idk, i just hate his face

For a long time, neither of them spoke. Somewhere far beyond the office walls, Harry could hear the sound of voices, students heading down to the Great Hall for an early breakfast, perhaps. It seemed impossible that there could be people in the world who still desired food, who laughed, who neither knew nor cared that Sirius Black was gone forever. […]

“I feel I owe you another explanation, Harry,” said Dumbledore hesitantly. “You may, perhaps, have wondered why I never chose you as a prefect? I must confess … that I rather thought … you had enough responsibility to be going on with.” Harry looked up at him and saw a tear trickling down Dumbledore’s face into his long silver beard.

Season 2 Klance and Shallura Analysis

Alrighty so this is another one of those voltron prediction/theory/rant its basically an analysis of some parts of season 2 not all bc that would take me forever but just a few key parts (aka the key to my heart Klance okay bye). So grab a drink because this is an essay folks that I spent way too much time on than I should have. Let’s begin shall(ura) we? (I hate myself)

So I’m gonna start with a very good and very platonic (in my opinion) relationship, which is K//allura. Okay okay, they have so much potential to be bffs its exciting.

First off, I took the whole Galra Keith and Allura tension as a message the creators wanted to convey to the viewers about judging someone merely by their race. Honestly I really love it when tv shows, especially kids shows, integrate bigger ideas like racism into their stories. Its subtle yet satisfying and I really really appreciated this particular scene with Keith and Allura.

Allura is describing her hatred for the Galra which is basically her hatred toward a part of Keith that he can’t even control. He never chose to be Galra, it’s just in his blood. And obviously that hurts him because its a part of who he is:((

Like ugh this is so sweet guys. So as you know from the title of this, I don’t ship K//allura at all, but this scene was very special to me in a much different way than how I feel from a romantic interaction. Like this is a genuine moment between two characters that are haunted by the same group, the Galra. Keith is part Galra, he has a part of the enemy inside of him which is probably causing inner turmoil maybe even self-hatred within him. And Allura as we know hates the Galra for killing her entire civilization. These two have a deep character development from this scene alone. We see that Allura has matured from being bitter toward Keith for being Galra to understanding that a person should not be judged by their blood but who they truly are. Also we see that Keith has accepted the fact that yes he may have a part of the enemy within him, but that does not mean he has to be anything like them. He is also pretty stand-off ish and doesn’t like opening up necessarily. He’d much rather keep to himself (other than Shiro), but he is finally opening up to someone else as well. He forgives Allura immediately despite how offensive her bias opinion was towards him. I just love Keith. 

So these two are super close now or should be? Which is pretty awesome considering… Keith is super close to Shiro too. SO now he’s close to both Shiro and Allura who are both, might I remind you all, much older than would be appropriate for him to have a romantic relationship with. Anywho, this reeks of space parents and an angsty teen.

Which then leads to Shallura and why I believe it is pointing toward canon woot woot love these goobers. Alright so I’m solely focusing on a few scenes in particular where my heart was pounding and my eyes watering and I was clutching my heart while screaming at my computer screen. The feels man the feels. 

I just about swooned at this. Like these underrated moments are what really get me. Like I love the whole Shiro taking Allura’s hand and telling his wife to get some rest, that got me feeling some sort of way. But this scene guys. In the heat of battle, Shiro is concerned for Allura. He’s basically saying “I wish I could be there to take care of her but Coran you have to do it for me.” I cannot guys I cannot.

She could’ve called for anyone else. Was it Keith? NOPE IT WAS SHIRO, PEOPLE!!

Never forget honestly. This is the face of a broken man. I have never seen Shiro more distressed and this pic doesn’t do it justice but when you watch this scene his eyes are glistening like he’s about to cry. The calm, collected leader Shiro is on the verge of tears? omg I can’t. 

Honestly this is my weakness. When a character gets hurt and another character goes ballistic and rages. Like Shiro is so determined to kick ass in this scene and avenge Allura. End me. 

For Shallura, they both have an understanding that they need each other. They are each other’s support especially considering they both are the leaders and are the older ones of the group. They help bear each other’s responsibility which is much different than Klance’s dynamic. For Klance it is much more playful and focused on chemistry. And also because they are younger it is much more naive and afraid. Both Keith and Lance obviously care for each other but they try not to show it especially when the other is present. They are self-conscious and afraid of what the other will think, that the other doesn’t feel the same way. Shiro and Allura, however, both know that they care for each other and they aren’t afraid to express it through calling each other’s name during battle and other small gestures like that.

