idk man i dont like tagging

my feelings towards homestuck are so complicated

like, all of the characters are so well written and lovable (all of them i guess, if i ignore my personal issues)

but then theres some of the fans and some points in canon that make me so uncomfortable i want to vomit

/// Total meihem is a disgusting ship tbh ???? ? ??


lets ignore another female characters feelings because ‘haha its so funny look how cute and uncomfortable she is around him’ like… ok … he basically harasses her and it’s apparently ok to some people

Idk man i’m just sayin’ I hope y’all don’t apply this to real life because holy fuck that’s some toxic shit

Everybody Shut Up (I Have an Erection)

by theactualbagel

In which Finn learns the hard way that the First Order gave troopers hormones to decrease libido. And now that he’s not on them anymore, Finn’s ready to fuck like a rabbit. And Poe is okay with that.

Just some Pure Stormpilot Porn for your soul

Words: 1070, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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So I bought overwatch because of you.. do you have any tips on how to play some characters??

Man I aint even mad I dragged you to trashwatch. 

Everyone says it: move that damn payload. switch heros, dont main in overwatch. protect your support ( especially mercy, shes very team dependent)

but because i like talking about overwatch im going to go into detail with characters below the cut >:)

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Do you have any links to Got7's Japanese music?

Okay bro here’s the problem: idk

i listened to the songs via @poutychoi and their got7 audio tag lmaoo

i have no idea where all of the got7 japan things are like??? am i looking in the wrong places??? i really dont know where this stuff is man if someone can hook me up that’d be great maybe im not looking hard enough

like here’s a clip of laugh x3 but other than that i dont even know

11 questions of suffering

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  1. What is your favorite fandom right now? shit man idk probably satan and me comic fandom bc that comic is the shit. others include pjo and boys over flowers
2. Which land animal is the best? shit shit shit idk all of them i cant decide bc i literally love all animals fuck u kayley u know im weak for animals
3. How do you feel about the documentary called “Blackfish”? what seaworld does is super fucked up and whales are cute and dont deserve to live like that at all. but i love documentaries #stay woke
4. On a scale from 1-10 how much do you fear the 2016 American Presidential election? if 10 is the most terrified i can be, 10 lmao
5. What is your current aesthetic? um my aesthetic is all over the place but tbh probably soft pink colours, and roadtrips and being alone at a party and like pictures of banners that say different things
6. Which is cuter a dog at the shelter that really seems to like you or a bird in the wild that just won’t leave you alone? a dog at a shelter bc im weak for dogs and literally cry whenever i go to the shelter and it makes me so sad to know that some of them wont have homes but they seem to like you and you want to take all of them home with you but you know even if you saved all of those dogs there would just be more new ones inside he shelter bc people are horrible to their dogs and dogs are too good for this world and i love dogs so much and plz ppl if a dog a shelter likes you please please please go and adopt it plz if u have th means dont let them suffer dont go to breeders and pay so much money for dogs that have safe homes save one that needs someone and just wants love and needs someone in general go now go go go. bc i mean i love birds and ive always wanted a baby duck to imprint on me bc that shit if cute ass fuck but knowing that the bird is wild and doesnt need me vs a dog that will be killed, i have to go w the dog.
7. What memory makes you calm? probably the memory of going to the beach w my family after my brothers graduation, and my sister and her friend and my brother and i all went out one night to hang outlike cool kids and we went to an ice cream shop and then went put-puting mini golf hell yeah and i accidentally swung my stick too hard and the ball is now at the bottom of the water. either that or when i used to live in california as a kid and i would go over to my rich aunts house and we went swimming all the time and she had wind chimes and there would be a soft breeze and ahhh it was so nice.
8. How well do you do at places like the doctors and the dentist? i do absolutely horrible at both but bc im awkwardly funny the dentist and doctors find me funny so they like laugh and it eases the tension but tbh i cry at both like legit at least once a visit i bawl. dont get me started on when they have to take blood at the doctors or when they put a needle into your gums at the dentist
9. What is your dream? lmao idk yet it switches all the time
10. What is one skill you wish you had? really good at video making like w editing and shit. or drawing. like i get both are hard earned through practice but whenever i practice i get even the fundamentals wrong.
11. What is your favorite book and least favorite film?  my ALL TIME FAVORITE book is surprisingly not pjo even though i love it, but the outsides bc it taught me so much and i relate to it aahhh and my least favorite movie is the lightening thief.

there im done here my questions

1. whats your favorite color?

2. do you like anyone currently? if so, what is their best characteristic?

3. what kind of phone do you have?

4. are you a social butterfly? if not, why?

5. if you could take one class for fun, full paid and everything, what class would it be ad why?

6. how often do you have good days?

7. how often do you have bad days? what do you do to comfort yourself on them?

8. do you know anyone with an anxiety disorder?

9. are you the friend that gives bad advice or good advice?

10. who is the funniest person you personally know?

11. if you could buy anything, what would be the first thing you bought with your newfound riches?

