idk how to do gifs

its how Lake’s floaty tears work


@sixofcrowsnet: birthday edits: december twenty-third (grisha + dark)

the grisha possess power. power that the fjerdans want to destroy, the shu want to cut open, the kerch want to own, the ravkans want to to harness. the grisha could bring ruination, but  t h e y  d o  n o t. 

this my first time creating an edit, and i guess my introduction to the grishaverse community! it’s an au… of sorts. i kinda don’t like this much but let’s ignore that,

I love the part of the Fate Zero abdrigded where on the roof Artoria tells Diarmuid that he must be Lancer and he starts twirling his spear around him for no real reason other than to look Cool, as lancers do, and he’s like “who told you I was a lancer, who told you!” Iconic, I love it