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tell me abt ur first oc ever

oh boy oh boy

all i remember is a lot of self-inserty type characters into basically every fandom i got into as a kid. all of them were typical mary sues who were super good at fighting (i liked lots of action stuff) or whatever else. possibly had special powers that in some cases made them more powerful than the orginal protag. usually looked the same? long black hair and basically Ebony Dark’ness blah blah Way without the make up and different clothes

and of them have now kinda combined into my OP as fuck god oc?? idk i just have her around to,,, do the exact same thing,,,, expect bc shes god or whatever she has even more powers,,,, and,,, can be even more edgy,,,,

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okay but you gave me this idea about brendon eating you out slowly before going to sleep (:

!!!!!!!! WHAT A GREAT IDEA I SUPPORT THIS !!!!!!!!!!

okay no but it would be like idk 2 or almost three in the morning and he would totally be tired but you would have looked really good at whatever function you had just gotten home from and he would want to do /something/ to you but he wouldn’t really have the best idea for what. and he would lowkey watch you get undressed while he was getting out of his clothes and he would let you get in bed with him and get comfortable before he would pull you close and rub your side gently and his hand would slowly slip between your thighs and you’d sigh and say ‘not tonight bren’, but he’d smirk and say ‘just let me you’ll like it’ and of course you’d relent because hello its bren and fuck pretty much anything he decided to do wouldn’t be /too/ bad. and he’d move closer to the end of the bed and roll you on your back and be thankful you’re only sleeping in a shirt and underwear. and he’d slowly slip your underwear off and he’d slowly kiss up your thighs and he would totally take his time before making his way to your pussy. and he would be painfully slow in the way he licked and kissed and sucked at you. and it would be ages before he added his fingers and he would just spend so long making sure you felt good and that you came (prolly more than once) and he wouldnt expect anything in return and he would totally just worship you and then clean you up afterwards and let you get comfortable in bed and you’d be exhausted and he would just play with your hair until you fell asleep and i love the thought of being eaten out slowly and lazily until im about to pass out goodnight.

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Tell meabout his family?

oh GOOD!!!!!!! i love feelings,

UM OK let me think. cuz like. idk, @ this point it feels like w samoan mags im literally just shoving my ass into au territory but. wHATEVER. its Hapening

like ok sorry but tragedy be damned im letting my boy keep his parents for this. Let My Boy Be Happy. Thanks. BUT i kind of also want him to have lots of siblings? idk. hes just such a Big Bro to me. also because can u fucking imagine mags as a human jungle gym w like 4 lil kiddos just hangin off of him at all times? because i can, and im crying.

i like to think they r Very Close, and they take rly good care of each other; always looking out for one another regardless of age, always there for help and support and the like. a v nice happy soft good family. and then he eventually fuckening forgets them bc of Canon Plot & gains vinefuckr3000 and gay tortilla man instead hLSDHKG

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What do you think of "Who´s it gonna be?" by Boys generally Asian? :D

uhh not to be a spoilsport but i really dont like them lmao, for me,, its just really annoying ?? sndakfjda look i dont have anybody making a kpop parody or whatever theyre doing, making fun of kpop fans nd kboos and the kpop culture that surrounds all of this i have nothing against that tbh bdisak i think its a good thing evn to make some people realize what theyre doing lmao but the disrespect (idk i dont think is disrespect i just cant find the right word rn hah) towards the idols is what kinda bothers me idk, the mv got like 5 million views in 3 days ? see there are trainees that work thier asses off for YEARS to debut and then flop with 78k views on the mv and disband after 2 songsbc its not making enough money for the company and all of this u know nd there we have these 5 yt fame guys that jokingly start a “kpop group” nd they suddenly have a huge fan base nd shit ? alright. i also feel like they were making fun of idols leaving the group which reminded me of tao kris nd luhan but i dont want to get into that jnsfkjnfdsda its rlly not that deep ik that myself its just bothering me

i honestly have nothing against people that think BgA is funny and enjoy watching their videos ( i like nigahiga myself, he usually makes good videos im just not here for BgA lmao) but i just think,,, its really ,,unfunny and annoying ?? 


