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Edmund x Reader: Arranged

Prompt/ask: hi! could i request an edmund x reader where they had to have an arranged marriage but the reader loves him and she doesn’t think edmund loves her back? maybe like they’re in bed and sleeping on opposite sides and she wants to cuddle but she’s too afraid to ask him because she thinks he doesn’t love her? idk if that made sense but it would be amazing if you could write it! i love your writing! thank you!! 

Word count: 1,291

Warnings: None

Setting: Golden Age

A/N: Thank you to my lovely friend Danielle (@itsalwaysnarnia) for helping me with part of this story-please give this excellent human being a follow!

Your betrothal to Edmund Pevensie of Narnia was not something you had wished for. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something you had any say in at all.

An arranged marriage was not what you considered the dream future. You couldn’t think of anyone in their right mind who would actually enjoy being stuck with some stranger for the rest of their life, let alone upon meeting them a mere week before the wedding. 

But the moment you met Edmund Pevensie, he didn’t seem like a stranger. No, he was something much more than that in your eyes. It felt as if you had known him in a past life; Perhaps in a dream, or a dream of a dream. It seemed incredibly silly, seeing as you had only exchanged a few words with the young king, and although you were sure he didn’t feel the same, you couldn’t deny how you saw him.


You immediately snapped out of the trance you were in, turning to the dark haired figure standing in the doorway of the castle’s Great Hall.

 “Oh, sorry. I must have, um-” You paused, clearing your throat and avoiding Edmund’s gaze. “Wandered off…” 

The king tilted his head slightly, giving you a questioning look. “Yes, well, you should probably get to bed. It’s, I mean-” He looked at his feet, clearly uncomfortable. “It’s getting late.”

 You nodded, forcing a small smile. “Yes, thanks.” The two of you stood there for a minute. “Right, well, I’m going to uh…” You felt the apples of your cheeks fill with heat. 

“I was just getting to bed, I can walk with you if you’d like.” Edmund offered hesitantly, almost as if he felt an obligation to. 

You nodded gratefully, obliging and taking a step towards the winding marble staircase. “Thank you, Your Highness.” 

Edmund shook his head, almost sadly. “Please don’t call me that. It’s bad enough that we’re stuck in this situation, I don’t need you treating me like I’m somehow…above you.”

 He paused, taking care to avoid eye contact as he walked a few steps ahead of you. 

“Edmund?” You asked, stopping before the entrance to your marital chambers. The king turned slowly on his heel to face you. 

“I’m sorry. For all of this.” You croaked out softly. 

The two of you looked at each other for a moment. Edmund just nodded, remaining silent. He understood what you meant. 

Edmund apprehensively began to unlatch the door, opening it with deliberate listlessness. You took a couple timid steps towards the entrance, watching as the young king tugged at his waist to undo the buckle from the side of his robes.

You stepped into the dark chambers, tugging at the sleeve of your gown and shutting the door behind you as you did so. It made a thunderous sound as the latch clicked once more. 

You had been in these chambers three times before; once on your wedding day and then again on the two evenings that followed. Yet on all three of these occasions, you and Edmund lay on either sides of the bed, not acknowledging each other whatsoever. 

“So,” You said softly, pulling and unbraiding the laces on the back of your gown,  “Uh-”

“You don’t have to try to talk to me.” Edmund replied plainly, letting his robes fall to his feet. “It’s alright.”

 It was immensely dark in the room, so you were unable to see anything more than the general outline of Edmund standing before you. 

You bit the side of your lip, dropping your hands from the laces. “I know, but-” You sighed, gliding your gown over your shoulders and down to your waist. You felt the chilliness in the air run through your body.

Edmund ran a hand through his scraggly hair, looking at you with an odd expression. “Hm?” 

You shook your head rawly, letting the last of your clothing fall and quickly reaching for the nightdress that hung by the wardrobe. “It doesn’t matter.”

You drew what you could see of the bed coverings back, making room for you to lift your legs from the edge of the mattress and settle them under the sheets. It was still cold under the many blankets. 

You sat there silently, leaning against the pillows lining the headboard as you waited for Edmund to join you. You could feel a cool Narnian breeze come in through the cracked window, making you colder than before. Narnia was different than Terebinthia…too different. Nothing was keeping you sane here anymore. 

“You okay?” Edmund asked from beside you. You nodded slowly, sinking down into the blankets.  

Edmund let out a small, slightly defeated sigh, and adjusted his position to rest his head on the flimsy pillows. Although he lay merely a few feet from you, he seemed a great distance away. 

Edmund remained silent, but you could hear him breathing somewhat rapidly. Gradually, your loneliness became much more prominent and the winds became much stronger. 

As you lay there in the cold sheets, restless and completely unsure, thunder began to brew outside your window. You inhaled sharply, praying that the storm would pass. You had never responded well to weather like this.

It was still for a moment before the first lighting cracked. You felt your body tense up instantaneously, your breathing stopping suddenly. You bit your lip, feeling the blood rush to your face and your hands start to shake. 

It was a silly reaction, sure, but you couldn’t help how your body responded.

You gripped the sheets and closed your eyes, holding back the fear that coursed through your veins. You had every intention on letting Edmund sleep peacefully, but with this thunderstorm, it might not go as planned.

“Ed?” You said softly, almost afraid of his response. Edmund groaned from the edge of the bed. 

“What?” He asked, rather roughly. You licked your lips, trying to ignore the sounds coming from your window. “Nevermind. Go back to sleep.” 

You could feel Edmund roll over, assuming that he was facing you now. 

“Is everything alright? You’ve been squirming.” 

Before you could respond, a loud noise that sounded like hundreds of canons erupting came from the window. You whimpered, wincing slightly. 

“I’m fine.” You said hastily, sensing that Edmund was about to say something. You turned away from him in the darkness, clutching the sheets and curling up on the edge of the mattress. 

For a minute, both of you were still. Then, precipitously, you felt a cold arm making its way around your waist. 

You hadn’t heard Edmund move closer to you-perhaps you had been too focused on the horrific noises coming from outside of Cair Paravel-but, regardless, there he was.

You felt his breath on your bare neck as his arm extended to reach all the way around you, pulling his body closer to yours in the process. His lips were mere centimeters away from your collarbone. 

You felt oddly calmed in this position. Even if you didn’t know what to make of it, it was nice to feel his body against yours, keeping you warm. 

“I know the storms here can be a bit scary sometimes,” Edmund whispered, his hot breath hitting your neck with every word he uttered, “You’ll be okay.” He paused, breathing a bit heavily now. “I just want you to feel…safe.” 

You nodded in acknowledgement, a smile beginning to form on your lips. The feeling of Edmund beside you was something you never thought you needed, but now that it was happening, you realized you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

As you lay there, smiling to yourself, the storm slowly dying down and Edmund’s arms around you, you began to think that you would start to feel a little more sane here. 

Stranger Boy - Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Request - “What about an imagine where the reader finds him really upset that he can’t control himself and admits he might need some help?? Love your writing!“

A/N: so i don’t know where this came from but it just happened as soon as I got that request??? And idk how I feel about it???

The halls were usually pretty quiet at this time of day. Most people had gone home, only last minute crammers and those who didn’t wish to go home, like you, remained. You’d just finished up at the library, pretending you were trying to fit any kind of information into your long term memory, but really reading whatever YA crap you could find on the shelves. Each of your feet plopped in front of the other matter-of-factly, moving as leisurely as possible. Despite hearing cleaners already at the school, you still slugged about. A distant sob-like noise from a nearby classroom alerted you. So, you being you, you decided to investigate.

The problem was, once you were there, it was already too late. In the corner of the classroom, slumped on the floor, was a crumpled looking figure, shaking with its hands held out in front. Really, you could leave. But you knew deep down that you couldn’t leave this poor person clearly in turmoil. As you edged closer you noticed the hands were bloodied. The shaking seemed to intensify the further into the room you moved. A stray floorboard creaked, and the head snapped up. The boy looked haggard, exhausted, but his youthful features lay beneath. The pretty green eyes which were now boring into you, glistened from tears that had been shed earlier on, and straight, neat eyebrows furrowed over at your presence. Despite you knowing this was probably what he looked like on a bad day, the boy was attractive. He wasn’t just ‘hot’, there was something about him which instantly drew you to him, and you just knew that you had to help him. Maybe it was fate.

Starting with a calm smile, you knelt near him, but not too close, giving him personal space.

"Hi. This is probably the most stupid question I could ask right now, but, are you okay?” You kept your voice low and gentle, despite the mental cringe at how stupid you sounded.

The boy scoffed, fuelling a pretty violent shake.
“You’re right. That’s fucking stupid.” His hands dripped a little, indicating to you that the blood must be fairly fresh.

You pulled your bag in front of you, and took out the first aid kit that you were mentally thanking your mother for making you carry.

“Do you have any allergies?” You asked, taking some antiseptic wipes. He simply shook his head, and his eyes told you that he was as grateful for the first aid kit as you were. You took one of his hands into your own, and began to gently clean it with the wipes. The boy winced at the sharp sensation and tensed underneath you, but eventually relaxed at your touch. With all the blood removed, you noticed the wounds were not as bad as they may have looked before.

