idk if it looks good but whatever

look, I love TK more than anything but i just listened to that video of them playing the man and it sounded rly… bad… like it was offkey as fuck, idk if there was a problem with the ear pieces or whatever but it didn’t sound good, brandon and the backing singers were singing in completely different keys and one of the backing singers was WAY too loud, like it was probably a techincal thing cos the music sounded quiet in comparison too but… i hope they sort that shit out quick-ish

So I was bored and eventually got to drawing this. I know it looks bad

But hello!

Idk I was bored and wanted a creative way to say hi lol

just my opinion but skinny women can wear whatever and everyone goes abso mad over it and thinks its SO aesthetic, such a look, wow! and then fat women are held to a far higher standard and its unfair and idk what i’m trying to say basically is everyone (including myself because i’m guilty of this too) needs to step back and think about whether something actually looks good or if the person wearing it is just skinny, and also stop treating fat people as inherently lesser

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hey 👽

1. First impression:
- wow this dude has my sense of humor but the nads to actually make jokes asdfghjkl
2. Truth is: 
- i miss talking to u but i was always so nervous cuz ur way cooler than me
3. How old do you look: 
- 18 or 19
4. Have you ever made me laugh:
- ya obviously
5. Have you ever made me mad: 
- nope
6. Best feature:
- u have really pretty eyes and i dont just mean the color,,, theyre just???? idk but good work
7. Have I ever had a crush on you:
- yea
8. You’re my:
- pal
9. Name in my phone:
- n/a
10. Should you post this too?
- whatever floats ur scrote i guess


it’s been forever since i’ve been on this account. i just want to talk about stuff that i feel like will annoy ppl. i’m feeling really bad. i hate myself. i hate everything about myself. i try to see myself as beautiful but it’s so hard bc i’ve been called ugly for so long. and i truly do believe i’m ugly. i’m still with Max but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are some ugly ass ppl that are in relationships and married and shit. i just wish i was confident. like i could still be ugly but as long as i was confident that would be better. one thing is that my breasts are huge and i hate them the most. i really want a binder or something but i have no money rn. and idk what size i would even need bc of how big my chest it. i see thick/fat ppl online and stuff and they look so good and wear whatever they want and i want to be like that but then i remember they wear like B or C cups and i’m in a M or something. it’s just really hard and i’m trying my best to do better and be happy and please everyone but everything is hard. i can’t really get myself to relax bc i have so much shit to do. this is supposed to be the time when i’m happy and good bc it’s summer but so far i’m pretty shitty. Tami is gonna be here at the end of the week so maybe seeing her will make me feel better. and Max is gonna visit too. i’m just really hoping being around my best friends will make me feel good and i will have a good time bc rn i feel like crap

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I've been following y'all for a while and I'm always in love with your posts?? Good content and I love the whole """idea""" of the blog and idk why I've been putting off responding to the prompts because looking back over them I'm like. Inspired. And also I haven't slept in so long so whatever may come out will probably be garbled 😂

Thank you for the lovely message!! We’re so glad to hear our prompts help inspire you. <3


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I didn’t have a 3rd selfie that’s recent so you all get a picture of my dog instead. And excuse the 3rd one because I just took it at work and my hair is a mess and nasty looking 😧

I shall tag anyone who wants to do it!!

lair scream for xai

so first we’re gonna have a general comment about your lair:


seriously, i was looking for outfits to compliment and it’s like…they’re all just in rare-ass skins, ya showoff

anyways these are my two faves because holy fcuk daaaamn

but seriously give them at least a little clothes

Death has clothes. I like Death. She looks full of spoopyness, but also full of edgelord and glitter. I feel like a black katana would match her better, but whatever works for ya i guess

Whenever I see a dragon that has lace that i actually like, i feel personally attacked. idk why but it’s true. anyways this dragon is good and she reminds me of @houseteeth‘s aesthetic which is good

speaking of Des this coatl looks like a Good Robot and I’m sure she’s some anime reference you fucking weeb but idc she’s shiny and i like her wings in alloy so wheeee

TL;DR dress ur damn space children. or pay me to dress them


P.S. I saw that six-digit in the back named Gundam and I really want to buy him even though i already have a Gundam Tanaka fandragon but he’s oooold and i’m fcuking garbage byee

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1. First impression: yasha’s gf. haven’t spoken to her but weird how australians keep popping up
2. Truth is: you’re sweet as hell, deceptively sassy, and your particular mix of language/accent is just disrespectful to me personally
3. How old do you look: idk! i haven’t actually seen you!!
4. Have you ever made me laugh: am i not constantly busting up in discord or what
5. Have you ever made me mad: don’t think so!
6. Best feature: UHH RUSSIAN. jk but you’re really easy to talk to, actually, like even when things seem like they might be a bit of a conflict, you’re just chill and willing to be a good sounding board for whatever it is.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope!
8. You’re my: so-late-night-it’s-not-late-anymore pal
9. Name in my phone: you’re not there!!
10. Should you post this too? of course


I was tagged by @imneversayinggoobyetoyou (good blog go follow) like 3 weeks ago but only just looked at my mentions because im dreadful sorry 

Name: Ollie  
Nickname: Mole
Birth month: June
Height: 1.66 I think
Orientation: Whatever will get me a free drink lmao
Season: Winter
Books: Lone Survivor, and The Enemy Series are the only books I can remember reading
Flower: Idk any flowers lol
Scent: Petrol
Animals: Dogs
Beverages: I drink fizzy drinks exclusively  
Hours of sleep: I don’t think I’ve ever slept for a normal amount of time lmao but idk it varies
Number of blankets I sleep with: People sleep with more than one blanket?
Dream Trip: Niagara falls
Blog Created: Sometime in 2013 I think
Follower Count: Higher than I deserve honestly  

We just had an advisor meeting and ugh guyssss.. I’m so frustrated while I feel like I’m very outgoing socially, I feel like I’m just so awkward in certain settings. I’m just so awkward when someone compliments me or tells me great job on this great job on that. Idk how to explain it I just say “thank you” and I’m very much ready to move to the next topic, but I notice I’m looking at the floor or talk in a lower voice while talking about whatever the “thing” was. As soon as we move on from talking about whatever I’m doing great in I can be my outgoing self again.  

My friend said “you’re too humble” but I think I’m just not good at taking compliments or probably have some sort of idk social anxiety or something. I’m frustrated because I don’t think this will serve me well on interviews. :-( 

I’m on a “we need all the “positives” in our favor” agenda, you know? Like I need programs to know about what I do outside of coursework because that’s probably carrying my application. and if I’ m super anxious and awkward with the advisor I’ve known for 3 years.. idk how it’s going to go if with someone I just met.

Halp guys, how did you do this :(  

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This is the same anon who keeps messaging you about the fic (idk why I'm on anon considering we've talked before but whatever); yeah I looked it up and I'm reading other people's comments, but I'm definitely starting this thing tonight.

!! Good!!! Great!!! Tell me what you think!!!

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I am really scratching my head at the casting of Shadowhunters. Sebastian is meant to be older than Jace. There is a couple of years of age gap in the book and it plays an important role in the story. Why does the person they casted look younger?

idk about age difference since i havent gotten to that part in the books but he’s cute tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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For whatever it's worth, I've always been a big fan of how you look. You've always had a nice haircut, and you've got really nice lips. Idk, don't sell yourself short.

I hate myself and am dead inside and need to make myself feel good so im finally publishing this lol. But ily anon, thank you for giving me some attention lmaooooo