Which I forgot to mention that everyone is freaking out over a simple hug between Allura and Keith but like have you noticed that both Klance and Shallura have not had a proper hug yet? Ummmm is this a slow burn fic or… Seriously tho, I’ve watched plenty of shows and animes (I’m shameless) to know that usually the canon couple does not have that special hugging and seal-the-deal scenes quite so early in the series because all the anticipation builds up until the perfect scene is created. I swear a tender Klance and Shallura moment is coming I swear. 

Which then leads to my mains, Klance. I just have to admit that one of the many reasons I love these two is because of the fact that Keith and Lance are like my fav characters of all time. And I can relate to both of them at the same time idk. Anyway, back to what’s important: evidence of canon.

So… Do I really need to show these? Like these scenes do not need further analysis it just reeks of dorks-in-love-who-don’t-know-they’re-in-love-with-each-other-and-who-don’t-know-that-the-other-is-in-love-with-them. Man I love Klance. 

So instead let’s over-analyze a few other scenes…

“Babe I thought you would have my back.”

“First you forget the bonding moment now this.”

Look this one is a stretch lol but just look at Keith’s face. When you watch this scene, Keith goes from his signature annoyed and irritated look to a betrayed and frustrated look. Maybe that’s just me, but aside from that, he doesn’t necessarily look pissed off, his face changes from his usual pissy look to something much different. Obviously what Lance says does calm him down enough not to yell back at him, but he also looks frustrated because no one understand him or his secret about his past with the Blade of Mamora and all that good junk at this point. I think it is especially bothering him that he can’t just upfront say what he is hiding, and instead he knows he is looking like a fool in front of them (and especially Lance). 

Body language is important. Keith turns around as not to face them, I think he is hurt because obviously this whole situation is important to him but not even Lance seems to understand him. And I seriously think Keith and Lance have like this weird mutual understanding usually. Like ya they fight I get that, but usually they kinda get what the other is trying to get at I feel, idk maybe thats just me. 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how blue Lance’s eyes are in this… I love my son…

So like if you look closely at this scene you notice that when Lance is making eye contact with Keith, Keith has his typical “I hate you Lance but really I don’t but I’m gonna pretend like I do” face. But right when Lance looks away Keith actually looks sad and kinda hurt. Out of everyone, he hates that Lance is the one revealing his flaws, and even he knows its true. Lance stop insulting your husband. He’s actually sensitive about what you think of him:(((

Uhhh lowkey I think Keith is just as insecure as Lance is, but he just doesn’t show it… Oh the Klangst!

And another thing we get to see in Season 2 is that Lance is showing ALOT of concern of Keith’s wellbeing which is pretty big if you ask me because season 1 was basically Pining!Keith worried about his boyf. Now we get to see some worried Lance.

Honestly, like I mentioned before, the creators are going for a slow burn. And both Shallura and Klance definitely have their little hints and subtle moments that are very easily missed. But that’s the point. If it’s too obvious then the ending won’t be as powerful, the couples won’t be as special. Also, the development of both of these couples is going slow but very well thought out and I actually appreciate it a lot. I know for a fact K//allura won’t be canon because their interaction is too straight-up(lol) for it to be canon. It could be said as “predictable” but idk I just get a total brotp vibe from them nothing more, plus if they were hinting at canon for them, they wouldn’t have them hug so soon. Also their reactions and facial expressions toward the hugs and touches would be very different. It wasn’t tender like the Bonding Moment™ or the Shallura hand grab™. Facial expressions and reactions are key! Keith looked indifferent when Allura fell into his arms and their hug was sweet yes but it wasn’t hesitant and nervous like a couple who just discovered their feelings for one another would react. It was a hug between two people who recognize their bond. It was a strong bond yes, between two lovers? no I don’t think so. Allura, herself even confirmed how she now viewed the paladins as her family and it just felt to much like a familial bond I couldn’t see anything more to it. If Kallura was to be canon they would have more subtle moments than in-your-face big moments. Little details in the way Keith or Allura would look, or in the background they would be gazing at each other (*cough* like Keith does to Lance *cough*) It’s the little things that count, remember that.

The only ship I was concerned that would be canon was Sh//eith, because they have an obvious bond that is much different than everyone else. But ever since the “Shiro, you’re a bro to me” happened, it basically killed any chance of it happening. Which in my opinion is much better because Klance and Shallura have so much potential and their stories can expand and be written so well. As it is, the creators are doing a really good job at unraveling their stories slowly but just enough as to give the viewers hope which is the goal usually for tv shows. They try to make the shippers suffer sometimes *sigh*. 

