idk how people like to spell it

Can we take a moment to talk about how fucking dramatic Voldemort is. I mean, he literally made sure his “filthy muggle father’s” name spelled his new name and took the time to explain it to his 12 year old nemesis?? Maybe if Tom hadn’t monologued like the fucking diva he is he would’ve won? Idk im js maybe he spent too much time with Abraxas Malfoy because that’s the kinda shit i expect from people who bring their white peacocks to the quidditch world cup okay

White people getting mad that they aren’t being included in the Black Panther imagines. Stop acting like y’all don’t write your y/n characters as white people🙂

I love all the witch/werewolf/vampire content I see for Klance in October, but what about the more cryptic monsters?

What about Grim Reaper Keith out to collect souls, running into Zombie Lance and having no idea what to do with him. Because he’s dead…right? Technically he’s dead. But he’s also alive???? The fuck??? And when asked Lance just shrugs and says “dude idk I woke up like this man” and his arm falls off.

Or how about Banshee Lance luring the lost into the woods with his eerie cries, meeting Siren Keith, wandering miles from the sea. He thinks he’s trapped a good one, but Keith isn’t under his spell. Keith is just curious about who was singing, wondering if it was one of his own. “But no,” he says upon seeing Lance. “Your voice is a thousand times more beautiful.” The people of the village have no idea what music fills the trees now, what duet they hear. They only know that those who go near never come back.

Gimme Incubus Lance being roommates with Poltergeist Keith: one trying to make their host stay while the other wishes to watch them run. The poor person staying in the house is marked as scared and horny.

What about Golem Keith meeting Medusa Lance, realizing he can’t be turned to stone because that’s all he is. Imagine the friendship that follows, or the rivalry.

Idk just…I love the odd creatures. Someone indulge me.

What Is Tech Magic? [Updated]

After getting more into the tumblr witchcraft scene, I’ve learned a LOT, and found some tech magic resources to help y'all so it’s time for an update of my previous What Is Tech Magic? post, now featuring how to actually do things! It’s gonna be long so here’s a friendly cut

What Is Tech Magic?

Tech magic(also known as techno magic by some) is magic using technology such as computers, phones, tablets, etc. It can be anything from a spell written into code to a sigil as your wallpaper to a ward using your WiFi router.

I personally started with tech magic for 2 reasons:

1. I love technology and have grown up using it

2. It’s really easy to keep hidden in ways both magical and mundane

Some basic, and extremely common, forms of tech magic that you may already be doing include:

  • Online BoS, grimoire, whatever you refer to you ~magical book thing~ as
  • Emoji spells
  • ”Reblog to get money” type posts- A lot of people don’t realize it, but these are quite magical! We have the intent(money, luck, etc) and the energy(everyone who reblogs it adds their belief or hope, charging it)

How Can I Use Technology In My Craft?

Actually using technology for witchcraft isn’t all that difficult, but can be weird for traditional magic users, so here’s a quick “Getting Started Guide”:

  1. Choose a piece of technology to use - while this step isn’t necessary, getting used to one object’s energy will help when starting out. I recommend something you already use a lot, such as your phone!
  2. Feel its energy - Just sit and hold it(or touch it if it’s too big to hold) and let its energy flow through you and yours through it.
  3. Practice manipulating it’s energy like you would with anything else, pull it in, push it out, etc.
  4. Find a specific spell you want to use! If you are a closeted witch maybe try a hiding spell or something similar!
  5. Do it!!! Do the spell!
  6. Cleanse your electronics!!!! Like anything else, they can get bad energy, so make sure you cleanse them regularly!
  7. Connect to more technology! I like streetlights personally, they have a strange energy.

Some Cleansing Tips

  • Bless/enchant your charger to cleanse while charging
  • Any normal cleansing method, smoke (don’t burn it!! Also idk about how smoke might affect the inner workings), Selenite, manually, etc. This seems like it should be obvious but Don’t Use Water My Dudes
  • A charmed background to auto cleanse!
  • Candle apps

Some other random tips

  • Putting your phone’s background to spells/charms/sigils is amazing. I once had a thing for “I find cool stuff at the thrift store” and immediately found a signed Fallout Boy poster. I live in a city with like maybe 50000 people? It was a salvation army too like that was high quality shit
  • Cocoppa? I think is the name? Is an Android app that will change the icons for Apps so do with that info what you will
  • Tech magic is just as valid as any other form and can be incorporated with other types!!!
  • Tech magic isn’t just phones! Computers, TV’s, anything electronic basically can be used!
  • Learning to code can add some boppin’ things to your craft that I don’t want to go into right now

Some Tech Magic Posts

I couldn’t find any tech magic focused blogs :( if you know of one let me know and I’ll keep a list!!!

As always, if you have questions or suggestions just ask!

Younger me: why do all these romances have gals doing stuff to impress guys?? What makes any of that even worth ur time like do what u want cause u like it not to impress people!

Current me: *wants to learn fencing because of sword gf memes*

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Arent the titles of siyad and elweya (idk how to spell it) like royalty in islam or something or just highly respected because they are from the same bloodline as the prophet saw is it just a shia thing?

