piloting the storm: a (mostly) poppy, fluffy mix for two sappy space gays who are hopelessly, desperately in love with each other | cover art by @geekyyoungblood!

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there’s so much going on in this picture

Jonghyun/Taemin; Beach Babes (Part 2); PG

nd by part two i mean its not rly a sequel but just them chilling again uwu bc ???? ??????? help


[part 1]

“You okay?” he asks. He scoops up little handfuls of sand to rub lightly against the knee holes in his jeans, just for the texture of it. “You seem really tired.” He hopes Taemin isn’t sick or anything. Taemin laughs softly, brushing their hair out of their face.

“Yeah,” they say. “I’m just not high.”

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Collab with @angryaussie99 ! I drew the lines (and sketch ofc) and they did the hella awesome colors! It’s so weird seeing my style not look as cartoony as usual but they look sooooo good! I love.