Anywho, if you read up to this point thanks for listening to me rambling about space parents and space ranger partners lol! I loved season 2 because it revealed a lot about Keith not only through the obvious backstories and blade of mamora stuff but also through his interactions. And yes Keith is my fav lol. Anyways, I am 99.9% sure Klance and Shallura are gonna be canon but by no means am I saying you shouldn’t ship what you want. You do you, folks. Ship on and enjoy the show!

reasons to read “the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue” by mackenzi lee!!

  • monty is a jerk sometimes, but even though he’s a white boy™, he gets called out on his shit by percy and felicity!! the books deals with privilege very honestly and realistically
  • poc main character that faces struggles and feels uncomfortable having to see his white friend standing up for him in his place!!!
  • strong female character and possibly aro/ace representation
  • pirates
  • awesome roadtrip
  • adventure
  • the sexual tension between the boys i died™
  • friends-to-lovers trope!! (monty’s so whipped lmao)
  • also the sharing a bed trope
  • monty’s dimples
  • MAIN CHARACTERS WITH DISABILITIES and the way they are treated!!
  • boss females with ambition <3
  • “we hate richard peele!”
  • just overall light, adorable and fun!!

like,,, idk,,, go do urself this favor and just read it

“you look like billy ray cyrus”


Request: “can i request a angry!makeout session with credence? idk maybe you’re fighting or something.”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: it get’s HOT AND HEAVY ok, be prepared. ALSO cocky Credence (in more than one way).

With a final grunt, Credence let his arms fall. Newt simply brought a clammy hand up to his face, rubbing over the lethargic feeling that was beginning to seep in.

“I’m sorry. I know I can do it.” Credence apologised. “I just need to get really angry.”

Newt paced down the stairs and into the specially devised glass box. He hated putting the boy in here. “It’s quite alright. Go get some rest. Perhaps you’re just afraid because you’re thinking about it too much.”

It was partially true. No matter how many times Newt had reassured him that the box would contain his Obscurus when it came out Credence always had that same deep-rooted fear. The fear that his black seething power would break out, and implicate him by hurting someone he cared about.

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kind of weird to log on and see stan hate….like…..he’s literally a child. a child who experienced something super traumatizing and carried that trauma into adulthood. a child who almost got his face eaten and y'all rlly want to pop up and act like he should have just gotten over that.

ok so what if otabek is that person who complains about a certain food but will still eat it and gets really defensive when ppl call them out on their shit. 

like literally just one type. say he hates jello right.

but he doesn’t really hate it.

he’ll make that scowly face and eat it.

he’ll grimace.

and then he’ll shovel another mouthful in.

and then he’ll grimace again.

and when Yuri tells him to fucking stop, Otabek will (with emphasis) slowly take a spoonful of jello, gently put it into his mouth, and fucking chew it right in front of Yuri’s face. 

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Hi! I just wanted to know your opinion on where you think Keith and Lance both canonically are with their feelings for the other? Personally I think Keith has had feelings for Lance since the bonding moment while Lance kinda hid his feelings behind the rivalry and stuff, but that's just me. I'd love to hear your input!

i think the same!!! i definitely think keith has been developing feelings for lance starting from the bonding moment, it’s always been really fucking obvious to me tbh. as for lance, yeah… him trying to hide/mask/deny his feelings with the rivalry, starting from the garrison seems very likely… OR he just started developing feelings for keith starting from that shot of him we got through lance’s eyes in s3. both of those scenarios could work…

the first one, imo, works best and would make for a more interesting story line? it would also fit in with the fact that lance’s arc is said to be a show spanning one… because if he really is hiding/in denial of his feelings, it could explain why he claimed to not remember the bonding moment (of course, he could seriously not remember it but idk)… that was a very intimate and special moment between them, lance was so open and genuine. he was weak and injured and had no energy to keep that “rivalry” up. he let something soft slip. they were butting heads almost constantly before that moment, except for like… after the food fight scene and when lance tries to explain the “i say vol, you say tron…” cheer to keith. the whole rivalry thing lance created is just interesting to me… because it’s obvious that keith did not even knowingly participate in it back at the garrison. it’s always been a one sided thing. keith has never viewed lance as his rival, he barely remembered lance when they met again… an anon sent me this about keith being gay but it also makes a good point about the rivalry and i have to agree… 

