idk wtf this coloring is omg


Aaa the trailer looks so good wtf!! Emerald looks amazing, Lars’ CAPE and smug demeanor omg, Connie’s hair!! Lion!! Greg finally standing up to the gems!! A flashback with Bismuth!! Smokey Quartz is making a comeback, Lapis is having an arc and hopefully a song (possibly lapidot or at least a fusion which im sure a lot of ppl will be happy about!), not to mention the color pallets+heights look pretty good??

Idk I’m just so happy that I can be excited for SU again bc I’m rly hype rn and I haven’t felt this way since Summer of Steven!


Okay because this is my first ever photo set on here and I’m hella proud of my ugly ass for stepping out of my comfort zone and uploading these 😭 Not really feeling these at allllll (idk wtf I was doing with my hands half the time 😭) but the sun was doing me right today and I feel like I’m actually in an okay mood so why not? 😊 The color yellow ain’t really a norm for me but it’s got my confidence peaking just a little 😬 Happy Friday Y'all 💛☀️🌈 btw… yes, yes that is a pimple on my lip 😂

Lilac hair Michael imagine

could you do one where Michael dyes your hair to match his idk omg you can change it to something better

So cute aww wtf


Now currently, Michael had Lilac hair, which was good, because well.. you didn’t want to have the green hair he used to have. Michael wanted to have matching hair colors, because he thought it be cute and would love to see Lilac hair color on you.

You decided to accept, since you actually like Lilac hair. Michael grabbed some hair dye and then you took a shirt you didn’t even like and decide to throw away after him doing your hair. 

“Michael why did you want me to get Lilac hair like yours?” you laughed.

“Because I want to be a matching couple,”  he giggled. “Oh Michael..” you sighed. “What?!” he whined. You laughed at him. He grabbed the hair dye and began doing your hair.


“Ugh this stinks!” you groaned. “I know.. I wish it smelled like Pizza,” Michael said. “That would be gross,” you gave him a weird look. “No it wouldn’t!” he sassed. “Yes it would. It would smell disgusting and your hair would too,” you laughed. “Well whatever,” he groaned. “Are you done yet?” you ask. “Almost,” he kissed your cheek.

Then he finished in 10 minutes. “Wait for an hour okay then shower,” he smiled. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.. I’M DYEING MY HAIR BACK TO MY HAIR COLOR IN 2 WEEKS!” you yelled. “Noooo!” he whined. “I love you!” he pouted. “Fine… when you get a new hair color I’m dyeing my hair again..” you sighed. Michael smiled and tackled you with pecked kisses. 

After an hour you took a shower and blow dryed it. Once you looked in the mirror, it looked like the exact same color as Michael’s. It looked really nice. “Michael!” you yelled. “Yeah?!” he yelled back. You walked in the hallway, and covered Michaels eyes. He turned around and gave his cute laugh. “What is it?” he asked.

“Cover your eyes,” he move his hands under yours and covered them. You removed your hands. “Okay one two, three..” he uncovered them and saw your Lilac hair. He widened his eyes. “Y/N!” he said. “Do you like it? Because I do,” you smiled. He kissed oyur lips, and then instantly broke it. “I love it so fucking much,” he smiled widely. 

-Kelly :] x