Syed (Mister/lady/lord) is mostly a Shi’a/Sufi thing, however, some Sunnis emphasizes on the aspect of the Prophetic Bloodline. 

They are not royal, people just treat them voluntarily with respect, this does not apply, of course, to those who are unjust. For example, I treat Syeda @tariqah with great respect, because she’s got the Prophet’s blood in her veins, hahahaha  

Hawkins’ sweetheart P.7 (Billy Hargrove imagine)

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► Summary: When the reader comes back to Hawkins she doesn’t expect that Billy Hargrove, the new boy in town, is going to suppose such an important piece on her messed up life.

Series masterlist

(You can find more of my stories on my MASTERLIST)

► Pair: Billy Hargrove x reader

► Warnings: Fluff, like lots of fluff, SMUT, angst, swearing.

Author’s notes:  So, the next part will be the last one of this series but don’t worry that it won’t be the last of Billy you’ll see from me. I really hope you enjoy this part, idk how it happened but it ended up being SUPER fluffly (and pretty long), I mean, even the smut part is fluffly. Sorry this part took so much time, I struggled with a huge writers block. English is not my first language so sorry if there’s any grammar or spelling mistake.

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Constructive criticism is always welcome

(PART 6)

A few days passed after the incident on the street.
Since that day every time you saw Billy on the hallways he would just pretend he didn’t see you. He would no longer wait for you leaning against your locker. Not even a small hello. Nothing.
Inside your head there was this voice telling you that the mistake you were so afraid of had been made again, that he was not good at all, but you didn’t want to believe it. Something was going on with Billy, you were totally sure of it, but you didn’t know how to approach him, especially since he seemed to never be alone when you stumble onto him.
Steve had to trap his tongue between his teeth every time you talked about the mullet wearing boy, which was not very often, but your cousin knew that Hargrove  was on your thoughts more than you expressed. He saw how much you cared about him and he started to realize that there must be a reason for it, even though he couldn’t see it, he wasn’t able to because Billy was the same asshole when he was around him. But Steve had always trusted you and the fact that you were upset because of Billy made him angry and frustrated but he had promised you he wouldn’t do anything. The only thing he could do was give Billy a dead glare every time he saw him, asking himself what the hell you saw in him.

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My nicknames!! ~ nessa

Hi tumblr people! Vanessa here! (Lol wut) I don’t post a lot on here but I decided that I would add to the conversation of nicknames!!! I too have also been called different nicknames. The obviously famous nickname I have is Nessa. So I’ve been called:
• Ness (I don’t like this one too much idk why)
• Van (fun fact ‘van’ was the first word I learned how to spell other than my name 😂)
• Nessie (I really like this one)
• Loch Ness Monster (only one person has called me this nick name my entire life)

And that’s pretty much it lol. Also to add to roni’s list of nicknames, one of my favs other than roni is Ronald haha!

Another fun fact, my name means butterfly 🐛

marigoldine  asked:

I'm so glad to know that Joy is your chosen name--I've been thinking about changing my name too, but thought I wouldn't be able to do it because I'm not trans. Anyway, would you advise against changing one's name to something more difficult to spell / pronounce than one's original name? (current name's Julia, would like to go by Saoirse eventually) Ahhh idk, you're the book mom and I really value your opinion.

People change their names for many reasons, primarily because it doesn’t accurately represent them or feel like it belongs to them. My birth name is still my name, and I’ll likely always retain it in some way, but Joy has always felt like it was my name, long before I even knew you could do things like legally change your name for realsies. It was a revelation of a moment. And fortunate, in how simple it is to say and spell :P

I ultimately think you should do what feels right for you, though with a name like  Saoirse, unless you’re in Ireland, it’s likely going to trip quite a few people up, so you might want to prepare yourself for that and consider how annoying you’ll find it lol. I have enough problems with my birth name outside of Scotland, and I don’t even use the Gaelic spelling.

So I completely thought (like a lot of other people I’ve seen) that the “Big G” on the surf scores was Guzma, and “Boss” was Grimsly, since Oak said he could never beat that “kimono-clad fellow”.

Oak always came in 3rd, Big G in 2nd, and Boss in 1st, and if you talk to the man who gives you the surfing pikachu, he calls himself Boss.

therefor, Big G is Grimsly and I am saddened.

The Earth Chat

So I have a headcanon that the paladins have this whole group chat set up with all their friends and family’s on earth phone numbers in it. It’s full of videos,pictures, and stories from space. (Minus the dangerous ones of course)This is all i have for now. Feel free to add on. Whiteout further ado, here are what I think they’d include in headcanon format. Enjoy!

