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UK (England, Ireland, etc) reacting to being tickled? Pweeeeeeaaase~? :3

APH England/Arthur:

He hates it so much. Just-just don’t do it okay? He’ll hate you forever. 

APH Ireland/(Name?):

Depending on his mood. If he’s in a good mood, then tickling him won’t result in death. If he’s grumpy, then he will kill you. Done and done. 

APH Wales/(Idk man):

He loves being tickled and is actually quite ticklish. 

APH Scotland/Alastair:

He isn’t ticklish at all so he’d just look at you confused and just continue whatever he’s doing. 

do you ever see a comparison post of something from gmm or whatever like “oh this shot is from episode 100 and something and this one’s from episode 900 and something blah blah” and you just sit there like….wow???

like isn’t it fricken amazing we can compare episodes 100 and something and 900 and something ??? isn’t it fricken amazing we have over 900 episodes of gmm ?? isn’t it fricken amazing we’ll have 10000+ after season 10 ?? isn’t it fricken amazing we will have 10+ seaSONS….


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My boyfriend just got his hair cut and I hate it so much. I always tell him that how he gets it cut looks bad on him, but he still gets it. It's his hair and he can do whatever he wants with it and it's incredibly selfish and controlling of me to care this much about it- but it looks so bad on him. So so so bad. What do I do?


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Steven this sdcc seems... quite? like low key less excited than previous sdcc. there hasn't been really much of him idk their whole sdcc this year seems off to me :/

I’ve noticed that too! It’s been kinda boring this year. They didn’t have a lot of the cast attend. It was just the lineup… which is stupid. They should’ve had the other main cast members too. Plus the panel seemed blah. Steven literally said one sentence throughout the whole thing…… ONE sentence……… all the other questions went towards Andy and Norman (of fucking course). Whatever, he still looked really good and at least we got new pictures of him 👅

I love Taeyong’s look today. Or , his look tomorrow ? Since it’s not the 11th here yet … ? idk anyway whatever day it is he still looks good.

mmm okay so i got tagged by @unkingly (who doesn’t follow me on here BUT i assure you guys that we are friends. hey saul, we tight right??) (in reality we’ve had like, two conversations but my point stands)

a few people have told me that my handwriting’s good but it really isn’t anything special??? idk you guys can be the judge, because most people i know write a certain way and i just thank god i don’t write like them it’s too Generic. also that notepad is from one of my closest friends it’s really cute i love it too much oops

‘sobrang walang kwenta’ translates to ‘really worthless’ because we filos only have one alphabet lmao totally pointless part of the meme for me but i’m bilingual (in case anyone cares)

i don’t do these things soooooo uh okay i have to tag people!!! @aaronsmminyard @queenkevin @tzaritsa @jeansmoreau @jeremysknox @ronanlyncnh @reneewvlkers @allforthefoxes @elainslucien 

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i kept tellin myself i wouldnt try to get into any drama but i jus.. like even if for whatever reason sm1 wanted to ignore the gross age difference (which, like, why? but i digress) theres a very obvious power imbalance?? keith looks up to shiro? like a lot? like even if someone wanted to pretend they were in the same age range (why) theres still shiro having power over keith in both keith lookin up to him and the fact hes p much their co? idk like. nothing abt this ship is good thank u for this

Yeah it gave me a bad vibe because holy fuck do I relate to keith in that situation it makes me so upset

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hi allison!!! what are ur holy grail skincare products?? do u believe in the 10 step routine? :o

hi!! I don’t know anything abt skincare if u wanna know more I wld ask @1pss if she’s ever on but if u wanna know tbh I have the rice water cleansing whatever from the face shop and like the skin food black sugar mask and some clay mask from innisfree and all of those do the job my skin looks rlly good after the black sugar mask but big exfoliants like that give u microtears… I don’t have a proper routine I wanna do the10 step but idk I don’t have money rn I want the mizon snail thing and I wanna try something w hyaluronic acid… I have pretty nice skin w/o using products these days I don’t really breakout and I get small blemishes like every few weeks but it’s not a big deal anyway this was thoroughly unhelpful and long … I don’t get a lot of asks dbjdbjidbkdbkdb

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Haha idk how to use anything other than Apple at this point (I suck at technology) aye but that's a pretty good tone! It's simple too, mine is like 3 seconds long LOL and well I just had a real shitty customer that just ruined my whole day. It felt worse cause I never had a customer that rude since my last job so I almost forgot entitled asshats that look down on employees & think they can get whatever they want existed. Sorry kind of ranted but YA KNOW I'M SURE BTS CAN FIX MY MOOOD -angst anon

I never really got the appeal of Apple products, so I’m completely happy with my Samsung phone. :D Ahaha, mind as well use your quacking ringtone as your text tone. (¬‿¬)

Oh no. ;__; That’s really unfortunate that you had to deal with that turd blossom. It sucks that people like that exist in this world, but you really can’t escape that when you have a job that requires you to cater to customers. I hope you’re feeling better and that you didn’t let that person get you into too bad of a mood. ♥

Don’t worry about ranting! I’m always here for any and all rants, haha. BUT YES. Bangtan will fix everyone’s mood! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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idk if you're a father John misty fan but did you hear about the "drama" with the moon juice in silverlake and their stolen rose quartz or whatever and FJM? it's actually p funny


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i must admit that your blog is my safe place, whenever i feel down or i'm really stressed or whatever i just come here and look at your beautiful art or generally stalk (sry) ur blog cause idk, it's such a nice place? it kinda gives that positive vibe that people are welcome here and u are so kind adzie, a wonderful human being and so helpful! i should stop rambling now, hah, have a great day, hope everuthing's good and lots of hugs to u, mate!

this has been saved in my drafts for ages i’m so sorry for not sending my reply!

this is really really nice to hear i’m like tearing up thank you so much for saying this, about my blog, my art, me…ahhH like i really hope you realise you make me feel like i have a purpose. in general. with life by sending me messages like this like i know it’s just a tumblr blog but it’s really really nice to hear that an extension of myself (my blog/art etc.) is a space where you find safety and comfort

ahhh i’m sorry if any negative posts (from me i mean) bring you down but ahh i’m so glad to hear that my blog and i have had this positive impact on you <3 hugs to you as well <3 i’m having a v chill day~ <3 love you lots!!

I was going to make a list of people/things I would support as president over Trump, but I realized it would be far too long, as it includes the majority of people, animals, and inanimate objects. However, one of the highlights I came up with before giving up was:
–One of those really nasty do-not-touch caterpillars that looks like Trump’s hair. But it would have to have a good VP, since it might not survive the term, idk about the lifespans of those things. Legal implications of time metamorphosizing? Whatever, still better than Trump.

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okay so I didn't really want to ask my friends or my mum about this and I didn't know who else to ask lmao. but it's no uniform on my last day of school and I want to wear my tennis skirt and knee high socks (bc I don't like my legs) but do you think it would look 'slutty'? I don't want people to say stuff but it's going to be really hot so I don't want to wear jeans and idk what to do:/

I don’t think it looks slutty. I would do it but I don’t think my legs look good in them. Honestly wear whatever you feel good in and don’t worry about what others think.