“Punch a mirror or something?” You joked. He let out a short snicker, but shook his head.

“A person. And then that wall over there, a few times.” He glanced his eyes to the front of the classroom, where upon turning to face it you noticed the cracked paint and marks of blood. In the area was also a desk which had been knocked over. His jaw clenched tightly as you turned back to face him.

His silence wasn’t awkward, in fact, it was oddly comforting, and made your efforts at being a nice person a lot easier, since the human interaction was low.

After both hands were clean, you moved in with some soft bandage. You noticed him shut his eyes as you applied the bandage over his damaged knuckles.

“Looks like you throw a mean punch.” You joked again.

“Guess so.” He exhaled, head still rested on the wall behind him. The shaking you’d noticed when you’d first entered had slowed somewhat, it was still there, but much milder than previously.

“Why are you still at school?” He stayed in the same position, but he spoke almost as though he was trying to make you stay.

“Home sucks. The library here is well stocked - what can I say? What about you? Why you still here?” You edged a little closer to him, checking that your bandaging was secure.

His jaw clenched in response again. “I felt like hitting someone.” There was clear regret in his voice, and his rough words dripped with malice. You took the time while his eyes were shut to study his face more intensely. He had light freckles all over his face, clumping over his nose and under his eyes. His lashes were fairly long, and stuck together from previous tears.

The boy noticed that you had stopped and opened his eyes. Unlike ordinarily, you didn’t immediately defer your glance, but instead studied the shades and contours of his apple-green eyes. He did not avert his gaze either, studying your own eyes.

“I need help.” He stated.

“That’s why I bandaged-”

“No, serious help. There’s-” he threw his head into one hand, gripping at his forehead. You winced at how he was probably stretching his fresh wound. “There’s something really wrong with me.”

“There’s nothing *wrong* with you. It’s just a difference, and there’s nothing bad about getting support for that difference. Tell me what it is.”

“I don’t know what the fuck it is, but for some reason I trust you.” He nodded into your eyes. “It’s my temper. It blows at the smallest fuse and I end up hurting a lot of people.” He breathed.

“And walls, apparently.” You chuckled.

He snorted.

“Why am I telling you everything? Why didn’t I tell you to fuck off the minute you entered?” He wasn’t angry though, just confused.

“I’m not sure, but I’m glad you didn’t.” You risked taking his hand and gently smoothing his knuckles.

“And, even though we don’t know each other, I’m more than happy to help you find what you need to stop yourself feeling this way.”

You noticed that the shaking had completely stopped now. His eyes told yours thank you.

“I’m starting to think maybe you’re some kind of illusion here to put me on the right track.” His eyebrows furrowed again.

“Definitely real.” You squeezed his hand lightly. He squeezed back.

“You’d really help me get help? Even though we know nothing about each other?” Although you both knew the fact, the moment you had shared on this entirely random June day meant so much more to both of you.

“Help a stranger a day keeps the heartless away.”

“What’s your name?” He left his hand in yours and kept his eyes on you.

“Y/N L/N. It surprises me that I’ve never run into you before, but it is a pretty big school I guess.”

“I like your name.” He grunted as he shifted slightly.

“Thank you.” You grinned warmly.

“And I can’t thank you enough for being here and being the angel on my shoulder, letting me vent and decide what I need to do. It was something I needed to do by myself, but having you as some kind of visual representation of talking to myself was just what I needed.” He flashed a small smile, seeming to think deeply.

You smiled. “Any time.”

“My names Montgomery. Montgomery de la Cruz. But a lot of people call me Monty.”

Stay Away From My Son

It’s me again hi :)))

So for this one it’s basically an AU where Alexander is a single dad w Philip and he’s late picking up Philip and you’re one of Philip’s teachers so you wait with him but Alex doesn’t know that so he gets defensive. :) idk how I feel about the ending but if you like this pLEASE like or reblog or send me requests

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Warnings: None :)
Word Count: 1,493
Pairings: Alexander Hamilton X Reader

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Daddy Issues (NSFW)

Request: could I request an imagine where the reader has been teasing Tim/ being really provocative the whole day until he snaps and has pretty angry sex with them, with a lot of payback teasing? thank you xx

Warnings: Swearing, Smut.  Read at your own risk

AN: Second time writing smut so idk how this’ll work out.  This is prob really cringey.

It’s been three weeks since you and Tim had sex.  Three weeks without him doing or saying anything.  Your first try was when you woke up.  With Tim still sleeping, you rubbed your backside against his front, noticing he was getting hard.  He groaned and woke up; rubbing his eyes.  You turned around and began to kiss him.  Not in the mood he pushed you away and got out of the bed.

You groaned and rolled over in bed.  Not knowing why he didn’t pay attention to you.  

He’d been busy working on one of his cases; which apparently took precedence over you. It the second attempt, you went to his office.  You sat in his lap and kissed his jaw.  “Tim,” you say, “Why don’t we go do something else.  When he doesn’t respond you begin kissing down his neck.

He nudged you away and focused on the computer.  “Y/N I need to work on the case.  Later.”  You groaned and stayed on his lap, pulling on his hair.  “Please Daddy?” you pleaded.  You were beyond desperate.  Too focused to hear you, he didn’t answer.  You rolled your eyes and gave up; not noticing him hiding a hard on and blushing.

The last try was at dinner.  You, Tim, Bruce, Dick, Damian sat; waiting for Alfred to bring out the food.  After it was brought out, you all began eating.  You formed a plan in your mind, and you smirked.  While Tim was in mid-bite, your hand trailed up his thigh.  He choked on his food and looked at you.  Feigning innocence, you asked “Tim are you okay?”

Tim cleared his throat and nodded his head.  “I’m fine,” he said.  Giving you and look, he went back to his food.  Instead of stopping, your hand went higher and squeezed.  He started groaning; attracting his family’s attention.  Bruce and Dick held in laughs, knowing what was happening.  Damian had no idea and asked “Drake chew your food properly or you’ll choke.”  

Your boyfriend stood up with reddened cheeks.  “I… I um…” he stuttered.  “We have to go and work on a case.”  He grabbed your arm and pulled you up the steps towards his room.  Laughs coming from the dining room.  When you got to the room you were ready for him to go back to his cases.  Instead, you were surprised when he pushed you against the wall; his lips attacking your neck and sucking.  Pulling away when he heard you moan.  

“Someone’s been a bad girl.  Do you know what happens to bad girls?” Tim asked.  When you didn’t answer he gripped you tighter.  “They get punished.”  He finished.  You looked leaned towards him and whispered, “Punish me Daddy.”

His fingers dipped into your underwear and you pushed your hips against them.  He played with your clit and played with your opening.  “Please…” you begged.  You needed him them and there.  You couldn’t wait anymore.  Your eyes were hazy and you looked at him.  “Please Ti-” your moan cut your words off.  He pushed a finger inside of you and moved it slowly.  Slowly, he built up a faster pace and continued to add another finger.  “Tim-Daddy,” you mewled.  “I’m gonna cum.  Please.”  

You whimpered when you felt his fingers pull out of you.  “You don’t get to come until I say you can.  Only good girls get to come,” Tim said.  “On your knees baby.”  You didn’t hesitate to drop onto your knees and unbuckle his pants.  As soon as his dick sprung out you wrapped your lips around him.  His groans got louder as you took more of him in your mouth.  “You can take more,” Tim said. He took a hold of your hair and began to thrust himself into your mouth.  You bobbed your head and took him all the way.  “Fuck,” he cursed.

He pulled himself out of your mouth and pulled you up.  He pushed you onto the bed and pounced on you.  Without a warning, he plunged his shaft into you and began to trust.  You moaned and arched your back up, moving your hips to meet with his.  When you reached for you clit, Tim smacked your hand away; playing with it himself.  He drew circles on it and made you moan in pleasure, clenching around his member.  

“Do you want to come?” he asked.  You nodded your head, unable to speak.  He pulled your hair, making you look at him.  “Why should Daddy let you come?”  When you didn’t answer he pulled harder.  “Because I want to make Daddy happy.  Please…” you pleaded.  Tim gripped your hips tightly, probably tight enough to leave bruises.  His thrusts became frantic and brutal.  He continued to toy with your clit, and with a loud moan you came and clenched tightly; making him come in you.

Tim pulled his member out and pulled you into his arms.  Kissing your forehead, he whispered apologies.  Soon after you both passed out in his bed.

Sophie Turner x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine being an actress on the set of Game Of Thrones and during a steamy scene with Sophie Turner, things get taken to the next level.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

I love your blog so much 😍😍 I’m obsessed with your writing!! Could you please do a Sophie turner smit? Idk if you do actors for GOT and if not it’s fine but I really want a smut for her where the Reader and her are on set for game of thrones and do a saucy scene then later they hook up? Fem Reader pls! Thankyou btw you’re stunning x

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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Bedroom Church Choir



Pt. 1 (can be read as a standalone)

Melissa sang in the church choir.

She stood front row, sang first soprano, and always got the best solos. She’d had a gift—an uncanny ability to carry a multitude of emotion with a single syllable. A man who had never been fed a drop of religion in his life could know what it was like to know God, just by hearing Melissa sing.

Scully sat in the pews.

