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Whumptober Day 22 Prompt: Friendly Fire

The Force screamed as Boga screeched and fell, taking Obi-Wan down with her.

He was falling and falling and falling and…

The Jedi were falling, too.

The Force was breaking, dying, crying.

And Obi-Wan continued to fall.  He couldn’t focus on trying to soften his landing; all he felt was the pain of the Force as Jedi all across the galaxy were killed.

How was this even possible?

Crashing into the water wasn’t that much of a shock.  He barely registered the pain, floating underwater senselessly for a few moments until his lungs began to burn.

Obi-Wan fumbled for his rebreather and placed it over his mouth, immediately gulping in air as soon as he could.

The Force screamed and screamed and screamed, but he continued swimming upwards and climbed himself out of the sinkhole.

His men fired on him.

What happened?  Jedi all over the galaxy were dying, all at the same time.

His men fired on him.

The clones…were they killing the Jedi?  Why?

His men fired on him.

The whirring of a search droid reached his ears, and Obi-Wan went still.  Cody must have…he wanted to make sure that Obi-Wan didn’t survive the fall.

His own commander wanted him to die, when minutes ago he held his lightsaber (his life) in his hands.

The Force shuddered and cried and screamed repeatedly as Obi-Wan made his way to a landing platform and boarded Grievous’ ship.

He needed to get help, now.  There would be time to grieve later.

He needed to know if Anakin survived, because he could not sense him at all in the Force.

And most of all, he needed to know if any other Jedi survived, because he couldn’t be alone.

Someone had to have survived, and he needed to find the other survivors before it was too late.

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types of people

moon - candid photos. listening to songs under a blanket. scented candles. the glow of city lights past midnight. picking a wildflower for yourself.

flower - blushing from smiling too much. a bouquet of roses from a lover. a wish on a fallen eyelash. love letters. giving your whole heart to someone. birds singing in the morning.

song - blowing a kiss to the stars. potted plants and stacks of filled notebooks. old magazines. walking down a street in paris. sketching a stranger on the train. silhouettes at 5pm.

sunset - messy scribbles on polaroids. memories tinted with gold. 80s music. a road trip with your best friends. cold soda in the dappled shade. a shell from a beach five summers ago.

cloud - a million daydreams. the comforting scent of old books. fresh sheets after a bath. fairy lights and fluffy cushions. cookies and milk. laughing with someone and being unable to stop.

mist - watching a small raindrop roll down the window. putting on earphones in a bus. staring at the ceiling and thinking about nothing. music from a time you’d rather forget.

“i find myself at times wondering what might’ve become of the girl with the beautiful golden mirror, but such fantasies have no place amidst reality.”

so like, morrigan is ashamed of loving fancy stuff, and forces herself to dismiss them because her upbringing has forced her to only consider survival and power to be worthy goals, right? so i feel like she’d start out in origins with much more practical clothing and only start wearing stuff like her canon outfit after some time spent recovering from flemeth’s influence… but idk, that’s just my onion

ya know, like, nya?