idk y i thought this was so funny

B.A.P: how Yongguk would cuddle

• I feel like before initiating anything or telling you that he wants to cuddle, he’d want to set the right atmosphere
• unless you’re just both really tired and unwinding in each others arms after an exhausting day lmao
• like he’ll turn down the volume of the television or music and just kinda wait for you
• and he would act surprised and shook when you threw yourself into his inviting arms like “??? Oh really like ???? It’s not like I planned this or anything I’m chillin just chillin and here you are wow ??”
• bc you know, he can’t let his tough exterior down even when it comes to cuddle time
• his favorite thing is feeling your breath on his neck
• and sometimes he can’t help but giggle bc it’s so ticklish even when you don’t mean it to
• after composing himself, he’ll switch into different positions and have you pressed up against his chest completely so now he’s the one nuzzling into your neck
• yongguk likes to lay down while cuddling, whether it’s on a bed, couch, etc etc
• bc it feels so good to have your warmth radiating into him and spreading happiness all over his own body
• he’d play with your hair for a lil while and smile when you sigh of relief
• and he just kinda caresses you everywhere and encourages you to play with / tug on his hair oml
• don’t even be surprised if he grabs your butt and just leaves his hand there for a couple min
• it’s just a habit at this point tbh
• and yes he will totally giggle and encourage you if you grabbed his butt too
• sometimes cuddling and being bored isn’t the best combination so he’ll start a tickling war
• where ofc things will always lead to………….*hard-core cuddling*
• he mumbles your name a lot and idk he doesn’t even know why it just feels good to say it
• and sometimes just randomly laughs right next to your ear and laughs even more when you’ve nearly had a heart attack lmao
• “I thought of something funny oops my bad”
• gosh he’s so cringy sometimes too like “I can hear your heart beat, y/n, dang……are you thinking about me or noodles?”
• he takes this time to really open up to you and talk about the problems he’s been having lately, whether it’s work related or not
• that’s why cuddle time is absolutely his favorite time and no one can disagree 🐾

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Idk y but i found it so funny that Rain went to taemin's concert lol

Really? Rain has mentioned several times that Taemin is a hoobae that he admires, and we all know Taemin adores and admires him, and now that they are working together on “The Unit” I thought it was kind of only natural that he would attend one of Taemin’s concerts. They do appear to have a mutual appreciation society / friendship thing going, and I am loving it!

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I have a question, that im sure u answered bf but i cannot find it on your blog, i was reading about ships and someone said that cb, hh and kd were the first ships s*m pushed, but i notice that long time kd fans contest that. Is it true that s*m push kd, cause even thou im not a long time kd fan, for what i see s*m hard let them breathe the same air or when they are together by s*m its turn out on some weird moment. Was it too different back then? thanks! :)

From my pov, sm didn’t push kd since the beginning. It was and ji didn’t have a fixed ship initially (altho was a thing. both of them were introduced early) coz hun.han and cb were (are) more popular. was known as the appa and umma of ex0k. Lol. I can’t. so cringy OTL Even first teaser was tghtr.

If I rmmbr correctly, everyone started to notice kd when ji had his arms around ks’s shoulder at the airport. Fans talked about that moment ‘kai&d.o look so close!’ It was only a few days after their debut showcase. Then, those bts, airport, staring moments and when they were at the rcy event (jm’s reaction here always cracked me up) in 2012. Never forget u__u

In 2013, Jm constantly mentioned ks everytime he opened his mouth asdfghjkl ok not that many but more than he mentioned other mmbrs. Fans talked about how jm was head over heels for ks. It was cute. I rmmbr they talked about having a vacation in an interview and ks also did his parts. Then, had events tghtr. But amazingly, kd still sails bcoz of their genuine interactions. (love wins I guess).

You can even count how many times kd had events tghtr. I rmmbr they had one fansign event (excp ex0k promo) and attended nr store opening day tghtr (jm, ji, ks). Ppl argued that mybe kd didn’t have good chemistry, well have u seen chen.soo on that radio show… yh thought so. The thing is, despite the fact that kd is the royal ship in ex0, y sm didn’t take advantage of it and still promoted other ks otp. It’s funny how there were always obvious things going on with, chan.soo and se.soo. So, didn’t work, chan.soo time. Chan.soo didn’t work, se.soo time. It’s plainly obvious.