She’d be the first to tell you she couldn’t carry a tune. Her musical résumé included a few simple hymns she sang under her breath on the rare occasions she actually made it to Mass, and a monotone rendition of a Three Dog Night classic; she never wanted to be in choir.

But still she envied Melissa.

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Hey? Anyone up for some High School AU headcanons for Destiel?

  • So Dean would be the new kid
  • I mean, I guess y’all saw this coming but ye he’d be the new kid
  • Now I making this an AU where they have normal(ish) lives so it isn’t because their dad is killing monsters and stuff
  • They do kinda live out of the Impala and go state to state so their dad can find a job
  • They have money, but not a lot of it
  • And they pretty much live somewhere until either they realize that there isn’t going to be any jobs there or John gets fired
  • So ye things kinda suck for them
  • But then again they’re the Winchesters so……
  • So anyway, y’know Dean kinda walks into school with this I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude bc he’s probably going to be gone within a month so at this point he doesn’t care
  • But ye ppl see this scruffy looking teenage boy walk in and immediately kinda step away bc wow he looks like bad news
  • I mean, he kinda makes friends and makes out with a few girls, but he doesn’t have any real relationships, platonic or romantic
  • And he’s fine with that bc that’s the way he wants it
  • He kinda learned that he shouldn’t get too attached if he’s just gonna move away again
  • But oh gods please help him for what happens next
  • So y’know everyone’s kinda going about their normal lives and stuff
  • And Dean goes to his locker to grab his books and stuff so he can go to his next class
  • He puts his locker combination in and pulls the door
  • It doesn’t open
  • He tries again
  • It still doesn’t open
  • He bangs on it
  • Nothing
  • He kicks it
  • Zip. Zero. Nada.
  • So ye he getting rlly frustrated with this crappy locker
  • And then he feels a tap on his shoulder. His green eyes meet cobalt blue ones
  • “What do you want?” he says, sounding irritated.
  • “You have to pull it up, then open it,” the boy says. Dean looks at him confused. He then grabs the handle of the locker, pulls it up, and ofc it opens 
  • “Um… thanks?” Dean says.
  • “My name’s Castiel, but most people call me Cas.”
  • “Dean.”
  • So ye they kinda become friends but you know Dean is kinda a little distant and stuff and doesn’t completely trust Cas and yadda yadda yadda
  • But so like, Cas is an amazing artist????? Like soooooooo good it’s just literally beautiful
  • Dean wishes he could make something that beautiful but rlly he’d rather watch Cas paint a picture than do it himself
  • But Dean admires his art
  • Like so much
  • Like sometimes he’ll just sit with Cas and watch him draw or paint or whatever he’s doing
  • He asked if he could keep a few pictures
  • His favourite is one of an angel 
  • Cas never draws Dean in front of Dean
  • Actually Dean has never seen a picture of himself that Cas drew
  • Bc Cas is kinda embarrassed that he literally just loves drawing/painting/sketching Dean bc wow he’s beautiful
  • Frick he thinks he’s crushing
  • But ye Cas definatly has a lot of drawings and paintings of Dean bc he can’t help himself
  • You get inspiration where you can get it and Dean inspired him 
  • When Castiel painted his first picture of Dean smiling with a ton of radiant colours that’s when he figured it out
  • “Holy frick I’m in love with Dean Winchester.” 
  • Cas is a little scared bc it’s Dean Winchester ye u don’t mess with him and having a crush on him is way bad news
  • Plus Dean is his friend like no friends are supposed to be off limits
  • Nope nope nope nope nope
  • But when u have a crush it’s a little hard to bury it and make sure it never climbs back out of it’s hole
  • So when Dean comments on his art or says something that nice to Cas, Cas blushes a lot and is at a loss for words
  • So beep bop boop Cas is very much in love with Dean and he knows that someday Dean is probably gonna rip his heart to shreds
  • Now Dean is trying very hard not to get attached to anyone bc he probably gonna leave in a month or so. His dad hasn’t had the best of luck looking for a job
  • Dean would lowkey protect him at all costs
  • I mean, sometimes he can get a bit annoying and he isn’t the most talkative person but HOLY POOP DEAN LUVS IT
  • Dean just…. needs help
  • He tried sooooo hard not to let anybody past family into his heart but this boy did it in some how in some way
  • And he need help bc he falling for him and he doesn’t know what to do
  • So ye they both hopelessly in love but neither of them can see that the other likes them and they know that it will probably end in flames
  • So doot da doo one day Cas comes by the motel room for some reason idk maybe they need to study for something and Cas’ house wasn’t free idk
  • So Sammy is the one who answers the door and has literally no idea who this guy is bc wtw Dean who the heck is Cas???? And who names their child Castiel???? Like that’s child abuse Dean. 
  • So Sam has to go find Dean to make sure that he isn’t letting in a random stranger and Dean just gets so annoyed bc Sam I told you my friend was coming over today my god
  • Now Sammy has heard about this so called friend bc Dean talks about him without actually meaning to and I mean, Dean brings home a lot of random drawings that Sam definatly knows aren’t Dean’s bc he is in no way an artist so ofc he asked who drew them and Dean’s like “Just a friend.”
  • So Sam has heard a lot about this friend and has a very vague suspicion that Dean has a small tiny crush on this friend but he has no idea what this friend looks like or what’s the friend’s name
  • He didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl, tbh
  • But ye Sammy meets Cas and Cas is being super awkward and stuff and just has no idea how to interact with people
  • Dean shoos Sam away so they can study
  • But Sam is spying on them
  • It didn’t take too much observing to realise that they both have huge gigantic crushes on each other
  • I mean he knows his brother and Cas is blushing way too much 
  • So ye he becomes the captain of the Destiel ship
  • All aboard crazy town
  • So Dean goes outside to the vending machines to get them two cokes
  • And literally Sam takes the first second he has and walks right up to Cas and says, “You should ask him out.”
  • Cas is like “what the freak” and is so confused bc this literally came out of nowhere like wtw
  • “Wh-why would I do that?” Cas asks.
  • “Bc you like him.”
  • “Wh-what?”
  • “And he likes you.”
  • “wHaT?!” he shocked
  • “Do it. Please, just make him happy for once.” (bc y’all know that sure Sammy is gonna be an annoying little brother but in the end he just wants to do whatever it takes to make his brother happy)
  • Cas nervously nods his head, now a lot more nervous than before
  • “You better not hurt him, Castiel.” (bc yes Dean is a protective big bro but Sammy is a protective little bro too)
  • Tbh Cas is a little scared of Sam now
  • Dean walks in. “They where out of coke so does root beer work for you?” Dean asks, putting the room key on the table
  • “Oh it’s fine” Cas is sketching now
  • Oops a blob became Dean
  • He’s drawing Dean
  • Oops
  • The picture pretty much takes Dean’s breath away
  • Like holy schnitzel
  • He falls a little deeper in love
  • Cas puts down his pencil, standing up and walking to Dean. They end up close. Rlly close. 
  • “Dean I….. Can I ask you a question?” Cas says
  • “Of course,” Dean says
  • “Can I… Would you…..” Oh gods this is a lot harder than he thought
  • “CanIkissyou?” he says finally. It comes out in a rush and is definatly not what he wanted to come out he was just supposed to ask Dean to the movies or something
  • “What?” Dean says, not sure if he heard correctly
  • He very much hopes that he did
  • “Can I–” but he stops bc he realises that there lips are centimeters apart
  • He can feel Dean’s breath on his face
  • Frick
  • And shoot he didn’t even know what the heck he was doing just some how in some way he kinda accidentally um maybe went forward a few centimeters???? Um well ye uh now he has the problem that he’s kissing Dean Winchester
  • Frick
  • Dean is literally so surprised and has no idea if it’s real
  • Then, he comes out of his shock and wraps his hands around Cas’ waist, deepening the kiss
  • And Cas is literally screaming on the inside bc this is literally even better than his fantasies
  • And also ofc Dean is literally being softer than he has ever been with anybody ever
  • When they break away they both blushing way too much like gods help them
  • Sammy walks into the kitchen and sees them standing close together with both of their cheeks looking like tomatoes and is like “What the freak happened to you two”
  • Dean is like “Don’t you dare say anything.” 
  • Sam giggles and leaves
  • “I have wanted to do that for a long time,” Dean admits, and then he kisses Cas again
  • Oh gods wow they literally end up being the cutest couple at school
  • Dean calls Cas his little angel
  • Cas is constantly drawing stuff for Dean and believe it or not he actually is pretty good at love letters so Dean gets sum amazing stuff from him
  • Their perfect date isn’t anything fancy it’s kinda just going out for cheeseburgers
  • But they love it
  • Dean and Cas are constantly “stealing” John’s car and just driving around and stuff (not that Cas likes cars, he just loves seeing it make Dean happy)
  • They try to keep at the back of their minds that Dean might have to leave soon
  • They don’t want that to happen
  • But sometimes, during a long weekend or a particularly bad night the thought drifts into their minds
  • Dean would just ask his dad if he could try getting a place of his own or stay with Cas but he doesn’t want to go anywhere without Sam
  • So :p
  • But good news!!! John actually finds a good job!!! :D
  • All of them are happy little dorks
  • And UGH JUST. SO. CUTE!!!!!!
  • Yup that all i got ( @destielsolangeloshipper u mind if I tag u in this??? I sorry to bother u)

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is a weird thing to ask but like, am I the only person who still likes Rose Quartz? I am kinda worried about where the show is going with her atm with the Pink Diamond thing, but... the other day I saw one of those "thank you for x, NOT YOU" memes and it was "thank you for always being there for Steven" and NOT YOU over Rose and it frustrated me. I know Rose obviously did some shady things and wasn't perfect but sometimes I feel like the whole fandom hates her now. And I (1/2)

always see people talking about how bad she was, but I still feel like she was a complicated and conflicted but ultimately good person who had flaws just like everyone. Am I wrong? Is it wrong of me to still think Rose is a great character? Idk, I just really love her still and it doesn’t seem like anyone agrees. It seems kinda like people are quicker to sympathize with the Diamonds than with Rose now :/

oh, you’re certainly not the only person who still likes Rose. I know plenty of people who love her. In fact, she’s become one of my favorite characters and it’s entirely because of how complex and flawed they’ve been revealing her to be. 