Lance and Keith are shown in s1 as rivals as often as possible. So hey if Keith was straight, writers would make sure to show off their rivalry a little- make Nyma interested in Keith? Or just sth with Nyma and Keith? But nah, there’s just “maybe Keith will give me a ride” (which makes Lance EXTREMELY jealous 👀) and Keith looking at Rolo instead 👀 so 👀👀

also, lance being able to recognize keith from his mullet alone? and his comment about his mullet in the handbook? he’s too fixated on that boy’s hair i stg… he’s spent a lot of time staring at him. yeah, you could say it’s just to keep up with his rival but i… idk, along with everything else i know and shit… i feel like there’s more to it than just the “rivalry”… you know what i mean? when lance was talking about keith doing cool junk in s2, with that fond look on his face? it’s obvious he admires him and doesn’t just hate him and simply view him as his rival or anything. i really feel like there’s something else behind it… i’ll talk about it more in the masterpost lol. 

anyways, their bonding moment was obviously very important to keith because he starts getting jealous when lance flirts only after they had their moment, i’ve stated this many times but yeah. he didn’t do it before. it’s the start of everything. he starts throwing a bunch of soft looks lance’s way, teases him playfully and shit… keith has 100% been starting to get feelings for lance since the bonding moment… before it happened, before lance nearly fucking died and before they bonded… i think keith was pretty indifferent towards lance? he only ever seriously fired back at him when lance started it, i think? like, i’m pretty fucking sure? but other than that, he seemed like he just… didn’t care… because he didn’t know lance, didn’t really know him. but that’s changed, A LOT, and i don’t think lance even realizes it? at least, not to the full extent… i think he’s realized it a bit now, after the events in s3 with keith trying to reassure lance… but before that, i don’t think he did. keith isn’t exactly that clear or obvious (at least not to lance, we can see it… but he can’t), he’s not good at social interaction… he’s not good with feelings, he doesn’t tell lance… he gets upset about lance not remembering their moment and even says “the amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane” to him, which doesn’t seem like some baseless comment? it seems like he’s giving him shit for not remembering their moment… 

but lance didn’t realize that’s why he said it, he just thought he was trying to start shit. lance also deals with his insecurities, so when he hears stuff like that, especially from keith… he puffs up and defends himself. an example of this is in s3 when keith teased lance about saying he’s “not a goofball, he’s the sharpshooter”… keith was not trying to start shit. he wasn’t trying to say lance isn’t the sharpshooter because there’s no way keith isn’t aware of lance’s skills at that point. in the episode prior, lance just comforted keith… he wouldn’t be trying to start shit with him after that. keith didn’t know about lance’s insecurities when he teased him, and even now after lance came to him about them, he doesn’t know the extent of them. he was just trying to playfully tease him, because lance IS the sharpshooter… but it’s not like he ISN’T ALSO a goofball… lance took what keith said the wrong way due to his insecurities. i definitely think lance assumes that keith doesn’t even like him that much and i think he thinks keith gets jealous when he flirts with allura because he thinks keith likes allura… that would explain the “jealousy, thy name is keith” comment he made in the comics. that would explain why when allura and keith went off together, he thought they were involved… boy, you missed it by a mile… i’m going to talk way more in depth about my thoughts on all of this in the s3 section of the klance masterpost because i really need to talk about their characters in depth to really get my thought process across? idk i just need to explain it better and with more insight on them as individuals/their interactions so far. don’t want to do it all right here when i’m going to do it already.

taking into consideration that shot of keith we got through lance’s eyes in s3, it makes lance previously being in denial about his feelings seem very realistic… because that shot was clearly lance admiring keith and seeing him in a new light. i was always a little unsure on where lance was with how he felt about keith tbh? but s3 made it clearer for me? so, like another anon previously said to me, that shot is some sort of catalyst for lance… either for him to go from being in denial about/not being aware of/masking his feelings behind the rivalry… to realizing/accepting that he likes keith as more than a friend… especially with all their development this season. if he hasn’t exactly been in denial, the scene can still work as a catalyst for lance starting to develop feelings for keith… either way, that shot… it was definitely the start of something on lance’s end, for sure. 