As for ji, I rmmbr the 2012 insider post mentioned ji didn’t like pairings. That’s y we didn’t see any obvious things w ji otps. But then, there was kd. Idk how ppl define ‘sm push certain otp’. Idk if they even understand what it means. It’s even funnier that after kk & the gay bi, kd had a private fansign tghtr. Cool.

Hmmm well who knows //shrug. I hope I answered your question. Take care~


a llss doodle dump but not rly bc theres only 3 lol

image 1 - western kids cartoon style(i had wayside in mind when drawing them)

image 2 - what if she has an undercut which is y her hair is parted 2 ways ? wild

image 3 - yohane and her littlest demon

image 4 - smth i drew a while ago tbh but i realised i never posted it lmao, based on this vampire/werewolf au i thought this was rly funny at the time ? idk 2am thoughts™

a week on tumblr

it’s tohollandback’s weekaversary! (is that a dumb name? probably. am i making way too big a deal of this? probably. is it worth it? i hope so ahaha)

i’ve had a tumblr for a while, but this is the first fan account i’ve made/ fandom i’ve joined. a lot of great things have happened in the past 7 days, and i’d like to remember them as i continue on my blogging journey :^)

  • i thought of a very punny url and 3 other people have told me that they found it funny as well (get to know me and you will learn that i love puns and dad jokes)
  • i was approached by so many wonderful people that made me feel so welcomed… namely:
  • i wrote and posted my first ever imagine and headcanon! (one of which was my first ever request)
  • i’ve gotten a handful of asks! i’m so glad this community is able to interact so well with each other
  • i participated in my first tag !!

this might be a little silly, but it’s been a great first week and i’m looking forward to what is to come! thanks to everyone in this community for being to hospitable and kind <3 i appreciate y’all

“Baby Pandas” - Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Word Count: 612 (sorry it’s so short)

Warnings: Mentions that the reader is on her period; Fluff

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is on her period and she skipped school and just slept the whole day and Peter texted asking why she didn’t come to school and she was asleep so didn’t reply and he thought she was ignoring her lol. And then he like finds out and comforts her or something idk i feel like that was too specific but

Author’s Note: What’s up brochachos! (I’m sorry that was lame) In this imagine, it’s basically from Peter’s POV and the reader is his girlfriend so he is very worried about her (or should I say you? Lol I really gotta stop tryna be funny) Whale, I hope yall enjoy!

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Peter was worried. At first, he thought he was overreacting. “Maybe (Y/n) is just sick at home,” He thought to himself. But after several missed calls and 14 unread messages, Peter started to think you were in danger. You two always talked to each other and never spent a moment apart. He loved you more than anything, and when you didn’t show up to school that day, Peter’s suspicions had been confirmed: something was wrong.

As soon as school ended, Peter bolted out of the classroom and headed straight for your home. He entered your apartment complex, ran up the steps and knocked on your door. He texted May and said he was going to be home late as your mom opened the door to your apartment.

“Hey, Peter!” Your mom greeted him as she welcomed him inside.

“Hi, Mrs. (L/n). Is (Y/n) here?” He asked as he stepped into your flat. She nodded and Peter walked briskly into your room. He took a deep breath and opened your bedroom door, only to see you curled up in a ball, hugging your legs as tears were streaming down your face. Peter rushed to you and pulled you into a tight embrace.

“Oh my gosh, (Y/n). Are you okay?” He asked as you buried your head into his neck. He pulled away and placed his hands on the side of your face. “What happened?”

You took a few deep breaths as he wiped the tears from your cheek.

“I just… I have the worst cramps like ever and I was watching these youtube videos,” you started to ramble as you gestured towards your phone. “I came across this cute little video of a baby panda and it sneezed and I realized that I wanted a baby panda… but I-I just need one and I can’t have one!”

Peter stared at you with a blank expression. “Wait, so that’s why you were upset?”

“Yes, Peter! I need that baby panda!!”

Peter chuckled and kissed your soft lips. “God, I love you so much. You are insane,” he whispered and pressed his forehead against yours.

“Yeah, it’s that time of the month if you can’t tell. Which means extra crazy and emotional girlfriend for 4 to 7 more days,” You said in a sarcastic tone and winked. Peter laughed and got up off your bed.

“Wait, where ya going?” You asked as he reached for the door knob.

“I’ll be right back, I just have to grab a few things,” Peter said as he flung the door open and sprinted out of the room. You sat on your bed, not knowing what your dorky ass boyfriend was up to.

