idk wtf this couple is called

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hello how did you manage to be a part of mc fall 2017? did bitton cast you or was it marc himself that requested you? thanks u for answering

umm idk last sunday i got a voicemail from casting and i was like ….this is so wild how did they get my contact info lmao they just said they got it from a friend of a friend i’m guessing it was more marc because they said he really loved the c★ndy cover i called them back and they asked if i could come in that night i was like napping all day lmfao and i was like wait what oh my god good thing i showered lol i rushed over and an hour later i was there changing into a dress and boots walking for anita with a couple other agency girls they took my photos and then they had me sit & wait for like idk 30 minutes then took me downstairs to meet marc & katie and then i walked for them then i left and on wednesday they called me in the morning to come in for a fitting that night and boom idk lol it was a gag like as an unsigned chick wtf??

my thoughts on the new video

* i like dan’s shirt
* tinkering discourse, phil’s comment “would you like to tinker in my toolbox” if this is 2017 i never want it to end
* “let’s get tinking” why does dan say the word let’s like an australian?
* they talked about christmas next year ok so we know theyre not stopping the sims series anytime soon lmao
* phil winked? i thought he “couldn’t” wink? all men do is lie im telling you
* phil laughing at dan voicing dab and saying “mum youre shit feed me hoe”. quality!
* 4:45-4:55 talking about couple showers and couple toilets.. does this mean they dont shower together- im. fukc,,
* TALKING ABOUT PHIL BEING HANGRY all these jumpcuts?? wtf?
* talking ab the smelly computer dan starting to say “my computer” but correcting himself. “my-OUR computer phil continues to call it dan’s computer? idk.
* phil making jokes about geoffery and dil “hey i woke up smelling the scent of you dil and i can’t get it out of my head” he’s really gotten rid of that heteronormative mindset im proud
* when asking the old lady to leave, phil verbally mirrors dan twice in a row. dan says “sorryyy” phil repeats it in the same tone, then dan says “ayyy” and phil repeats it in the same tone. hm. just something i noticed
* phil describes pooping level 10, when dan corrects him he gets all flustered it’s cute aw
* “phil’s still on pooping level 4, he’s a bad housemate”.. housemate. lmao what
* the way dan looks at phil when dab has a nightmare i
* right before phil says i think i only wet the bed once…etc.?? there was a jump cut and dan was rolling his eyes um. calm down pls
* when phil says he feels like he should say hi to one of the coworkers and dan says nO but does it anyway? i feel like i should have so much to say but nothing is coming to mind
* the way dan looks at phil after he starts singing “the future is here”
* i spy with my little eye a heart eyes howell at the jumpcut around 13:50
* deppy arguing over whether or not to sell the toilet or replace their old one and then dan just sells it anyway.. phil’s face.. he was lowkey mad.. me too bud. philphobia is real
* when phil said “i ffffff….rickin love it.”
,,you can do it honey i believe in you
*when dan said “punch me god” and then
phil punched dan.. and dan said? “you’re not god your punches are worth nothing” ?? shut the fuck up fatty
* phil just kind of leaned closer and closer to dan throughout the video im surprised he wasnt on his lap by the end

school 2017: ep 15 review

spoilers, don’t watch this if you haven’t seen this ep yet!!! 

ima start with daehwi and namjoo since they had a good time this ep:

daehwi FINALLY got the balls and went to talk to namjoo. i am livingggg. i was very proud of my boy for finally doing that. him yelling at her boss had me shookt i did NOT expect that. his little pickup line was so cute, one iced americano and your number please, i heard you didn’t have a boyfriend right now ahhh cute boy. they look so good together i missed them truly. also iced americanos are nasty as fuck i hate it. but when daehwi finally stopped playing games and just straight up told namjoo how much he missed her, that truly made my day. i was very impatiently waiting for him to actually talk to her bc all he did was watch her go in her house

NEXT, power couple taewoon and eunho:

first of all,,,, i’m TIRED OF THEM GRABBING EACH OTHER’S FACES AND NOT KISSING. i love that eunho called taewoon, not only her boyfriend, but her best friend too. so we’ve evolved from dimwit to MY DIMWIT. i love it. boyfriend taewoon fixing her bike like a sweetheart.WE’LL BE TOGETHER UNTIL WE ARE 108″ that little smile taewoon did after eunho said he was obssessed with her, extend my life be 20 years. also idk if my subtitles were correct but this man said.. and i LOVE only you. he used the L word wtf wtf omg omg omg. idk why but mad taewoon does something to me. the way he walks and talks when he’s mad is.. driving me crazy its so hot bYE. i’m really not with all of this fighting between those two, it needs to stop right now. SHE’S CRYING I HATE THIS ITS TOO MUCH CAN WE PLS STOP WITH ALL THIS. like i get all are annoyed with the principal but can we not fight. oh wait? they good?? she called him oppa! sike maya they ain’t good. homeboy exposed himself and now he’s ignoring her calls. WE HAVE ONE EP LEFT PEOPLE ONLY ONE.  he sang to her… HE FUCKING SANG TO HER GOODBYEEEEEE. his voice is real pretty but it don’t matter since they ARE FIGHTING!!! fuck i don’t like this