Early on, she was very much (and very deliberately) portrayed as an almost goddess that everyone loved and who was entirely pure and good and faultless. A symbol and ideal of goodness that Steven couldn’t possibly live up to, because nobody is truly like that. That sort of thing is a nice idea, a nice plot device, but not really a character. I found her interesting but I wasn’t really invested in her specifically. But as the show has gone on and they’ve revealed more and more about her, she’s become more flawed, more human (so to speak), and she feels more real, like a person rather than just an idea. I love it, honestly.

It just feels very true to the message of the show, that you can always change, that you can be flawed and still do good things. And I feel like Steven has a lot more in common with her than he thinks. Like, not just in power, but in this kinda of… being in the impossible position of kind of falling into being the leader everyone looks up to and having to help everyone and solve these impossible problems. In the insecurities and not knowing what to do and wanting to help everyone but not really being able to. 

Like, the whole point of the Rebellion was, to save Earth yes, but also to break free from Homeworld so that Gems could be free to be whoever they wanted to be and Rose lead that, she facilitated that, but I don’t think being a leader was something she ever wanted to be, it just happened and she got stuck in it and I don’t think she ever really knew what she was doing, as evidenced by how bad some of her decisions were, which just came off as a whole “enigmatic leader does wise things we couldn’t hope to understand” instead of “oh god I don’t know what I’m doing someone please help me”. But everyone looked up to her and drew inspiration from her and I think that makes it very hard to admit she didn’t know what she was doing, for fear of letting everyone down.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, of course, but the reason a lot of people find it easier to sympathize with a “bad” character who shows some good/sympathetic traits than a “good” character who shows bad/unsympathetic traits is because we have this kind of… expectation of goodness within our social consciousness. We expect people to be good, on some level, like a lot of the time even when people aren’t surprised someone does something bad, they still feel disappointed.

When a “bad” character is shown as sympathetic or “good” even in small ways, it feeds into this expectation of goodness (which is lower, since we know they’re supposed to be bad), it makes you go “oh, they’re not all bad” or makes you relate to them and thus feel for them more. 

But when a “good” character is shown as unsympathetic or “bad” even in small ways, it breaks the expectation (which is higher, because we know they’re supposed to be good). It’s a disappointment and so it hits harder. Sometimes it’s because we already relate to them so this “bad” thing feels almost like an attack on ourselves so it’s rejected.

I also think that people, in general, do not like being told what to think. If you’re told this character is supposed to be good or supposed to be bad, then what you’re going to look for is something that disproves that. The evidence against feels much stronger because it’s like “Look, you’re wrong”

Really there’s a lot of reasons for it. That said, I find the Diamonds to be interesting characters as well.

Anyways, I have rambled enough. But just know that you’re generally never alone in any opinion you have.

anonymous asked:

31 Ethan

combining this with #44 I still remember the way you taste as requested by someone else :-)

Home (noun) -  a familiar or usual setting; a place of origin. 

By dictionary definition, the thin slip of paper clutched between your fingers was going to take you home. A one way ticket home was printed across the perforated slip, bold black print detailing the destination, the time of departure, the gate, and a string of other formalities. Your parents knew you would be arriving within the next few hours as they’d arranged to pick you up from the airport and taxi you to the house, your house. Your bedroom would have whatever your father had stored in it over the years removed, leaving the forgotten decals on the walls and the lonely stuffed animals on your bed and that one pair of shoes you’d insisted you’d packed all that time ago. Your mother would probably order your favorite hometown pizza that night, or she’d already have your favorite meal waiting on the stove top. It would be unfamiliar only for a few days before it would all come back; foreign would morph back into what was accustomed.

By dictionary definition, going home would be the cure to your constantly churning stomach and throbbing headaches and bloodshot eyes. 

But by your definition, you hadn’t been home in years. And even the ticket in your hand couldn’t fly you within miles of the home you so desperately craved. 

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roses-and-oceans  asked:

Hi hello chocobabe (・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ)(・ิω・ิ) ahhhh!!! May I request some Nyx fluff? Bordering on Nsfw? Habshdhhdj I'm shy about requesting but ayeee yolo. Maybe something about just catching his eye and how he goes about catching your attention. But!! If you have an idea and just wanna go for it, you can!!!! Idk I'm too vague or too much lmao, but message me if you need anything!! Love you!!!!! <3

I have to be completely honest, I used to have a hard time seeing what was attractive about Nyx. But I started looking at pictures to get inspiration for this and…okay, I can see it now. 

…I can see it now….*salivates* (also this motherfucker needs to smile more come on, boi lemme see them dimples)

Honestly, I think what’s so nerve wracking about this whole ordeal is wondering if my requesters will hate the work I write. Welp, this is it, hope ya guys like it, if not I promise I’ll do better next time. Also, never be nervous to request anything of me, I’m nervous enough for the both of us, hehehe

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Sexual Tension

Slight NSFW
Word Count: 1,935

Originally posted by lufreya

You weren’t sure what exactly it was that drew you two together that night-to this day, you still don’t really know. According to him, the lights from the bar had hit you just right as you and your friends walked in, the buttons on your work blouse undone to show off a bit of your cleavage, your hair slightly frizzy from a full day of work and a lot of your make up now sweat off after walking around in the summer heat. 

Considering how you felt you looked that night, you are still convinced it was a miracle he looked at you at all. All you know is that the night would probably forever be the most intense, most hypnotic and most sexually charged night of your life. 

Ironically, there wasn’t even any sex. 

Never before had you been so grateful for your local bar to be throwing the annual monthly wet t-shirt contest, and you were glad you had gone with your instinct and not gone that night, knowing that the bar would be filled with drunken idiots hollering at girls with big tits in wet white t-shirts. Now, sitting at the stool in a bar closer to your home, your friend was the first one to point out the young man across the bar checking you out. When you glanced out of the corner of your eye to see what guy hadn’t taken his eyes off of you since you had walked in the establishment, you noticed two things: 1, he wasn’t bad looking-in fact, far from it. And 2, he wasn’t a complete pervert like other guys who ogled you at the bars. 

Other perverts who ogled you at the bars were always leery, licking their lips with a hooded gaze and making obscene gestures whenever you made eye contact with them. And it was these same exact perverts who would get pissy when you refused to give them a blow job in the bar bathroom. 

But he was different-his slicked back chestnut brown hair that reached the edge of his neck perfectly showed off his bright blue eyes, even from across the bar. Those bright blue irises showed no signs of pervertness or ‘I wanna bang this chick’ pheromones, it was more…subtle. You noticed him looking at you out of the corners of his eyes, glancing at you from head to toe before casually looking away. When your gaze did meet, he didn’t shyly look away or pervertly eyeball you. Instead, he just nodded a hello, the corners of his cheeks lifting up to show off laughter lines beside his nose as he smiled. Combined with the stubble and muscles that rippled in the simple t-shirt he wore…he was good looking, no one could possibly deny that. 

You had never experienced sexual tension before, but you were pretty fucking sure this is what it was. 

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easy miraculous ladybug earrings tutorial for people that don’t have holes in their ears, but holes are okay too

hello, children of the void. 

so. anirevo’s coming up in 2 days, and i realized i forgot to make ladybug earrings. i looked around the house and here we are. yet another crappy cosplay tutorial.

(apologies for the bad photo, but i sincerely do not give a crap right now.)

(once again, i ramble a lot. bear with me.)

you will need:

  • those stud push pins with weird emojis on them (you’ll know what i’m talking about once you see the pictures). i have no idea where they were from but we have them. you could probably find them at walmart or something?
  • exacto knife. i know it’s X-acto but that looks stupid so we’re going with exacto.
  • acetone (nail polish remover) and a thing to remove with, like a cotton pad. my acetone is strawberry flavoured (I’M KIDDING IT’S SCENTED DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH) but any flavour will work.
  • black micron pen
  • red nail polish
  • eyelash glue or other skin adhesive
    • alternatively, you could glue those earring things onto the back of it if you have holes in your earlobes. i think hot glue or superglue/that e6000 stuff works well. i would suggest not using hot glue unless you don’t have an alternative, because it’s messy and doesn’t stick as well. 

rest of it is under the cut because i’ve rambled enough already

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The Road to Heaven is in the Arms of a Winchester

Characters: Reader Insert, Sam, Dean, Castiel

Wordcount: 1500

Warnings: Death, angst

Summary: The reader gets hurt on a hunt. Will she get help in time?

