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Hi there! could you write a fic where kaz and inej are **gasp** parents? Or one where inej is pregnant or both tbh :) I headcannon that they have a boy who looks and acts like inej but is tall like kaz and a girl who looks and acts like kaz but is short like inej

Oh and the kids names should be Jordie and Aznarahi!! Thx

When the house settled at night, it released a series of cries, as if any moment it would collapse into a pile of wooden slats and broken glass. Despite the thousands of kruge that went into the remodel, it was like dressing up an old man in contemporary clothes and expecting him to have an extended life. The old house was on its last legs, but Kaz wasn’t going to let it crumble before he got his full money’s worth of it. They lived there three short years, and it was imperative they stayed the next few more. He couldn’t imagine trying to find a better house to accommodate his family on the short notice.

He listened to the light patter of footfalls against the rickety floors. His son had taken to tiptoeing lately, something he’d witnessed his mother doing. Still, he didn’t know where to step to keep the house’s old joints from cracking. Not yet.

Kaz was not looking forward to the day Jordie learned how to properly sneak out of his room. He lowered his mug of coffee to the table as the footsteps neared, and he waited.

“Boo!” Jordie exclaimed, jumping up onto the back of the sofa. When Kaz faked his fright, Jordie’s giggles were uproarious and pleased. It was a sound, Kaz thought, that could cure even the queen’s plague. The boy dangled over the edge of the sofa, his brown cheeks flushed red and his stubby legs kicking.

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Psst, If you zoom right into Shiros hand in the s8 poster, it looks like he's wearing a wedding ring

Wow I can’t believe we’re getting a shatt wedding in s8

I tried zooming in as best I could and I can see what you’re saying but I’m pretty sure it’s just the pixelation from the low quality pics :/

  • andy samberg, speaking to the comedy gods: hey so when in my life will i look my hottest? 20s? early 30s?
  • the comedy gods, somehow allowed to discuss looks: no,, you will start looking your best in your late 30s and maybe onwards,,,, we have not decided,,,,, you might have the body of a greek god when ur 100,,,,,
  • andy: k cool but why tho
  • comedy gods: bc ur really nice

What if Akechi’s love for pancakes wins over any logical thoughts (shower thoughts) 



Lovely aussie boy with the deep voice, it’ll be okay. Your sweet nature will always bring warmth into my heart. All of us can see how much of an effort you have made to be constantly improving. From studying hard in korean to advancing in rap and dance. I’m glad you’ve gained eight amazing brothers that are always there to help should you need it. I am constantly amazed at how far you’ve come and I’m also so excited to see you grow into an even more talented, handsome and adorable man. This is only the beginning, sweetheart. There’s no where else to go but up. Happy Birthday Felix 

you know what i need??

it chapter 2, the losers come out of the sewers again, eddie left behind

‘i never got to say it’ richie is broken and sobbing, the losers stop and watch as he falls apart covered in grime and blood

we get a flashback of richie and eddie when they were teens, richie teases, pokes and prods, and when eddie leaves richie watches longingly but this time there’s no room for argument. he’s in love

'i never got to say it!’ richie shouts again in the present. the losers know what he means

'he loved you too’ bill says it and all the losers solemnly agree and surround richie like they did bill in the first film, comforting the man who just lost the man he loved, the man who loved him too, but never got to hear it


smiley skz: kim woojin (1/9)


art dump - Lovelock (lone wanderer) outfits - except for his pip-boy, none of the attire and equipments here can be found in the game. Strange, clearly not having any iconic or recognizable armour from Fallout but I like to experiences with outfits I came up from my own.