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Can you write a fic where kagami is protected by his family, they keep him indoors 24/7 they only allow his bestfriend and his brother to visit him (all of this because of an event occurred to him in the past you could choose whatever u want) aomine starts working as the pool guy in the kagami household, meets him and falls for him. His talks to tetsu about him and discovers that he's Kagami's bestfriend. They decided to sneak him out one day and idk wth happens next but happy ending hopefully

These dorks deserve happy endings! :D <3 I’m taking the advice of a fellow user and using the “keep reading” even if there isn’t any smut, since my drabbles are so long. I’m so sorry if the length inconveniences you on your dash!! Sorry TwT

Ding dong.

The large oak door creaked open, and a man with streaks of grey in his red hair looked down at the navy haired visitor.

“Aomine Daiki, at your service,” Aomine grinned.

The man smiled back. “Ah, yes, you’re our new pool cleaner, right?” he stepped aside to let Aomine through. “It’s unfortunate Imayoshi-san had to go overseas, but I’m glad he recommended you in his stead, even though you’re still a student. Our pool sees a lot of use, especially in these warmer months.”

“Don’t worry, Kagami-san,” Aomine said, savouring the cool indoor air as opposed to the heat outside. “Just show me where it is and I’ll get to work right away.”

The older man explained the layout of the pool and what days he wanted Aomine to come by to fit in with school hours, but Aomine was only half listening. His eyes scanned the large house. The windows were open, but there were obvious bolts on every one. A couple of housekeepers darted across Aomine’s vision and the decorated walls and furniture spoke volumes of the family’s wealth.

They stepped out into the backyard, a wide open area with a huge pool in the centre. There was a shed at the back and another structure with a plaque that read ‘SAUNA’. The lawn was lush under Aomine’s bare feet, and everything was pristine except for the pool. There were bugs and foliage in the water, and it smelt heavily of chlorine. There was some muck at the bottom as well.

“I’ll get started straight away. It’ll take me about a week to get it all done though.”

The man nodded. “My son really loves to swim. He’s been a little upset but your work is sure to put him in good spirits,” he chuckled.

Son? Aomine shrugged. Probably some rich brat, Aomine didn’t really care. He went back to his car to get the equipment. At least this job would pay well.

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Do u think the GOM ever worry or deal with the papparazzi?

Hmmm, probably not. Kise might have a few issues with them every now and then, but I don’t think any of them had to deal with them. Sure, they were pretty famous, but not as much as an actor or a musician and stalking kids is just plain wrong.

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