idk what to call this au yet

“I think that’s our target-”

“Smile Hamilton, you’re going to draw attention.”

*cracks knuckles* Okay so I have an AU where Thomas and Alex (along with most of the characters) work at separate rival spy agency’s that end up getting merged and then these two have to work together. 


I had a dream where Ashi and her sisters were experiments in a lab instead of being raised in a cult. It’s kinda this weird mismashed combo between Stranger Things and Plague Dogs and idk.

Obviously, this is not Ja//shi in any form so do not tag anything about this au as that, thanks

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as long as it lasts

Ao3 link

Word count: 2854

Chapter summary:

Killua’s head snapped up when he felt that tingling under his skin, a pressure in his skull, and the dull roaring somewhere off in the distance. He was bolting away from the market stand a second later, ignoring the cries of Alluka and the jewelry handler alike. All he could hear was the pounding of his sandles on hot brick and the heavy thudding of his heart against his ribcage.

Gon’s World wasn’t supposed to collide with his for another week. And yet, there was no denying that familiar tug of his heart. 

Gon was here. And Killua wasn’t going to miss a second of the short, precious time with the man he loved.

Ending my writing hiatus with this thing! I wanted to write steamy killugon makeouts and an entire fic with its own universe popped out with it? 

This fic was inspired by this post and this other post! This fic is also not beta’d so I apologize for any mistakes! Thank you for reading~

Killua wasn’t expecting their Worlds to merge on a random summer day in the middle of June.

Worlds colliding wasn’t all that unnatural of a phenomenon. It was a common thing, in fact; Worlds crossed and collided at many points throughout the year, be it on a brisk spring day or deep in the middle of the winter, with ice coating rooftops and snow blanketing the ground. These collisions were predictable, however. They happened within the same times of the year, every year, like seasons. Though the length of time in which two or more Worlds merged was unknown.

And that was the exact reason why Killua’s head snapped up when he felt that tingling under his skin, a pressure in his skull, and the dull roaring somewhere off in the distance. He was bolting away from the market stand a second later, ignoring the cries of Alluka and the jewelry handler alike. All he could hear was the pounding of his sandals on hot brick and the heavy thudding of his heart against his ribcage.

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Fic rec no one asked for but I delivered~

Send Me Your Location (I don’t need nothing else but you)  - (1 of my current faves)

Taemothy: Thts it, I’m ready 2 die
Taemothy: Tell ma eommathti love ha
Taemothy: Gonna eat da Tide paks now
Taemothy: Gudbye cruel world
Jimothy: U liked a 65 week old instagram pic didnt u?

Take Me Home (Take It Slow) - ( FAVFAVFAV)

Jungkook is an idol and Taehyung is his chaebol sponsor.

 a lesson in selcas - (FAV BUT ALSO THIS IS SO CUTE I DIE??)

Jungkook is too cute, and he hates it.

or: the “hey your selcas are so nice and I have no confidence whatsoever so maybe you could teach me how to do it” AU

he wants the succ - ( Idk what to say about this yet???)

taehyung messages the wrong number and jungkook is gay as hell


Unknown Number:
my dick is wet and u said ud be here 15 minutes ago

Of Angels, Dicks, and Chance Encounters - ( OK no but actual fav dont @ me I love single parent au’s and Jungkook as a lawyer yES)

The actual summary for this is too long so Jungkook is a lawyer who meets architect Tae because their lil boys got into a fight and they were both called into the princi’s office ;)  They’re both hella soft and just wanna protect their babies :(

fuck you and your chin mole - (But like this is so fluffy I lived???)

Taehyung is very enthusiastic about dogs and also very enthusiastic about dog owners. Well, just one dog owner actually. One very cute dog owner.

