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Lace's Logs
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> A nice merchant <strike>threw a notebook at</strike> gave me a notebook in exchange that I stop looking for business outside her store (I think she's just mad she caught her girlfriend staring). So now, I've got more pages than I can bother to count, to say whatever the fuck I want. Tell me again who thought this was a good idea? <p><p/><b></b> Anyways, I fucked some city yuppie last week who thought a blowjob was worth 250 carbs, but who knows, maybe I'm just that good. I had enough money left over to finally buy something from old Chow Mein's store instead of stealing Ramen noodle packets when he's not looking, so I bought some ciggs for the Four. Poor Poison's been a beamless little fuck since their stash ran out, but if you ask me that whole "boycotting Tommy" shit'll be over in three days tops. Love him or hate him, no one from zone 3 to 6 could survive without Chow Mein. <p><p/><b></b> Anyway, I better keep moving east, word has it a static storm is headed here quick.<p><p/><b><i></b> your main bitch</i><p><p/><b></b> -L.J<p/></p><p/></p>

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I haven't able to actually get a clear answer, but from what I can tell, people are saying that Jonghyun appropriated Indian culture or something?

Yes, I just watched the VCR, I think he wanted to create some kind of Bollywood vibe idk, but…it was very uncomfortable to watch. It didn’t look either funny or cool or whatever, but even if it would have been, he still shouldn’t have done that. I hope someone will let him know (respectfully and in a polite manner) that it wasn’t a good idea and he will learn to never do that again. 

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Do you use bath bombs? And if so can you explain it to me b/c idk if it's supposed to be soap or just aesthetic or whatever

Literally used it one time, I just put it in the water and it looked and smelled good and that is where my knowledge of bath bombs ends lmao

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can you do one where shawn and y/n have to attend an event / award show / gala idk put whatever you like ;) and y/n takes a lot of time to prepare herself bc she wants to look good in front of people and she's stressed out but he reassures her and it includes 48. Let me smell your breath (I don't remember what were the exact words but something like that :)) and it's fluffy. thx ily ♡

Hello! So sorry it’s taken me forever to get to this! Thanksgiving was very busy and now ‘tis the season for finals. yay.

Being the girlfriend of Shawn Mendes meant that you’ve gone to your fair share of award shows.  And no matter how much you’ve done it before, it still took you forever to get ready.  

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Not exactly a good example but look at earth 2, every character but iris and barry were killed off, like why do people think that is. so that anon is delusional if they think they will involve danielle and carlos in a 8 season contract when they are supporting characters and not candice, the female lead that Geoff Johns, the boss of DC played a big part in her casting. I am scared for caitlin /cisco but even i am not that delusional about their importance as compared to candice or grant

Idk if that thing is true, anyways we all know iris and barry are safe, even wally, we fear for cait, cisco and julian 

politeandnotgay ha respondido a tu publicación “idk if it’s grant’s fault or whatever i really dont care but why is…”

Yeah it was almost like they used the wrong reaction shot, tbh. A hug would’ve been good.

Exactly!! maybe an actual happy smile (that tiny smirk doesnt count) and teary eyes and a hug like idk just….show some emotion….

he looks like when someone is talking to you but you’re not paying attention at all so u just awkwardly smile and nod

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How old am I? 20… 2?

Current job/dream job? Current job: taking care of old people. Dream job: at this point I just hope to get something on the science-y that’ll actually use the degree/s I’m working towards. 

A big goal I’m looking towards? Getting Daniel and me to Seattle. Finishing my degree. Not hating everything.

What is my aesthetic? Granny!Goth? Idk. This time of year I wear sweater dresses with black tights and granny boots. Whatever you’d call that. 

Do I collect anything? Carousel figurines!! & I am an accumulator of books and things. 

Topic I’m always up to talk about? Uh, politics. Bunny. 

Pet peeve? “Pet peeve.” Also people misunderstanding communism.

Good advice to give? Stop putting things off, stop waiting for the time to be right, and do whatcha gotta do. (Like essay…)

Three songs:

Vittorio Monti - Czárdás 

Lily Allen - Fuck You

Leonard Cohen - Take This Longing

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Okay films here we go: Reservoir Dogs, Wild Things, The Girl On The Train, Labyrinth, Stick It.

Resovoir Dogs: 

never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece

(bc i looove tim roth)

Wild Things: 

never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece

id actually never heard anything about this one and idk it looks pretty cool?

The Girl On The Train

never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece

idk about this one, i heard the book wasn’t so great and i never see adaptations without experience with the source material


never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece

this has been on a few different “MUST SEE AT SOME POINT IN LIFE” lists i just haven’t gotten around to it

Stick It

never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece

its been a long time since ive seen this one but i remember it being gold. (and my small 11 year old bisexual awakening hello) 

Send me movies!!!

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for your film ask: Submarine, Paperhouse, High School Musical II, Love Actually

never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece
I just love Richard Ayoade so much I’d follow that man anywhere

never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece
I googled it and watched the trailer and omg that looks so good

High School Musical II
never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece
I’ve seen one and three idk what tf is going on but there it is

Love Actually
never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece
I tried really hard to like it but tbh Christmas movies tend to bore me, as do romcoms if they’re not particularly amazing so like I didn’t really have a chance here

send me films to rate!

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☄ ( omg idk if i want to know regular john or mob john, your choice! )

Send ☄ and my muse must, in full detail, describe the last sexual thought they had about your muse.

‘That she looked so damn good bent over as she was dancin’ for whatever guy had paid for the privilege.  That I ought to go over and slap her tight ass, throw her over my shoulder and take her home.’

Uhhhh just wanted to say that i’ve been making a playlist of every (notable) song i’ve discovered this year. These are songs that I 1. Listened to a lot after finding them and 2. Think will serve as a good gateway into the past when I look back on 2016. It will be finished on December 31st and i’ll post it the next day. It’s not in any particular order and serves no purpose to anyone but me but it’s important to me and if you take a look then that would be cool. Just a notice as were almost a month away from the end of 2016. Thanks.

@dahdeemohn I should show up with a binder full of print outs like “actually yes I can look at your website”

I can see what they are doing…kinda…because they need to make it feel exclusive for whatever reason and even though I am completely admitting to not having the skill to finish everything it will be twisted to try and make it look like I never tried and I’m not good enough but idk when I get into these situations I kinda just agree to get out of them but I REALLY don’t want to do that…bleh.

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Can I rant?So the shy guy I told you about is like perfect. He looks so good and he's not a stick like me, LIKE HE ACTUALLY HAS MEAT ON HIS BODY LMAO and I talked to him today and he was really cool like we skipped lunch period to walk around and talk,it was great. But then this guy I used to like (he knew I liked him so he purposely avoided me) pulled me into like the corner area by a classroom and stared me straight in the eyes and was just complimenting me. Idk if he was just jealous or what?

That’s confusing. But I think you should go for whatever you think is best! It seems like you like this boy, at least more than the other, and if it’s what you want, all you can do is try😘💞