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Ok so, I noticed something in general, somehow it isn’t about her (I know, blasphemy), it’s about school in general.

I have no idea why, but all the teachers like me? It is so unbelievably weird to get out of shit simply because they like me. I don’t even know why they like me, and why it is such a common thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s a female teacher or male teacher, they still like me.

As an example, in the previous week the french teacher named 5 pupils from the class to bring her their notebooks after they finish an exercise she assigned at the start of the class. I was named too, sadly seeing how my french sucks major ass. By the time she asked the notebooks back, she replaced me with someone else?? Those 5 pupils were a group from the latter part of the alphabetic order, I’m a “P”, and she switched me for someone with “A”. People don’t note me if I miss from a class, they just jump me, when I did my driving laws exam I didn’t have any atendency points all the day, even if some people missing got some. Nobody knew what I was doing, so nobody could say where I was.

I just got an 8 out of 10 for “class participation” in math and I didn’t say 5 ideas or something the whole year so far. I can sit on my ass in sports class and my teacher doesn’t give a damn about me, but she runs the other lazy people like no tomorrow(maybe a huge exaggeration but still).

I don’t even know why, honestly it doesn’t even matter, BUT DAMN AM I GRATEFUL FOR IT.

Today my grandma said that when I was younger I used to have a “very hearty laugh that came from my soul” and that I don’t laugh that way anymore. It’s called having depression and having to partially fake every emotion you have, Kathy.


bts november 2017 america promotions bingo:

“I’m definitely an army now”
“can I be a part of the band?”
“I’m bts’ 8th member!!”
“teach me something in korean”
“your fav american artist?”
“your fav food in america?”
“desiigner” “mic drop” or “steve aoki”’
“what does it feel like being here/at the amas?”
“tell us something about your cooperation with unicef”

still sad we missed the opportunity for long-ish distance kashleth during the conclave arc with kash living in whitestone and keyleth coming and going and being a Big Damn Hero and the two of them stealing moments and working through the awkwardness of their relationship against a backdrop of utter destruction, of them having this one fragile, wonderful thing to themselves among the horror


do you guys know what the grossest food ever is? hotdogs. what even are they? what are they made of? I don’t even know

A “Jessamine has no idea how to do hair” update:

I’m handing out candy at the library for trick-or-treaters tonight so I thought I’d dress up in my Holtzmann cosplay again. Long story short, I must’ve done something different with the curlers, and, let’s just say, it was a medium poof.

Happy Halloween!

~ Dan in Little Nightmares ~

(Idk wtf I’m doing at this point, everything is ugly lmao)

i have to go to the hospital in 3 hours do u think they’ll notice that my body is dead and im just cruising

omegarubygamero3  asked:

Crossover Request- Ochako Uraraka as D.Va

This was a good suggestion. Thanks for the request @omegarubygamero3!