Can you imagine a Tomarry Labyrith AU? Like, where Harry lives with his horrible aunt and uncle and escapes reality by reading fiction and acting out scenes in the park with his dog Sirius to cope, where one day a snowy owl that looks suspiciously like Hedwig is watching as Harry pretends to be the good guy in the fairy tale who faces off with the antagonist, but he can never remember the last line (’…and I feel sorry for you.’), and at home Vernon and Petunia force him to cook and clean and most of all take care of his baby cousin (maybe Dudley is less hate-ble as a baby, or maybe it’s Teddy, idk), and so Harry accidentally says the ‘magic word’ to summon the goblin king  so he will take the baby away (Morsmordre), and then whoa, look at that snowy owl that just flew through his window and turned into a super hot guy, and it’s The Dark Lord or the Goblin King or Voldemort but NO YOU CAN’T JUST SAY THAT HARRY ITS A SCARY NAME and he is all suave and shit, and he’s like ‘yep that baby will make a fine goblin/Death Eater monster thing, thanks Harry’, but Harry says ‘wait! No! You can’t just take my cousin like that, i want to go on a whimsical adventure through a maze filled with Riddles and drama and sexual tension so thick I could cut it with a knife!’ so King/Lord/What the fuck ever Voldemort says ‘cool, you have twenty-four hours’ and then they do exactly that. And the castle in the middle is Hogwarts (It even has moving staircases!!) and the obelisque is a ‘Chamber of Secrets’, and Dumbledore could be that guy with the bird-hat thing (Fawkes ofc) and Hoggle could be Griphook and those two obnoxious upside-down card guys are the Weasley twins and basically I am just throwing this prompt out there to the world of tumblr because I have had this idea in my head since I have had ideas in my head and I think someone should write it because I can’t justify writing it atm because life but you should all THINK ABOUT IT !


I’m so sorry this is such a ramble. But one can dream, right?

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DAY6 Live & Meet in Jakarta - fansign

So DAY6 came out and holy crap they are sooooooo much better looking in real life. I don’t know how, but they are!!! I thought Jae looked like he wasn’t in the mood but he was actually really smiley when the fansign started. Wonpil is really smol AND OMG HIS EYES ARE SO PRETTY. Dowoon was smiley and everyone tried singing happy birthday to him at the start but it kinda just faded out lol but we sang again later on. Sungjin akjdfa;sjf;adsjf;s;dfj uuuuugggghhhh ok Sungjin looks a million times better in real life. He’s not real. Photos and videos DO NOT do him justice. I couldn’t believe he looked like that seriously omg. Black haired Brian was a blessing and omg he kept waving at everyone.

So anyway, @its-youngk was in front of me. Jae was up first. She told him his face looked like a baby’s butt and he laughed and was like “Thank you??? Thank you!” Then it was my turn omg I didn’t really know what to say lolz. I just told Jae to come visit nz and he said “invite us” and then I had to move on lmao ok everything was really quick. Next was Wonpil and omg like he has such cute eyes and ugh he’s soooo sooo soo good looking. I just told him he was my favourite member and he said “thank you”. Then it was Dowoon next and I said happy birthday to him and he said thank you. Nothing special I guess hahaha.

NEXT WAS PARK SUNGJIN. HOLY CRAP PARK SUNGJIN aaaaaaaaaaahhhh. HIS EYES WERE SPARKLING. OMG OMG OMG. I really didn’t know what to say to him so I got there and just smiled at him for like a couple of seconds omg hahahah and he did that ^o^ face and was kind of like ooooohhh idk how to explain it hahahhha but I was like “omg I don’t know what to say” and he just laughed and I yelled “you’re really handsome” as I walked towards Brian lmao I hate myself and he laughed and said “thank you”. 

I got to Brian and was like “I love your new hair” and he said thank you and then I was like “thank you for dyeing your hair black” lmfao hhahahahahah idk why I said that. I hate myself. Then I left.

Mob Psycho 100 AU


Soooo in case you don’t know what Ajin is, it’s a psychological horror manga/anime about immortal humans (called Ajin) who revive no matter how many times they’re killed and can summon “black ghosts” that are shaped according to the Ajin’s actions. The ghosts cannot be seen by humans unless the Ajin has strong emotions towards a targeted human, like bloodlust, fear, etc. Ajin don’t know they’re Ajin until they die once. Then they are hunted down by a special branch of the government for inhumane experiments and all that lovely bullshit. Also, Kou is my fave lmao the poor idiot doesn’t deserve the shit he’s forced to go through…let him rest gdi

So I’ve been thinking about this AU for awhile now and I’ve come up with some ideas (warning, it’s late and I have shaky-ass fingers so if anything is misspelled or grammatically incorrect, blame my fingers):

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Prompt: You and Neville teaching the boys football for UpUpDownDown. You try tackling Seth Rollins and both fall and end up landing on top of him. You would kiss but your brother Roman picks you up by your waist before you can, saying “thats enough for today”

Authors note: Okay, the anon didn’t specify what kind of football was meant so I’m gonna do English football, or soccer. Sorry it took so long as well.

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

“I thought we were all playing Fifa. Not actual soccer” Roman grumbled as you slapped his arm, making him shut up. 

