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Ashton going through the motions
  • Ashton going through the motions
  • Ashton moaning / dirty talk

Ashton is off on tour but didn’t leave you hanging for those sexually frustrating nights. In this he helps you go through the motions and get off ;)  

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Casino Heist AU — Sidney’s crew heads to Las Vegas to accomplish one of the biggest jobs ever: robbing the casinos of hundreds of millions of dollars. Sid, Flower, and Geno count the cards and con the pit bosses; Duper, Perry, Tanger, Beauner, and Paulie are undercover dealers with direct access to the casino tokens; and underaged Olli is assigned surveillance duty back in the hotel room.

The lyric in Vampires Will Never Hurt you, "She said "We’ll shoot back holy water like cheap whiskey…"" is super interesting to me because holy water is water that has been blessed by a member of the clergy or similar and is supposed to be used for cleansing and is also used as a sacramental for protection against evil. The fact that the vampires are abusing it like so really shows you what kind of people they are - it’s like "we’ll take the things you think will protect and save you and we’ll devour it for kicks" and the fact that it’s cheap whiskey shows their complete disregard for it’s importance, like it’s something they could get at a supermarket - that it’s not even good quality. Isn’t holy water supposed to burn vampires like acid? Them knocking it back no sweat is like you pointing a gun at an intruder and them just walking up to you and grabbing it out of your hands by the barrel despite how hard you’re gripping it. It’s intimidating, belittling, and you are completely powerless against them.