• Person:why are you carrying that book with you? You don't have time to read it.
  • Me:*out loud* Idk
  • Me:*in my head* cuz it just kinda makes me feel better with it with me idk :/

It’s hard not to be charmed by Afghanistan. #wardak #kunar #nangarhar

You know when people say their goal in life is to be happy? Like they want every aspect in their life possible to give them joy? I just found out that someone I know has that. They’re in a place where they love their friends and is happy with them. They love their job and is happy being there. They love their family and is happy with their relationships. They have hobbies that keep them going. I didn’t know that that was a real thing. I thought everyone was just waiting for their death and distracting themselves with stuff. But people can be happy. It’s not a made up fairytale.

Star Wars WWII au

Plo Koon is a fighter pilot

So’s Anakin. Ahsoka’s his gunner. They go through a lot of planes and parachutes

Mace Windu is a general

Obi-Wan is a spy who hates all the guns and machines and thinks everyone should go back to fighting with swords and bows and arrows on horseback

i want to go home,
not to a place, not to a person;
maybe to a place, maybe to a person.
definitely to a feeling,
definitely to some feeling.
i’m begging you;
let me go home, let me feel home,
—  because i’m sick of being in this cold house all alone