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– Hell No // Ingrid Michaelson 

             “ We were good at faking forever– I get it. Whatever. “

Random babble

Tbh, I don’t want BB or BS to be canon. Not to say I hate these ships, no I like both and both do have a good chance at be canon and should have a shot but

What will to come if one becomes canon over the other I am not looking forward to. Yeah any ship can be like that (trust me I’m also worried for Lancaster) but I’ve seen a lot of BB and BS hate (not as of late thank god. I’ve just been thinking about this for a bit) from both sides and it’s tiring.

Idk. I’m not really saying either shouldn’t be canon, again both have a good shit and should be given a chance but….I just don’t want this damn war that I know will come but I guess whatever happens, happens

Where were you anyway?

Uh….. *points towards the end of the hallway*

*looks over* Where?



Were you sleeping on the floor again?

Y’know, I wouldn’t really call it sleep in here.

Omg semantics! I call it sleep, you call it …whatever you would call it. Same thing!

You get a good rest?

*pauses* Yeah. I feel refreshed. 

That makes one of us lolololol Carry me, Jack. and don’t let go.


you ever drawing someone and you just can’t stand how good they look or whatever and idk i can’t explain it but have you at all    

also partly it must be the fact that  someone is looking at me while i look at someone it’s 

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for the flower ask meme: bell flower, tulip, bleeding heart !

bell flower: answered!

tulip: what is your most favorite make-up product? do you like it more natural, dark, or etc? idk, I never really care much about brands I just buy whatever looks good and is cheap, I do like elf usually tho

bleeding heart: what makes you heart go mushy? pretty art, pretty places, cute animals, there’s a lot lol

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(dude idk if I'm just being dumb or like those over pretentious art hauxs but any ways) I'm female and always been like yep I'm a girl but now it's like ??? Idc if I was addressed as a man? like I dress androgynous but like make up and "girly stuff" yet I'm happy to be called a man? idk what this means HLP if u do? lov u landon

i dont think its dumb or pretentious! i dont wanna ….diagnose…. ur gender or whatever but i always assumed i was just a miserable cis girl bc i liked makeup and feminine stuff and i had only ever heard stories where people were like “i KNEW i was a boy since i was 2!!” but thats not the case with me. so maybe it’s worth looking into. if being called a boy feels good to you, it might mean something. or it could be nothing at all. like i said, gender is weird. its subject to change idk if im making sense

ill prob delete thsi later tbh

would any of u say my art has gotten worse? it feels like.. it has? i just dont rlly think its appealing to look at anymore for whatever reason and like compared 2 Ye Olden Times i dont think ppl like it as much ?

one time at fest i told an older woman that, i was sorry to say, but i thought something might be wrong with her babies. they were pretty funny looking.

i said this about her two chihuahuas that she was rolling around in a baby stroller, the joke of course being that she’d say something about them being dogs, to which i’d reply as if i hadn’t realized that and say something about how they were ugly babies, but were pretty good looking for dogs! or maybe i’d go a different route and say something like “oh well i think they look strange too, but you shouldn’t call them DOGS, not right in front of them… children have very fragile self-esteem you know!” or whatever. idk. cuz i never got that far.

instead this woman immediately started going OFF on me for calling her dogs ugly, and started going off about how her and her husband couldn’t conceive so these dogs really WERE her babies, and how would i like it if someone called my babies ugly huh??? and i was like !??!?!?!? YIKES lady i‘m just trying to do a bit here chill. like u know the dogs can’t actually understand me right.

it was supposed to be a joke about me not being able to discern the difference between dogs and babies and she ended up beating me to it i guess

anyway i like to remember this story when talking about accountability in writing and offending people. because i definitely believe that writers are accountable for what they create, and they should be aware of how their writing will effect readers and make efforts to not be dicks. but at the same time, there’s no accounting for stupidity, and writers aren’t mind readers. i try not to hurt or offend people, but this woman chose to interpret a very harmless joke as a personal attack and i’m not about to feel bad about that.

downside is

for whatever reason my corset ends up looking a little crooked. i wonder if its just poorly made?


I’d get a new one if 1) I knew a good place to get one and 2) i was actually more sure of my fashion sense atm.