A/N: @trexrambling  requested, “Option A: He knew she was safe, and that was the only thing that mattered. OR Option B: All the words had been said, and now there was only a deep, aching silence.” I hope this does the trick :)

Originally posted by princesscas

The hunt was never supposed to end this way.

The world around you felt muted—you were barely aware of the light, warm trickle from your nostril, the cold wind coming in from the broken window, your various bruises and lacerations from the fight, or the splintered wood floor upon which you’d fallen to your knees.

You always got back up from being thrown, even when you hit your head so hard you saw stars in your eyes, or momentarily lost the ability to hear. No matter what, you always stood back up and didn’t fall back down.

Not this time.

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Poisoned  - Theo Raeken Imagine - Part I

S U M M A R Y: Theo Raeken went from someone the pack trusted to the enemy in what felt like a second. His intentions weren’t good, and everyone knew that. She did too. But she also knew that there was no way of wrestling herself out of the hold he had on her. He was toxic, and she was addicted to his poison.

P A I R I N G: Theo Raeken x Reader

W A R N I N G S: strong sexual content (i wouldn’t call it smut at this point but where does smut even start? idk tbh but it’s reEaAaally sExuAL.)

                                                 {   i   }

I have never felt anything slightly comparable to what I feel whenever I’m around him. Before him, I never felt pure desire running through my veins, I never felt like my skin was set on fire wherever he left his touch, I never felt utterly consumed by adrenaline, my pulse quickening to an immense speed whenever he entered the room. He had a hold of me like no one else. Whatever he wanted me to do I would, obeying him without any questions asked. He owned me.  He was reckless and dangerous and he could kill me in a second if he felt like it. He was toxic, but I was addicted to his poison.

No one knew about the ‘thing’ we had, and I would never let anyone find out. Because if the pack knew about my closeness to Theo Raeken, the enemy, I would lose them. Lose my friends. And I couldn’t let that happen.

I don’t know why he took an interest in me, because he could have had any girl he wanted. Someone with more experience, someone with power. But maybe the fact that I was weak, completely and utterly at his mercy, did the same thing to him as it did to me. It drew him to me. Fascinated him in a way I couldn’t quite understand. He probably didn’t understand it himself, even though that’s unlikely, considering the fact that he always seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

But I didn’t care. I didn’t want what we had to stop, not ever. Because nothing in my life had ever made me feel so damn alive.

,,Your excitement smells so fucking good (y/n).” he said, taking one step at a time, cornering me in the middle of the hall.

Everyone was in class and I had excused myself to go to the bathroom, not noticing Theo was following me. Now he had me pined up against the lockers, his eyes dark, looking me up and down, making me feel exposed.

I was at loss of words, his breath tingling my neck while he whispered in my ear, causing me to have goosebumps all over my body.

,,Oh the things I want to do to you, love.” His voice was slightly raspy and I his words made my insides clench.

My heartbeat was going crazy and I felt a little dizzy as he slowly pushed up my skirt with his right hand.

,,I have barely touched you (y/), and I bet you’re already so wet.” Theo’s eyes  went from my skirt directly to my eyes when he said that, his confidence in whatever he did was so arousing.

My cheeks heated up and I knew they were probably fire red.

His intense gaze made me look away, but he instantly grabbed my chin, firmly but without hurting me, and forced me to look at him. He then took his time to carefully slip his hand in my panties.

I let out a quiet squeak, to which he grinned.

,,I was right, you’re soaking.” He hummed, wetting his lips with his tongue.

I let out a silent moan in response, heat building up in my core as he palmed me.

Theo didn’t have to try hard, just the barest touch made me lose control. I hated and loved it at the same time. He, obviously, found great pleasure out of that and he took advantage of my devotion to him whenever he could. It was like he always knew exactly what to do to get the reaction that he wanted out of me. Like he calculated every single movement in mere seconds, already planning his next step and next word. That boy knew every single weak spot of mine before I could discover them myself. But i honestly started to feel like when it came to him, every part of my body was my weak spot.

Suddenly his hands left my body faster than I could comprehend, and he was walking away from me before I even had noticed the students coming out of their classrooms.

I stood pressed against my locker, unable to move. Slowly breathing in and out trying to get myself to focus.

Every time he would pull something like that on me I was left overwhelmed. And much to my dismay, unsatisfied and on edge for the rest of the day.

Fucking tease.

,,Having a bad day huh?” Scott nudged my shoulder, giving me a genuine smile.

No, I’m just damn horny.

,,No, I’m just a bit tired.” I responded instead.

We were walking down the hall, passing several students who were laughing and chattering. Scott was talking about some issues he had with the research about Kitsunes, but I was only half listening, due to the kind of uncomfortable wetness in my panties.

Apparently Kira hasn’t been herself lately.  Now whenever he talked about her, he wore a concerned frown. It didn’t suit him well, and we all missed his dimpled smile.

It was one of the things I had liked most about Scott, that after all we had been through, he managed to keep some sort of light inside of him, and it would shine on all of us in times of darkness. That’s why he was our Alpha. Not perfect, nobody is,  but he united us. Whatever was going on with him, was also going on with us, when he felt strong it made the pack stronger, too. And when he felt low, sad, or weak, the pack was the same. Which is why his bad mood affected all of us.

,,Well, I see you at lunch.” Scott said, waving me goodbye before turning right to get to his next class.

I watched him walk with his head hung low and I frowned. Seeing my friends hurt was one of the things i hated the most. When the people you love are in pain, and you don’t really know how to help them, you just feel worthless. It’s the worst thing in the world. That’s why I can never let Scott, Stiles, Lydia or anyone else find out that there was anything going on between me and Theo.

Because it would crush them. And I would never forgive myself.

part 2?

A/N: So, yeah i guess i’m back. I kind of lost the motivation to write and i sort of neglected MTT, but i think i might still continue it if you guys want to read it. But here’s something new i wanted to write(for a while). I never had the courage to try something as sexual as this and i hope i’m not going to flop lmao. I would love to get some feedback! xx

EXO react to you when you have a terrible cold

Okie dokey :)

(I tweaked some of them a lil bit so it wasn’t repetitive, I hope you don’t mind!)

Sehun: *when you first got sick he didn’t really think much of it, not that he didn’t care he just didn’t think it was that serious. But then when you were crying silently and unable to move properly because of your migraine, he actually took some responsibility. He tucked you up on the couch as gently as he could and fetched and carried anything you needed until eventually you slept. You woke up to him asleep on the floor cocooned in a sleeping bag - he’d been watching over you all night*

Kai: *having a cold sucks, mainly because you can’t taste anything and you complained  about the unfairness of it all to Jongin. He sympathised, because he loves food (we all do ngl) and he tried all kinds of foods to see if you could taste them - with no luck! You were pouting because you hadn’t tasted anything for what seemed like weeks and he hugged you, being the adorable bean he is. When you finally got better though, he treated you and took you out to your favourite restaurant and let you eat as much as you wanted! *

Tao: *he hated seeing you in pain, especially when he couldn’t do anything about it. When you were in tears because of the pain in your ribs and legs and your head, which felt like someone was smashing a rock against it relentlessly, he took you into his arms carefully. He didn’t want to hurt you, but had no idea what else to do and it was the only way he could think of to comfort you. He cried with you because seeing you hurting was something he couldn’t bear*

D.O: *would be one of the best at handling this situation. He laid you down on the bed with a lil forehead kiss and drew the curtains on the sunny day outside to darken the room to help your migraine. He left the room briefly and returned with some tea for you, and then he sat beside you stroking your hair until you drifted off to sleep. When you awoke later in the evening, head feeling fuzzy but the migraine almost gone, you waddled into the kitchen and saw Kyungsoo sitting at the table. He looked up at you smiling and asked how you were feeling, glad to hear that you were almost better again*

Originally posted by kyungsol

Chanyeol: *you woke up late in the morning and winced because it hurt you to move, and you cried out for Chanyeol who was crashing around in the living room in his usual manner. Humming to himself, he entered the room and saw you were stuck in the bed, giggled but then realised the agony you were in. He rushed off to get water, pain-killers and cookies (we all need cookies when we’re sick) and brought them all back to the bedroom. Careful so as not to hurt you, he snuggled into the bed beside you where you both spent the whole day*

“Who says we have to get out of bed, jagi?”