Twenty minutes later, Peter stormed into your room. “Surprise!” He rejoiced, tossing fuzzy blankets and a pack of Mega Stuf Oreos onto your bed. You smiled as he walked over to your TV and inserted a DVD into the DVD player. He then proceeded to plop onto your bed and spread a blanket across the both of you.

“What are we watching?” You asked with a giant grin on your face.

Empire Strikes Back!” Peter cocked an eyebrow as the movie started to play.

You laughed and rested your head on his chest.

“I love you, dork,” Peter said as he kissed the top of your head, running his fingers up and down your arms.

“I love you too, Bug Boy.”

Peter’s head shot up and he looked down at you. “Wait, what did you just call me?”

“Look it’s R2D2!!” You interjected, pointing at the TV screen. Peter brushed it off and continued to watch the movie.


Quick note: It is actually called Mega Stuf Oreos, trust me I googled it and found out my entire life has been a lie



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Your thoughts on Sans and Papyrus, the font brothers?

They’re great, loved them in the game, loved how sweet and funny Papyrus was, loved how much I related to Sans and how he seemed like the kinda guy I’d hang with.

But, y’know. Every skeleton character from then on and for idk how many years from now, will always be compared to’em. So that sours the font brothers for me a little, not gonna lie.

  • Me: *on September 30th 11:59PM, patiently and eagerly staring at the clock*
  • Me: come on, do it for Ryan Ross
  • Clock: *turns to midnight, october 1th*
  • Family: *looks at me like I'm crazy*
  • Me: *still not giving a fuck* EVERYBODY SCREAM
  • Grandma: *whispers to my mum* are you 100% sure she doesn't need a psychiatrist...?
  • Mum: *whispers back* y-yeah... it's just a phase.
  • *and still, 30 years later, in my late fourties, I'm still singing It's Almost Halloween*
  • Grandma, deceased: *whispers to my mum* I told you, you could've gotten help at the right time.
  • Mum: oh fuck off, you're dead.
  • Grandma: like mcr?
  • Mum: gtfo, right now.
  • Grandma: sorry.

“What?…I thought I told both of you guys this last week…before we started shooting?”

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fair folk alec tho.....

• faery alec being so bad at avoiding the truth, unlike his fellow faeries who have mastered the art of carefully avoiding the truth without lying.
 • alec being brutally honest and very open about everything, because when he is unable to lie, he had no obligation to do so.
 • old ass faery alec being cool af with his bow and being like bam bam
 • faery alec being chill with shadowhunters but still disagreeing with the claves unfair politics about downworlders.
 • alec having piercings in his pointy ears oooooooooo
 • who offers ppl food and manipulate ppl
 • tho thats so not alec
 • wings that he maybe doesnt rly use bc he always slaps someone in the face when he uses the lmao
• the thing about finding out a faery’s real name gives power over them….. IMAGNIE ALEC USING A SILLY NICKNAME dude tbh duude.
 • “whats ur name??” “Arrow NoPie”
 • dude

Poor boys. One day they’ll figure things out. ;D

This comic is mostly just poking fun at their BM moments and how people used to always mistake them for a couple. At first I wan’t sure if I was going for a more Wincest-y type thing or just them being overly mooshy and brotherly, but I guess It ended up being more Wincest-y? Idk. /:

Any ways, I absolutely adore the brother’s cute moments when they’re showing how much they truly care for each other and always thought it was funny when people would mistake these two for being a couple and how they would get so confused when it happened, so I decided to combine the two things.
Now I may have sliiiightly exaggerated their BM moment for the sake of the comic, but still. XD

A Very Supernatural Job(Part 22)

Words: 1150
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Author’s note: Literally only two more parts until this ends. I’m not ready yet. 
Tags:@moonstonemystyk @supernatural508 @claire7475@supernatural0826 @rusticbellamy@incarcenatedangel @princess-joe37 (if you want to be tagged just let me know!)
Other Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
The GIFs/pics are NOT mine.

We go back on set the next Monday morning, and I exchange glances with Jared and Robert, making sure everything was set. They both gave me small nods, letting me know that everything was ready.

I walk around, reading my script, noticing (Y/N) and JJ playing in the corner.

-Jensen! –Robert calls out. –You ready?

-Let’s go. –I say, picking JJ up and walking into set.

-Action! –Robert shouts, making everyone go quiet.

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what drama? sry i luv drama so pls explain whats happening

oh man ok so like phan drama from my understanding like,, 


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