“Stop complaining you big baby” Seth spoke from the other side of your brother. “A game of soccer isn’t gonna kill us” You smirked at his words as Neville nodded in agreement. You four were having your own conversation as Xavier and everyone else were filming a live-stream for UpUpDownDown.

Xavier passed the camera to you, and you cleared your throat. “Okay, for the first time ever. I’ve actually gotten these guys away from a screen, and made them go outside” You turned the camera so it faced everyone. “Say hi guys” You sang as everyone else let out an unenthusiastic grumble. Turning the camera around, you sighed. “That’s good enough!”

“Wait so how are we doin’ this?” Big E asked as you and Neville stood next to each other, you clutching the gloves and he had the football in his hands. 

“Well we have to be split into two teams. But we can let the fans choose the teams” You looked at the group of your friends. “And because there aren’t many of us, we’re gonna have a smaller pitch to play with” 

“Alright, Seth. You’re with me mate” Neville spoke as he looked up from Xavier’s phone and had thrown the ball to Seth as he walked forward. Just before he stood behind Neville though, he stopped next to you and winked, making you blush. You cleared your throat and looked up again, smiling.

“Fine, c’mon” Your eyes were fixed on the screen until a name showed up. “Big E!” You sang as Big E strutted to your side and gave you a high five. It went like that until everyone had been sorted into teams. Everyone stood in a random formation as AJ and Neville stood on either side of the ball. 

It started out as a clean game, but then a lot of people were getting too big for their boots. Eventually causing the game to get dirty, with people pushing, punching, and tripping each other. Luckily, no one had started to get to you. Mostly because no one wanted to trip a girl at all. 

But that rule evaporated quickly. Soon enough, you were the second most popular person to be tackled, only because you and Seth were the only ones who had some real control with the ball. Everyone else sucked. 

But time was passing all to quickly for everyone, and as soon as half time was announced, no one wanted to get off the pitch. But you all managed to drag yourselves onto the bench and get a drink. 

The score was 3-3 and you all were desperate to win. Everyone else was aiming for one person in particular, and your eyes were on Seth. After all, he was the only one playing who was worth your effort because he was the fastest.

After you managed to avoid AJ’s slide tackle, your eyes found the ball as it was being taken by Seth. “Fuck” You grunted as AJ’s eyes went to the same place, and back to each other.

You ran as fast as you could to escape AJ and to catch up with Seth (which was a challenge in itself because damn was he fast). This eventually ended up with you at the back of his feet, slightly too slow to get the ball, but enough to tackle the guy. So you stayed at that pace, waiting for the moment to tackle him. But at the last minute, you felt someone push you into him, sending you flying in front of you, taking him down as well. 

When you opened your eyes, you were both on the floor, but you were on his back. Then your eyes flicked to the ball which was lying less than 5 meters in front of you both. “Fuck it” You grunted and tried to throw yourself off of him and towards the ball, but he grabbed your ankle and dragged you back. 

From afar, it must’ve looked like two kids fighting over a toy, because you both ended up rolling around comically for a while.

“My ball” You repeated as you moved back and flipped yourselves over, managing to pin his hands above his head. He looked up at you, your chests heaving as you straddled him. 

No one said anything as you both looked at each other. Your grip on his arms became weaker, and he moved his hand to move a strand of hair out of your face. But he began to move his face towards you and cupped your cheek, you instinctively began to lean down to meet him halfway.

You were so close that you could feel his breath on his face. This was actually happening. You were gonna kiss Seth. 

“Nope” You heard Roman’s voice as he lifted you from Seth’s lap and over his shoulder. “You’re not kissing him” A sound of protest left your mouth as you began to hit your brother on the back, trying to make him drop you. 

“I hate you” You probably sounded like a five year old but you didn’t care. “Roman you absolute cockblock” You grumbled and crossed your arms as your brother carried you away.

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Idk I if you already had made hc for palladins where s/o has like really bad period but please if not could you make ones? Rp

yo an anon also asked for this so i’m putting both together ! 


- this man just hates it when you’re in pain

- dad mode straight away goes on

- and he’s like such a pro at taking care of his s/o

- i bet he understands the cycle of it as well

- if s/o throws up becuase of her period, he’ll patiently hold their hair away from her face and genty strokes her back

- if they can’t walk or the pain suddenly hits them when they’re standing up, shiro will pick them up bridal style and put them to bed

- also his hand would be a hella good heating pad

- aah hiscuddles would be perfect

- also his hot cocoa is sublime

- he’d try his best to be the best company ever

-  everytime s/o winces in pain he’ll frown and asks them if they need anything

- him peppering kisses on his s/o’s face


-he’d be so worried like he’ll panic so so much

- but he aint clueless since he probs grew up with a sistee or two

- would ask hunk to make them certain food that they craved

- wont let them leave the bed without him

- cuddles !