Chen: *All you wanted to do was rest quietly, in peace, but tbh I don’t think Jongdae has heard of the phrase. He knew you were ill and had a headache but he didn’t really think before he came bundling through the door of your apartment after practise, screaming about something to do with Kyungsoo and Baekhyun. You couldn’t help but snap at him, raising your voice even though it made your head throb. He left the bedroom in a sulk, and you were thinking that maybe you’d been a bit harsh on him. You were about to go and apologise but before you could he peeked his head through the door with a plushie in his hands. He was pouting his bottom lip out, and looked so pathetic you couldn’t help giggling. His face broke into a smile when you laughed, and he apologised for being so loud before giving you the plushie and lots of cuddles*

“I'm sorry, jagi. I know I must have been annoying,”

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Baekhyun: *he was away with EXO for a few days promoting the new comeback it’s gonna slay me help and he felt awful that he couldn’t be there for you when you weren’t feeling good. During your nightly facetime call, your cold was at it’s worst - you kept sniffing hard, your legs ached and your head felt so fuzzy it was an effort to concentrate on what Baekhyun was saying, let alone reply. Realising you were struggling to keep up with the conversation, he told you to close your eyes. You laid down under the bedsheets and closed your eyes, and the last thing you heard before you fell asleep was Baekhyun’s sweet voice singing clearly and gently for you*

Originally posted by blondejongin

Lay: * as soon as you mentioned your cold he was in caring unicorn mode. He made a nest of blankets on the couch and cocooned you in the middle of them and fetched some snacks and water. With the TV turned to some reality show, he settled down beside you and you leaned your head on his shoulder, eyelids feeling so heavy all of a sudden. As you drifted off to sleep, he stroked your hair gently and took in all of the features on your face. To him, everything about you is perfect and he couldn’t believe how someone could possibly be as beautiful as you*

Suho: *panicked when you woke up in the morning and could barely walk. You looked pale and you had dark rings around your eyes that weren’t usually there. At first he insisted he took you to see a doctor, but you managed to persuade him that it was just a bad cold so the doctor couldn’t do much anyway. He finally agreed with you, so took care of you himself. To your amusement he carried you into the living room and settled you on the couch, fetched pain killers, water and lots of chocolate and stayed by your side the whole day until you were both full of chocolate and sick to death of the same old reality shows and dramas on TV*

Originally posted by wintershower

is that even chocolate idk just pretend

Kris: *you guys were the sick couple that weekend, the both of you down with some cold that was spreading around. Neither of you felt like cooking so you ordered takeout and padded around the house wrapped up in blankets, laughing at how pathetic the both of you were. When you were complaining that you couldn’t swallow the pain killer, Yifan mocked you and told you to watch and learn. But this is him, so when he tried to swallow the tablet he choked and you fell on the floor dying of laughter, only worsening your headache*

Luhan: *wasn’t sure what to do when you were on the verge of tears because of your migraine. After some research on Google, he resorted to laying a cool, damp cloth on your forehead and sat on the couch with you, your head on his lap as he softly stroked your hair. Once the feeling of your skull being ripped apart had faded slightly, you leaned up and gave him a quick kiss, and for the rest of the evening he cuddled you feeling relieved that you were recovering*

Originally posted by dawnlus

Xiumin: *he wanted to distract you from your cold, since he knew much it sucked to not feel great and have a blocked nose. Ignoring your protests, he cancelled the plans he had with the boys that day and stayed home with you and attended to your every need. Whatever he did, he did it cutely in order to cheer you up - random outbursts of aegyo which could cure anything, eating snacks with you, Christ he was even practically skipping around the house to make you laugh - which you did! By the evening, you felt a lot better than you you did and Minseok was happy to see more colour in your cheeks and a smile on your face again*

I don’t own these gifs, full credit to the respective owners

nursey-patrol  asked:

I'm a little confused from your post? Like I don't think that person was being mean at all they were just pointing out how POC feel seeing stuff like that. It's not saying you're a bad person, or that your intentions were bad, just the product may have hurt people? Is it wrong to point that out? Could you maybe explain your pov because I'm just a little lost.

Alright. It’s not the comment that tires me, it’s the fact that it’s not the first time it happened. I mean, I draw fanart for fun, I draw fluffy and funny things because I like it. But, over the last few months, I have been called a transphobe because I drew a cis-swapped character, a homophobe because I drew a character as bi and dating a man instead of a woman like most of the fandom headcanons it, a racist because i used the same color to color two black characters in a picture of twenty people. So when someone took a silly drawing I made about two characters singing together, tagged me and told me that the exact color i picked was unacceptable- when they, on their own blog, have a picture of Nursey that’s even paler? I mean, there are already blogs out there that claim to be anti-wheel-of-fortune-design (and how’s that for a mouthful, right). What? Anti-me? Because I draw fluffy things and they deem me ‘problematic’? Because they don’t like how I answer when dozens of people come to shit on me because of fluffy fanart?

I mean, I’m just a human, and I get tired of this sanctimonious bullying. 

The thing is, I stand by everything I draw and I write. Yeah trans people told me that pic was offensive, but other trans people told me it was okay- but somehow I needed to bend to the people who accused me. I stand by my bi headcanons and I stand by my anger that comes from biphobic comments. I stand by the colors I picked because there was twenty characters to color, damnit. 

So no, I won’t change, because if I posted it, then I stand by it.

And even if the post yesterday had no rude wording, it was still incredibly rude to go nitpick a single drawing, put it on a public forum, saying ‘you’re problematic’, talking about racism, and not even going to see ALL THE OTHER PICS I’VE DONE OF THESE SAME CHARACTERS. I mean, it’s not like it’s hard, I’ve got a whole blog just with my fanart. And if you put it in public, then it’s going to be a public conversation. If they didn’t want that, why tag me instead of just, idk, messaging me.

I didn’t even answer, this time, I just posted about the fact that I was tired, and that I couldn’t sleep because those things are stressful. But somehow that post- on my own blog, where I mentioned no one by name, just about my own feelings- was deemed to ‘start drama’ and hurting that other person’s feelings. So they get to have feelings and tag me, but I don’t get to have feelings about this?

And the worst thing is, when you get people that come and try to teach you about ‘whitewashing’s not good, that’s homophobia, etc etc’ is they assume I don’t live it and fight it every single day for the last three decades. I’m an adult, I’m fucking woke, and I consider this nitpicking of every single detail of content they get for FREE- an insult to creators. Just go elsewhere. Go create something with whatever you have in mind instead of policing people who actually get shit done.

I am tired, I am mad, and if people reading this don’t like either my tone or my pics or what I stand for, the door is there. There’s so much else to see in the internet. 

I Can’t Do It, Not Without Her

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Crowley.

Request by Anon:  Can i request a dean/reader fic in which the Reader dies on a hunt and dean refuses to give her a hunter funeral ‘cause he hopes she comes back somehow and started drinking out of depression and after some months he and sam got a case and the ghost of the reader is involved. Dean decided to sell his soul to crowley to bring her back because after that he realizes how much he really needs her?

Warnings: Language, Death of reader then brought back, drinking, depression, Dean sells soul, angst (Idk still learning, I’m slow haha) please tell me if something should be added :)

Word count: 2564

A/N: So I went round and round on how to do this one. The only way I could figure out how to make it work without being utterly horrific, and prevent too many holes in the story was to sort of mimick the episode where the boys go back to their old house and Mary’s ghost was there. So I apologize in advance if this sucks or is too familiar. Also, I drew inspiration from Jensen’s interviews at SDCC. 


Originally posted by spn-spam

Dean’s POV 

I turned the corner into the living room just in time to see Y/N slamming into the wall, her head making contact with the corner of the fireplace with a loud smack. Everything in me was at war. I had a job to do. Emotions can’t get in the way. I had to take this son of a bitch out before he hurts anyone else, but my heart is screaming at me, begging and longing for me to go to her. 

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Different Pt.2- Vernon Series

admin k: i didn’t have time to edit it, sorry if theres a lot of mistakes. also if it’s cheesy…sorry lol and ik it’s long…sorry. idk! I just wanted it up as soon as possible. I will link the first part later on but I’m busy rn, posting really quickly!

word count: 3k 

genre: fluff

summary: vernon is an idol who falls in love with you, the reader, throughout the series and as time passes, they face troubles that may separate them

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lielow-at-lupins  asked:

Hey, whenever you have the time could you write something about Remus coming to visit Sirius in Azkaban? Like Sirius trying to get Remus to hear him out and Remus just being all cold and distant and both of them heartbroken? I saw something upthehill drew and it made me want to read about it. Idk if you write Wolfstar but you're probably my fav writer on here so I immediately thought of you. Also sorry for the pain.

Thank you so much, I’m so honored that you’d ask me to write this! @upthehillart is my absolute favorite Harry Potter artist. This piece, as well as all of her other work, is absolutely amazing, so I highly suggest that everyone checks her blog out and gives her a follow if you haven’t already! 

Warnings: angst, mentions of depression, might break your heart a little, IM SORRY

It had been a year. A whole year since Sirius had been sent to Azkaban. An entire year since every single friend had been lost. 12 horrible months of being alone. 52 miserable weeks of harrowing depression. 365 dreadful days of being unable to believe that it had happened, how it had happened.

That went for both of them. Neither of them felt these things more than the other, but that’s how they had always been, sharing each other’s pain rather than one of them being forced to take and bear it all. But this time, even sharing it, the pain was still unbearable.

Sirius knew something Remus didn’t, though. He knew that he was innocent. He knew that he didn’t belong in a prison cell, having the happiness sucked out of him. He knew that it was Peter that belonged there. That Peter, who was responsible for James and Lily’s death, the deaths of 12 innocent muggles, and for Sirius living in this hell, was still out there, free. And the fact that Remus didn’t know the truth, that he thought Sirius deserved this, destroyed Sirius more than a cold cell with soul-sucking dementors ever could.