Pretty in Pink - (I actually avoided this fic for so long but I actually love it and read the entire thing in a day)

Kim Taehyung was a legend in Jungkook’s books. He had just arrived to Busan and was already incredibly popular, either because of his looks or his personality. Taehyung drew everyone’s attention, even Jungkook’s. But along the road Jungkook finds one of Taehyung’s biggest secrets..

no more parties in seoul - ( no words just fave. I DIED laughing at this fic no joke tho)

tittytae: mail me my death certificate pls

tittytae: i jus accidentally liked Jungkook’s pic from fifty weeks ago

jimin neutron: YES YES YES

tittytae: I UNLIKED IT

tittytae: did i just make it worse

That one chatfic where Bangtan are in college, live to expose each other, and Hoseok is a modern day cupid.

come, pick me up - ( I SMELL ANGST AND PROMISE)

The road less travelled is not always the easiest. When Jeongguk joins Produce 101, he doesn’t expect to meet one of his ex-members, not after BTS disbanded almost three years ago. He doesn’t expect to meet Kim Taehyung.

ok for the finale.


Stop My Heart - ( gvhjwqbffhqo NO WORDS HOW MUCH I LOVE. IT HAS EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A FIC WITH GRADE A SMUTTT. I cried reading this art. Its not complete tho :((( and the author rarely updates so ha my heart dies a lil… shoutout to my main bb @dumbndumber for recommending this ily <3)</p>

“What does it feel like?”


“Knowing you fixed the heart of the man who broke yours?”

ASDFGHJKL thats it for now~

I still have more to rec but the list was becoming a biiit long…

A Fantasy AU for those interested:

You guys, I’m writing a self-indulgent fantasy au in honor of my upcoming birthday. So have the basic gist:

Cib is the Wandering Idiot Prince who saves Steven from his prison. Cib likes long walks on the beach, his wonderful girlfriend Sami Jo, and vaping. Cause vaping exists in this fantasy world. He also didn’t kill the prince of Disneyland at all, nope, that was all Steve’s fault, yep.

Steven has been locked in a tower like a goddamn princess for most of his life, leaving him no room or time or whatever to learn basic emotional skills. After being rescued by Cib on total accident, Steven travels with him across the land in search for wherever the hell he’s from. His earliest memory is of a really not good boy in mouse ears stealing out of his piggy bank. He also isn’t evil in any way whatsoever, what are you talking about?

James is a former pirate-turned-mercenary who only goes along with Steven and Cib because he needs the money. So what if they don’t pay him anything? He fights like a man, swims like a man, and loves dogs like a man. He also isn’t violent to a fault and isn’t a wanted man in most coastal cities, that’s a fucking lie, did Cib tell you that?

Autumn is Steven’s indentured servant that came with the tower and came with him out of the tower. She never wears shoes, is disobedient and mouthy to a fault, and can’t hear anything worth shit. Her only redeeming quality is her strange connections to a god among men, Anubis. She also doesn’t steal anything from the others because she’s a good person, really, just ask Parker.

Parker is dead. The end. 

Jeremy is the big, bad, scary wizard who was previously Prince Parker’s bodyguard, adviser, and best friend. He’s out for revenge, and his staff is a goddamn shovel. 

Famous Bard James Allen McCune is a Famous Bard who has fallen on rough times. Times are so rough that he has taken to occasionally staying on with Cib’s little gang of boys for their food. He also isn’t homeless and isn’t drunk and doesn’t steal, no, he’s a famous bard, why would he need to do that?


Don’t ask why I’m ready but I’m ready to
Strike him down now
A chance at a new start
There’s no time for indecision 

The quick process gif probably tells you that I am heavily, horribly reliant on post-production ha…

I haven’t managed to play P5 yet (give me my ps4 dangfdkgsfdg) so 100% of my concept was taken from watching bits of playthrough videos (I don’t want too much spoilers…) and a loose adaptation of @space-emos‘s (and nic…does nic have a tumblr? cry) p5 AU on twitter lol…buT PLAYBOY PHANTOM THIEF YUURI…

I want to call him phantom thief eros but the idea had been used so much it just doesn’t sit right (also there’s this one weird soap opera on our local TV with an asshat protagonist called Eros…) but idk what to call him other than that…

anonymous asked:

High school Laura working at the video game store in the mall which is conveniently located between Carmilla's job at the fancy clothes store (idk what its called but like suits and nice dresses) and Danny's job at the sporting goods store. She hasnt talked to either one yet but LaF makes fun of her when she stares at them

