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Dating Jake Fitzgerald Would Include...

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Request: What would dating Jake Fitzgerald be like? 

A/N: I thought that this one was gonna be hard, but once I started writing it, it became easier. I actually had a lot of fun writing this, sot hank you for requesting this! I’m considering writing a oneshot that’s kinda based off this but idk yet.
Sorry it took so long, I hope you all enjoy it.
Also, I’m picturing a relationship that spanned a couple of years that started off in high school.
There’s a few mentions of NSFW stuff, but mostly this is just fluff tbh

  • You weren’t sure if he was serious when he asked you out for the first time because of 
    • “Is this some kind of joke Fitzgerald?" 
    • "No. I promise it’s not a joke. I really /really/ want to go out with you Y/N" 
    • "Why don’t I believe you?" 
    • "Just give me a chance, please… One date, and if you don’t want to go out again, I won’t ask" 
    • The first date ended up being amazing. He took you out to dinner and then went out to a carnival. At the end of it, you turned over to him, "If you’re up for it, a second date sounds nice,” He gave you a huge smile. “Next week. I’ll text you with the details, okay?” “Okay," 
  • Brooke not liking you at first, because she’s the protective best friend 
    • After dating Jake for two months with her not liking you, you confronted her. "I just- I don’t want to let him to get hurt.” “Brooke-” “You two could break up, and I don’t want to see that.” “I can’t promise that we won’t break up or that it won’t hurt him. But I can promise that I’m going to give this my all, and I never want to hurt him." 
    • Brooke tries to be nicer after that, and you two eventually become friends
  • During the killings, one of you would sneak into the other’s house to comfort each other
    • "It’s okay. It’s okay… We have to believe that everything’s okay.” “Then everything’s okay." 
    • You practically slept in his hospital room after he got stabbed in the bowling alley (you heard the nurses talking about how they thought the two of you were cute in the hallways later) 
    • You actually climbed into his bed after he healed up a little bit, and you guys cuddled the entire night. "I was really scared for you, ya know?” “I know, but I wasn’t going to die, not when I know you’re here." 
    • You two always made up elaborate stories of how you wanted your future to go whenever it became a little too much (It was your glass castle) 
  • He joked around with you all the time 
    • The two of you could go all day just trading your inside jokes with each other, which can make you unbearable when you’re with the others 
    • Jake’s a pretty big fan of puns (bad ones are his specialty, and he’ll be happy forever if you laugh at them) 
    • You’ve lost count of the amount of sexual innuendos he’s told (most of the time he’s kidding… most of the time) 
    • He has actually told them to you /during/ sex (He likes to make you laugh)
  • After Piper died, you two called each other almost every night because you were the only ones that could comfort each other 
    • On weekends, you two would sometimes stay up the entire night talking 
    • On school nights, you would still usually stay up the entire night, but you guys would pretend that you weren’t going to ("We should be going to bed.” “Yeah.” “What about…” every single time) 
  • He would be the type of boyfriend who posts stuff about you all the time 
    • *Blurry picture of you where you can’t recognize you* Aren’t they so cute?
    • There’s more pictures of you on his Instagram than him 
  • You two give each other compliments all the time. Like 24/7. 
  • Jake would totally be the cuddling type 
    • Sometimes you guys would go a few days without actually physically seeing each other, and he would literally tackle you in hugs and kisses 
    • A lot of times you two “hanging out” would just be you two cuddling and staring at each other, talking about stuff (your guys’ dream future was your favorite topic) 
  • You and him are probably the couple that everyone knows is together because you’re constantly cuddling or kissing each other (If you’re not big on PDA, he’ll at least try to hold your hand a lot) 
  • You two rarely have fights 
    • Like you’ll have arguments often, but they’re rarely serious and don’t really make either of you mad. They’re usually just banter
    • But when you guys have actual fights, they blow up. 
    • You guys will scream at each other for hours, before one of you decides to leave the room 
    • There will usually be a day or two of the silent treatment, where the two of you will just try to think it through in some reasonable manner
    • When you two do finally talk to each other, it’s actually a logical conversation where there’s compromises and apologies. 
  • If Brooke gets a call from your parent(s), she just automatically says that you’re staying over because you’ve used her as an excuse so many times (you just want to hang out with your boyfriend, is that too hard to ask?) 
  • You guys have a list of shows and movies that you both want to watch 
    • There are weekly meet ups where you guys pick something from that list and just binge it the entire night 
    • Most of the time you guys don’t actually make it through the entire night, falling asleep tangled up with your blankets and each other
    • Every once in a while, when there’s a particularly steamy scene, you guys will get… distracted by something else 
    • You guys actually try to avoid having anyone else over for these, because these nights are your thing (you have had to explain this multiple times to both Noah and Brooke)
  • You two plan out the pranks for April Fools in like, January 
    • The entire group tries to avoid you like a week beforehand, but you always get them, every time
    • Noah’s had pink hair. You’ve convinced Emma that her Mom’s pregnant. Told Brooke that you’ll go elope. Audrey’s gotten mayonnaise in her shampoo at least twice. 
  • After you guys have been together for a few years, he gives you a promise ring
    • “Y/N, I know we’re young and I know this sounds crazy, but I know for a fact that I want to be with you for the rest of my life. So I’m not asking for you to marry me now, next week, or even next year. You make me happy in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. I want both of us to know that we’re going to last. So just please… promise me that one day, we’ll go get married, with all our friends there, I call Brooke as my best-man, you don’t get her. And that day will be one of the best days of our lives. So please, promise that to me?" 
    • "I love you Jake,” you said as you grabbed the ring. “I want that too." 
    • A week after that, you gave him his own ring to wear, giving your own speech
  • Literally being high school sweethearts, and everyone knowing that you’ll be married after two months
  • Basically being the dream couple