As well as it being a year of misery and depression, it had also been a year since they had seen each other. Remus hadn’t gone to see Sirius. He couldn’t. He couldn’t put himself through that. It would be too much. Sirius sat in his cell everyday, waiting. He was sure his Moony would come, would demand an explanation. He needed him to come, he had to tell him the truth. He had to have Remus back on his side again. He had to make sure he and Harry and everyone else, muggle and wizard, were safe from their rat of a friend. But Remus never came. Sirius waited and hoped. For the first few months, he was always positive that would be the day Remus would show up, but as the days continued, Sirius knew he wasn’t coming, so he stopped waiting. Stopped hoping. Or at least stopped consciously hoping, because in the back of the head he was always hoping and wishing to see Remus.

But on that anniversary, although Remus hated to think of it as that, as he normally considered anniversaries to be happy events, he decided that he had to go. He had been putting it off for a year, and now it had to be done. He wasn’t sure how to go about it, if something had to be scheduled or if he could just show up. He opted for the latter because he decided he wouldn’t be all that upset if he found out he was forced to leave and set up a later visit. There was also the fact that he didn’t even know how he would set it up. Were there even people who worked at the prison, or was it just dementors? He figured that he’d soon find out.

Upon arriving, he saw that there were, in fact, people who worked there. Before you enter the area with the inmates and the dementors, there was a type of office, waiting room area. He talked to the surprisingly nice lady at the desk about visiting, and she said it was fine to visit Sirius today. She then led him to a different room, specific for visits, with two doors, a window where Remus could see into another part of the building, a table, and chairs. Remus didn’t sit. He felt it would be best to keep the visit brief, and sitting only implied longevity of conversations.

The woman then went to get Sirius, saying it would only be a few minutes. Remus was nervous. He could feel his heart beating in his chest and the sweat on his hands. He didn’t know what he was expecting, but when he caught a glimpse of Sirius through the window, he was shocked at what he saw.

Sirius, who had always been lively and happy, was almost unrecognizable. His clothes, which always used to be up to the latest fashion, had been replaced with a striped jump-suit. His hair, that he had always took such good care of, was a right mess. His eyes, which used to shine so bright, were now sunken in and looked as if he was in a daze. His previous muscular build was nowhere to be seen, now just skin and bones.

Remus felt his heart break at the sight. He immediately felt sympathy for his friend. But then he quickly scolded himself for his thoughts. He couldn’t allow Sirius to do this to him. Sirius is the reason his friends are dead. He couldn’t feel bad. He couldn’t allow Sirius to work his charm, if it was still there, and somehow get Remus back on his side. He wouldn’t let it happen. He was there to get a year’s worth of hurt and anger out. He would yell and scream until he was blue in the face if that’s what it took.

Sirius seemed to not notice Remus when he walked past the window. Or maybe he was just unable to see him, Remus suspected the window was one-way glass.

But when Sirius was led through the door opposite the one Remus came through, his look of confusion at where he was being taken and why, was quickly replaced with his eyes lighting up and a smile gracing his somehow still handsome face the second he laid eyes on Remus.

“Moony!” Sirius gasped enthusiastically.

Remus fought to keep a straight face. He wanted nothing more than to take his former best friend into his arms, hug him, be able to take him away from this place. But he knew he couldn’t, knew he shouldn’t. He knew Sirius deserved this for what he did. He wished that every bit of evidence didn’t point to Sirius. But as much as it killed Remus, it did, and he just had to remember that to get through this visit.

“Black,” he responded with a curt nod.

That one word made Sirius look as if his whole world had been shattered. Clearly he had been expecting a just as enthusiastic “Padfoot!”, or a “Hey Pads”, or at the very least, a simple “Hello Sirius”. Remus knew he was hurting him, and he hated doing it. He wanted to reach out to him. He crossed his arms over his chest to prevent himself from doing so.

Sirius opened and closed his mouth several times, unsure of what to say. Remus just stared at him with a blank expression.

“Would you like to sit down?” Sirius gestured to the table and chairs.

“No,” Remus said harshly.


“I’d appreciate it if you just called me Remus.”

Remus knew he was only hurting both Sirius and himself more, but he couldn’t bear hearing Sirius call him Moony. It would be too much. He knew he would crack it he did.

Sirius gave him an attempt at a cold stare, but he was never good at hiding how he really felt. Remus could see the heartbreak in those grey eyes.

“W-Why are you here?”

Remus took a deep breath. This is what he had been preparing for.

“You…” Remus trailed off into mumbles and stutters, unsure of how to begin.

Sirius’s lips twitched up into a small smirk in reaction to Remus’s lack of composure. For some reason, that look, a little piece of the old Sirius, set Remus off.

“You want to know why I’m here? I’m bloody here because it’s you’re fault they’re dead. James, Lily, Peter, all dead because of you! And then you were rightfully put it in here. So that just left me. Alone. Forced to sit with my thoughts of three best friends dead and one in Azkaban who betrayed them. Why couldn’t you just finish me off along with them? Why did I have to be the one to have to deal with this? As if I don’t suffer enough! God, how could you do that to me, to them?! We all trusted you! We were best friends! And you do…this. You disgust me.”

Remus was shouting by the time he reached his last words. Fists and jaw clenched. Shaking with anger.

Sirius had tears in his eyes.

“Remus…it’s not like that, I swear.”

Not like that? Who are you trying to kid?!”

“That’s not how it happened! You don’t know the true story! Let me explain!”

“I don’t need you to explain! All the evidence left, and by that I mean one of Peter’s fingers, is enough explanation. You killed him. You as good as killed James and Lily. And I’ve been dead inside ever since, so I guess you could say you killed me too,” he spits out.

“Remus, no! You don’t understand! You have to listen to me!”

Sirius dropped to his knees in front of Remus.

“Funnily enough, you killing our friends and being thrown in prison kind of voids you of telling me what I have to do,” Remus says coldly.

Sirius reached up to grasp Remus’s sweater. He let him. He didn’t want to, but he needed the touch. He knew allowing it would just break them a little more, though.

Sirius clung to him as if his life depended on it.

“Please, Remus, I beg you, just hear me out…” he pleaded. His voice broke at the end.

Remus looked down at Sirius. He felt tears in his own eyes at the sight of the broken man in front of him. He couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t be here anymore.

Remus gently untangled Sirius’s fingers from material of his sweater and took a step back towards the door so they were no longer touching.

He shook his head sympathetically at the other man.

“There’s nothing more to hear, Sirius,” he said simply and turned to the door.

“Remus! Please!”

Remus hesitated for a second, but then walked out of the room without looking back.

“Remus…” he heard him cry quietly one last time before he reached the point where he could apparate home.

Remus went up to his bedroom the second his feet hit the ground in his house. He laid down, teary eyed, and mulled over what had happened. Had there really been anything to hear? Was there actually something Remus didn’t know that Sirius could have explained? Remus wanted to believe that there was, that Sirius was somehow innocent, but the reminder of Peter’s single finger kept him from doing so. The way Sirius cried his name, though, it was so genuine and it broke Remus into a million pieces. He wanted nothing more than to comfort his friend, tell him things were okay, take him home with him, cook him a warm meal, give him a bath, let him sleep in his bed. But he knew it couldn’t happen, that it would never happen. He accepted the fact that he would never be truly happy again, especially after today’s visit. He went in expecting it would make him feel better, only coming out to feel worse than he has in his entire life.

Sirius was left crumpled on the floor, a sobbing mess. He needed Remus to know. If he knew, then maybe he could get him out of here, they could find Peter, give him what he deserves, and they could finally be happy again. He hated living like this, but even more, he hated seeing how broken Remus was. The whole time that he had known him, he had done everything in his power to keep Remus happy, only to be the cause of his ultimate sadness. Sirius cried Remus’s name over and over again, but he never came back. He knew he wouldn’t. He knew he would probably never see him again. And if he did, it wouldn’t be for another whole, miserable year at the very least.

[ Imagine #6 ] The second girl ~ Newt ( TMR )

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 2174 words

A/N: I know it’s been a few days (maybe weeks, idk) since i posted the last time, and i’m really, really sorry♡ I was just so busy, we had a lot of tests at school, my best friend came back from australia after 6 months and i was ill for a few days. But i’m back and i try to post more regular, in a few days we have christmas holidays so i have a little bit more time for writing!