mr shim and soo ji: 

they’ve finally made it official yes god. plus he said he loves her!!! they’re just throwing the l word around today aren’t we?! i’m happy they are finally confirming their relationship yes. i’m surprised he didn’t flaunt his relationship to the other teacher that likes her. lmfao…

heechan’s funky ass:

he needs to choke, that’s really all i gotta say. sike theres more. if heechan was a real person, he would get a fist to the face so mf quick. did….. heechan …. out of all people… really just call hyun taewoon, a god,….. a coward???? real mf funny. 

this ep was too much omg sidenote eunho’s bro was looking all types of right in that suit yes


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I've got this friend who whenever she finds a gay couple she fawns over them and want to "get their autograph" and have them "kiss for her" it's not exactly homophobic I just find it reallyyyy creepy and objectifying of their sexualities...

Oh yeah eek wow that’s actually pretty invasive. And also almost internalized homophobia (as in just seeing them as sex objects almost instead of a real couple?) If I were you I’d call her out on it because yeah wow that’s really creepy (I view that as homophobic but idk about other people and I can’t speak for everyone). And that’s actually an example of fetishizing (in my personal opinion) that someone needs to call her out on because wow what the fuck that’s so gross

tbh i do really like the idea of zelena and hades bc i think the one thing ouat is missing is an evil power couple—and not in like a forced way, like dark captain swan. like the mark of a villain is someone who’s out for themselves—and an evil couple are actively out for each other, whose happy ending is just as fulfilling as the next romantic couple, but it’s different and it’s fucked up

like assuming it’s not a horribly toxic and unhealthy relationship, this kind of dynamic can be so refreshing and so interesting and, in some ways, so much more believable—because it’s territory many of the current true love couples sway into often; selfishly looking out for their loved ones, sometimes not being heroes for the greater good but just because someone threatens their partner, etc. 

it’s late and i’m probably not being as eloquent with this as i want it to be, but my point is—if this is done right, i think this kind of story (zelena and hades) has the potential to flip our preconceived notions of a true love couple and could be very poignant. 

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Can you do a cute Sammy Wilk imagine? (:

Birthday Surprises:
Today was the day, my birthday. I woke up in my bed and turned to see a note, and not my beautiful boyfriend, Sammy, sleeping. “Studio session with the jacks, see you later. Xoxo”, what a way to get up. Let’s just hope he didn’t forget, because knowing Sammy, if you don’t write it down and set reminders, he’s bound to forget. I got outta bed and went downstairs to get some breakfast, “SURPRISE” my best friend Maggie yelled, not only surprising me but giving me a heart attack as well. “Holy shit Maggie, I almost died.” I said, holding on to my chest. “Awh, I’m sorry babe, but I had to surprise you for your birthday” she chuckled handing me a gift. “Awh babe you didn’t have too” I said, putting my hands in surrender. “Take the gift” she smiled, rolling her eyes and pushing it towards me. “Ugh fine”, I undid the bow opening the box slowly, the first thing I pulled out, was a picture of me and Maggie at our first digi. “Oh my gosh, I remember this” I smiled “when we went to Starbucks” she chuckled “and I got so excited I dropped my drink” I laughed a bit “and the fans got you a new one” she smiled “but when I was ordering it, I saw the hot cashier and forgot” I laughed “you said paper or plastic” she full out laughed “in my defense, he was intimidating” I chuckled “good times” she said wrapping her arm around my shoulder, “many more to come” I smiled “there’s something else” she smiled “more?, you didn’t have to” I gave her a puppy dog look “spoiling my bestfriend, on her birthday sounds good” she smiled, I removed the party paper and pulled out a beautiful dress. “Oh my gosh Maggie, it’s beautiful” I smiled hugging it “I knew you’d love it” she chuckled “thank you so much, I love you” I said hugging her “I love you too babe, I have to go, I made you breakfast, I’ll be back later” said said hugging me “okay babe,see ya” a couple seconds later the door closed. I grabbed my breakfast and sat in bed, eating and checking out fan tweets. After sometime, I fell asleep only to wake up around 3. I went downstairs, a got myself a bottle of water, just as I closed the fridge Sammy walked in. “Hey babe” I smiled “hey birthday girl” he said standing in front of me, “what’s behind your back?” I asked suspiciously “dam girl, I prepared a whole cute speech for you and shit” he laughed “sorry babe, go ahead” i said kissing his cheek “nah you ruined it” he pouted “here, i got this for you” he handed me a bag and I sat down at the table.