Ooh yes good! But consider: Carmilla’s store also sells fancy lingerie and Laf dares Laura to buy some sexy underwear while Carm is working lol (Edit: maybe not as a high school AU but if they were older that would be funny)

anonymous asked:

i feel so bad for prom suffering all this heartbreak :( what if we give noct some heartbreak instead?? something bad happening to a preg prom and his baby??

this is pretty much out of actual au, but just imagine noct is there during 

this actually made me think about the miscarriage ask i got. Noct probably was there 24/7 for Prompto but he just went fishing someday because you know he would and well,,,, Prompto calls Ignis first because he doesnt want to bother Noct. Nobody understands whats happening at that point yet, but Ignis figures and immediately calls Noctis. idk how this happened but pls let them be happy

just-my-weirdness-and-i  asked:

Yep me again hehe, I just remember that my mom used to give me Eskimo kisses and I had this thought of the Voltron Family au giving them but one day the kids wanted to hear when did their daddy's started whit this mm tradition(? Also I can't with the second season it got me crazy <3, all those moments and all of it don't you think?

Eskimo kisses are the cutest tbh! My parents used to do that to me too OTL IDK what happened why it stopped. lmao ibecametheemokid

The start of the Eskimo Kisses.

[The Voltron Family] This was during their first few days of the kids as the newly adopted children of Keith and Shiro, so they didn’t call them “Daddy” yet or anything. It was Hunk who saw it first. Shiro was holding Hunk’s hand because the little one wanted out to get a glass of water. While on their way back to Hunk’s bedroom, they passed by the library and Keith was still up doing some work. 

Shiro: *enters the room with Hunk* Sweetheart, you need to rest. It’s really late now. *places hand on Keith’s shoulder*
Keith: *looks up from his laptop* Oh. I’ll be done soon. Give me a few more minutes and I’ll join you in bed.
Shiro: Promise? *cups Keith’s face with one hand*
Keith: *nuzzles Shiro’s hand* Promise.
Shrio: *smiles* Alright. *leans down to give Keith an Eskimo kiss*
Keith: *returns it* *notices Hunk* Goodnight, Hunk. *ruffles his hair*
Hunk: *shy smile* Goodnight.

That following night, Hunk wanted to copy what Shiro did. He didn’t feel like he had to right to give his new parents kisses on the cheeks yet. Maybe they didn’t like him. But he loved Keith and Hunk wanted to show him that even in his own little ways. So when they were done taking a bath and were all ready for bed, little Hunk went to where Keith was.

Hunk: *raises hands*
Keith: *carries Hunk* Hello, baby.
Hunk: *blushes* *grabs Keith’s face with his pudgy little fingers*
Keith: *surprised* Oh, what are we—
Hunk: *leans in and Eskimo kisses Keith* Goodnight.
Keith: *smiles brightly* Aww, Hunk. *too elated* *hugs Hunk tightly as he returns the kiss* Goodnight to you, too.

Lance saw the whole exchange and just gaped. He wanted to do that too. He wanted to do that with Shiro so he quickly ran to where his new Dad was. 

Shiro: *turns around to see Lance charging at him* Lance—
Lance: *glomps at Shiro and Eskimo kisses him* Goodnight.
Shiro: *shocked* *laughs* Oh, buddy. Goodnight to you, too. *returns the kiss*
Pidge: *tugs Shiro’s pants* Me next! Me next!
Shiro: *looks down at Pidge* *chuckles* Of course. Come here, baby girl. *carries Pidge and gives her an Eskimo kiss too*

They did this every time they say goodnight until Hunk, Lance and Pidge became comfortable to call them “Daddy Shiro” and “Daddy Keith” and give them kisses on the cheeks that later on evolved to soft and gentle pecks on the lips which they all love. 

anonymous asked:

*gasp* karamatsu goes into the other world and meets his other brothers who are nicer, make more time for him and are more considerate of him nd he eventually wants out because he prefers his real brothers and the ghosts are Chibita, Todoko and Hatabou XD sorry random idea that came to mind after seeing ur art. Idk if its been done yet, pretty sure it has tho.