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Dear person I used to have a crush on


(send me another while you at it tho ayy)

dear person i used to have a crush on,

lol boy am i glad we did not end up together. you may have been good looking on the outside, but you turned out to be hideous on the inside. i would’ve sworn i was gonna marry you. i’m pretty sure you even liked me back at one point. but your gf now (who was my friend at the time) pretty much stabbed me in the back to get to you. that’s when i saw you for what you really were. idk why i continued to like you after that heaven knows. i wasted so much time liking you. if only i would’ve known. you probably thought i was a freak. nerdy. crazy. whatever the case may be, i looked over your haughty attitude because i held on to hope. hope that you and your gf would break up. and it never came. i finally got over you in college. i gave you my heart, and you never even asked for it. getting over you was like breaking off shackles. i’d be lying if i said hearing your name makes me 100% ok. it doesn’t. i’m still hurt. but seeing the person you are now makes me glad God had other things in mind. after i got over you, i started dating someone else. someone from our high school who i never thought i would even think about in the romantic way. he’s younger. skinnier. maybe not as smart. maybe not as strong. but he’s still 10x the man you could even dream to be. because he’s humble. he’s forgiving. he’s kind. he loves people. he loves me. i love him too. and i thank God for him. i’m happy. i hope you look at me in the future and think about what you could’ve had if you weren’t such a huge d bag/a hole. goodbye and good riddance. 

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tbh i'd like to see sora deal with the aftermath of being a villain. i like the trope of "good guy is possessed/whatever and they do evil deeds while in that state". so he'd have done some awful things, probably even to his loved ones, but he has to remember seeing these things done by his own hands.

Go into my inbox and tell me a situation you’d love to see my Muse go through.

Curious how my muse would handle heartbreak? Want an open where my Muse is irrationally upset or in danger? Toss all the ideas at me! I might get inspired!

Anon is optional.

what do you mean I don’t have these icons ready haha. I’ve actually wanted to do something like this for a long time, have someone take control of his body, he does terrible things, and Sora can’t get his own body back until afterwards and has to deal with it being his fault that something like this happen, that his kindness was taken for granted and has to deal with what “he” had done. (or some role reverse event or something). I’ll be a sucker to crying as I type the aftermath because that will definitely break him.

this girl makes banana bread or banana muffins or whatever , it never looks the same so idk what it is, shit looks like a choco muffin so i comment and say ‘wow looks good!!’ and she always gotta say ‘u dont like bananas’ 

and then i gwet mad and im like fuck it fuck ur mystery vague hidden banana food lookin things, which i will fall for and compliment once again 

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Idk what phone you have but search “Choice of Games” in whatever you get apps from…… a lot of them are really good, some of them are free… text based games where your choice define what happens…… Creatures Such As We is good. A lot of the games let your character be trans, poc, lgbtq+…. I’m addicted to them

ah cool, ill look some of those up!

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Chiming in on the motivation thing, Idk if it would work for *you* but maybe?? What helps me stay motivated and concentrated on the thing I'm trying to put on paper is having a folder with a bunch of inspo+reference pictures to look at, all the other distracting/unfinished sketchbooks and things out of my sight and reach and either listen to music that fits the thing I'm working on, or have a movie or cartoon or whatever play on loop/end while I work on the thing... Think that might help..?

All of this!! Absolutely, its good to surround yourself with the things that directly influence you while you draw.
Thought in my case, short attention span and not being able to focus takes time and discipline, so my drawing session lasts an hour at a time for now

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“I don’t need saving! I’m not some sad little girl waiting to be rescued!” ( for any muse )

teen titans starters; accepting

                 Sam’s quick to turn in her direction, the look on his face is a clear sign that he is in no mood for her and her attitude. ❝ Well, then it’s a good thing I’m not trying to save you. ❞ Regardless of the fact that they were of the same Order, he tended to stay clear of others from the Brotherhood. But he could practically hear his brother in the back of his head when he’d first seen the young woman in the fight, telling to be the knight in shining armor. Asshole, even when Nate wasn’t with him he was getting him into trouble. ❝ Trust me, toots, I’m outta here. My orders were simple, keep an eye out in the city. So far the only disturbance was from you. ❞

the face oils that have me glowing without makeup

-keihl’s midnight concentrate

- keihl’s daily reviving concentrate

i’ve been using the midnight concentrate every night since valentine’s day and i just bought the daily reviving concentrate after loving the sample and both have me glowing without makeup and all my flakiness problems are solved my skin never looks tired anymore and i barely need makeup. i didn’t think i had room in my regimen for face oils but these two really supercharge my moisturizer which is cerave pm or neutrogena hydro gel whatever (hyaloroinic acid moisturizers) and it works really well i just use a few drops under the moisturizer and it absorbs and all is good. i didn’t think i’d get into face oils but i am never looking back. i haven’t had a flaky day in god knows how long. my skin is looking more even and just pretty idk if i can even describe it. it’s better than ester lauder. Kyle got me so hooked on this keihl’s shit. i’ve barely needed to use my retina-a even though i need to start using it a little again because my skin has just been so perfect. highly recommend both.

