idk wth is this d:

work had been slow today so i just kinda sneaked this in during lunch, drawing this colour palette challenge thing. i know. terrible, terrible employee. @o@

anonymous asked:

Do u think the GOM ever worry or deal with the papparazzi?

Hmmm, probably not. Kise might have a few issues with them every now and then, but I don’t think any of them had to deal with them. Sure, they were pretty famous, but not as much as an actor or a musician and stalking kids is just plain wrong.

Dear followers, 

Unfortunately due to Bighit’s fucking bomb, I am currently not in my right state of mind. For the next hours, I will only be screaming my despair and love for BTS. 

Feel free to join me, there’s never enough ARMYs yelling and crying. 

With love, 

Alix - the admin