That is the idea… : )

AFD! Ruby, would you like a...... Handful of Pennies? *Anon opens his hand to show mini Pennys that all call out salutations* (sent by anon)
  • AFD!Ruby: Oh these are pretty cute!
  • AFD!Ruby: ....
  • AFD!Ruby: ....
  • AFD!Ruby: What are they exactly?
rules were made to be broken

Originally posted by chained-up-taekwoon

anonymous said: taekwoon 53/54

pairing: jung taekwoon x stripper!reader

genre: slightly nsfw (I guess? I don’t know what to call this)

word count: 612

The rich neon red lights bathe the room in a sensual yet vibrant glow, engulfing everything in an obnoxious shade of red that’s bright enough to make your eyes hurt. His sharp eyes watch your every move, following the movements of your hips, running up and down your legs, admiring the black lingerie adorning your figure.

He says nothing, gazing up at you with a stare that makes you want to both jump his bones and run and hide. He’d barely said anything to you since he requested to see you privately – his eyes said everything for him. The way his jaw clenched and how he shifted in his seat every now and again, the way his bottom lip fell between his teeth, how red it was when he let go.

It was almost as if he was hypnotised, caught in a daze he didn’t want to get out of. He could sit there and stare at you all day if he wanted. Everything about you had him hooked, sucked in and trapped with no chance of escape. He was playing a dangerous game, a game that could only end one way.

“Are you going to say anything or just stare at me like that?” you ask, your voice quiet but loud enough to cut through the music playing in the background.

“Well, are you just going to keep dancing or come here?” he asks, patting his thighs, his soft voice sending a shiver up your spine. His words are tempting, the look in his feline-like eyes beckoning you to come closer.

“Hmm, that’s awfully tempting, Sir,” you say, sliding down onto your knees and running your fingers through your hair. “What makes you think I’m going to do that?”

“Come here,” he says, the tone of his voice dropping dangerously low, those two words coming out like a soft and ever so tempting demand. You keep your eyes on his as you crawl across the floor, stopping when you’re between his legs and sitting back on your legs.

“You do know there’s a no touching rule, right?” you ask, leaning into him as he cups your cheek in his hand, the touch gentle and comforting. He smirks at your words, trailing his hand down to your neck, pushing your hair back off your shoulder.

“I know,” he answers, toying with the strap of your black bra, trailing his cold fingertips down your arm, an involuntary shiver running down your spine. You can feel your skin growing hotter the longer he stares down at you, fighting back the urge to slide into his lap. But the longer you stare at him, the longer he touches you, the more his thighs become even more tempting to sit on.

But at the same time, the feeling of the silver knife concealed in your stockings grows ever more present, the cool metal almost burning against your warm skin. Your fingers twitch with the urge to use it, to see what he would look like with it pressed against his throat, to hear him beg for his life – or perhaps even something else.

“You know what I like to do to people who don’t follow the rules, Sir?” you ask, pushing yourself up off the floor, sliding your knife out of your stockings and sitting down on his lap before he can protest. He spots the gleaming silver in your hand, but says nothing, simply leaning back in his seat as you shift closer to him.

“Please, enlighten me,” he says, smirking as you bring the tip of the knife to his throat, “although I’m sure I can guess.”

“If you’re not careful, you’ll find out.”

College!AU - Hip Hop Unit

Anonymous asked: please do a college!au !!


  • works part time at the ice cream parlor
  • people call him “SCOOPS”
  • lol get it
  • carries a gym bag with him everywhere
  • well thats because his backpack is his gym bag
  • otherwise he would use a messenger bag
  • he thinks it makes him look hip
  • he majors in making the panties DROppp
  • lmao just kidding
  • not really BUT
  • S.Coups is a double major!!
  • he majors in psychology and engineering
  • he doesn’t know what quite to do as a career yet
  • leads the freshman orientation with Joshua
  • tries to set Joshua up with the freshmen???
  • idk, he just wants Joshua to find love
  • S.Coups tried to convince Jun to join a frat
  • parties almost every weekend
  • gets realllyyyyy hammered
  • a video of him kissing a plant went viral
  • scared Jun, he no longer wants to take part in whatever S.Coups is doing
  • but that’s not all to Scoops
  • he likes hanging out at local music shows too
  • he was a goody two shoes all the way up to his high school years
  • now he’s a wild child
  • still gets A’s on every exam
  • gets accused of cheating by Woozi
  • “how??? seungcheol, you don’t even study”
  • rooms with the 95 line
  • sick and tired of Jeonghan always being in the bathroom
  • sick and tired of Joshua eating donuts at 3 a.m