got7 - never ever

um. okay so how do i dissect this. this is literally their best in terms of cinematography, atmosphere, style, symbolism, performance, presence, and fashion even though there’s not really much to the concept. it’s pretty unoriginal and it’s running on hot air. but what can you expect from jyp. at the same time this song is the most experimental out of all of them in this storyline and sounds really sloppy idk. 

like it’s pretty nice up until that weird chorus beat is introduced which i think just muddies everything and distracts from the song’s strengths. it’s definitely not got7 that i don’t like in the song, it’s whatever is going on here with the hook.

they look really good though. and the song has good parts but it always has to be ruined. they should let got7 produce their title song. overall i might listen to this again but i’ll only be listening to it for certain parts and i’m really glad i decided not to buy their albums anymore. this song very well might grow on me and i’ll probably be able to grow to tolerate the weaker parts because there are solid aspects.

the choreo is weak for the chorus and faster parts of the song. it keeps the same energy throughout when it more so fits the slower, less complex parts of the music. when the choreo seems to actually fit the song and was tailored to specific parts (e.g. mark’s rap part near the middle, yugyeom’s rap part near the end), it’s really catchy and memorable, but the rest is lackluster.

this discrepancy between the song and the choreography isnt necessarily their fault. the song is actually badly produced for choreo in certain parts. there aren’t any specific counts to hit and it’s too neutral for anything to seem like it really matches. it’s hard to be in sync, it’s hard to listen to the music, and it’s hard to have sharp choreo. it seems like the song was made before the choreo was thought of and wasn’t modified to fit choreo.

the only solution for making the choreo in the chorus really fit would be to have a very unique move that’s memorable and risky and is good to draw attention to while the music awkwardly transitions. the idea of that is unrealistic in itself for a jyp group. that’s something you’re more likely to see in vixx than any other kpop group.

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Plum, coconut, lychee !! 💖

  • plum: favorite clothing brands?

good question👀  i don’t think i have any. whatever’s comfortable, makes me feel/look Good and will last a long time

  • coconut: favorite perfume?

another good question w/ bad answer from me…. i answered earlier here: “idk about perfumes but i like p much anything fruity or those toasted sugar scents ok”

  • lychee: satin or lace?

ah….. Lace…… 👀 

send me some fruit

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Your face reminds me of a certain art style idk why but like, Bryan Lee O'malley, the person who wrote seconds and scott pilgrim, ur face reminds me of his art style, i think you would look good in it


its been while since I’ve heard that name ‘round here…why I haven’t picked up one of those books…since 09′ (whether or not I should have been reading those books at that age is like eeeeehhh rrrr, whatever though, middle school is wild.) 

I LOVE ART STLYES THOUGH the admittedly, I liked the art style in the game…more?? I get its the EXACT SAME STYLE, but it looked so nice in pixel form @0@ 

Ok sk Cam will wear a cross,,, I said she’ll go through all the rings of hell and I’m keeping that. The cross will show how she supposedly is Holy And Good™ now
Wears a kinda long skirt and a shirt + a long scarf that she holds in the crook of her arms idk how to explain
Her skin will be very pale and she’ll look tired and dead,,, eyebags
She’ll have a smile on her face all the time and hums melodies randomly. Her tone in general is more quiet and calm
Just. Will do whatever she can to lie to everyone.. has to convincing

Wow I haven't posted here in a while

Well… I have a lot of things to dump out of my brain so here goes whatever I have the energy to type.
People can be so confusing sometimes like please just use your words. Also i feel like I’m being treated like shit but the stars aline to put this one specific person to be there for me like always and idk if it’s gods way of throwing a brick at me saying HEY LOOK AT THIS GOOD SHIT and make me wake up but idk??? Also I have a lot of feelings and I don’t like them because they make me upset :(

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Idk if this counts as a quirk, but I seriously love how in all your posts about Aelia, it seems like half of them are just her looking fabulous with her fabulous hair, and the other half is you shaming all her life choices

Aaaaaw thanks anon! It’s good to see someone notices the Grumpy Tomato :) And I guess it is a quirk, since she keeps both looking fabulous and making awful life choices!

Have a Fabulous™ pic for the lovely ask.