Hope you enjoy this imagine and i would be happy about a request xx



I stood next to my two best friends Thomas and Newt right in front of the box hole, the other boys gathering behind us. Today was the arrival day of the new greenie and the box should be here at any moment. After a few minutes the metal covering of the box hole opened with a loud screech and revealed the box full with new supplies and in the middle laid a motionless person. Newt jumped down and hissed painfully as he landed on his bad leg. He bent down and tried to wake the person. It was a girl. He turned around and smiled up to me. “Y/N, could you come down? I guess she’ll be bloody frightened when she wakes up and maybe you could calm her down.” I nodded in agreement. I could remember very well how it was to wake up at the glade, with a completely empty mind and sourrounded by fifty boys, it would had been so much easier with another girl. I jumped down and landed without problems, but i could see Newt reaching his arms out to hold me and quickly pulled back when he saw me standing safe. I could feel my cheeks heating up and kneeled down, lightly shaking the girl at her shoulders. She had beautiful black hair and her fine features seemed oddly familiar to me, but i really couldn’t put a finger on it. Suddenly she gasped and her eyes fluttered open. She had bright blue eyes and stared directly at me. “Y/N” Her voice was barely audible and she sat up, clearing her throat. “Y/N” she repeated louder “where are we here?” I was utterly confused. Why did she knew my name? “Who are you?” i asked carefully. The girl was still looking at me, and her eyes widened slowly. “Don’t you remember? I’m Teresa! Your best friend?” I stared at her, trying to understand what she just said. My best friend? Teresa? I didn’t remember her. Desperately i tried to find a hint of her in my head, but there was nothing. I just wanted to give up, when suddenly memories flooded my head and i drew a sharp breath, pressing my hands at my temples. I remembered her! I ignored Newts concerned look and pulled Teresa into a tight hug. “I remember you” i wisphered, “and i’m so happy you’re here” I could feel her relaxing and hugging me back, until a very confused Newt tapped lightly on my shoulder. “I really don’t want to disturb you two, but it would be great to know what you’re bloody doing?” We parted and i helped Teresa to stand up. “This is Teresa, she’s my best friend and i remember her!” i said enthusiastically. Newt gave Teresa a smile and shook her hand. “Name’s Newt” he said friendly and turned to me. “Did you remember anything else?” “No, there are just some memories of me and Teresa, nothing that could help us” i replied and shrugged. “But i’ll tell you when i remember something, ok? I’ll just gibe Teresa the tour.” He agreed,  climbed out of the box and then bent down to help Teresa and me. I ignored the staring boys and dragged her through the croud. “So this is the glade, over there is the homestead, and…”


The next days i barely spoke to Newt. He was always working together in the garden with Teresa, laughing and making jokes with her. Teresa seemed to enjoy Newts company pretty much, a little bit too much in my opinion. Every evening, when we were sitting together at the campfire, she told me how funny Newt was, how much she liked him and that he was her best friend beside me in the glade. Every evening, i listened to her and pretended to be utterly happy for her making new friends so fast, even if i actually didn’t wanted to hear anything about it because it made me just sad. One evening, she asked me: “Do you think Newt likes me?” “Of course, i mean you’re always hanging out together, i’m sure he likes you” i said and tried to sound normal. “No, i mean, do you think he likes me?” My stomach twisted, but i pretended to think. Teresa didn’t seemed to realize something is wrong, and just gave me a questioning look. “I don’t know. But could be, i guess. He’s always laughing when you’re around and seems happy.” Teresa nodded thoughtfully and stared into the flickering flames. I cleared my throat. “I’m going to sleep now. I’m tired.” I forced a smile on my face, even if it felt more like a grimace, quickly got up and walked to the little room i shared with Teresa. I could felt her bewildered gaze at my back but ignored it.

▪ ▪ ▪

As i layed in my hammock, eyes open, staring at the wooden ceiling, i suddenly felt the urge to cry. It’s terrible if your crush likes another person, but it’s even worse if this person is your best friend. I was sure if i’d tell Teresa that i liked Newt, she wouldn’t want to hurt me and would stay away from him. But i wouldn’t do that. They are both my best friends, and if they are happy together, i would’t destroy that. I wasn’t that selfish. Besides, i knew

Teresa was better than me. She was a lot prettier, kindhearted and friendly and everybody liked her. Newt deserved someone like her, but it hurted anyway.

Soon after i closed my eyes, the door opened and Teresa carefully walked over to her bed and layed down. The dim moonlight illuminated her face as she turned to me and asked quietly: “Are you ok, Y/N?” I swallowed and somehow managed to anwser with a normal voice: “Of course, why shouldn’t i?” It was obvious that Teresa didn’t believed me, but she dicided to drop the subject and smiled at me. “Well, then good night, Y/N” “Good night, Teresa”, i wispered.

▪ ▪ ▪

When i woke up the next day, Teresa wasn’t in her bed anymore. I quickly put on my hoodie and my pants, tied up my hair in a loose ponytail and headed out to get some breakfast before working. The moment i entered to homestead, i saw Newt and Teresa, sitting together, really close to each other. They were talking animatedly, laughing and smiling. I forced a grin on my face, walked over and sat down. Teresa flashed me a bright smile, Newt barely seemed to notice me, he just gave me a small nod before he turned his attention back to his food. I felt a pang of hurt in my chest and got up again. “I’m going to work” i said tersely and left the homestead. Even if i’d promised myself myself last night to be happy for them, i wouldn’t just sit there and watch Newt ignoring me and flirting with Teresa.

▪ ▪ ▪

I walked over to the medjack hut when i saw Thomas. As soon as he saw me, he came over to me. “Hey Y/N, do you know where Teresa is?” he asked me with a smile. “Teresa? Oh she’s in the homestead, but she’s busy ” i spat out and kept walking. I really don’t wanted to talk right now, but before i could escape to the empty medjack hut, Thomas reached out, grabbed my wrist and stopped me. “Ok ok, sorry for asking”, he chuckled, “what is she doing?” I rolled my eyes. “She’s flirting with Newt, ok? Can i go now?” To my big surprise, Thomas started laughing. “Oh, i really doubt she’s doing that! But you look slightly annoyed.” He bent down, nugded the tip of my nose and asked in a high pitched voice, as if he was talking to a little child: “Is little Y/N jelly?” I crossed my arms over my chest and scoffed contemptuously. “Definitely not! And how could you doubt that? Have you even seen them?” He shrugged. “No, i haven’t, but i really doubt it because Teresa is my girlfriend.”

▪ ▪ ▪

I choked. “She’s what?” He smiled proudly. “My girlfriend. I know she has been here for only a few days, but she seemed so familiar to me and two days ago we figured out we’ve been together before the maze.” “Oh Thomas, that’s great!” I hugged him enthusiastically. Of course i was happy about to of my best friends being together, and even more because Teresa wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with Newt. But then hit me. Even if Theresa wasn’t interested in Newt, doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in her

. I dropped my arms and Thomas asked immediately: “Are you alright, Y/N? ” I nodded and tried once again to leave to my workplace, but after a few steps i heard Thomas asked: “You think Newt likes her, right?” I froze and turned around slowly. “He does. I mean, i’m not blind. I see it.” Thomas just stared at me, then shook his head. “You see it?! You see nothing, Y/N, nothing! You’re so blind! Didn’t you noticed how nervous Newt is always around you? Didn’t you noticed how he looks at you, how he always tries to protect you?!” I was stunned. Newt liked me? “Newt… Newt likes me?” i stuttered. “No, he don’t likes you, he loves you! And you’re too blind to see it!” Thomas practically yelled at me. “I really have no idea how you can be so oblivious. I mean, you basically stare at him the whole day” he snickered. I could feel my cheeks heating up, and i couldn’t stop smiling like an absolut idiot. I felt… i didn’t know, it was just indescribable. Like i could hug the whole world, or was just overflowed by happiness. I could even say something nice to Gally right now.

▪ ▪ ▪

After this conversation with Thomas i decided to talk to Newt. After dinner, i walked over to him. He chatted with Teresa, of course, but i just ignored that and asked: “Could i talk to you for a minute, Newt?” He seemed surprised, but looked at me espectantly. “Not here. Maybe.. in my room?” He nodded and ran his hand nervously through his blonde hair, before he followed me to my room.

I had my doubts. Even if Thomas had told me more than once, that he liked me, what if he was wrong? Then i would ruin our friendship and would be utterly heartbroken. But i shook my head to get rid of this thoughts and took a deep breath. I would do that. When we reached the little room, i closed the door behind us and sat down on the bed, just to get up again a moment later and paced around nervously. Newt stood awkwardly next to the door and his eyes followed my every step, when i apruptly stopped and turned to him. “Do you like Teresa?” He startled and looked up. “Of course i like her” he said confused, clearly didn’t get my intention. I rolled my eyes in response. “No, do you like her?” Realization hit him and he quickly shook his head. “No! Why do think that?” I felt tears welling up in my eyes, but i tried to hold them back. “Because you always spent time with her, and you seemed so… happy” i wispered and a single tear rolled down my cheek. I removed it with my hand. “Sorry” i sobbed. Newt shifted uncomfortably, i clearly didn’t know what to do. Eventually, walked over to me and pulled me into a thight hug. As i felt his strong arms wrapped around my back and my head laid on his chest, so i could hear his fast heartbeat, i started to cry. I cried and cried, and Newt just held me until i calmed down.

“I don’t like Teresa. I like you. I like your laugh, how your eyes sparkling every time you’re happy, how you’re always caring for everyone. Whenever you’re near me, i get so…so nervous and all flustered and have no idea what to do or say and whenever one of the boys is flirting with you, i just get so jealous. Just thinking about you makes me happy and smiling and i’m so glad you’re here. Y/N, i - i love you.” I looked up to him, and without thinking, i laid my arms around his neck and pressed my lips on his. He immediately kissed back, pulling me even closer to him. I kissed him with all the feelings i held back for so long and we had to stop for breathing, wispered: “I love you, too.”