look guys i love breadcrumbs™️ as much as the next person,, but don’t you think that looking up their hotel room+ it’s design+ price is a little too much? we know they went away together, why do we need to investigate anymore? idk i just think its a little ott, just remember they are people with feelings and if i were them this would make me slightly uncomfortable


theme 01 - aka its late and im tired

So I made my first theme! I was actually just planning on making a simple one for my side blog but i ended up spending like 8 hours making this instead! I mean I spend enough time editing the shit out of other themes, figured I’d just make one myself, so here it is :^)


  • 250px & 400px posts
  • single column
  • lots of color customization
  • 150px sidebar image
  • customizable font
  • post wrapper option 
  • transparent posts & wrapper 
  • 2 extra links (u can honestly add more if u want u just gotta tweak the code a bit!)
  • umm ?? 
  • idk its got a cute little search bar
  • also faded images option

–> click here for code/preview!



tags: little spoon!bill, also a sad bill, a lil angsty i guess, short

A/N: okay i didn’t mean for this to be angsty im sorry but it got out of hand and all i can write is angsty sad stuff so pls forgive me it isn’t rly that angsty its just got sad emotions. i also wanted it to be longer but writer’s block :). also i dunno if this is what you wanted anon but i hope its okay!!!

Word Count: 583

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ok idk if its a little too early for a Halloween themed headcanon but maybe,,,,? MJ dresses up as Spiderman for Halloween (to mock him) Peter not ok™

HALLOWEEN SPIDEYCHELLE. high school group costumes are fun, right?? cool. that’s what we get here.

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ok im sorry if you dont want random headcanons in your inbox but what if after like a really bad dream and max couldn't calm down david sung him back to sleep?? idk man its just a stupid little dadvid thought but i hope you liked it

first things first i welcome headcanons anytime, so if you got ‘em feel free to send them my way

second things second, this isn’t some “st*pid little dadvid thought” – this is my LIFE atm oh my god. i was actually in a really sad mood but then i read this and !!!!!!! that’s so cute. i can see david singing something slow and sweet but then he switches to some emo shit because that’s the type of music max likes. 


max: i’m upset, calm me down

david: i got this *softly starts singing “welcome to the black parade”*

max: david, you’re my dad now but i still hate you. but i also love you oh my god.

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hey lol i asked you on your other account but you seem to be more active here SO ! how are the pines twins 18?? they were only 13 when the series ended like a year ago right? did i miss something??????? i'm so confused !

i mean it’s a cartoon universe so i doubt alex would ever confirm something like this, but a lot of people headcanon that the series took place in the year it first came out, which would mean dip and mabe were born in 1999. whiiich would mean they turned 18 this year! ^_^ 

haha idk its just a fun little thing to think about

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yeah i've noticed that too :/// i personally rly enjoy queer hcs too but like if someone doesn't have the exact same sexuality headcanon as you do that's not really doing anything to you they're entitled to their opinion too, it doesnt mean theyre homophobic it just means they have a different opinion abt a character. idk its a little frustrating

like I understand if someone actively opposes those hc in other people’s works but if someone is just keeping their hcs to themselves I don’t see a reason to lash out
If someone hcs characters as straight that’s a-ok and if someone hcs characters as lgbtq+ that’s a-ok so let’s just all mind our own business and have fun with puzzle games

So I was looking through my sketchbooks and I honestly forgot that a doodles Greg with a mushroom hat based off that one pic from the art book I guess? Idk thought I might share it since I’m not a plethora of content atm. Plus Greg’s cute so that’s a bonus.

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I live for SUPER-Domestic tythan, like, texts about what kind of orange juice Ethan should pick up, or sitting down to do taxes together, or folding laundry together. Just, doing everyday stuff that same-sex couples, heck ALL couples do, you know? Idk, it's a little dumb, but I think it's cute.

The truth revealed: I don’t actually know what wholesome couples do outside of fics so I had to get help from my friend Zoe (bless)

-Tyler handles all of the taxes because he’s better at them (he’s had longer to practice so) and Ethan sits there looking cute and he keeps nudging Tyler with his foot like “are you done yet????” 

-Ethan gets bored and moves around to get coffee or order dinner for both of them, he finally talks Tyler into watching a movie with him

-Tyler can’t finish the taxes until Eth is busy recording for his channel

-When Ethan is really busy with recording/editing, he’ll sometimes surprise Tyler with a date to fancy restaurant as an apology

-Tyler’s always surprised and really appreciative, and insists that they also go do something that’ll make Ethan happy, like going to an arcade

-Tyler loves to cook for his blue boy too, and Ethan sits there, watching him and wondering how he got so lucky to be with him

-Mark makes innuendos a lot because all he thinks about is dicks, and Tyler smirks while Ethan blushes because sometimes Mark hits the nail right on the head

-Sometimes Ethan doesn’t want to do anything, but Tyler knows that he’ll feel bad if he doesn’t do anything productive so he offers to help edit if Ethan records at least another video

-Tyler doesn’t care if people know about them as a couple, but Ethan worries sometimes, so Mark drops a lot of hints in videos

-When Ethan sees all of the positivity he decides to just fuck it because he’s happy and it’s their life