  • The idea was Lance’s
  • He had a lot of pictures and videos from where they had been so he basically thought “Why not?”
  • When he brought up the idea to the team they all agreed
  • Everything will obviusly be sent when they are in range of earth so before they go home they basically make an explanation video
    • “Hi mom! I’m in space.” 
    • It’s just them giving a short summary to their family on what happened to them
    • It’s kinda like the paladin vlogs but not as angsty ‘cause everyone’s family is going to see this, not just their own
    • That doesn’t stop there from being a few tears
      • Shiro started to tear up a bit because he haan’t allowed himself the luxury of thinking about going back to earth and now its not a hope or possibility, its happening. He’s going to see his family.
    • Matt and Sam are back when they make this
    • Pidge, Matt, and Mr. Holt are together for theirs
      • Mr. Holt gets a little poetic in saying that he loves his wife and can’t wait to see her again.
      • Pidge and Matt talk about getting reunited and specifically Pidge talks about how she got into space
  • Hunk talks about the Balmerra (Idk how to spell it) and a lot of the people he met, and mentions how he has a bunk of stories and recipes that he’ll share when he gets back
  • Lance talks about how he misses them and, like Hunk, about the people he met
    • I see him as a people watcher, extremely observant, and enjoys paying attention to mannerisms
    • Also talking about little gifts that he’s going to give them
  • Lance is behind the camera for all the interviews except from his own
  • When it comes to Keith whoever is dating him will be like “This is Keith. He was lonely, but he’s now my boyfriend and is now part of the family.”
    • Personally I ship Klance but this could work for any ship except Kallura
  • They introduce Allura and Coran in the video and explain who they are 
  • There’s a lot of selfies with aliens and picture of scenery and just random people
  • There will be videos of different gadgets 
    • They’re mainly from Pidge or Matt 
  • Them there’s ones of them goofing off
    • Lance once called Pidge “Pidge Podge” and Keith recorded her chasing him through the castle 
    • Somehow at the space mall they found a saxophone and Kieth turned out to be really good at it
      • “I lived in the middle of nowhere. It got boring.”
      • Shiro recorded him playing ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ because ever since Lance said “We’re going down swinging” Keith just needed to get the urge to hear it out of his system
    • They had another space snowball fight
    • One was Lance showing off his flexibility and Coran walks in and nearly has a heart attack and then proceeds to try to get home to a healing pod
    • Then there’s the sleep deprived paladins
      •  “Shiro’s weapon is a bitch slap”
      • “How did Alteans know what lions are?”
      • * someone’s random Disney songs at 5 A.M*.   *everyone else joins in*
      • “Turn Zarkon Zarkoff”
      • “If there’s infinite realities then there has to be one where were all badgers”
    • “Can i have a hand?” Cue Shiro pretending to take his prosthetic off and throwing it at them
  • There’s some of flying the lions and forming voltron
    • There was one where they dramatically formed voltron and Matt undercuts the drama and ruins the whole mood by playing one of the power rangers themes from the castle
    • The lion stack was recorded
  • Everyone had a video of their own daily routines
  • Space lessons 
  • When the videos reach home, the families are overjoyed and somewhat disbelieving that what they saw was true. There’s also tears.
    • But when the paladins are on earth, the waterworks start up again
    • Keith get’s welcomed into his s/o’s family easily
    • Allura and Coran are also welcomed to everyne’s families
  • Overall the Earth Chat gives everyone a sense of closure

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I hate that people will give me an email address that's spelled weird and get mad when I don't spell it right. Fuck you, if your email address is like x0k1tt3h spell it for me. Same if your name is Ryleeigh or something, idk how to spell it, you're not wearing a goddamn name tag

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((idk if this is the right spot to ask but i want to start an ask blog.. but i dont want to do stuff that has like 50 ask blogs, so i might want to do 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Chip Tolentino but im not sure if people would care?? help))

(I’m not really sure how to run an ask blog either tbh but @shironyane says they would definitely follow u for that blog lmao. Good luck in your endeavors friend !!)

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I don’t know but I hate it when skeet or machen (I forgot how to spell her name) say they were the “original bughead” or “original serpent queen and king”. Also when they talk about bughead in interviews they rush to shove failce down our throats and idk it’s low key annoying....

they wish, tbh. betty and jughead were well on their way into falling in love when fp and alice had their first interaction. bughead was written first, which makes them the original bughead. not to mention betty and jughead’s similarities to their parents are superficial. they’re completely different people. and alice desperately wanted out of the serpents??? doesn’t sound like a powerful king and queen duo to me


I know I’m not the best artist and I have a cartoon art style, but I still hope this helps someone! I’ve also never drawn a tutorial so like idk if this makes a whole lot of sense. 

Edit: Regarding the last slide, while true for some people this doesn’t apply to everyone, i based it on “personal experience” and was informed that with some the colour stays the same throughout, my bad :/


hey guys

So i was in a stream of a great person @octocookies and she gave me a sugestion because i was out of ideas,so she gave me a word to think of something ‘’bonbon’’!!I tought of some things but i made a new character!

David is a witch but he doesn’t think magic is very necesary so he doesn’t use it very often.His family owns a backery where he works in,and he loves to cook, bake and make pasteris!His grimoir is actually filled with more recepies than spells :P

In general he is a very sweet and nice person,but when you know him better his true sweetnes comes!Just like a bonbon,so people usually calle him bonbon ^^