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miles congratulating michael on the pregnancy!!! i’m crying!!!

lily was cloudy days when the sun was just peeking out behind, she was holding a warm mug in your chilled fingers, she was laughing so much tears slipped down your cheeks and stuck to your lips, she was a ringing bell, she was the way you nodded when you finally understood something. she was a bubble that popped too soon

james was the feeling of running through an empty field, he was the rush of the wind that made your ears go numb, he was the sour sweets you sucked on as a kid, he was the smell of fresh mint in the winter, he was the kind of loud unbridled laughter that made everyone around you join in, he was the light sensation you got after drinking one too many cocktails. he was a flame that had been snuffed before it got a chance to grow

sirius was the way you bit your lips when you were filled with nerves, he was the way you tried to balance on an unstable log in the forest, he was the snapping of twigs in autumn, he was the hushed excited whispers you exchanged during the night, he was the tug of the hand that led you forward, he was a welcome cool breeze on a warm day that made you dizzy. he was a piece of thread that got torn from the rest of the fabric

peter was an arm around your shoulder that pulled you closer, he was the popping of knuckles in a silent room, he was the snap of a picture taken while your eyes were scrunched up from laughter, he was the feeling you got when you finally untangled your earbuds, he was rolling down a hill in the summer sun. he was the weightless feeling of falling you got when you tripped on the curb

remus was the way you run your hands through your hair, he was the drumming of fingers on a tabletop, he was the nicely organized photos on your wall, he was the sound of rain on your window in early spring, he was the breath that clouded in front of your face on chilly evenings, he was the shaking of your head at ridiculous puns, he was sweaters with long sleeves, he was the smile you couldn’t get rid of. he was the book that was never finished

tangled up on tongues

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philip gives lukas a hickey (aka philip is a really good kisser)

While he was growing up, Lukas heard quite a bit about kissing. From his guy friends when they’d been able to plant one on a girl in middle school. From songs, and movies, and tv shows. He even had a few kisses of his own.

His kisses never lived up to the expectations. There were never fireworks, or explosions, or even passion. There was just chapped and cold lips, and Lukas trying to figure out what he was doing wrong.

At least, that’s how it was until he met Philip.

Because the first time he kissed him in the cabin was exactly how people described it. But it was more than fireworks.

It was tectonic plates halting in their shaking, falling into place. It was meteor showers and the sky splitting apart. It was every other kiss he’d ever had being proven wrong.

It was Philip, kissing him back.

He really likes kissing Philip. He likes the way Philip’s hair feels when he runs his hands through it, and the way Philip’s hands settle on his waist, dipping beneath his shirt. He likes the feel of his mouth against Lukas’.

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“I think it’s as though everyone has a small place inside themselves, maybe, a private bit that they keep to themselves. It’s like a little fortress, where the most private part of you lives–maybe it’s your soul, maybe just that bit that makes you yourself and not anyone else.” [x] [insp.]

im p sure that sombra was in p deep when she got caught hacking that first time (I mean, who deletes all traces of their identity and gets body modifications if they aren’t me after I tell my waiter “you too” after they tell me to enjoy my meal) so imagine how many trust issues she has and how paranoid she must be

She knows how easy (at least for someone like her) to get every bit of information about a person’s life, and she found out that someone had known /everything/ about her

She must be an intensely private person, underneath her free exterior, after that. I’ll bet she double guesses everyone she comes in contact with. Like yeah it’s easy for her to flirt and tease and be friendly and seemingly open, but no one even knows her name. I bet she even tells people fake facts about herself and waits to see which one is used against her so she knows who betrayed her

It’s lonely, she admits to herself when she is alone enough (only when the windows are covered and the lights are off and she’s checked the room for bugs and cameras at least three times and she is hidden underneath a blanket or five). She had a few allies before being found out, and while they weren’t great, they were something

(But someone ratted her out and she doesn’t know who and she can’t go back can’t fight them can’t beat them can’t do /anything/ until she finds it who these people are)

Maybe that’s why she agrees to work with talon, in the end. It’s stressful, sure, but reaper and widowmaker are good enough company and they don’t pry. And they’re actually pretty decent people, and they cover her back. She doesn’t trust them, but she likes them

It’s enough, for right now