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Birthday? 4/9
Gender? Female
Relationship status? My girlfriend, Ash!! :^)
Zodiac sign? Aries
Siblings? 2 older brother and one younger sister
Pets? One possibly pregnant, wonderful kitty cat :^))
Wake-up time? Idk man, anytime from 10 to 11:30
Lemonade or sweet tea? Lemonade
Cat or dog? I would rather own a cat, but dogs are so nice, like wOw.
Day or night? Night, yo
Coke or Pepsi? Neither, yikes,,,, rootbeer please,,
Calls or text? Texting I guess
Met a celebrity? Mmmh, unfortunately, no,,,,,, not yet atleast,,,  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Smiles or eyes? Aahh!!! Both??
Chapstick or lipstick? Lipstick
Country or city? I live in the country, but I like the city better kk
Last song I listened to? I think it was Knockin’ on Heavens door but idk

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1. In a few words, describe your every day style.

- ranges from 70s stoner kid to mod and/or psychedelic thing

2. Favorite feature about yourself?

- my eyes and my legs

3. Favorite kind of car?

- ‘67 or ‘68 firebirds

4. Bassists or Guitarists?

- bassists (those strong fingers, amirite?)

5. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

- arnold palmer

6. Do you like roller coasters?

-kinda, i dont like ones that go upside down

7. Favorite rock singer?

-thats a hard one, cuz i like a lot, and then theres prog too, idk man

8. Favorite flower?

-i really like chrysanthemums

9. How is your room decorated? (posters, lighting, pictures, etc.)

- ive got a really big desk in one corner which im currently sitting at, then my stereo system is on top, with my guitars behind me and my bookshelf to the right. my bed is in the middle and then to the left on the window is my dresser. ive got a lot of lamps and a ceiling fan light, and its painted yellow so its pretty bright in the daytime. ive got a zeppelin poster, a poster i got from the who concert (not really a poster bc my mom is a cheapskate and didnt get me one) and a supernatural poster hanging up, then ive got my art and a few little nifty pictures/ postcards ive found on the internet and around places.

10. What is your favorite hobby?

- music and reading i suppose. i like to make stuff too, like i make fake books and gods eyes

11. Favorite place to shop for clothes?

thrift stores and the clearance rack

my questions:

1. What is your favorite book?

2. Favorite author?

3. If you could ask one thing of your future self what would it be?

4. Your favorite movie

5. What country would you like to travel to?

6. Do you use chopsticks or silverware when you go to asian restaurants

7. Song youve liked since you were a kid

8. Musical and/or artistic inspirations

9. Your earliest memory

10. Did you go on a trip anywhere last summer, and if so, where?

11. Do you play an instrument?

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Relationship status: well im dating yoongi and johnny like idk what to tell you man
Wake up time: 2 pm half the day is over it s great
Favourite colour: blue
Cats or dogs: i wanna say dogs but cats. but dogs. b-
Coke or pepsi: I????dont care???
Call or text: text, i don’t have the patience to listen through calls
Chapstick or lipstick: lipstick
Last song you listened to: *cames out from the bushes*iS THAT TRUE YES OKEY DOKEY YO

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more humankai au!!

i actually, for the second pic,wanted to make a cherry blossom background with colors like that because


i wanted to practice backgrounds and it was a really pretty idea


i bet they live somewhere around a park that looks like that in this au??

idk man.

i’m pretty happy with the designs tho!! also for the first pictures background i just used an image because it was my last pic i did and i got lazy… ;-;.. here’s the characters in picture order left to right.

1. damona & frostina 

2. insomni & baku (once again, i like making insomni shorter here..)

3. tongus & cupistol (dont tag cupi as genderbender….pls.. i beg of u he/him ty)

4. espy (thats a painted third eye :> btw..) & chatalie (her phone’s in her pocket?? i know thats kind of apart of her yokai self but i was like i said earlier i think, really lazy at the end and just didn’t bother drawing sorry //)

5. just Darisu ;u;

anyways.. this was fun!! i might explain personalities and reasons for designs later if u guys want??… idk 

starvedstar said: There like no excuse for those comments to me on your fics…(Some people could say on others they’d like to see a writer do a character differently for a change but it’s a writers choice as a writer.) For them to say that makes no sense to me…

starvedstar said: I haven’t been very active on ao3 but reading your tags just bothered me with some people don’t like passive chrollo it’s like ‘Um, you check TM fic list. Don’t you comment on the fics chrollo is passive cause it’s logical. TM gives you dominant chrollo too. Not really any writer gives you all this range.’

idk man i dont get it either cuz youre right, ive got a shload of other fics with a bunch of different types of chrollo so if you dont like him passive, go read one where hes not. but idk ive just been getting comments lately like that where they mention they dont like some aspect like that and its not even content related really, its not something to really point out unless you wanna be kinda a dick but they do it anyway and its when people dont respect my choices that i get kinda bummed. i dont like having to justify myself to people when its my own artistic interpretation of a very specific idea or scene?? so yeah i know, youre completely right, but it is what it is and i just look forward to the comments that actually make me smile and ignore the ones that annoy me.

