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Jungkook: so hey so.. since jin hyung will be at the prom.. my hyungs and I will take over his blog for a bit

Jungkook: ask us pls let us expose jin hyung
((ok so i have decided to put the jin asks on hold for a bit bc i just want to get the prom event out of the way first before jin can answer and before i can release my comics and shit so you can go ask all the boys some questions!
and this event will end when the prom ends or like after the prom ends))

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hey seo! i hope you don't mind answering this, but its been bothering me since it happened. so ive been learning korean for around a year now, and both my teacher and I prefer it when i talk to her in korean so i can practice and keep getting better. however, the other day, i was talking to my teacher on the phone in korean (as usual) while on the train. after we hung up, i noticed a couple next to me looking at me strangely, almost judging me. they asked: 한국 사람이야? just like that, using 반말 [1/2]

so i said 아니에요, 저는- and they didn’t even give me a chance to reply before they started telling me angrily in eng that i shouldnt pretend to be korean and that it was obvious that i wasnt. they told me i was “accessorizing” korean culture, altho all i did was talk to my korean teacher. i rly appreciate your language & culture, but im wondering if i should keep learning korean and if i should start speaking eng w my teacher to avoid this. im sorry if i offended u, i really am. thank you :) [2/2]

idk, it seems fine to me? i suppose those koreans might have automatically assumed that you’re some sort of koreaboo bc of all the koreaboos out there?? i mean, tbh i’m wary of koreaboos as well. but as long as you’re not fetishizing / accessorizing korean culture and language, i think it’s fine.

do keep in mind: one korean person is not the absolute determiner of what you should and should not do. the reactions of the people on the train are not automatic reactions from every korean person. just be aware of what you do, and make sure that you’re being respectful.

i must still be asleep and dreaming

okay but, holy stars?? one hundred followers??
you guys would not believe how happy i am, words cannot express it!!

i just – thank you, every single one of you!!! i never expected to get over fifty, and yet here we are an one hundred!

y’know, i’m still completely new to this kind of thing - i have no idea how to celebrate this but i really want to! would you guys be interested in maybe a raffle? like for a drawing?
or maybe i could set up a party type thing and roleplay with you guys as some characters if you want? please let me know, i’d love to have some of you guys’ input on what to do!! :)

again, thank you all so so much <33
by the way, the ask box is still open, if anyone wants to send anything in!

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safari man coming home late one night and sneaking into frank's bed while he's sleeping because all the lycras are already piled on the couch


Frank doesn’t even wake up all the way, he just shuffles over a little bit and Frank wraps his arms around Saf. He hugs Saf tight like a teddy bear and buries his face in Saf’s neck, or maybe his chest. And Saf just loves it, he loves being held, loves the contact. He loves being loved. 

He loves that he can crawl into bed like this and get hugs, he loves that he has a home to come back to and people who want him around. He loves having a family. 


you make me begin ; Kim Taehyung [6/6]
”As long as i’m with hyung, i’m happy no matter where we go. - Jeon Jungkook

hey if you’re questioning your sexuality, i just wanted to say that i support you! it seems scary now, but you’ll figure it out eventually… i believe in you!

happy holidays \o/

this was apart of the @christmas-shou exchange for @lilpea !

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Yahaba's little pink ribbon is goals

thank you, he appreciates it!! 

Ask me anything and I will answer honestly.
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  2. What’s your favourite place to eat?
  3. Someone you hate?
  4. Someone you like? (friends way)
  5. Crush?
  6. Got a job?
  7. Dream place to visit?
  8. Any plans for the future?
  9. Who’s the last person you hugged?
  10. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?
  11. Who’s your biggest inspiration?
  12. Who’s been seen your worst and still stuck around?
  13. 13 reason’s why (insert question)?
  14. What’s the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened?
  15. When was the last time you love someone?
  16. How did your last relationship end?
  17. Do you hate any of your ex/s?
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  25. Who makes you smile most?
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