  • goes to med school
  • sometimes dozes off during lecture
  • thought he could handle classes that start at 7 am
  • he’s internally dying
  • which is ironic
  • looks reallyyyy good in a lab coat
  • either goes to class in sweats or in a cardigan and some slacks
  • considered being a psychiatrist
  • but realized he already puts up with too much of Mingyu’s shit to pay attention to other people’s problems
  • the type to do his work in cafes
  • also the type to procrastinate
  • complains about student loans 24/7
  • cries when he looks at his bank account
  • wants to volunteer around the world :’)
  • would be that one hot doctor who all the nurses swoon over
  • and the moms
  • LOVESSS going to the local poetry slams
  • you can tell how much he loves the poems by looking at his facial expressions
  • really awkward during class, does he even know how to speak???
  • poor bby is afraid of asking questions
  • whatever he’ll swing by the professor’s office after class
  • got lost on campus in THE MIDDLE OF THE SCHOOL YEAr???
  • lol sneaks food from mingyu’s lunch
  • i mean, Wonwoo has his own lunch, it’s just that he wants Mingyu’s
  • oh my lord, SOOO PREACHY
  • “S.Coups, you shouldn’t drink so much, it’d bad for your liver. Here’s a pamphlet on how alcohol affects your body”
  • “Joshua, donuts aren’t that great for you especially at 3 am. If anything, eat vegan donuts”
  • “Woozi, being so angry and stressed out is bad for your health. YOUR HEART MIGHT BURST FROM ALL THAT RAGE.”


  • goes to a culinary school
  • “wonwoo, I can make you lunch if you’d just ask”
  • aspires to have his own cooking show
  • he’s got the looks and the talent so why not
  • would like to cook for beyonce some day
  • or maybe for the cast of Descendants of the Sun
  • in charge of the food for when ot13 gets together
  • yells at Seungkwan for trying to “enhance” the kimchi
  • gets offended when Jun asks if he has any ramen instead
  • once spent $200 on a knife set, rip
  • is a cook at a local Chinese restaurant
  • ready to fight anyone that disses his food
  • mingyu is at the top of his class
  • like whenever the teacher is done talking his hand would shoot up
  • since he knows everything there is to know about food
  • he feels obligated to critique every restaurants’ food
  • that one overly detailed yelper, yikes
  • can spot out box cake from a mile away
  • trying to cultivate the best ddeokboki recipe
  • he can cook the most amazing dishes
  • now understands why Wonwoo complains about student loans
  • has a picture of Gordon Ramsey as his phone’s lockscreen
  • hardcore judges the other students when they don’t preheat the oven
  • complains about how expensive fruits and vegetables are nowadays
  • checks for non-gmo and organic ingredients RELIGIOUSLY
  • all in all, how does he not have a girlfriend??


  • Seungkwan hassled Vernon to come out to every event Seungkwan mc’s at. Ever.
  • Vernon expected the events to be kind of wild and weird?
  • but nah
  • he won’t admit it but Seungkwan’s tambourine dance at the end of the event is lowkey LITT
  • okay so maybe the events are a tad bit weird
  • such a cinnamon bun tbh
  • people tried to sell him weed :( LOL
  • but Vernon honestly dislikes all of that
  • doesn’t want to end up like S.Coups and have a video of himself kissing a plant end up on the internet
  • jk lol s.coups doesn’t do drugs
  • always does his homework on time
  • currently a major in computer science; wants to be a video game designer!!
  • aspires to create the next League of Legends
  • Vernon is full of surprises
  • he hangs out with dance major Hoshi??
  • and overachiever Woozi?
  • the shy, kind of geeky kid from the Computer Science department raps????
  • what???
  • like one time there was an underground rap battle at the local nightclub
  • some of his classmates were there, and saw Vernon absolutely KILLING IT
  • so there was this rumor that spread that Vernon was this super cool, intense rapper boy
  • but the next day Vernon accidentally tripped UP the stairs to his seat
  • so that rumor died rather quickly
  • girls try to flirt with him 24/7
  • Vernon knows he has game
  • he’s just not as greasy as Jun

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