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staigtober day 17: swollen | read on ao3

“Hey, can you move?” Stan asked from above, hanging on to the ledge for dear life. “Craig?”

“Does it look like I can?”

“Okay, I’m going down.”

This was one of those moments where Stan wish he perhaps had some other kind of power—flight, maybe, or simply the ability to jump down five stories without breaking something, in addition to everything else. Instead he climbed down as quickly as he could, looking up every now and then to make sure the Chaos Agents weren’t onto them again. He’d have to fix his grapplers later, after fixing whatever was wrong with Craig.

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so i was informed a while ago about this but never had time to actually post it but this is something people should know & i think nows about as good a time as any to share so callout post for @/crispcomet

tw for ddlg-esque art, unsanitary(piss), pedophilia/kink art of minors (just general kink art stuff)

under the read more has art/links of kink art pertaining to abdl(adult baby/diaper lover), piss, ageplay so please be aware before looking 

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alex get off the internet challenge

If a friend asks you to give them privacy, shouldn’t you respect their wishes? You know it’s really sad when you see people’s true colors, disappointing even, when people tell you something about someone and you say “no that’s impossible, they are super nice” and then you see the person doing what they told you they do and you are like well fuck. One of those days.

someone to watch over me

bts / yoongi/hoseok/seokjin, yoongi/hoseok, hoseok/seokjin, seokjin/yoongi a tiny bit at the end / r / 3536w / see chapter for warnings bc it has s.ex in it and i don’t want any more bots following me

Yoongi glances over at Seokjin as Hoseok kisses down the side of his throat, and he’s taken aback by the intensity he sees gleaming in Seokjin’s eyes. … He’s still not certain that Seokjin is a hundred percent on board with this polyamorous thing, and the look on his face now is… Inscrutable, impossible to read. Especially here, like this, naked and making out with his best friend’s boyfriend of almost a decade. It’s a lot to take in.

(the au wherein seokjin and hoseok have been together for over seven years before being joined by single, part-time dad!yoongi.)

(or: the one where yoonseok bone while jin wa t c h es yep that one)

here @ ao3

i love my friends and i always have so much fun talking to them and spending time with them

Making this post about  “What’s the craziest thing fans have ever done to meet you or touch you?” actually educated me so much. I had a really narrow focus in my short mini rant, so I’ll apologize for not including the western artists and their fans who are asked the same thing. Yeah ethnocentrism in America is huge and it’s why “kpop” fans as a whole are seen as crazy, but I also realize that misogyny has a huge role in making that question a thing worldwide.

Boy bands & Idols have a lot of female fans, and really THAT is the reason the question is asked so many times. A crowd of females being excited about something is seen as some hormonal, savage, uncontrollable chaos fest. All their screaming is ‘crazy’ and surely they’ve lost all control of who they are! It’s almost like women can’t be passionate about something, but a crowd of guys being crazy and literally starting fights at sporting events will just be “boys being boys” or “what makes sports so interesting, right?”

Guys gush about sports and comics, and they’re told they’re “really passionate about what they love” - when girls gush about boy bands suddenly they’re “cringeworthy” and a hopeless “fanatic”?

Literally, let females and teenage girls love what/who they love and be excited about music and let them scream to their heart’s content with happiness. As long as they’re not hurting anybody they don’t deserve to be called ‘crazy’ they’re just living their lives


more sketches :3c senka… and the new character tentatively named odelia!!! hopefully ill have more on her Soon…
Killing Eve 1x01 PILOT Reaction- "Nice Face" Reaction & Discussion
Reaction starts at 3:28 I HAVE NOTHING INTERESTING TO SAY. I STAN THOUGH. The videos for this series will post on Saturday until the season is done. On my ch...

Hey everyone, it’s ya boi, skinny penis. Hope y’all are well.

This is an, “I’ve started a new show” moodoard: 

and that, ladies, gents, and all in between, is all. 

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