idk wtf this couple is called

tbh i do really like the idea of zelena and hades bc i think the one thing ouat is missing is an evil power couple—and not in like a forced way, like dark captain swan. like the mark of a villain is someone who’s out for themselves—and an evil couple are actively out for each other, whose happy ending is just as fulfilling as the next romantic couple, but it’s different and it’s fucked up

like assuming it’s not a horribly toxic and unhealthy relationship, this kind of dynamic can be so refreshing and so interesting and, in some ways, so much more believable—because it’s territory many of the current true love couples sway into often; selfishly looking out for their loved ones, sometimes not being heroes for the greater good but just because someone threatens their partner, etc. 

it’s late and i’m probably not being as eloquent with this as i want it to be, but my point is—if this is done right, i think this kind of story (zelena and hades) has the potential to flip our preconceived notions of a true love couple and could be very poignant.