Now that I’m able to fly anywhere in the world any time I want to I kinda want to become a sort of travel blogger but I don’t want to be one of those hoity toity “oh look at me I’m sipping wine in the south of France your life sucks hahaha” people I just want to go to all these amazing airports all over the world and take a million pictures and be like HEY GUYS CHECK OUT THIS PLANE I SAW IN ENGLAND or THIS AIRPORT IN GERMANY HAS THE COOLEST [insert random object here] I HAVE EVER SEEN and share my experiences flying everywhere and seeing all the cool stuff. So like, instead of being like “I went to Spain and saw this building and this building and attended this festival and that other thing and whatever” I’d be like “I flew into Madrid Barajas from O’Hare on an Iberia A340 and saw this structure and the buildings look really cool inside and the people are awesome and the view of the ocean from 37,000ft is breathtaking” and stuff like that. 

If any of that makes any sense at all. 

EDIT: Basically I wanna be a giant fucking nerd, but globally. That’s what I’m saying here.

Wolftember day 28: one thing you would change about the series:

No drawing today (yesterday?) because it is ass O clock in the night. And also most of the things I did previously have been my original thoughts that I thought of without looking in the tags first. And I honestly didn’t know what to say abt this one and was gonna cop out and say “nothing” but people have made some really good points about the inclusion of lgbt characters. And like. I’m not gonna force anyone to write anything, do whatever the heck you want and it’s a totally valid choice to not have romance at all. But just a mention would be nice. Like idk, an offhand comment about Jacobi’s military men uh, thing, a mention of a loved one like koudelka, or just a causal “hey Just thought I’d mention this” a la ars PARADOXICA. That’s what I would change I guess.

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im not like, tryna start the Teru did/did not kill Pyro Guy Discourse but im pretty sure the guy is still alive. like, i think its implied pyrokinesists are heat resistant and that the guy was ok enough to not like.. die on the spot. plus, im pretty sure the guy looking so Not Great was just one's art style. especially considering that mp 100 is a very morally positive show, i dont think one would just play off that time teru killed a guy. idk tho, whatever

he might be!! hes probably got some wicked burn scars though. also it kept him from dying Right On The Spot, sure, but i dont think anyone took him to the hospital afterwards

and i mean teru choked a peer into unconsiousness teru is not that morally positive in general i mean hes still a good character. ONE has killed villains off before in OPM i dont think anyone was very attached to miyagawa in the first place

Today was a good practice. Either I’m bugging or I noticed him looking at me a lot. He talked to me about playing club and that he wanted me to really bad. He told me a way how he wants me to serve now, I like it better. Afterwords when we were leaving the gym after practice I started to leave and he left too walking right behind me for who knows why. I put my bag on my ass so he couldn’t look :) I’m smart but I didn’t want to seem like I’m easy lol whatever. I texted him and he kept the conversation going a little too much, like he wanted to text me more, I could be interpreting it wrong but Idc that’s what I think. He was the last one to text. :) I can’t wait for my game tomorrow I hope we win but the other team is pretty good idk mannnn. I have high hopes though !! :)

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Name: I go by Kat
Nickname: Destroyer of Worlds
Star Sign: Virgo
Height: I think I’m like 5'3 or 5'4
Hogwarts House: Probably Slytherin
Favorite Colour: Navy
Favorite Animal: Sloths
Time Right Now: 3:00
Average Hours of Sleep: Who knows. Either like 3 or 10
Cats or Dogs: Both. Both is good.
Number of Blankets: Depends on the temperature bro is it ninety degrees of thirty degrees in my room
Favorite Singer/Band: idk probably Dodie Clark
Dream Trip: Pretty much anywhere. Maybe Venice.
Dream Job: When you figure that out let me know
When this blog was created: I have no clue
Current number of followers:
What do you post: Whatever I want
What made you decide to make a tumblr: Mostly I needed something I could look at on my phone in public to avoid talking to people but I could still be pretty anonymous on
Why did you choose your url: When I first started I fancied myself a writer and based it off this Hemmingway quote “There’s nothing at all to writing. All you must do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed” I should rlly change it

me, spring-summer: idk I don’t really care about my clothes… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *throws on whatever*

me, first day of fall: *mentally planning all the coolest/cutest outfits I, Queen of the Cold Weather Months, will be wearing as soon as the temperature finally drops*