I unwrapped the gift, as Sammy’s smile grew wider. Slowly opening it my mouth dropped “NO YOU DIDNT!” I nearly yelled “yes, yes I did” he chuckled, recording me “SAMUEL” I said running to him and jumping in his arms “I take it you love it” he chuckled holding me “what the fuck Sam, how did you get me a hover board” “I got my connections” he said kissing me on my lips. “I love you so much” I said poking his dimples “I love you too” he said putting me down. I opened the box, and Sammy tried teaching me how to ride it. After some time he went to the bathroom, I sat on the sofa when he got a incoming text on his phone. I decided to check it, like I usually do. My mouth dropped.

Maggie: sam, come over. I need your help.
Maggie: I need you like now, hurry.

Is he really cheating on me? I heard the toilet flush and I put the phone down. He came out and checked his phone, he ignored it for a bit, teaching me how to ride the Segway hover thingy until he started acting noticeably strange “what’s up babe?” I asked curiously “nothing.. I gotta go Nate needs me in the studio” he said grabbing his things “wait now?” I asked looking at the clock. I hadn’t realized that it was already 5;30. “Yes, I have to go. I love you, I’ll see you in a bit” he said kissing my cheek “yeah okay” I said sitting down, he sighed and a couple seconds later, left. I texted the only person that knew Sammy as much as I did, Nate.

Me: Nate!
Skate 😈💨: wassup?
Me: you busy?
Skate 😈💨: nah, why?
Me: im having trouble with Sammy
Skate😈💨: what did he do? 🙄
Me: quick question is he with you? Did you call for him to go to the studio?
Skate 😈💨: nah why?
Me: I think…I think he’s cheating on me….with Maggie.. 💔
Skate 😈💨: quit playing 😂
Me: I’m being deadass.
Skate 😈💨: wait wtf? What happened
Me: idk, we were having such a good time and he went to the bathroom. He got a message and you know usually I answer, I did and when I did there it was a text from Maggie saying she need him come over and that she needed him rn for him to hurry….
Skate 😈💨: what the fuck, fuck them. Get dressed, fancy and come to my place. Imma make you forget tonight.

Me: idk Nate, I think I wanna stay home.
Skate 😈💨: 1) it’s your birthday, so no. 2) no.
Me: ugh fine 🙄😶
Skate 😈💨: I’ll see you in a bit 😏
Me: why the smirk 🤔
Skate 😈💨: you’ll see.

I put the dress Maggie got me, even though she’s sleeping with my man, I’m not letting this dress go to waste. I put my heels and curled my hair before leaving. After a short drive I arrived at Nate’s to see him sitting on the steps. “Hey” I smiled getting out the car “Hey lil mama” he said giving me a hug “where we headed too?” “You’ll see” he said holding the passenger seat open. “Put this on” he said handing me a eye mask. “What the fuck, why?” I laughed “it’s a surprise” he smiled. Hesitantly I put it on and let him guide me into the car. The ride was pretty awkward because of the fact, I was blindfolded, so the conversation to me felt awkward since I couldn’t see Nate. After a long time of driving the car came to a stop, Nate hopped out the car and then opened my door. He led me somewhere, but it required a bit of walking. He stopped me and let my hands go, he said nothing and I waited for a call to take it off, but nothing. After a couple minutes I yelled for his name and got no response. I continued, and began to get mad. I pulled the blindfold off and there he was. “Sammy?….” I was confused but I looked around and fell to my knees. It was beauty, pure beauty. There was a big pool, in front of me and on the other side was Sammy. Under a big mount with a table and light up candles and roses. There were lights everywhere and balloons. I felt tears come out my eyes, and I lifted myself up. I walked over to Sammy and he handed me the roses. “Whats all this for?” I said wiping my tears. “For you babe, because I love you” “but what about the text I found between you and Maggie? Are you guys sleeping together” I questioned. He laughed “no, she helped me with all this. That text was her needing me to help decorate” he said pulling me into a hug “thank god, then why where you acting suspicious?” “I thought you knew and I needed you to worry so Nate could get you here” he smirked “this was all part of the plan?” “Yup” he pulled out the hug and kissed him “this is the most romantic thing you’ve done for me” I said smiling “a king needs to treat his queen right” he smiled, he led me to the table and we talked for hours and ate. Towards the end, we were about to leave when I thought I’d take a picture. I walked back to capture the moment but Sammy could not stop laughing. “SAMMY, STOP LAUGHING” I said swinging my hand “I can’t” he chuckled “come on this is like the cutest thing ever! Plus it’s rare to see you in a suit” I smiled “I’m trying I really am” he laughed, I stood there watching him until I realized what I could say to shut him up “daddy please?” I smirked and he stopped laughing, and smiled hard, I snapped the picture within a second before he could go back to laughing “man, you know me so well” he smirked “yeah I do” I went over to him “I love you babe, happy birthday. You make me so happy more than you’ll ever know” he said kissing my forehead and wrapping his arms around me, “I love you too, thank you for all of this. This is the cutest most romantic thing you’ve ever done for me. Your the best boyfriend ever” we walked hand and hand to the car, “forever?” He said holding my hand “forever” I said, swinging our intertwined hands.