean was in awe of Cas. Seeing the smile on Cas’ face became contagious as Dean found himself smiling, tail wagging softly behind him. After spending a good hour by a small waterfall and another weaving through trees that bristled in the gentle wind, the two found themselves a clearing and sat down, close to each other. Cas pulling out some sandwiches from his basket, passing one to Dean, who was quick to scoff it, and took a bite of his own. The pair laughed and talked through sunset and only after a while did they realise it was beginning to get dark. Cas shuffled uncomfortably, not used to being this deep into the forests, let alone at nighttime, and scooted a little closer to Dean. After hearing a low, growl like sound Cas first thought that it was Dean who had made the sound. His face dropped a little bit, a confused expression sweeping over his features as he scooted away again, wondering if it was that to have caused the growl.

“Sorry, that was an invasion of your personal space, right?” Cas guessed, looking up to a very alert Dean.

“Uh. That wasn’t- Cas!” Dean yelled as he leapt to his feet, spotting a bigger and badder wolf than himself approach the boy, just latching it’s paw onto Cas’ cloak as Dean had yelled.

Dean grabbed Cas and yanked him up with quite a big force, the cloak falling off as Cas stumbled behind Dean.

“Cas, do me a favour and hide behind that tree and.. Don’t look for a minute.” Dean said and Cas nodded quickly, rushing behind it, leaning his back on the bark as his chest heaved.

Pained yelling came from Dean and even though Cas wanted to run to his side and check he was okay, he trusted Dean and Dean said not to look. He had to kept repeating that it was okay to himself as the yelling continued for a few minutes before it faded away. Then Cas slowly peeked his head around the tree, his eyes widening at the sight. Dean was… Huge. And a fully blown wolf. His legs were about twice as big as Cas who was now tiny compared to Dean, and the massive wolf made the ground almost shake as it took a step towards the now puny looking wolf that had once looked threatening. Well, at least now Cas knew why his title was “big bad wolf”. With one, low warning growl which made Cas cover his ears the wolf was sprinting away, realising it was no match at all to go against Dean and Cas was timidly and cautiously stepping around to the front of Dean.

Once he reached the front of the wolf his head leant down, the big green eyes staring down at him with a gentle gaze. Cas offered a little smile, as a shiver ran down his arms. He glanced around the flood and spotted his cloak, swiping it up and placing it back around himself. Facing back to Dean, Cas slowly reached out his hands and placed them on Dean’s nose, which was alone bigger than his handspan.

“Wow,” Cas breathed out finally.

Dean didn’t respond but from his expression Cas could guess if he was currently human, he’d be smiling. Probably proudly.

“Thank you, Dean.” Cas said gently, looking up into his eyes before leaning forewords and placing a light kiss on his nose.

Dean just slightly nudged his nose forward to show his affection before stepping back and laying down carefully, keeping an eye on Cas as he did. Slowly motioning next to him with his nose Cas took the hint and lay down with him, more than happily accepting the body heat Dean was emitting. Cas curled up slightly, pulling his cloak around himself for a makeshift blanket, taking another look up at Dean. He was maybe slightly in disbelief at how amazing Dean looked in his true form, but he was still super grateful that he managed to save him.

Despite being happy curled up to Dean like this, he was awaiting the moment to wake up next to him in his human form so he could give him a proper thank you kiss.

So, for the past week (pretty much), anytime I play a game, I’ve been recording myself just to see how I like it (not with any specific equipment though, because I didn’t want to spend money on anything yet, so I just used a camera but it surprisingly doesn’t look as bad in quality as I thought it would), and I think I actually like what I recorded today so idk. Maybe I’ll edit it and see how I feel about it afterward? lol 

heads will roll. [listen] [cover art]

01. Heads Will Roll (ATrak Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs // 02. Don’t Mess With Me - Temposhark // 03. Left Ey3 - Kreayshawn // 04. Monster - Nicki Minaj // 05. Diesel Not Petrol - Sukh Knight  // 06. Warriors - Imagine Dragons  // 07. Paralyzed - Mystery Skulls  // 08. BADDST2 - Baauer  // 09. Boss Ass Bitch - Nicki Minaj


Isaac wasn’t much for parties, but one night Allison managed to convince him to go out. He swore up and down that he wouldn’t enjoy himself and that he wouldn’t stay more than an hour. She simply rolled her eyes at him and told him to wear something cute.

When they were making the way up to the door, Isaac could feel the music pulsating through his entire body. He was about to turn around and leave when Allison opened the door. He was greeted with a gorgeous, shirtless man having his chest painted.

Eyes wide, he asked Allison, “Who is that?”

“That’s Danny,” she responded with a smirk. And with that, the two proceeded into the party.

Today was a very good day for a number of reasons

- Charlie met Cas!!!
- Cas and Charlie met each other!!!
- THEN! I went to work.
- …which was meh, to be honest.
- UNTIL! My rarely-seen lately best friend Steph suggested we have a nacho-and-cat-video extravaganza tomorrow night! Which ticks all the freaking boxes because 1. Nachos are delicious 2. Cat videos are hilarious and 3. Stephwardo and I have not seen each other outside of work since freaking January. Which is obscene, tbh.
- AND THEN!!! While I was still riding the high of future nacho contemplation, my boss (finally) approved my application for time off next month!!!
- so the moment I got home I got online and booked this:

- (I also booked the flight back to Melbourne but we aren’t thinking about that right now okay)
- you guys don’t understand this means I will be able to smooch my girlfriend right on her face
it has been EIGHT GODDAMN MONTHS since sara and i were in smooching distance and even though it’s anyone’s guess how long it’s gonna be before the gods of immigration decide to be kind to me and let me actually live in LA, we will actually be in the same country for three glorious weeks!!!!!

it’s weird.

now that garnet’s been confirmed as a fusion there have been lots of posts along the lines of ‘oh when garnet did that that was definitely ruby’ ‘that was sapphire, what garnet did right there!’ ‘I wonder what ruby and sapphire are thinking’

garnet isn’t two separate minds in one body. when she does something it’s not ruby doing it or sapphire. it’s garnet. she is her own person. y’all understood that before but when the fusion theory was confirmed it’s like y’all threw that understanding out the window.

why is that.

Punching Bags

Nora was livid. How could she had been so blind? She had thought they were friends - that they were going to be total buds! In fact, Nora had even been excited to introduce her new friend to her partner. She hadn’t realized that they already knew each other. But after that little incident in the library, one she had over seen just by pure chance, it was clear that that was not the case. 

How dare he.

And now Nora was on the hunt.


Alexia! You were my first friend on here and can you believe that it’s almost 4 years as we follow each other? You are one of the most talented, nicest persons on here and I can’t even imagine how happy Amber would be if she would know what a pretty blog you have for her. I wish you all the best everyday. And also I hope you’ll never lose all your inspiration for making gifs and stuff.  Live, love, laugh and never forget who you are. Happy birthday! x