- from side cuddles to his s/o being the small spoon

- he’s also a good massager surprisingly

- keeps s/o hair neat in a braid

- will probably snack on the junk food with them tbh 


- boy he’s panicking internally

- and this boi is clueless

- so the first thing he’ll do is bring s/o to bed

- then he’ll ask shiro for advice and ask pidge about periods because he’s taht clueless

- he might be totally clueless but keith learns fast, so when he finally understands he’ll be vvv good at taking care of his s/o

- probs more protective than shiro

- wont ever let you leave the bed and touching the floor

- manhe’ll carry them everywhere if he has too

- this boy is just so worried

- in times like this he’ll get more affectionate

- he’ll kisses them more 

- cuddles get a lot more longer

- keith is just super worried please give him a hug


- she’ll be the most understanding out of the rest

- but man she’s just confused why their period is so painful

- wont be over protective like shiro or keith

- but will provide anything they need from pads, tampons, chocolate to cuddles or a kiss

- she’ll keep a tab on them more often and will do some reasearch to see if shecould find a medicine of some sort

- she just hates to see them suffering


- he’ll be the most calm about it

- hell make s/o so many comfort food from mac and cheese to pizza

- gives the bestest and the warmest cuddles too !

- he’d sing softly to them is they ask him too

- probs sing a sweet song like can’t help falling in love, ect on a ukulele

- he’d also uses this time as quality time with s/o so theyre will be a lot of card and board games

Confession:  I HATE HOW YOU CANT CHOOSE THE SHAPE OF YOUR ELFQUISITORS EARS! You’re stuck with the one set per head. And its strange to me how majority of the elf npcs have that same long face and long ears thing going on. Maybe it’s a modern thing? Sola’s ears are pretty and unique. You never see another elf with ears like his. And Sera has unique ears too. Idk. I JUST WANNA BE ABLE TO PICK.

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70 - you're warm ---- jackshit (are you surprised.... :P)

This is a personal attack.

There are new shingles on the Haus roof.

Jack runs his fingers over them, hyperaware of the roughness under his fingertips and the furrows on his forehead. His mother always told him he’d have wrinkles by forty if he kept frowning so much. He’s on the wrong side of thirty-five to start worrying about it now.

“Whatcha doing, Jackabelle?”

Jack doesn’t look up; he doesn’t need to, to recognize Shitty’s voice. He presses the pads of his fingers harder against the grit. “I’m…ah. I don’t know.”

Shitty sits down next to him, dangling his legs off the edge of the roof. He’s still in his slacks and dress shirt, but his suit jacket’s been lost since they left the reception. Most of the other alumni have gone home. Jack thinks the current Haus residents would ask him to leave, if he were someone else.

“They painted over the bylaws,” Shitty says. “Ungrateful fuckers.”

Jack huffs out a laugh. He has a flash of half a memory—Shitty in less clothes with more hair, blowing pot smoke out towards the stars.

“Do you think they remember us?” he asks, and then frowns around the words. They aren’t right. He can’t remember the question he was trying to make.

“How could they forget you, bro?” Shitty retorts, and pulls Jack into a headlock to fuck up his hair. “You’re Jack fucking Zimmermann, hockey legend.”

Jack shoves Shitty away and then wishes he hadn’t. He mumbles, “That’s not what I meant.”

Shitty pries at one of the shingles with his thumb and forefinger. “What’s up, Jacko?”

“This school was—” Jack sighs, frustrated again. “No one will know what it meant. To us. The team that lives here now, they don’t know.”

Shitty has long eyelashes. They flutter while he watches Jack, blinking slowly. “But we will, brah. We’ll remember.”

Jack surges down and presses his face into Shitty’s neck, arms wrapping around his torso, whole body shuddering. He thinks of fireworks, Sunday mornings, coming down from panic attacks. Smoke dissolving into the air before it reached the sky.

Shitty’s hand is already in his hair by the time he asks, “Jack?”

“You’re warm,” Jack murmurs. Shitty is always warm.

100 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

Same Mistakes (m)

A/N: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh so this didn’t happen bye idk him 

genre: smut i guess ???? idk yeah also college au !!!!!!!!!!!

words: 1895 (wow im so proud of myself i didn’t get carried away with this it’s an actual drabble :)))

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Pairing: Evan Hansen x reader

Words: 896

Warnings: None? Self hate? Mostly just self hate

Requested by @sxwer: okokok so i have another request! how about one where Evan feels slightly insecure about his body and how he isn’t the most outgoing and the reader is like “no!! let me tell you how wonderful you are !!”

