somehow despite unexpected anxiety and dysphoria i’m actually managing to have a really good day today????

i don’t get it but it’s making me really happy. and thank you so much, kittens, for all the nice messages last night! they really helped, you’re all lovely and i’m working on responding to all of them. 

After a year of mental incubation, I have finally put her on paper - meet my human OC Kolada, a skater who works at a local Orange Peel smoothie place and FootLocker. She likes to dye her hair and will change its color from once a month to once a week, and will sometimes dye it seasonal colors. Kolada doesn’t have a favorite color, because she loves all of them! Since she’s still in the development stages, the only things about her that are definite is her ethnicity and her habit of coloring her hair.this was kinda the brainstorm page ~ eh heh

so whenever i change my name, it’s bc i’ve had an identity shift! im still the same person & all that, just i guess. different traits prioritised?? or smthing like that. i have completely identity shifts sometimes, but ive only had minor ones lately so. a lot of my major identity things have stayed the same (e.g. kintypes have only changed in intensity, im still ace, im still agender, etc) but yeah. if you notice any differences i suppose what im trying to say is dont be alarmed & just go w the flow

jsbirds asked:

band: marina & diamonds

Do i listen to them: no /  sometimes / yes

Do i own any of their albums: yes / no

Have i seen them live: yes / no

Do i want to see them live: yes / no - why not

favourite song: i only know teen idle and like two more whose names idk

favourite album: sorry idk any!

thanks! sorry im ignorant