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Name: lore
Nicknames: our lored and saviour, lorax, lores
Gender: ??? dont even ask man
Height: 5′5″ (ish)
Time Right Now: 8:09 pm

If you had a cat, what would you name it? hmmm idk man probably something 
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw
Average Hours of Sleep: like, eight usually. 
Blankets you sleep with: 4+

Lucky Number: i dont really have one??
Favorite color: blue
Favorite Bands/Artists: a silent film, the paper kites, little green cars
Favorite Fictional Character: oh lord how I even pick ?? I have A Lot
Dream Trip: like somewhere alpine or coastal. Or somewhere that could do both. like. imagine that. 
Dream Job: film producer

What I’m Wearing Right Now: jeans + a jumper I usually sleep in bc I was only half-bothered to get dressed today
When I made this blog: like five years ago take me away 
What do I post about: aesthetic shit, my life and fandom stuff (which at the moment is all about check please). 
How Many blogs I follow: 404
Post count: 43,390
Last thing I googled: annihilation movie
Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the first letter of your tumblr name: la 
Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope

Why did you choose your url?: bc im a nerd who likes aliens/the x files and also references to my own fic apparently (also wanted something ~aesthetic but also Cool so here we are)

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Name: stephanie

Nickname(s): steph (the obvious one lol), STAWS, soy sauce, lil dumpling,Ni Hao Lin Lan,(THE 4 I JUST MENTIONED ARE THX TO @rainbowsmiles25) little panesito, TANGerine, bromax, super weenie jr., bunny, peaches, frosting and whatever other weird nicknames i have ((((-’:

Zodiac: LEO LEO LEO !!!

Favorite Color: I REALLY LIKE “PEACH” COLOR. idk man, idk.

Current Time: 7:04 pm (PT)

Current Number of Followers: 248, it fluctuates bc spam porn blogs keep following me ;-; 

Average Hours of Sleep: 3-10 hours, it honestly just depends.  

Last Thing you Googled: jamba juice secret menu, so i could make sure i had the recipe for white gummy in case they didnt know how to make it xD

What you Post: most of my actual posts are just pictures, funny little quotes/stories that happen with my friends and me and nothing else really. BUT the stuff i reblog is literally anything i come across and like LOL, like fandom stuff (5SOS, 1D, Paradise Fears), cute drawings/digital art, aesthetic, funny posts, etc.

Dream Job: Engineer/Journalist. im not really sure anymore.

Height: 5′4ish

Why you chose your URL: idk, i like how the word knapsacked sounded so i just changed it to that  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Nickname: chezle badgerfang

Sign: pisces


Sexual Orientation: leave me alone

Time: 6:10 pm

Average hours of sleep I get: 7

Number: like what kind of number? my favorite number is 4

Fictional character: my favorite fictional character? man idk 

Blankets I sleep with: 1 

Favourite bands and artists: i dont like have a favorite i just listen to whatever im feelin yknow


Dream Job: i wanna write or do anything artsy or anything where i can make stuff with my brain and my hands, basically do what i do as hobbies (that’s not the internet) for a living

When did I make this blog: february 23, 2012

Followers: 413

Posts: whatever’s on my dash that meets some subconscious standard of needing to be reblogged, also personal angst or whatever

When did this blog reach it’s peak: define “peak” like when i got a lot of followers is when i started using the tags to like rant or whatever LOL but personal peak?? never lmao

Why did I join Tumblr: april said

Why did I choose my url: i like owls and cookies (specifically chocolate chip so if you have any you wanna give out hmu)

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Name: Tori

Nicknames: uh I don’t really have any?? i guess trolli and tori monster

Zodiac sign: Aquarius 

Gender: alien

Favourite Colour: Purple/Violet

Current Time: 9:03pm

Average Hours of Sleep: 6ish

Last Thing You Googled: “Ombre lip tutorial”

Current Number of Followers: 868

Dream Job: Sailor Scout, Achievement Hunter

Height: like 5′5 or 5′6 man idk Im tall

What Do You Post: whatever I want, anime bullshit, meme bullshit, video game bullshit, things you’d have found on myspace

Why Did You Choose This Username: idk i wanted something different than torixmonster and it was around majoras mask 3d coming out and i was surprised it wasnt taken?

ugh i always feel weird about tagging people :(((((((((



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name // jason
nickname // idk
gender // trans-man
star sign // scorpio
height // 5′4″ (and a half lmao)
sexual orientation // bisexual
hogwarts house // i dont give a shit 
favorite color // black & purple


current time // 11:49pm
average hours of sleep // sometimes 4 sometimes 10 lmao
lucky number // 420
last thing i googled // james mcavoy (lol wow)
favorite fictional characters // mister pink (reservoir dogs) alex delarge (a clockwork orange)
number of blankets i sleep under // one
favorite singer or band // queen
dream trip // hell
dream job // ruler of hell


what do you post? // shit
who are your most active followers? // idk and i have no clue how to find out
when did your blog reach its peak? // idk??
what made you decide to make a tumblr? // i thought “why the fuck dont i have a fat trans muse yet?”
do you get asks on a daily basis? // every now and then, but no.
why did you choose your url? // i shit it out of my ass