A/N: I don’t often write from a different perspective so I hope this was ok?? It was pretty easy bc i just filled it with self hate, so i just wrote my own thoughts rip ((I’ve had Dear Evan Hansen and Be More Chill playing since I got home it’s going great hope y’all are having good days too)) (((Also what I mean by “pushed through the two doors” is that my highschool has two different doors you have to open to get into?? Idk if that’s normal but ye two doors)))

Evan stared in the mirror, a frown on his face. Discarded shirts littered the floor around him as he tried to find something he didn’t look terrible in. Letting out a sigh, he tossed another shirt onto the ground.

I hate this. He thought to himself, brows furrowed together in frustration.

Glancing at the clock, he realized he was almost late. Quickly, he threw on a blue polo shirt and ran out the door.

On the way to school he tried to push the negative thoughts out of his mind but they kept swarming around until they were all he could focus on.

When the school was in sight, he took a deep breath, pushing through the two doors. Students crowded around the hallways, bumping into each other and talking loudly.

“Evan!” A voice called out to him. Spinning around, he saw Y/N. She raced towards, him, a smile on her face. It quickly faded when she saw him more clearly. “What’s wrong babe?”

“Nothing.” He responded, a little too quickly.

Y/N frowned, and opened her mouth to speak before the bell rang shrilly through the speakers.

“Oh, I gotta go, Evan. Bye!” She planted a quick kiss on his cheek before he watched her rush down the hall to get to class.

He turned, on his way to his own class.

Can’t you just learn how to talk to people? God, you’re so lame.

He frowned, hunching over slightly as he passed a group of students.

Why is it so hard for you to socialize?

He tried to push the thoughts away, but they filled his mind again.

You can’t even tell your girlfriend your feelings, that’s so-

“Yo, Hansen!” Jared unmistakable voice rang out, snapping him out of thought.

“Hey, Jared.” He smiled, walking next to him as they arrived to their first class together.

The school day went by slowly, as it did every day.

“Hey Evan!” Y/N greeted, a grin spreading across her face.

“Hey.” He responded quietly, waving slightly.

“Are you ok?”

“Fine.” He lied, ignoring the concerned look on her face.

“Let’s just,” she paused for a moment. “Can I come over?”

With a nod, Evan began his journey home with Y/N.

“You’re sure you’re fine?” She questioned once more after a few minutes of silence.


Do you realize how annoying you’re being? She keeps asking and you keep blowing off her questions. That’s so fucking annoying, Evan-

“I hope you’re ok.” Y/N whispered, glancing up at Evan’s house. “We’re here.”

Y/N opened Evan’s door, surprised to find the floor littered with different shirts.

“Oh!” Evan quickly sprung into action, frantically grabbing clothes from the floor and shoving them into a hamper. “Sorry I just-” He blinked, thinking of a lie. “I just didn’t know what to wear.”

“That’s fine.” Y/N smiled reassuringly, taking a seat on Evan’s bed as he tossed the last of the shirts in the hamper.

“Sorry.” He repeated, breathless from running around his room grabbing clothing.

Time passed quickly as the two of you relaxed, lying silently on Evan’s bed.

“Y’know, if something’s wrong you can tell me.” Y/N’s voice broke the silence.

Evan sighed, “You won’t let up until I tell you, right?”

With a nod, Y/N sat up attentively with Evan sitting up as well.

“I just-” He stopped, thinking. “I just didn’t like what i looked like,, in any of them…” He muttered, nodding towards the hamper filled with clothes.

A second went by before Evan stood up nervously.

“Sorry, I don’t know why I told you that I-”

“Evan!” Y/N cut him off, standing next to him, “You’re wonderful, listen to me.”

They both sat back down. Evan stared at the floor, avoiding Y/N’s gaze.

“You’re the nicest person i’ve ever met. Never forget that, ok?”

Evan laughed lightly in disbelief.

“I mean it. You’re amazing and talented and sweet. And I bet you looked great in every one of those shirts!” She finished, pointing to the clothes.

Evan couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face. He risked a glance towards Y/N, who quickly leaned forward and crashed her lips against his. He nearly jumped back in surprise, eyes wide. Quickly, he melted into the kiss, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Y/N ended up spending the night, talking to Evan in a soothing voice for hours, watching the sky grow darker outside his window.